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The after story of A Story of a Lonely Fox Seeking Love Published in Otona no Yuricon 2020
2020 - 6.62 / 10.0
The daily story of some succubi.
2019 - 6.65 / 10.0
Cho-eul and Ju-ah have been BFFs since childhood. In high school, they shared a kiss, but it was only because Cho-eul said she was bored. They've continued to be inseparable, but only as friends. Deep inside...
2018 - 6.62 / 10.0
In "Anniversary," a lesbian couple makes love for the first time.
1998 - 5.57 / 10.0
When we touch, I grow wings…… A Love and Sex story of two young women packed with growth to maturity. Yae, a girl who has a complex about how feminine she is, transfers to a girl's high school where she ...
2008 - 7.79 / 10.0
It’s the start of a new semester and Ji Un is paired with Yoosun. Ji Un does her best to get close to Yoosun but is only met with a cold shoulder. What could be the reason Yoosun hates Ji Un? Original Web...
2019 - 7.05 / 10.0
Original Webtoon: Lezhin 19+ Version, Lezhin 15+ Version, Bomtoon, Ridibooks 19+ Version, Ridibooks 15+ Version
Back in high school Sono confessed her love to Sato, but she was turned down. Now she lives as a freeloader in an apartment shared with her girlfriend, Hiroko. However, she still hasn't forgotten about Sato...
2010 - 7.37 / 10.0
Anthology of stories from different artists. Cover illustration: Nunnu Colour manga illustration: NAGIHASHI Coko Comic: isya, Kinona, KUGURI Oimo, Kon, Yuririn
2020 - 6.47 / 10.0
Set in Montreal, the finest bohemian city in North America, Menage a 3 follows the lives of comic-book geek Gary and his way-sexier-than-he-is room-mates in their Montreal tight-as-a-sandwich apartment, wher...
2009 - 6.58 / 10.0
The gloomi Negami Kurako (Nega for short) is only interested in photography. A girl? with no confidence in herself whatsoever. She admires a lively girl who is the exact opposite of her, Tsukimiya-san. She's...
2013 - 6.69 / 10.0
Mel, a renowned heart surgeon, lives a carefree life with sex being a tool for joy rather than a show of affection. Then she meets someone that turns her view of love and life upside down. This story is abou...
2016 - 7.31 / 10.0
The adventures of Yumi, a gorgeous woman who loves beautiful things. She gives women exactly what they need... which, oddly enough, usually involves taking them to bed!
1999 - 6.47 / 10.0
Contains 5 stories: *Only 4 & 5 are Yuri* 1. Erotic Trigger High-school student Koyata can't keep his hands off girlfriend Yoshino, who always turns on his "trigger". While she loves him, she still wishes...
2005 - 6.51 / 10.0
Pairings: Soul x Maka + Blair x Maka + an appearance by Prof. Stein. Maka and Soul try to power their soul resonance...but is there not enough love?? Bonus: Blair to the rescue!
2008 - 6.70 / 10.0
Momoka is nearing her thirties with zero romance experience. Frustrated by this situation, she discovers the existence of "lesbian sex" while searching for an online encounter. Momoka decides to use it, but ...
2020 - 6.56 / 10.0
Original Webtoon: Lezhin, Bomtoon, Ridibooks Note: This series is a collection consisting of several short stories, which includes short stories of BL (Boys' Love), GL (Girls' Love) and Straight Love. The...
Sena's built the perfect life for herself. She a has a caring boyfriend, a job she actually enjoys, and all the comforts she could hope for. But behind her happy facade, she hides a past marred by a past rel...
2017 - 6.27 / 10.0
Nara has lived with her friend for a long time, they have a strange relationship that others do not understand, and maybe not even them. Together they try to figure out what kind of relationship they want to...
2017 - 6.85 / 10.0
High school student Kaburagi Aya can't get used to the life of a high school student, and regularly uses a dating app. On this app, she meets a 24-year-old woman who goes by KURO, and Aya is fascinated by th...
2019 - 7.08 / 10.0