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Pairing: Genji x Izaki Doujinshi for the movie Crows ZERO.
2008 - 8.54 / 10.0
Pairing: Zoro x Sanji Sanji and Zoro are getting on each other's nerves as they always do. While on an errand to fix a most important possession Sanji is drawn into another world. And it's Zoro to the rescu...
2006 - 8.44 / 10.0
Pairing: Germany x North Italy Haunted by a ghost of the past Germany lashes out, but Italy can't stay mad at him and he faces the situation.
2012 - 8.39 / 10.0
Pairing: Yamamoto x Hibari - 8018 - AU An Alternate Universe doujinshi set in the Taishou era: One day while browsing through a bookstore, Yamamoto meets Hibari, a beautiful young man who works as a Kagema ...
2006 - 8.37 / 10.0
Pairing: Kojuurou x Masamune Bothered by memories of his past, a restless Masamune asks Kojuurou to drink with him.
2006 - 8.33 / 10.0
1) Kuma (Bear/ Morinaga) wishes he could get to know Ookami-san (Wolf/ Tatsumi) better, but Ookami-san doesn't seem interested. Until, one day, Kuma finds Ookami-san badly injured and takes him in... 2) It'...
2005 - 8.31 / 10.0
Pairing: Roy x Edward V1 - I've Met Him Again In a book shop in Germany in 1921, Otherworld Ed runs into our world Roy. After helping him retrive a book (which leaves Ed ticked off) Roy develops a relations...
2005 - 8.30 / 10.0
Pairing(s): Keith x Kotetsu, Barnaby x Kotetsu `````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` 1) After his drink with Barnaby is canceled, Kotetsu make himself drunk in sorrow and bea...
2011 - 8.28 / 10.0
Pairing: Kageyama x Hinata Kageyama can no longer focus around Hinata because of his unspoken feelings, and his volleyball suffers for it–so Hinata agrees to do absolutely anything to help get Kageyama ba...
2014 - 8.23 / 10.0
Pairing: Yamamoto x Hibari - 8018 - AU Loosely based on the 2005 movie, Mr & Mrs Smith. However, instead of a married couple, in Yoneda Kou's version, Yamamoto and Hibari play rival hitmen who meet by chan...
2006 - 8.19 / 10.0
Pairing: Yamamoto x Hibari When Yamamoto's good friend is killed, he demands an explanation from Reborn of who the killer was and why. ___ Reprinted in: - バンビーノマシンガンズ 番...
2006 - 8.19 / 10.0
Maya gets captivated by Nemugasa in his briefs. Is it a fetish or Zajonc Law's fault? #2 Doujunshi for Hidoku Shinaide
2012 - 8.13 / 10.0
Pairing: Naruto x Sasuke Sasuke has to explain what a kiss mark is after Naruto notices one on Kurenai Sensei's arm. But just hearing an explanation isn't enough for Naruto; he also wants to try out what h...
2009 - 8.10 / 10.0
Pairing: Zoro x Sanji An old enemy is after Zoro. How will Zoro deal with the consequences...?
2005 - 8.09 / 10.0
Pairing: Yoshioka x Oosawa An omake to the main series Sorenari ni Shinken nan desu. The happy family at home.
2011 - 8.08 / 10.0
Pairing: Sendoh x Rukawa "And let me play with you. It will be a better training match." This small event was the beginning...
1994 - 8.07 / 10.0
Matsushima x Mashita Can't get enough of Matsushima and Mashita? A little peek into our boys during year one and what turns Mashita on...?
2007 - 8.04 / 10.0
Pairing: Naruto x Sasuke An enemy ninja forces Sasuke to take a strange drug during battle. A concerned Shikamaru takes him to Naruto's place when Sasuke refuses medical treatment. Burning up and alone wi...
2009 - 8.03 / 10.0
Pairing: Yamamato x Hibari While on a business trip together, Yamamoto ponders the wild rumors he's heard about Hibari. ___ Reprinted in: - 雲の守護者 萌え本 - Night & Day
2007 - 8.02 / 10.0
Part 1 - Maya x Nemu from Hidoku Shinaide - The couple decides to visit a shrine for New Year's, then return to Maya's house to celebrate. Part 2 - Fumi x Shunpei from Mousou Elektel - The couple go to the ...
2012 - 8.00 / 10.0
Pairing: Hasegawa x Gintoki Hasegawa and Gintoki are continuing the relationship started in the book Guilty Game. Hasegawa begins to question what's happening between them... (from Silver Soul) ___ Repri...
2007 - 7.98 / 10.0
Pairing: Shizuo x Izaya
2010 - 7.98 / 10.0
Maya and Nemu go to an onsen... This takes place in Vol 4. #3 Doujunshi for Hidoku Shinaide
2013 - 7.95 / 10.0