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When asked what her childhood dream was, Hiro responded that she wanted to be an "android". Later she goes onto explain why.
2002 - 6.45 / 10.0
What does gender matter? And why do we accept the social frames that are forced upon us? These questions are taken up when Maho, a male-to-female transsexual, saves Fujiko, a girl from a rich family who's le...
1998 - 7.40 / 10.0
After a heated argument with her mother, Keito runs away from home without knowing where to go. When she helps an old woman to carry her bags home, the woman offers to put her up in one of her rooms. Keito a...
2004 - 7.43 / 10.0
A short 4-panel comic series about a couple in their twenties.
1997 - 6.92 / 10.0
Ms. Komori is the ace of the Sales and Marketing Department, and she damned well knows it. With a smile that can convince anyone to do anything, she always goes well over her monthly quota – so imagine how...
2019 - 7.17 / 10.0
Back in high school, Maki and Midori were in love, until graduation came and the two of them went their seperate ways. However, ten years later, Maki has a chance reunion with Midori - and finds that while h...
2018 - 7.64 / 10.0
Morishima Akiko's "Off Time" is about growing old with the one you love
2002 - 6.77 / 10.0
Ayano, an elementary school teacher in her thirties, stops by a bar one day and runs into her old friend, Shuri. Sparks fly as the two chat, and before the night is over, Ayano even goes in for a kiss. Shuri...
2019 - 6.68 / 10.0
Plica-chan is the bittersweet, realistic story of Plica, a young lesbian looking for love in modern Japan. Emphasis on the bitter, rather than the sweet - not because Plica doesn't find love, don't get me wr...
7.16 / 10.0
The adventures of college student Rica, as she attends university in Tokyo and visits the gay and lesbian district looking for friendship and love. Rica's story is sweet and funny, realistic and a little wac...
6.84 / 10.0
Saturday is a collection of yuri short stories. Meet all the girls from the Musekinin (Irresponsible) Company Saturday series with this introductory title, and get a taste of all the different pairings of t...
Misono and Masami are working women in a long-term relationship; they even live together. Most of the story revolves around their sexual exploits, but there are also some sweet domestic moments.
1994 - 6.43 / 10.0
"Song in Blue," by Amano Tenshi, is a slightly more upbeat look at the "my ex is getting married" story.
1997 - 6.29 / 10.0
Yukawa comes into the office and always hangs up her coat on the rack; most others just sling it over their chairs. That may be because Yukawa is proper, but maybe because she loves receiving handwritten not...
2018 - 7.36 / 10.0
Story of an office worker who is 38, and a temp worker who is 21.
Love is such a complicated matter. Sometimes we fall in love randomly and sometimes we fall in love but simply cannot bring ourselves to confess. Even when we're in a relationship, there's just no telling wh...
2019 - 6.56 / 10.0
Shimada Asami has always been doing as she's told: following the prescribed path. Though she loves playing the piano, she goes to a regular college instead of a conservatory, and in the same manner, Shimada'...
2014 - 7.21 / 10.0