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Music is fun! Kazunade Umezuka enters Shizugaoka Gakuen, a prestigious track and field school, but after a setback with the track and field team, she decides to join the brass band club. Although confused by...
Third year middle school student Anna has begun living with fourth year college student Ema, and is swung about by the tactless Ema. Drawn in by the romantic designs of Ema, the once perfectly ordinary Anna ...
2012 - 6.33 / 10.0
The daily story of some succubi.
2019 - 6.61 / 10.0
Nanase is the president of the student council at school and Hasegawa is her faithful secretary who absolutely adores and reveres her. One day while meeting with members of the school's clubs to talk about b...
2003 - 6.90 / 10.0
First official comic anthology for the much-discussed Adachi to Shimamura! Iruma Hitoma's popular novel series Adachi to Shimamura now in comic anthology form!
2020 - 6.58 / 10.0
Kamisato Ichika is so beautiful with long lashes and pink lips, Hakozaki Shiine can't help but admire her from afar and keep it that way. But when Shiine loses a battle of rock-paper-sissors and is nominate...
2018 - 7.41 / 10.0
A fluffy story about two girls who fall in love.
2020 - 6.69 / 10.0
The life of two "normal" high school girls? Su Mu wants to overcome her anxiety to confess to Lin Dai Xue, on the other side Dai Xue keeps making opportunities for Su Mu to confess. Both of them know each ot...
6.80 / 10.0
An anthology featuring a variety of stories with girl x girl relationships, with a focus on Heroine x Villainess! Heroines and villainesses, maids and villainesses...5 stories featuring relationships betwee...
2020 - 6.87 / 10.0
Oohara is lovely, full-figured and in love--and a ghost. Death has thrown a huge crimp into her plans to confess to the boy she loves. But this is hentai.... Oohara can do what she wants, including getting o...
2007 - 7.20 / 10.0
Hinako is a very innocent and inexperienced first year student at an all girls' high school. The night after Hinako meets her new roommate in the dorm, Seira, the other girl attempts to bring her to orgasm. ...
2013 - 6.30 / 10.0
Mato is excited to start her new high school life at an all-girls school, where its students are required evaluate their teachers each semester. Being the motivated student she is, Mato is determined to exam...
2017 - 6.68 / 10.0
Original doujinshi by Yuririn no Moto (ゆりりんの素)
2009 - 6.52 / 10.0
Saori gets senpai to notice her, but she gets a little more than she bargained for. "Original" doujinshi by the circle Peroppoi Tokoro.
2012 - 6.45 / 10.0
Nagisa Ootsuki shed her former self out of shame from failing her highschool entrance exams. On her first day in her new highschool, who does she meet but the girl who made her fail the exam! How does Nagisa...
2020 - 6.73 / 10.0
One day, a mediocre high school girl, Koumoto Umi, falls in love with Segawa Shou, a beautiful woman in her next class. Although she was confused by her feelings, she wanted to get along with Segawa, who had...
2019 - 7.16 / 10.0
Fumi and Akira were best friends when they were little, with Akira always looking after the crybaby Fumi, but that all ended when Fumi's family moved away. Several years later, Fumi's family returned, and sh...
2004 - 8.07 / 10.0