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It contains nine one-shot romance manhwa by Wann. Return of Princess Rouana -- Asha was sent by her master Cayan, the so-called "evil sorcerer," to send a message to the Royal Court that Princess Rouana wil...
2001 - 7.33 / 10.0
Sano wanted to be close to Koga and thought her chance was lost when Koga died in a car accident. However, Koga's soul is not as distant from Sano as it may seem.
2013 - 7.01 / 10.0
Ai Kiyomiya, a girl who is starved for affection, aims to live a normal life and not cause trouble for others, as her parents had told her. One day, an accident occurs right in front of Ai's eyes. The girl w...
2020 - 6.51 / 10.0
It was three months ago when Souka suffered a seizure... The name of the illness is the "I-Type Vibeil Outbreak." To summarize the illness, it basically multiplies the antibodies inside of her body by enormo...
2000 - 6.69 / 10.0
"Flowers Dwelling in a Forest Manor," by Yuzuha Seiro, is about two girls who are in the process of being converted to vampires.
2007 - 6.47 / 10.0
Kaoru has to stay with Reiko's family, a girl with a heart condition. They don't get along at first, but Reiko ends up falling for Kaoru. But then, a shocking family secret is discovered...
The world is plagued by the "Daemonia". These creatures will take advantage of people experiencing a high level of negative emotions and transform them into blood thirsty monsters. Only the power of the Elem...
2013 - 6.62 / 10.0
Mitsu is in love with Madoka, who doesn't even know she exists. Mitsu's pretty happy stalking Madoka, but is a little careless about it and, one day, she's hit by a truck and killed. But now she can REALLY s...
2007 - 7.54 / 10.0
Just before the Earth came to an end, the two of us were forced into a spaceship in hopes to preserve the human race..... there's just one problem, we are both... Original Web Comic
2021 - 6.62 / 10.0
A gruesomely tragic, bittersweet story of a pair of orphan girls...
2008 - 7.03 / 10.0
As the world faces impending destruction, two girls form a bond that will last forever.
2011 - 7.13 / 10.0
Jeanne, a prostitute at address 74, took care of the fallen Janet. Jeanne wants to be friends with Janet, but Janet tries to get information out of her. Original Webtoon Official Chinese
2019 - 6.57 / 10.0
"Two high-school girls have an obvious attraction to each other, but one struggles with returning those feelings due to how others react to the possibility of them being together." -- Kawaii Scans
2010 - 6.22 / 10.0
A horror story, in which the main character and her family go to their summer house for vacation and people start dying one by one. The twist is that the main character, Reina, is falling in love with her my...
1972 - 6.45 / 10.0
1) Mizuiro, Sorairo 2) Glass Rose 3) Ninas 4) Rose Letter 5) Sunny Rose 6) Kami-sama wo Matteru 7) Wagamama na Ningyou
2012 - 6.56 / 10.0
A collection of oneshots Sayonara Oruta The funeral of an identical twin: which girl died? Oneshot submitted to Dengeki Daioh's new mangaka scouting contest in 2014. Commearication When the newly transferr...
2014 - 6.78 / 10.0
The ‘Santa Sangre’ trilogy is about Nanoha's life-threatening incident after A’s which is only mentioned in passing in StrikerS manga.
2008 - 6.89 / 10.0
「Ah, how honest and adorable. My dear Hime, even if you get thrown into the sea I definitely won’t let go…」 Why not take a peek into the bittersweet daily life of a pair of sisters?
2020 - 6.47 / 10.0