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Monku no Tsukeyou ga Nai Rabukome  
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Monku no Tsukeyou ga Nai Love Comedy
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v.4 c.48 by No Group Scanlation & SleepySlimeTL 3 months ago
v.4 c.47 by No Group Scanlation & SleepySlimeTL 3 months ago
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Unexpected Gem  
by darkkusu
March 9th, 2020, 12:27pm
Rating: 8.0 / 10.0
Alright, gotta start with the characters.
Yeah, the characters are a pain in the butt, completely. Extremely attached younger sisters trying to steal her brothers from his wife is just wrong in so many levels, it wasn't even funny at all. Although the main girls is pretty likeable as she's kinda clumsy and charming, she's actually the strong point among the characters as she manages to give some humor to the story.

Also it's pretty wholesome to see both main characters grow to like each other more sincerely than in the beginning, and some characters are way more digestible as they stop sticking their nose in the main characters' relationship, which makes more sense since both main characters are married from the beginning (so is not an spoiler lol), but it would be better if we could see them grow as characters too.

The art actually isn't the best, but at least this isn't Osananajimi ni Najimitai's art style; it's actually pretty detailed for a short manga, specially on Sekai's Mansion details where bottles and jars doesn't look too misshapen.

The story is what actually caught me unexpected, it was kinda cringy at the beginning but not enough to be compared with failed "fluffy" mangas like "3D Kanojo" or "It's not Meguro-san first time", but still felt a little forced how the main girl throws herself to the mc in the very first chapters. Even though it managed to hint few moments of the upcoming drama really well by not revealing so much until the big reveal comes up, I really liked that. I tend to predict the story to see it's too predictable, and it kinda was, but some small reveals about the characters actually thrilled me.

Also, among the other 53 mangas I'm reading right now, this is one of the only six that managed to have an advancement in the main couple relationship even if it's just something small (although I wouldn't consider having secrets between two, or legit dating as something small, secrets boldens your relationships, just a tip if you ever want to get a gf)

Ah and, about getting into realism in this review or specifically saying that this is bad because isn't realist enough considering that, you know, we are talking about a god here, it's kinda stupid so I won't even touch the topic.
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Unremarkable and doesn't seem to go anywhere  
by bobIV123
August 28th, 2019, 1:26pm
Rating: 3.0 / 10.0
After reading volume 1, my impression is that this is an unremarkable romcom that uses a lot of pages to do very little. I don't think I've seen something enter a holding pattern so quickly, and it just dwells on the main couple being indecisive, which is neither original nor particularly interesting.

I also find it strange that there's a lot of inconsistency with how the characters act. Notably, the heroin practically throws herself at the MC bare naked in one chapter, and then a short while later is too embarrassed to hold hands with him.

My understanding is that this manga was significantly altered from the novel it was based on, but it seems like they took the source material and just watered it down to appeal to the lowest common denominator. I really can't recommend this to anyone.
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I enjoyed reading this but certain characters reduces the score it should be worth  
by Seregosa
February 28th, 2019, 3:24pm
Rating: 6.0 / 10.0
This was a quite cute and amusing story, but the author made bad choices for the extra characters. His sister, for example, is a raging brocon hypocrite genius. Almost at the level of a yandere, she's sick in the head. Even though the mc and heroine is already married(kind of), she isn't giving up and tries to bend them apart forcefully with her hypocritcal actions and speeches. I've never liked this type of character and it's made far worse because she's getting in the way too much in this particular type of manga.

The thing is like this, you can have this type of character in a normal harem manga(or even non-harem if things just aren't decided yet and the mc isn't in a relationship yet). If things aren't decided yet. But the problem is that the heroine is already decided, there's no place for more girls. We're not reading this to see the mc build a harem and gradually get into a romantic relationship with them. He's already in a relationship with the heronie and it's final, so these pests are just obnoxious. If she were in a normal harem manga and vied for the top spot amongst the different girls, it'd be fine, but this isn't a harem manga in the first place, her existence is misplaced. She's attempting reverse-NTR and I'm not really fine with that shit unless the entire premise of the manga is to have many girls. You should know this before starting to read this.

However, even so, I think that this manga is worth reading for sure. Despite the side-cast being annoying at times, it's still a very cute and decently amusing story that I would never regret reading or feel like it's just a time killer that I'm reluctantly reading because I have nothing better at hand at the moment. Even for the side-character thing, I might be a bit too nit-picky about it and too defensive of their relationship. At the end of the day, it's all intended to be comedy, an attempt to make the reader laugh at their silliness. It's not as if she's going to succeed and it's nothing TRULY serious even if she's a sick freak.

Still, while not being a deal-breaker, it is a fact that it did bother me quite a bit while reading and reduce my overall enjoyment. That, coupled with the fact that the main purpose of people around him is to get in the way and make a nuisance of themselves to make sure he doesn't progress much in the relationship, truly does reduce the score by at least 2 points. I mean, these guys aren't doing it by mistake. They're trying their damn hardest at it even when it's none of their business, makes me wish this little god was a bit more malevolent and would slap their heads off at times, teaching them a lesson about not getting in the way. I truly wish they'd just die and be replaced by more decent characters that are actually funny, I guess the author's view on "amusing" is very different from my own. If there's something that grinds my wheels, it's busybodies who can't help but put their disgusting noses into other peoples' business and private lives. I might hate the busybody who are violently prying into their private issues even more than the unreasonable siscon. After all, that's the type of person that no one wants as their friend or even close to them as they make one uncomfortable. Doesn't make matters better that she just happens to like the mc romantically as well, why does the author keep introducing these pests all the time when the mc already has a wife? There's no place for them here...

I must say that I agree with ultenth's comment. He's completely right about it. It's just that I find it to be quite readable even so since I love both the main character and the heroine. If they weren't here, it'd be an instant 8/10 or even 9/10.

Oh, and one more issue I have with this manga is... What the heck is up with the heroine anyway? She's even weaker than normal people(13kg grip strength, can't do even one push-up, hardly any stamina at all, stuff like that) and she truly seems incapable of even defending herself without her powers. I don't know about you, but that doesn't seem godly at all to me. Sure, if she uses her powers and goes into "god mode", she instantly becomes OP(with restrictions), but why is her body so weak? Surely her specs should be higher than humans even without using her powers, not below them, she's even immortal, god dammit. Well, even WHEN she uses her powers, her body wasn't able to properly handle the "burden", thus she collapsed right after running a 50m dash in less than 5 seconds, just how weak is she actually if that amount of tiny "burden" from using her "powers" makes her pretty much faint away? She even gets colds like a normal human, what gives for a god to get afflicted by a minor human disease? Well, in the first place I guess that her personality and knowledge or rather lack of knowledge itself is the biggest issue, but I can accept that. It's not really a big deal as the focus of this story was never to create anything realistic, it's just a cutesy rom-com, nothing more.

... Last updated on February 28th, 2019, 4:31pm
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Gets worse  
by ultenth
April 1st, 2017, 11:57pm
Rating: 3.0 / 10.0
Interesting premise to start, but each additional character they introduce besides the main couple is just annoying and ruins an otherwise potentially good manga. Gave it several chapters after most were intro'd, and they are still annoying and distracting and the manga isn't progressing at all because of it. Dropped.
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Cuteness Overload  
by ReinRain
November 13th, 2016, 7:12am
Rating: 10.0 / 10.0
Was stressed with exams and decided to look for a manga to read to relieve it. And I happen to stumble upon this and got hooked immediately. Sekai is just so cute! the expressions of the characters are also funny, basically I love the art and the comedy. Also read this manga just for fun, don't dwell too much on logic and such, just read it for fun.
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