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Jinzhan Fashi (Novel)  
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As a mage, it’s very embarrassing to be in the water-type. Although it’s a battle profession, the attack is very weak. Most people use it as a support profession.

But, the appearance of Soga (Suo’Jia) changed that convention. A water-type mage can also be incomparably strong!


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Close Combat Mage (Novel)
Jin Zhan Fa Shi (Novel)
Võng Du Chi Cận Chiến Pháp Sư

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Surprisingly binge-worthy!  
by geekdiva
January 28th, 2017, 5:41pm
Rating: 10.0 / 10.0
As the author said, he's never going start a novel from childhood again, because people get too impatient and complain. I think that's a pity, because I enjoyed peeking around the corners of the characters' facades to see the plotting beneath. And BAM! when all that came together, my stomach lurched at the fallout.

I also enjoyed the characterization and the way one event would have the logical beginnings of another.

I didn't mean to read this novel, but once I glanced over the start I read straight through until I caught up. I love this one, although I do like the characterization of TDG better.
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Chinese One Piece + Spice Wolf + Log Horizon  
by Larriken
November 17th, 2015, 8:56pm
Rating: 4.0 / 10.0
The story breaks off from the beautician stuff later on and has more action and trading...
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
The novel can be said to break into three major arcs. The beautician arc, the Trade route arc, and the power up MMO and final boss Arc. I won't spoil the good drama snippets but the MC will embark on the "The Great Trade Routes" and meet new companions. A guy with lots of swords, a female thief with a natural flare for navigation, and a cook that fights only with his legs, fruits that give special abilities... sounds familiar? It literally steals cliches and elements from popular anime and games. Softporn as well...using his water techniques to knockout girls during fourplay... cough

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
it's a decent mediocre ending. Read further if you want to spoil

More on the ending...
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Well finally got around to finishing it. It seemed like the author rushed the ending. He introduced a lot of girls but they disappeared just as fast or was forgotten about. The MC creates a flying fortress powered by hundreds of female water disciples for the final confrontation. Everyone in his party including his mother become crazy overpowered. The MC defeats the final boss who is his half brother. His brainwashed father is reunited with his mom and the MC enjoys longevity with his harem.

... Last updated on February 6th, 2016, 12:25pm
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Never hated a novel until i read this.  
by SnowDemonz
September 4th, 2015, 3:13am
Rating: 1.0 / 10.0
Lets put it simple since there already been so many people talking about this novel and how bad it is.
If you want action do not read this.
If you want story line do not read this.
If you want something that makes sense at all do not read this.
If you want to read about a spoil little 8 year old prick than do read this.
If you want horrible plot line than do read this.
Basically stay the away if you don;t want to read a trash of a story.

... Last updated on September 4th, 2015, 3:14am
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I find it quite interesting and fun to read.  
by LovelyJane
August 10th, 2015, 9:55am
Rating: 9.0 / 10.0
I didn't read the english translations so I don't know its accuracy and quality of it but read from directly the raws instead and I am up to chapter 491, from reading the comments, I would like to point out (a few) things:
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
The reason the protag started water therapy (in this case you people refer it to beautician) is because the norm for that service cost is very high and is in high demand due to its rejuvenating properties when compared to the holy system healing magic and its rarity (holy system users are more rare than water system).

The protag's mother is not as skilled as you all think, her water system is mainly based on physical type system and less on magical type (almost non-existent), that is also the reason why she is unable to use water therapy to rejuvenate herself and the protag does it to her instead, another reason is I assumed she isn't even talented enough to be enrolled into the magic school from reading the first few chapters when the protag is going thru the examination, hence another reason why she only taught the protag in the "feeling" and control of water system only.

The teacher taught the water system class magic-type only a few basic spells when protag just enrolled, water ball and water therapy (teacher also explains and pros and cons of water system magic-type water therapy vs holy system magic-type holy light healing) and also explains why water therapy is "high demand".

Since mother sold the house (can't remember how much she sold it for) they lived in to pay for protag's school fees and bought a smaller house nearer to school, the protag decide to test the theory if what the teacher said is true in regards to water therapy, so his mother could stop washing (iirc about 100 articles of clothing = 1 gold coin, school fees 1000 gold coins) clothes with ice freezing temperature water with her hands daily, due to it she is starting to show signs of suffering from fatigue and combined with a frail constitution to begin with (her water system physical-type is less than average, probably enough to fend off the occasional weak monsters level type encounters on the road if ever... or not).

Turns out the theory of what his teacher said about water therapy is true, so the money issue and mother is going to die if she keeps continuing her laundry job issue they are facing is solved with the bonus of instead of spamming water gun to increase his magic capacity (needed to cast spells or mana/MP) and increasing his affinity with water system element particles (needed in order to learn and cast higher level spells) he uses water therapy instead (one of the very few basic water system magic-type they were taught by the teacher).

Here comes a new issue, the 36 fire-wind system Main: physical-type users, because of the rarity (because able to use more than 1 element system is rare, and even rarer is having elements able to compliment each other) and powerful combination of fire and wind system, they are monopolize by the country, going as far to have their family as hostages/getting killed if they ever tried to run or escape from the enrolling into the school.

Also due to their fire-wind system, since magic is indiscriminate, their own magic harm themselves as well (even our protag suffers from this when he uses ice armor, classifies as advanced water: ice system physical-type so he does not use it much at all), so they suffer heat waves from their own fire magic and suffer dehydration of the skin from both heat and high speed moving via wind system during their training, which cracks the skin and exposing flesh, blood and veins.

Seasoned veterans of this fire-wind system do not wear clothing anymore as it causes more harm and pain due to the skin, blood and flesh sticking onto them when later removing those clothing (literally peeled off, so its very painful), so the country specially issued them a "cape" to cover their body with but to the view of public eyes (iirc the real reason are kept and its not known to the public) those "capes" are a type of representation of the prestigious, deadly and powerful fire-wind system users, also the more ugly one is, the more powerful they are as told from history (when the country deploys them to battle, a General's POV-wise iirc or author's, can't remember) also most of them does not have a second life to live from other and only able to live as living weapons (would you marry a 26 year old girl who looks like she is a 60 year old?).

So to the 36 fire-wind system girls, the protag is like a godsend to them, the only person in the country who is not a personal water system type for hire (teacher explains that all water therapy casters only cater to famous/rich social circles and is also very expensive), this water therapy rejuvenates and rehydrate their body and increases natural body regeneration speed, this way it will restore their appearance and to them its a second life they dreamed to have, able to get boyfriend, getting married, not looking like a 60 year old when you are only at the age of 26 etc, but will never be able to achieve that dream if they can't afford a water system user to cast water therapy on them and is also one of the many reasons they decided to serve him but it is not shown until later.

Also from this point on in-regards to the 36 fire-wind type girls who serves the protag, it gets dark from now on, the 36 fire-wind type girls CAN ONLY serve the country, the country literally owns them, they are treated as nothing more than living weapons, so if you want to find out you'll just have to read the novel.

The reason why the protag keep most (most and not all) of the money that the 36 fire-wind type girls earns for him by doing jobs he assigns to them is because he uses it to buy magical equipments and artifacts for them and himself, also used to expand his business (almost all the ideas are suggested by the "Big sister" who is the head maid, basically she is the brains of the protag's money making expanding business and she handles everything financial-wise), but he also said as long any of the 36 fire-wind type girls have a valid reason for wanting to withdraw more is alright, however most of you people forgot is that what the protag meant is the physical money on hand, the written money in the recorded bank books and contract is 50% of the profits that 36 fire-wind type girls brings in from jobs he assigns goes to them and forever to them and another reasoning is that they will be continuously running jobs for the protag while training, fighting off monsters and bandits along the trade route so it kills 2-birds with 1 stone (so it is assumed they won't have time to go shopping nor sight-see however he gave them more than enough to buy daily necessities as well), its also the reason why the protag assign those trade jobs to them and from this point on the protag has already stopped spamming water therapy to improve his magic capacity and water affinity so he solved the money issue this way instead.

Later on you will understand why the protag needs so much money, his goal has never been changed since the start, its to travel to the great trade route to find his father, in other words you people seem to forgot how important money is in the world, he could dump his mother aside (who is 24-ish years old [she gave birth to the protag at around 16 years old] and took care of him and guiding him in the "feeling" of water system for 8-ish years as a single mother since during the time she got married to his father, 6 days after the marriage ceremony he left with his team to the great trade routes and has never returned nor even a letter sent) and hunt for magical equipment and artifacts himself which also will train his magic capacity and water system affinity however that means spending less time learning/reading books in the school's library or deciphering magic circles and runes (since he is poor and can't afford a wand to form and help hold the magical circle formation together with runes in it to cast water system type-weaved magic swamp before the formation dissipates he came up with his own method, than further improved on it but it also backfired later on because there is a reason why there are so many runes in place in the magic circle formation but he still continues to use his own method once he understood that).

Also that the current offensive water system magic-type skill he knows is water ball, which is basically like splashing a bucket of water on you, so no, he can't choose that route to dump his mother at his current magic capacity and water element affinity and also another important reason is because protag is a filial person.

Anyway its a lot of stuffs and the protag needs money, nothing is free, except its the internet, pretty much almost everything is free lol.

... Last updated on August 10th, 2015, 11:45am
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by lostwingman
August 6th, 2015, 1:51am
Rating: N/A
This is some kind of trainwreck I tell ya. I started off defending the author but man. So many things get brought up and then drop off the face of the planet that it's baffling. I mean, when was the last time we got a mention of his mother (currently ch.100)? Like 50 or 60 chapters ago at least? There's like a different plot thread for how he materially acquires an OP item or something and each one takes to something new...that never really gets expanded on. I mean, how did we get what....85 chapters in without finding out about intelligent non-human races? That apparently live in the city? What? Speaking of the setting, this author explains nothing and I mean nothing about the setting. The school? We don't know jack shit about it except that it's the only one in the city/region and it has a "school" within for each of the elements. Oh, but we don't find out that they have separate courses within each school for mages and warriors until WAY later. We also know little to nothing about how the school is structured besides "by year". The teacher is also an after thought. The classmates are also basically faceless and the pinnacles of background noise.

This web series man. Let's not even begin to talk about how this kid is apparently more mentally capable at 9 (or is he still 8? How much goddamn time has actually passed?) without being someone reincarnated or transported to younger body. Nope, just a fucking social engineering savant. A social engineering savant mama's boy. Although, that might be because the main character appears to be some kind of sociopath. Seriously, that ice dragon pet. If that thing doesn't come back to bite his hand off when he levels up I'm going to be confused.

Oh well, 100 chapters in and we've FINALLY got the combat. Maybe it'll pick up now that the author won't have to stick to writing social interations.
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Slow start...  
by Nadehi
July 18th, 2015, 7:02pm
Rating: N/A
Review up to the 80 first chapters...

I must say it's a very different kind of novel since at some point I was afraid that MC is forgetting his dream to be the best warrior to be a beautician, but, now (80th chapter), it feels more like the first 80s chapters are there to build the foundation for later on...maybe. I got that funny feeling things will happen when we reach the 100th chapter milestone. Although, for a webnovel, this is really a slow start. It's like Kateikyoshi hitman Reborn up until they reach the Mokuro ark. Hopefully, it's won't end like KHR.

Some points :
1- What's wrong with all the women stereotype and beauty obsessed personnality?!
2- MC personnality is changing which is interesting in it's own way. It's a subtle change that happen every time he's trying to expand his business.You can't expect a naive or kind child as the story progress. The character development still lacking in certain aspects which make it sometimes quite frustrating to read. You just want to smack the MC.
3- The lack of pet importance. Heck, the MC really use his pet as a guinea pig.
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Not as good as other Fantasy LN  
by ChocoKun
July 6th, 2015, 2:30am
Rating: 4.0 / 10.0
Reading up to chap 63, I have to say it is not pulling me in like other Light Novels such as Coiling Dragon, Martial God Asura, etc.

Like others said, the MC turning into a Beautician is really annoying. He isnt really improving his actual strength right now but is instead focusing on making connections, buying powerful equipments, being spoiled etc.

So as of Chap 63 there hasnt been any EXCITING actions. But hopefully that will change in the future. So as of now 4/10
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Yep its a harem, but it seems pretty interesting  
by rerightaj
July 3rd, 2015, 10:34am
Rating: 9.0 / 10.0
Around ~126 women (100 8 year old class mates and 26 violent and "hot "tempered fire wind mages ~ and he's only 8! Dear God ,what happens when he hits puberty !And are their any limits to the amount of women he is going to have. *_*
Ha and it's all because of ,"beauty ".Well I enjoy the story and think it's fun to read .Thanks for reading my humble opinion ! {ő}

... Last updated on July 3rd, 2015, 10:37am
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Close Combat Magical Beautician (Tittle Change)  
by bakaleaf
June 1st, 2015, 9:07pm
Rating: 3.3 / 10.0
Summary so far (Chapter 30)

A Fire elements are warrior while Water Element are mages.
MC wanted to follow his father footstep bat sadly his a water element type.
MC mother is sickly despite that I think there family is great.
MC realize that he can use his magic (as a beautician) to train and earn some quick cash
MC is not a prodigy or a genius just your another hard working type.

Genre should be change Fantasy Shoujo Shotocon and School life

Thats it I read all chapter 30 so fast ( I have no interest reading the part of him being a beautician)
If TL can do chapter fast this novel has potential so I am not saying anything bad at the moment
Him being a beautician I really hope that will be temporary

... Last updated on June 1st, 2015, 9:08pm
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Close Combat(?) BEAUTICIAN!  
by alphaGulp
May 30th, 2015, 5:55am
Rating: N/A
The story has potential, but as the reviews before me mentioned, there is just too much weird stuff with the wimyn in this one.

The 8 year old MC is a work horse for all the helpless wimyn around him. He is such a good 'man' that he is already making bank with his beautician magic, supporting his clueless (but gorgeous!) young mother and a gaggle of chicks (I kid you not: he mostly learns how to make wimyn beautiful, working at it like a freaking modern-day scientist, at 8 years old).

Wimyn are these strange, partially retarded (seemingly) creatures whom man must care for because they aren't able to take care of themselves. For example, when they grow fat, we have to be ready to liposuction them (to fix their problem for helpless them). And since doing regular work for a living tends to leave marks on their pretty little hands, we should work from childhood so that they can take it easy and preserve their fleeting beauty as long as possible!

But poor wimyn though: if they aren't BEAUTIFUL, then their life just sucks (yes, if you are a womyn, and you aren't stunningly gorgeous, your life has NO purpose (for the author) and you should consider plastic surgery for immediate relief - this novel is telling you there is still hope! (for you and the author)).

Yep. And of course, the author has no concern for the all the weak, downtrodden, obese MEN out there. If they are in trouble or depressed, it's up to them to figure out how to solve it themselves, which is probably better for them anyway.

What is the MC going to fight for? I suspect it's going to be to kill a bunch of dumb men, so the wimyn at home can get their trinkets and feel good? (Wimyn also tend to like expensive things and other peoples' wealth!)


Anyhow, that being said, at least the MC is well-intentioned and kind, but I guess the problem with this is that the author made him too much of a sap. He is becoming a murderous powerhouse just to suit a bunch of dumb wimyn's whims!!! Bleaurrrghhhh!

P.S.: later on, it seems like the beautician MC seeks to help specifically those who are rich and powerful and who may benefit him (at 8 years old), men included, and so the authors adds in all sorts of reasoning explaining how, sheesh, the MC is not about to live his life like a mother Theresa, so obviously he needs to benefit from what he does, and as should others...

Which is obviously true, but even then, does that mean a man's purpose in life is to cravenly curry favor from powerful people? I could easily do that, but only if I had a worthwhile goal in mind (since otherwise I can have way more fun being independent). Social power only allows you to go in certain (generally crappy) directions, so more than anything, the individual who thinks he is becoming more 'powerful' by doing this is in fact only becoming more deeply enmeshed into a machine that offers little to no freedom of action to the people powering it...

Anyhow, it certainly seems like the author likes to have the MC at 8 years old, without a single male friend EVER, without any male teachers or role models, constantly studious and hard working *for his mother!* (what kind of kid is that?), and so perfect in his interactions with wimyn since he can't be faulted for having any kind of ulterior (sexual) motives for gaining all dem hot babes' affection.

I can't blame the translator for thinking of dropping it (since it became so demented), but from a sociological perspective, this is fascinating and I wonder how beautiful the chicks around him will be (*thanks to HIM*) when he increases his magical control and power even moar!! All dem [admittedly vain] b*chez will be flat out gorgeous, but only so long as they remain his special 'friend'...

Muahaha! THE POWER!!! (LOL)

... Last updated on June 20th, 2015, 5:28pm
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