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Oita ga Sugiru wa Koneko-chan  
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A story about a little accident that brings a high school student to develop a closer relationship with his "good-for-nothing", older, second cousin.

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Pas touche au petit chat !

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c.5 (end) by Ichinko Scans & Chrima Scans over 4 years ago
c.4 by Ichinko Scans & Chrima Scans over 5 years ago
c.3 by Cocobees over 5 years ago
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poor seme  
by flluid
April 24th, 2021, 6:24am
Rating: N/A
he need sum milk!
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Yes, it seems you are missing something.  
by kidoraku
April 22nd, 2017, 12:37pm
Rating: 9.5 / 10.0
OmNom - In general I appreciate your comments and I find them very useful (we have similar taste I guess) but not this time. Nope. I just can't agree with you. I love the art style of Ogawa Chise, we all know it's amazing, so let's put aside all the good things for now.

You complained about bodily fluids - I'll try to explain where did that came from and what's this all about. If you dig into the history of Japanese art you'll home in on ukiyo-e - the woodblock prints emerged in the XVII century. Ukiyo-e means "the pictures of the floating world" and the "water" in this term refers to the sex-related business (sth. like "mizu-shōbai" = the water business = the nighttime entertainment business). Ukiyo-e depicted pleasure districts, courtesans, geisha and sex scenes (later also landscapes and more proper stuff) but let's stop here. If you take a better look at the prints of sex scenes (called shunga) from Edo period you'll realise that the size and colour of certain organs is wrong, inhuman - both male and female organs are enormous, moreover the body fluids are overflowing, it's just too much of them on shunga. It had to look like that, it was the canon to portray sex in this art genre in Edo period (and later on). I heard that shunga was considered a protection against fire in merchant warehouses and at home, wanna try to guess why?

Let's go to the conclusion - the amount of body fluids in Ogawa Chise's works is not a matter of imagination or lack of experience in bed, she's clever - she's using and adapting the canon of the old Japanese genre of art (ukiyo-e) to depict sex scenes in her works. She knows the history of Japanese art. Remember that manga itself is also a kind of Japanese art and in a way it's related to ukiyo-e, it's an inseparable connection and what's more manga is basically made for Japanese people who more or less recognize and understand the background of contemporary Japanese art (they're familiar with ukiyo-e). There's not enough space to point everything, so I'll just say you may love or hate it, like you may like impressionism or not, I mean it's all about the art genre standard. I hope you get what I mean.

The imbalance of power between the couple - I don't quite get what's your point. I see that the younger guy has the real power here, he's the one to decide, he's the one to draw the line. His complaints are not serious, not convincing at all, it' more like he's the real teaser here - he brags a little but still he lives in the calligraphy teacher's house although he could easily go back to his parents' house and get rid of Etsuro once and for all. This kind of behaviour is just so typical for a teenager, she couldn't portray it better.

As for the older guy - he's just pretending he's good for nothing, he's been taking care of himself for many years and he was quite successful, it's more like his family opinion made him look pitiful (they can't stand he's not married, that's all), but in reality he's doing just fine. He's got a big house, no debts, a name in the calligraphy world and many students and also many women ready to take care of him. He seems to be carefree but he's got a happy successful life. He proved he's an adult - not only by saving Kyuta from the accident but also while asking "how serious do you want me to be?". I mean he's considerate, thoughtful and kind, he's just playing the fool. You should be able to see the difference, to look - as you said - below the surface. As for the growth of the characters - there certainly is a big change in the end, not splashy but meaningful - again take a look below the surface.

Is it fast paced? Maybe. Rushed? Definitely not. The whole story has a strong background and there's quite long relationship between the main characters, it's not like they met yesterday and had a one night stand. You may be unhappy cause they're blood related but for goodness sake it's Ogawa Chise! She's famous for incest and all kinds of filthy stuff, it's YAOI after all, it's about guys taking up to their asses every day (or night) so don't pretend you're innocent, you know her other works very well. I know you reed them. I'll just assume you slipped through this manga half asleep. I mean no harm, I kind of like you ; )

I like this manga, it's entertaining etc. etc., so if you like Ogawa Chise's works this is a must read.
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.. am I missing something?  
by OmNom
January 5th, 2017, 6:22am
Rating: N/A
So I get the gist that this manga is supposed to be a cute and harmless slice-of-life rom-com, but where can I find the actual romance and/or comedy in its content?! Ignoring the uncomfortable blood relation and age difference between the characters (in which one is literally still a teen), there are still many things wrong with the story that had me extremely irked the entire time. The imbalance of power between the couple, though no rare sight in BL, doesn't make me feel any better about their relationship. The whole story feels like a big tease where each chapter stops right at the juicy part to hold onto readers until the characters finally do the frickle frackle at the end. There's also virtually zero character growth and no sight of any authentic attraction in a relationship that develops at the speed of lightning. I feel like this manga has solidified my suspicion of the author's inability to explore her characters below the surface and to perceive them at a deeper level rather than as archetypes that she comes up with in her head.

Ogawa Chise should stick to writing about adolescent boys and leave adults out of her stories altogether because she will make them either too creepy for my comfort (when they're paired up with a child) or too emotionally detached to star in their own love story (when romantically involved with another adult). Or at least stop attempting to make more 'normal' stories like this one; she can't keep up with stretching them out anyway. She thrives on developing messed-up characters in equally disturbing situations so at least those can continue to entertain the audience as the story gets longer. With manga titles that have a plain setting and ordinary characters like this one, I just get a confused vibe overall as the story goes on, as if the author doesn't really know what to do to keep it going forward, and as if even she has troubles keeping a consistent tone for the manga to flow naturally. Remember, shock value can't be used as a plot gimmick for the progression of the story here!

If anything, I still adore the mangaka's clean and expressive art style, and how much it helps to follow her manga more easily. And she can still make very cute characters if she wants to. Though please tone down on the bodily fluids! As much as I love seeing my boys enjoying sex like they should be, there's a limit to how much liquid humans can possibly release from all openings on their bodies.


*edit in response to kidoraku:
There are several points in your comment I'd want to rebut:

- I appreciate the history lesson and the time you dedicated to it. Though I'll also be upfront now and declare loud and clear that I'll never get into medieval art. Just like how paintings dated from 12th-15th century in Europe were mostly first foundation steps for the Renaissance later on and are now rarely perceived as art themselves, traditional Japanese art style doesn't do anything for me and I'm not feeling anything for them emotionally. Are they important historic relics? Absolutely. Now do I like them? The answer is a solid No.
Having said that, there are plenty of manga titles out there with very unique art where I have no problems with; it's the deliberate artistic choice of the mangaka and I appreciate all of them IF it's well suited to the theme and atmosphere of story and IF it does not stand out from the rest of its elements. Ogawa Chise had gone for a very clean, very sleek illustration art style at the beginning of this manga, but it feels to me she then just abandoned every hold she'd had on it, so the sex seems jarring, artistically inconsistent and more like a lazy approach imo. It has nothing to do with my perception of her experience with carnal activities - we all know she has drawn a lot of sex in the past, and they're all frankly more tasteful and arousing for my liking compared to this portrayal of.. excessive amounts of bodily fluids. Of course this is all subjective and it's very likely I don't know what I'm talking about :/

- By power imbalance I mean the stance each character takes when it comes to sex. I read this manga close to 4 months ago but I could still gather some recollection of the seme guilt-tripping the uke into finally subsiding with what the former desires in the end. Sure there's no perceived physical 'coercion' involved (I'm not a fan of the general pushing down the mattress against one's will trope though), but wasn't the uke feeling very guilty at some point when the seme was visibly annoyed/unhappy that he was denied sex? That's still some sort of manipulation that I'm uncomfortable with in a story as clean-cut as this one.

- Which brings me to my third point. I doubt that there's any fanatic BL fan who has never come across one of her works, so why would it be a revelation that I have read many from Ogawa Chise before? I've left many comments on her titles on this website in fact, which also shows that I'm no stranger to her controversial style, and that I actually like many of them. Thus my whole point in the second paragraph in my original comment which you seem to have missed completely: YES she should stick to writing psychological fucked-up scenarios because that's her forte and what she's good at. Not this delicate normal slice-of-life stuff where she doesn't have a clear direction how it's going to carry out. Note that there are exceptions and sometimes well written characters could help make the story for her (like in this title's prequel) but that's not the case this time with a much more lacklustre cast.
Not to mention the incest element is really random and weirdly perceived; so, are they going to have a real relationship in the open now and receive ridicule from every corner of society, or do they hide it from every family member (including the underaged uke's parents!) and can only be happy behind closed doors? It's a lukewarm conclusion where no definitive answer is given and is no where near enough to make for a substantial ending. If the intention behind this story is a typical innocent happy-go-lucky rom-com, well it wasn't very funny and rather dry in the romance department, and the future of the couple seems to be doomed before it even started due to moral grounds. Had the blood relation been looked at from a different angle, it could have been developed into a much more interesting, albeit darker, direction, and we know Ogawa Chise is more than capable of handling such stories. But she didn't go there, and so judging from what she DID present, I'd say this acts more like an experimentation than a serious attempt at a decent manga.

... Last updated on April 29th, 2017, 8:31pm
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Loveeeee it!!!  
by yuri_shibuya
January 1st, 2017, 2:55am
Rating: 10.0 / 10.0
This is one of the sweetest work that OGAWA Chise had made.
The story itself is light-hearted, funny and deep at the same time.

Etsuro may appear as a good nothing among his relative. (being single at age 35 and all)
But Etsuro just doesn't want to be too attached to people, cause he believes that they will all leave him behind one day (just like how his parents left him).
So at times he appears to be uncommitted but he is just a lonely person at heart.

The couple are simply adorable.
Among their short conversations and interactions lies an ocean of emotions and sentiments.

I've fully enjoyed myself while reading this.
Its sweet and sexy at the same time.
I definitely recommend.

... Last updated on January 1st, 2017, 3:04am
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