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Mahou Shoujo Neko X   
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Magic Cat-Girl X
Magic Girl Cat X
Mahou Syouzyo Neko X

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c.7-9 by Manga-Heaven over 18 years ago
v.2 c.6 by Manga-Heaven over 18 years ago
v.2 c.5 by Manga-Heaven over 18 years ago
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May 16th 2023, 9:43pm



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Dragon Age (Fujimi Shobo)

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Don't read this  
by GuyDudeman
May 8th, 2019, 6:06pm
Rating: N/A
This story reads like a metaphor for racism, and the moral is "some races are better than others, love between classes/races is immoral".

I was waiting for the main character to redeem himself, instead he provides great insight into how abusive relationships work. (Provide a small amount of praise/affection to someone who doesn't recognize that they should leave, and then keep them dependent on you and afraid of you so they don't leave).

The behavior of the people in this manga would be considered abusive to normal animals, let alone to what are basically humans with animal ears/tails.
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The owner made it impossible to enjoy  
by aroptua
August 30th, 2017, 1:58pm
Rating: N/A
The setting itself is fun and the stories are enjoyable, more or less. The people in it, however, are incredibly annoying, the owner being the worst. The way he treats Peke is atrocious, even if she were an actual cat, rather especially if she were. The constant kicking, punching and hitting are grounds for some unpleasant lawsuits.
Anyway my main issue with it - everyone goes out of their way to pretend the girls with the animal ears are equivalent to actual animals.
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fun plot with heartwarming ending  
by whitespade
June 19th, 2014, 10:10am
Rating: 9.1  / 10.0
the ending is so very bittersweet. it reminded me of those old forgotten days when the blacks and the whites were forbidden to marry each other. but they still hold on to their feelings. in fact i think this manga is kinda allegory of the slave days where the blacks dont have citizenship and called the whites 'master'.

but this manga skirt around the problems and only touching on them lightly, making this manga fun and comedic. to me its a great thing because there are loads of slave manga out there and they are all super depressing, so its good to find one that is just light.

though i do love this manga, at first it is quite hard for me to read it because i have innate sense that slavery is wrong and animal cruelty is wrong, but at the end i do understand the mangaka want to show a 'bleak' world, but still retain light atmosphere so the readers can make their own judgement and conclusion so the message are more felt.

in the end, your knee jerk reaction on male tsundere will determine how low or high you will rate this manga.
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even sadists will get annoyed by the male lead  
by raven49
March 20th, 2009, 8:33am
Rating: N/A
ok, first of all the story is pretty interesting and the art too is very good, there are good personalities here and there like the main catgirl lead thats so innocent, loving and cute and a horse futa character which is all about the ecchi and stuff which provides sexual comedy distraction in the latter chapters.

however, the male lead is anything but a decent human I mean when you read the manga all he does is whine and hit cute nice furry girls especially the catgirl, compare him to a sadist and his lower than dirt.. even a sadist is caring to a point but this guy is just dirt, goodguys and villains would love to join forces to beat this kind of person to a pulp and do it over again once he gets better.

besides that this manga has a good story line if you dont mind the male douche bag. this manga is a great distraction while you wait for you search for other mangas to read.
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10%... It's not furry if it's just 10%, right?  
by monkeyvoodoo
February 18th, 2009, 12:19am
Rating: 6.0  / 10.0
...putting the whole "furry" thing aside...

I was really bothered by this title. Peke is a sweet, loving, devoted and admirable character. Yamato is a violent, ignorant, hateful ass.

Actually, Yamato's attitude bears a striking resemblence to the attitude of early Americans as they justified slavery by thinking of black people less than human.

...Which would be fine, if the story ended up trying to make some kind of statement along those lines. But it didn't. It ended quite abruptly in a way that entirely avoided the cause of his behavior (though an intelligent reader will gather that it's his reluctance to admit he cares for Peke that causes him to act out -- violently). No excuses, reasoning, resolve or apology.

I wouldn't take the time to write this all out though, if I didn't feel like there was more for me to say. Peke is a cute character, and the stories are fun. In fact, if you think of Peke as the main character, the story actually seems pretty good. But then Yamato's behavior is even more infuriating.

The plot and setting were interesting, but felt fairly unexplored. There was a LOT of potential that was missed out on. This really could have been a brilliant story.

If I had this title in paperback form, I'd probably thrash the volumes around a bit to vent over Yamato.

Good thing it was only 9 chapters.
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Main male character is horrible  
by Xaliqen
December 14th, 2008, 6:05am
Rating: N/A
The main male character is a horrible excuse for a human being, enough said. I just couldn't appreciate this series because of how horrible the male character is.
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Great and unique manga.  
by Dargoth
October 2nd, 2008, 12:43am
Rating: 9.0  / 10.0
In most manga about boys-girls relationships there's lots of situations of when boys are being beaten hard by girls. He caught a glimpse of her panties - SMASH! He said something which is easy to misunderstand - BAM! He just happened to be in a wrong place at a wrong time - CHOP! He didn't feel the mood - Narusegawa triple-punch combo!

Mahou Shoujo Neko X doesn't break this tradition, instead, this manga reverses it. Now the boy gets to beat the girl for the very same reasons. He caught a glimpse of her panties - SMASH! She looked at him seductively - SLAP! There is a deeper cause for his actions, but it is uncovered only in the end, and until it does, you get to enjoy the punishments he's giving her. Yea, I know, tastes differ. So if you don't want to see a cute catgirl suffering, don't read this manga. But if you do want - it's your thing.

Putting aside the violence and relations stuff, on the whole it's just an ordinary manga about a girl fighting antropomorphic animal monsters, while protecting her master. Don't be deceived by the title - she is not a mahou shoujo, it's just that her master wants her to look like one when she is fighting, and there's several jokes related to it, nothing more. There's lots of ecchi stuff (but no hentai) here. The fighting scenes don't last too long, the accent is more on the main characters' relationship and on the amusing situations they get into. It's pretty fun to read, but 2 volumes end too quickly =(

And it looks like it's the only non-hentai manga about a catgirl being dominated by a boy. All those smut titles are too shoujo, pages filled with feelings overflowing and hearts doki-dokiing. Most of the others are either girls-on-top or boys-should-protect-girls, or both. Or just neutral. This manga looks like an experiment of "what if we reverse it, what if a boy is on top, and a girl is protecting him?" I'd say, the experiment is a huge success, and I really want to read some similar manga. Unfortunately, looks like there's none...

P.S. So many fetishes in one manga! Catgirls! Collars! Submission! Humiliation! Yaaay!
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by tazman0208
March 29th, 2008, 8:01am
Rating: 6.5  / 10.0
Well the author had a pretty good set of ideas which unfortunately where not developped to there fullest potential. Male lead is detestable and hated by any reader and the story in 2 volumes has no time to offer anything other then a fast read with no plot whatsoever. I give this a 6 for decent art.
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Just a setup for the 3 H-manga that follow  
by Geese1
January 18th, 2008, 7:32pm
Rating: 5.0  / 10.0
It's okay, but I had a hard time liking a lot of the characters. In fact, the majority of humans (including the male lead) were not portrayed in a very flattering light, and I found it very hard to see why the girl loved him so much.

That being said however, it looks like there's still quite a bit of story left untold in these that don't get answered until the 3 hentai manga that follow up on this - in essence, you're only getting half the story with these two volumes. From what I can tell from the raws I downloaded, Mahou Shoujo Neko XXX, XXX2 and XXXF (for final, I imagine) expand upon a lot of the backstory left unsaid in this, so it's a shame that one of the h-scanlation groups hasn't picked these up yet. These are worth tracking down as you do get some glimpses into the history behind the two leads, and the male lead seems to have shown quite a lot of growth by the end of these (much more so than in the non-h books interestingly enough).

All in all, it's worth a look, but don't expect too much. I'd give it a 5 out of 10, as I do like the artwork and all the non-human characters. This rating may change if anyone ever gets around to translating the three h-manga sequels.
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I do not liek the main character..  
by weltall2
October 2nd, 2007, 6:27pm
Rating: N/A
It would be ok if his personality was bad but he kept being more than mean and that was not cool at all. I am kinda disappointed... or actually a lot.. especially how the thing ends.. gave me a hit on the head
Spoiler (highlight to view)
If the hero would not like regret beating the girl to death each time on the ending then I would give it a 7 but just on the 2 last pages he regrets it and says he loves her and chit. Drop dead!
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