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Tales of the Reincarnated Lord (Novel)  
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After his consciousness transcended worlds and entered the body of an exiled noble youth, summons arrived for him ten years later to return and succeed the title of the Lord. Faced with a desolate dominion, uneducated common folk, treacherous nobles as well as the current Lord Duke, how will he cope and thrive?


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Associated Names
Legend of the Rebirth Lord (Novel)
Legend of the Reincarnated Lord (Novel)
Tales of the Rebirth Lord (Novel)
Trọng Sinh Chi Lĩnh Chủ Truyền Kỳ

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A shame that the novel was axed  
by deathcoy
September 16th, 2020, 9:06am
Rating: 7.0 / 10.0
Tales of the Reincarnated Lord has a lot of sub genres associated to it so although i feel its a pretty good read, its also a jack of all trades and master of none. Its also worth noting that this novel was axed very early on, apparently due to censorship issues in china. Due to this, a lot of the buildup, setting, backdrop and events in the novel remain unconcluded or riddled with plotholes.

Setting is medieval fantasy world with a couple of warring human kingdoms and also fantasy races like dwarves(though none make a direct appearance, possibly due to novel being axed) but are declining. The world technically has regressed most likely due some apocalyptic event(some fantasy races even possibly went extinct). There used to be magic and mages/sorcerers however that was all in the past and instead what remains of the power system now is more of a westernized cultivation based system for warriors. That said, higher tier warriors are extremely rare and the top tier warriors are non-existent. Interesting backdrop but sadly was not focused and expanded on, again probably due to novel getting axed.

As mentioned before, novel has a lot of subgenres. Theres everything for everyone but its a jack of all trades and master of none. It dabbles in political intrigue and power struggle but ain't that well written, theres no schemes within schemes and factions outplaying each other. Theres a lot of wars and battles going on but lack depth. Our MC is both the commander and fighter type. Tactics and strategies are sadly pretty basic. Action scenes are glossed over but short and sweet. I would say the battles in this novel is more of a logistical battle and lean more towards military bureaucracy. Protagonist tried to introduce modern technology to the world but to limited success as the world has slightly different laws of physics and chemistry, he did get cement and cannons going but not stuff like assault rifles. There are attempts on espionage subplots but poorly done. Theres a lot of focus on kingdom building & management and modernizing society, its quite extensive however its still lacking compared to other kingdom building juggernauts. Its a transmigration theme but so far it feels more of an afterthought rather than a overaching plot. I believe you get my point, novel is a mile wide but an inch deep.

Theres really a lot of characters involved but unfortunately lacking character development. They don't get into the limelight often so we can hardly see any developments in their respective relationships, interactions and mindset, only having fleeting presence through the chapters. There are some interesting ones and with potential but too much focus on the MC that they didn't have a chance to shine.

Our protagonist is both a like and hate for me. I think some readers might even hate him outright(he kinda rape his first mistress). He has both strengths and flaws to his character. Although i didn't like his trying to be the good guy and righteous persona but its not his main dogma as he does not practice what he preach all the time, you would say he is a hypocritic too which is not a bad thing. Its not the shallow contradiction where you are morally upright pacifist but still kill to protect and refuse to realize you are a hypocritic in self denial. Its a much deeper kind where you try to preach the good but won't shy from the lesser evil out of necessity, instead accept and acknowledge this truth. I would say he feels real and is overall a three-dimensional character. He is a King(Duke) that wants the best for his land and people but also not a perfect one. MC does get some substantial plot armor but author drops in a few setbacks and obstacles that help his character mature.

Worth noting is during the arc with his first mistress, their first born son and one of the top ministers of the family. Son grew up spoilt and corrupt, assault citizens and sexual misconduct(to put it politely), his mom turns a blind eye and always try to cover for him. The minister wants to form factions in their dukedom to push the son as a successor and heavily support the son and mom. Mom also wanted to play politics and get her son to succeed her husband. During the MC's absence, they got a small coupe going. MC returned, crushed the rebels, got his son to be tattooed with sins committed and then hanged in public. MC got his favourite mistress secretly poisoned and the minister exiled for betrayal.

Our MC may be a good leader but not a good father nor a good husband, he has flaws(wanker can't keep his wiener in his pants and has a harem). He has to face dilemmas especially in a lose-lose situation, he has to do both good and evil, make tough decisions, the lesser evil etc. Actions have consequences and protagonists must face them even if its a bad outcome and not get protected by plot armor. I'm not a sucker for tragedy but things like this make up a proper character in the novel. Their experiences both the good and bad, success and failures, their character make up and traits both positive and negative(also what audiences hate and like) all contribute to a well written character. I feel that the author nailed it on the protagonist's character.

Overall i do enjoy reading this novel, setting and world building is interesting, MC is well written, like the side characters but lack development, plot is fairly ok. Main flaw being its a jack of all trades and master of none subgenres. Also it doesn't help that it got axed thus a lot of the plot potential kinda got lost. Despite that, its still worth a read since its quite short too.

... Last updated on September 16th, 2020, 9:21am
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by arise1
May 9th, 2017, 7:23pm
Rating: N/A
this is a great novel to read if you like a fantasy and political intrigue. I agree that the author does not know how to write female characters, but do not let that discourage you from reading it. Every novel has its own flaw and besides that everything else is great. I recommend you should read give it a try and read the first 50 chapters
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by MasterAras
March 10th, 2017, 2:16pm
Rating: 10.0 / 10.0
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
The story is told as a history documentary about the rise of the Norton Kingdom. The story starts slow and dumpes alot of information about the characters in the first 50 or so chapters. The chapters aren't that important, but give little bit of context to the actions and trust showed between the main cast later in the book. The advancement in technologie is also done really well. The MC doesn't just create machine guns in the first year, but slowly builds up from balistas to catapults to cannons. If you like reading about the history of like the roman empire (or other great empires) then you would probably like reading this book.
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It's fine if you don't mind massive sexism.  
by invinciblegod
March 10th, 2017, 8:49am
Rating: 6.0 / 10.0
Having read 45 chapters, it is enough for my first impressions.

The writing (English translation)
It seems that the dialog is spoken in a very unrealistic (by English standards) way. Many of the words used are too specific and seems weird. For instance "Alright, your reasoning has left me fully convinced. I welcome your participation." Who talks like this? Usually, one would say something like "you've convinced me" or "I get where you're coming from." Aside from the foreign English, the writing is serviceable, just don't expect any sophisticated prose.

The story
It doesn't bother me as much, but it is pretty obvious that if you care about female roles in a story, this is not the story for you. With one exception, all of the women so far are vapid, skin deep, boring people who only cares about clothes, marrying into rich families, mooning over handsome men, etc. So if you care deep or complex female characters, the first 45 chapters have not shown much promise.

That said, the male characters are not much better. Most of them are one note servants, stereotypical lazy people, stereotypical nobles, or other stereotypical roles. It's fine for regular entertainment but nothing deep.

The story itself is mainly a slice of life story as there currently is no goal. This makes it sort of harder to read for me because I like some goal for the protagonist to aspire to but currently it just follows him around at his school doing his daily tasks. Hopefully, the story will pick up later.

I will continue reading to see if the story picks up. At least for the first 45 chapters, it is trashy entertainment but nothing more.

I have now read 170 chapters and can clarify on a few points

The writing
Unchanged from above

The story
The story has changed from the school setting to him trying to retake his host bodies family domain. There are some contradictions in that he has modern sensibilities such as dislike of slavery but he seems fine with some rapey stuff. He also seems fine with lot's of murder and especially murder with association such as kill all relatives of his enemies. I guess power does corrupt.

It's not obvious from the first few dozen chapters, but this novel is actually quite sexist that it even bothered me when I usually am not bothered by it too much. For instance, the MC and allies routinely have sex with their servants but because they are nobles, they never ask permission which is rapey territory. They claim that the servants love it but history would beg to differ. And then theres the MC's belief that you can't be a good parent unless you actually were pregnant? So not only is it sexist, but it indirectly mocks people who adopt, are unable to carry a child for medical reasons, and possibly also sexist against men too because they can't get pregnant? WTF?

I guess if you don't like rapey stuff, sexist stuff, and immoral stuff (murder), don't read this.

... Last updated on March 22nd, 2017, 7:52am
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