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Niang Shan 108 Xing Shaonu (Novel)  
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108 Maidens of Destiny (Novel)
108 Thiếu Nữ Lương Sơn (Novel)
Niáng Shān 108 Xīng Shàonǚ (Novel)

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Kinda similar to Sekirei  
by Chi_chan
May 30th, 2017, 1:24am
Rating: N/A
I read it till the end (1-79 from translation by Ameryl & The Sun Is Cold, the rest from raw with google translate (80-end)
Pretty good novel, thou it's kinda rush in the end IMHO

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
The MC (Shu Jing/ Shu Xin) signed contract up to 17 star generals.. IDK about the last 2 since it's only mention briefly that "a star above shine" after the MC & star general kiss (crimson star?) and the other one "became the last wife"
There's also a note that a man can only sign up max. 15 star generals (thou the star duel covenant rule said star cultivators can only sign 1 star general, and max 2 star generals. None besides MC can sign up more than 1-2 star generals)
Since I'm using google translate, some might be mistaken thou

1st star general
Majestic Star "Panther Head" Lin Chong
Weapon : 6* ice spear
Relationship with MC : wife
Occupation : combatant
Star beast : ice panther with wings & crown
When sign contract : 1st encounter, kissed while unconscious

2nd star general
Knowledge Star "Resourceful Star" Wu Yong
Weapon : - (have somekind of legendary chain that can corode whoever chained by it)
Relationship with MC : wife
Occupation : strategist/ advisor
Star beast : 9 tailed fox, a master of illusion magic
When sign contract : take a short while, the star general like & decided that the MC worth to be her master

3rd star general
Thief Star "Flea on a Drum" Shi Qian
Weapon : 3* flying claw, mechanical beast puppet
Relationship with MC : friend
Occupation : thief/ scout
Star beast : 3 eyed rabbit that can run very fast, good at hiding & can breath underwater
When sign contract : take a while, after saved from the hands of enemy even thou she's not his star general at that time

4th star general
Efficacious Star "Divine Physician" An Daoquan
Weapon : 3* flying needle
Relationship with MC : little sister
Occupation : doctor/ pharmacist
Star beast : A deer like animals with healing power
When sign contract : short while after sign contract with 3rd star general, to save the MC life & breakthru his cultivation stage

5th star general
Skilful Star "Prodigal" Yan Qing
Weapon : 5* boxing glove (?)
Relationship with MC : maid
Occupation : combatant
Star beast : A pair of yin-yang carps with fire-ice element
When sign contract : after winning competition to win the star's contract & to save the MC life

6th star general
Leisure Star "Dragon in the Clouds" Gongsun Sheng
Weapon : 3* rune sword
Relationship with MC : daughter-like
Occupation : combatant/ strongest magic caster
Star beast : Phoenix
When sign contract : 2nd encounter, helped saved her life (the MC fight against a poisonous sect to find antidote)

7th star general
Earth Solitary Star "Gold Coin Spotted Leopard" Tang Long
Weapon : - (MC gave her some kinda legendary tools for smithing)
Relationship with MC : sect's little sister
Occupation : blacksmith/ master of refining items
Star beast : Sun butterfly with fire power
When sign contract : after being "brother" at some martial arts sect for quite sometime & win the competition to sign contract with the star (the master of the sect knew the identity of Tang long later & made a competition for the sect student to contract with her)

8th star general
Heaven Solitary Star "Flowery Monk" Lu Zhishen
Weapon : 4* monk spade
Relationship with MC : lover-like
Occupation : combatant
Star beast : -
When sign contract : 1st encounter, become comrade inside a pagoda to get some Budha treasure & crack the mistery of Budha teaching. The star impressed & loved the MC. Tried to kill MC but when watching the MC dying, decide to sign a contract with him to save his life

9th star general
Bright Star "Ten Feet of Blue" Hu Sanniang
Weapon : 7* spear like, lasso
Relationship with MC : wife
Occupation : combatant
Star beast : Some fiery beast
When sign contract : 1st encounter, she wanted to sign contract with powerful star cultivator to get revenge on Brave Star Guan Sheng

10th star general
Rat Star "Daylight Rat" Bai Sheng
Weapon : - (have a wine bottle to make magical wine)
Relationship with MC : daughter
Occupation : wine brewer
Star beast : Wizard rat which good at identify ingredients for wine making
When sign contract : 2nd encounter, pick her up from her "Moms" after helped saved her life in forest while looking for her star beast (the MC heal her, bath her & being called "Daddy")

11th star general
Latent Star "White Flower Serpent" Yang Chun
Weapon : 4* somekind of halberd (?)
Relationship with MC : friend
Occupation : water-specialist combatant
Star beast : White serpent
When sign contract : 2nd encounter, helped saved her life (the MC fight to save her entraped soul)

12th star general
Harm Star "Pilgrim" Wu Song
Weapon : 5* double sword
Relationship with MC : wife
Occupation :combatant
Star beast : White tiger
When sign contract : become comrade for a long time, called MC "husband", sign contract after a war in liang dynasty's auction palace

13th star general
Hero Star "Little Li Guang" Hua Rong
Weapon : 3* bow & arrow
Relationship with MC : wife
Occupation : combatant/ support
Star beast : some kind of fiery bird
When sign contract : being comrade for quite long time (not as long as wu song), sign contract after a fight in white tiger teritory

14th star general
Yin Star "Female Tiger" Gu Dasao
Weapon : - (hv a loud roar)
Relationship with MC : wife-like
Occupation : support
Star beast : Some kind of insect in her shoulder
When sign contract : meet multiple time, being comrade for a short while then sign contract to heal & help MC defeat strong enemy

15th star general
Strength Star "Jade Qilin" Lu Junyi
Weapon : 5* gold spear
Relationship with MC : friend
Occupation : combatant
Star beast : Kirin
When sign contract : meet multiple time & fighting against many enemy hand in hand, the MC force to sign contract to save her when the star hurt badly and almost died

16th star general (maybe)
Leader Star "Timely Rain" Song Jiang
Weapon : somekind of banner/ flag (also have birth outline like MC)
Relationship with MC : friend (called MC "husband-like nickname")
Star beast : -
When sign contract : in the last chapter, for going to Liangshan Maiden Mountain

17th star general (maybe)
Noble Star "Little Whirlwind" Chai Jin
Weapon : - (have a legendary book which can repel all attack)
Relationship with MC : wife
Occupation : support
Star beast : 3 eyed persian cat
When sign contract : in the last chapter, for going to Liangshan Maiden Mountain

... Last updated on May 31st, 2017, 12:17am
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Not your typical Wuxia novel  
by aznluck
April 2nd, 2017, 6:17pm
Rating: N/A
Read ch1-55 (translated), read raw (google translated) up to 107

If anyone read the manga Sekirei then the concept and ideas of this novel will be very familiar to them. Just to note, I read somewhere that this novel is based off some old Chinese poem or stories but don't remember which. Any who the plot in the simplest explanation is to "be the last one standing and they be grant a wish".

Why I state not your "Not your typical Wuxia novel" is by two reason: the protagonist character (personality) and how novel is written.

The Main Character: I (as the reader) would describe our main Character; A good man, A good soldier, and good policeman. Before I explain each of these, let explain our MC a little. Our MC is military aircraft pilot who while doing a demonstration flight ended up (transport to another world) crashing into another world. Now on to explain his character which is rare in Wuxia world and no he don't have "hero" character.
A good man: As the reader, he make a good husband for any women. A keeper. Almost true gentleman.
A good soldier: As a soldier he has the characteristic of honor, loyalty, and duty but he not fool hardy.
A good policeman: He not a policeman but he follow a principal that follow along the line of "serve and protect".
Our MC isn't arrogant nor greedy (overly greedy).

Now the 2nd reason why it not a typical Wuxia novel is that they left out all the training part out. Usually in most Wuxia novel that I read they will include all the training the protagonist did to get stronger. Here in this novel it left out, only leaving the action and adventurer the protagonist is having after training.

So like I said, if you read the manga "Sekirei" or know something similar then you might like this. Otherwise people who hate "harem" genre will not enjoy this. This is a harem novel, so be warn.

Here are some spoiler:
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Edited: Information based up to the raw chapter 296 (google translated)

There 108 maidens (known as star knight)
30 thru 40 maiden already being contracted to someone when our MC first arrive in the other world (chapter 1)
Usually 1 Maiden contracted to one person, 2 Maiden for one person are rare and that the limited according to that world common sense. Not all maiden want to be contracted due to their personal reasons. The 108 maiden war battle contest have several stage with each stage having it own events.

(**During the 3rd stage, a certain location is open for several month which within contain "star beasts" which in another word possible personal pet partner for a maiden which they must personally must tame with some help if available - 1 star beast per maiden)

How a Maiden form a contract: (The character in the novel who explain this only give a general outline, no detail)
A.) Force submission: Weaken the maiden and force to submit
B.) Mutual Agreement: The Maiden and the one she chose to serve agree (Most common uses)
C.) Kiss (on the lip/mouth to mouth): (rare; but this is what our MC happen to uses) Since there no detail on this as well but there enough example from our MC using it and so I as the reader will explain how it work. There are 2 form of kiss which I would call "force kiss" and "volunteer kiss". Force kiss only work if the maiden is weaken. While volunteer kiss work both way (don't matter who start the kiss first) but the maiden must be willing to submit. Doesn't work if they kiss if maiden not willing to submit.

A contracted maiden serve their contracted person as their master. Their contract is like a life contract. There are Pro and Con in this contract but I will not write it here. Their also ways to cancel the contract but it mention in the novel it rare that it happen. From what I (as the reader) understand or assume, only the master and not the maiden can cancel the contract if they are contracted to a maiden.

Our MC contracted maidens (up to the edited number): We already know he going get more from the Description.
contracted 1:
Specialty: Spear Combat Technique
Basic Info: cold, hard headed, and stubborn warrior women with a maiden heart.
Role around MC: bodyguard
Time it took Between 1st encounter and contract: sudden encounter, short
Relationship with MC (if any) Between 1st encounter and contract: None

contracted 2:
Specialty: Her intelligent and sharp brain/mind
Basic Info: Vixen with a teasing personality
Time it took Between 1st encounter and contract: observing and following our MC while pretending as weak women, short
Relationship with MC (if any) Between 1st encounter and contract: friendly if somewhat cautious

contracted 3:
Specialty: stealth
Basic Info: energetic kid sister
Occupation: thief
Time it took Between 1st encounter and contract: Businesses transaction in a give and take situation by referral by [contracted 4] in 1st meet, took a while.
Relationship with MC (if any) Between 1st encounter and contract: friendly
Star Beast: some type of rabbit that can live underwater, good at hiding and running away (not truly know what it is, can't understand google translated)

contracted 4:
Specialty: pharmacy
Basic Info: kind and soft heart sister
Occupation: doctor
Time it took Between 1st encounter and contract: Was intro by [contracted 2] in 1st meet, took awhile (was contracted not long after contracted 3)
Relationship with MC (if any) Between 1st encounter and contract: friendly
Star Beast: some type of deer like animal

contracted 5:
Specialty: Boxing Combat Technique
Basic Info: serious personality that good at taking care of other. doesn't show much expression. Very talent person.
Role around MC: combat maid
Time it took Between 1st encounter and contract: brief (she was in disguise the whole time even as the reader I did not know), short
Relationship with MC (if any) Between 1st encounter and contract: none
Star Beast: A Magic Male & Female Pair of Carp Fish (Yin/Yang Pair)

contracted 6:
Specialty: Air Walk/Walk on Air (not sure since it google translated)
Basic Info: A "doll" like personality and characteristic, a child figure. Strong combatant that uses sword
Time it took Between 1st encounter and contract: brief, took awhile
Relationship with MC (if any) Between 1st encounter and contract: none

contracted 7:
Specialty: Refinery (someone who can upgrade tools, weapons, and items)
Basic Info: A soft spoken person
Time it took Between 1st encounter and contract: disguise as a men while being part of a small semi-martial art sect, took a while
Relationship with MC (if any) Between 1st encounter and contract: indifferent to a little bit friendlier
Star Beast: A magic butterfly with fire ability

... Last updated on April 7th, 2017, 12:37am
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