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Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san  
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Like many hardworking members of the workforce, Kuroto Nakano is perpetually stressed out by his job. Still, since he lives alone, he must carry on to sustain himself. Little do humans like Kuroto know, this stress takes the form of darkness residing within a person's body and will bring one's life to ruin.
Fox deities can see this darkness and have the duty to save people before it is too late. To help rid Kuroto of his stress, Senko-san, an eight hundred-year-old foxgirl, volunteers to take care of him, and will do everything she can to ease the tension in his weary soul.


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Associated Names
Meddlesome Kitsune Senko-san
The Helpful Fox Senko-san
Заботливая 800-летняя жена!
도우미 여우 센코씨

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Good healing for your soul but best for certain people  
by Seregosa
April 17th, 2019, 6:22am
Rating: 5.0 / 10.0
This is a manga that strives to be extreme wish-fulfillment for japanese slave workers. It's a story that tries to heal the hearts of these kinds of pathetic and also pitiful people who does nothing but work and sleep, living a life that might as well be considered torture... and I have no doubt that it's awesome for these said people who are in danger of dying from overwork or just can't handle the work they have.

The issue is that it's hardly relatable at all to people of other countries where the working culture and laws are decent and understand the value of keeping the working force/population happy and physically+mentally sound, where quality is valued above quantity of garbage.

I personally have no way to relate to this stuff and the manga's incessant referring and depicting of how unfair this pathetic mc's work conditions is only serves to degrade the manga. I couldn't give less of a f*ck that he's living a life of overtime, often unpaid, and sleeping pretty much at most 4 hours a day and when he gets a day off, he just sleeps it away. I also don't want to see how he's berated by his bosses and getting treated like trash. It doesn't serve to make me feel sympathy or relate to him, it just serves to make me pity him a little and gives me the urge to euthanize the poor sod in order to end his suffering as he's clearly not truly living at all. At the same time, it's also completely ridiculous how these foxes chose HIM of all people, the author could've at least tried to make it understandable instead of dropping the whole "I might've known your ancestor" bullshit, which makes it even harder to feel anything for the mc or their situation/relationship. The mc is a true downer that tries his very best to ruin any fluffy and cute scene by acting pathetically and pitying himself. When enjoying himself, he rants on and on about his work and when he's having a good time at a day off, he just complains about how these times will end and he'll have to go back to work soon and becomes depressed, having to be cheered up by the fox again. It's truly an obnoxious type of behavior that makes me want to kick his ass. Enjoy the moment, stop bringing up work all the time when you hate it... Even disrupting the cozy mood should have a limit.

At the end of the day, he's just a broken human with the eyes of a dead fish that works way too much with a job he hates and takes trash from everyone because he's too afraid to talk back or attempt changing jobs and I truly hate his "catch line" of "some other people has it worse than me so it's not bad and I don't have the right to complain." God damn f*cking yes, you have the right to complain. That's the most stupid argument I've ever seen for acting like a pussy. Even having a low-pay shit job would be better than his current job even if his pay was reduced by half and he had to live frugally, at least he'd be able to enjoy life a little unlike now, part of the fault lies with him for not doing anything about his situation.

Well, if we get over the work part and his complaints and negative attitude every chapter which just brings down the entire manga and makes you want to hit him for being so annoying, we have another part I hate about this manga. That is the neighbor female mangaka that lives like a dirty pig and acts like one as well. A grown adult that acts like a stupid kid and can't even take care of basic things such as making her own food and not turning her apartment into a mountain of garbage. She's a freaking leech and it pisses me off. I hated her from the very start and even if the initial impression I held of her has become somewhat better simply because she's now more pathetic and obedient, I still hate her guts becauase she's ruining this manga even more.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
It started out with the mc and the fox making some slight noise, you know, some slight laughter and some talking, and then we're shown this b*tch being annoyed because her neighbor has become lively lately. Then some day later, in the middle of the day, the fox and the mc is playing a video game and there's some laughter, you know, perfectly accpetable and normal stuff, it's not as if they're laughing in the middle of the night. This pig then proceeds to ACTUALLY run to his door and FORCIBLY open it before yelling at him to stop making noise. So, she commits a crime of illegal entry even if she just opens his door. She didn't even think to actually KNOCK and act like a bitch, no, she had to open it on her own despite being a stranger and the mc having done nothing wrong. Then she sees the fox lolibaba with the mc and proceeds to threaten to call the cops because he must SURELY be a pedo kidnapper or something because he's got a loli in his apartment who is clearly free, happy and doing whatever she wants. Yup, some grand logic right there. Even though SHE'S the one who should be reported for entering another person's house, invading their privacy and disturbing the peace, she has the gall to do this crap.

However, she is quickly proven to be a pig of a human who will not mind anything at all as long as someone takes care of her, so the fox actually decides to invite her in for food(what the f*ck) and she turns into a docile pig that won't bite the hand that feeds her. She also wants the mc's fox for herself but "holds herself back" because she's supposedly married to the mc and actually praises herself for that. She's also being taken care of by the fox since she's bringing over food and even cleaning her pig sty apartment that truly looked like a mountain of garbage as she doesn't even possess elementary skills to live on her own and seems to get by on energy drinks and instant food from the store. She later on somehow gets very involved with the story and even wins over both the white fox and the other fox, especially the white one. It truly pisses me off, this failure of a human being with a garbage personality actually gets in the way of the story and fluff all the time. The author must have smoked some serious shit or just had brain cramps whenever he decides to draw her, just like with every time he decides to draw how dreary the mc's life is and how pathetic the mc is.

This manga could've been SO much better, but the author ruins it with a self-pitying mc with no good traits except for being kind and the presence of a shitty neighbor. Even the people seeking escape from being overworked would still prefer it to have less details about how bad he's being treated and real-life issues, it's enough to make them relate a bit, no way to describe it in detail and make them remember unpleasant things. It would also have been nice if the author actually made up good reasons for the fox girls' involvement with the mc. For now, it's barely worth 5/10 stars because it's has a cute fox girl, nothing else. Truly a garbage manga in so many ways even if several dozen or several hundred or perhaps even several thousand years old monster lolibabas are amongst my top favorites when it comes to girls, to the point that they might even top my list and reach for number 1 spot. It's so sad to see potential ruined by an author with no sense for humor and a horrible sense for characters. It's very hard to ruin a manga like this, but the author succeeded thanks to the four huge flaws I've already mentioned(the excessive negative details, the pathetic mc, the lack of reason for the foxes helping him and the neighbor who couldn't be more trash).

Seems the people here thinks that this is what men actually want, but that's not true for a majority of men. It's only true for the more pathetic or/and pitiful ones. I'm not talking about being single, by choice or otherwise. I'm talking about the ones who has shit jobs and fail at enjoying life properly. This is what those people wants. It would be what I want if the author could focus on what's important, make the mc more relatable and the cuddling a bit more intense(not talking about porn here, the fluff, cuteness and emotions just aren't enough). Right now it's just a weird manga that is both depressing and calming/cute/cozy at the same time, not a good combo at all as they kind of cancel eachother out...

Did I expect too much from this manga? Perhaps. I'm just sharing my honest opinions here in the hope of it helping someone else as the other opinions doesn't tell you much about the actual flaws of this manga, instead just ranting about the pros or irrelevant "flaws" like the fox girl being a loli fox girl(which wasn't in his strike range because of his skewed sense of morals) which the first one who commented about this manga somehow thinks is relevant even though it's the very premise of this manga and couldn't have been more obvious before picking this up, so if he didn't like that he shouldn't have read it at all. When the comments are like this, I feel like I need to share my more negative impressions to give the potential readers a sense of what to expect. It's cozy and it's worth reading, but it's truly nothing special and doesn't leave me grinning like some cozy and cute mangas does. If you read this, you must like lolibabas, especially kemonomimi ones, as that is pretty much the only attraction for people who aren't stressed out by bad working conditions. Also, you might want to skip over any part with the neighbor pig girl as she contributes with nothing but being irritating. Despite my low score, I do like it to some extent, but the flaws are too big for me to give it a higher score.

... Last updated on April 17th, 2019, 7:12am
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by incelebration
August 19th, 2018, 7:36am
Rating: 10.0 / 10.0
The story is wonderful and reading about Senko-san's magical healing has a way of in turn healing the reader. My only complaint would be the neighbor side-plot, it feels very out of place and just drags the story down in my opinion. Other than that though it's amazing, it really hearkens back to a simpler time, a better time, before society degenerated to the mess it is today. Highly recommended to read it right after work for greatest effect.
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This is what men ACTUALLY want  
by VWombat
June 2nd, 2018, 10:04am
Rating: 10.0 / 10.0
This is the ultimate male fantasy. The "800 year old" goddess is the perfect lolibaba with the perfect fluffy tail and the perfect fluffy ears. It's from Japan, what do you expect from the objectively superior culture? That aside, ladies, in case you wanted to learn what men ACTUALLY want, here's your answer. Not what you expected at all, was it?

To me, it's the perfect escape from reality, it's like a cup of warm tea filling the hole in my soul. Anyone who says otherwise is objectively wrong.

It's the platonic ideal, but the impossible dream - the fluffy tails that don't exist any more thanks to the collapse of State Shinto. For the guy to be comforted by a cute cuddly thing that heals his soul after he comes home after facing a hostile world that hates his guts. A fluffy tail that he can touch, and not out of obligation but because it's lewd. A manga for a man to read when he is living on his own, a 30 year old virgin, on the precipice of wizardry, who can realize the objective superiority of the 2D world. Just do your best to live that dream vicariously by reading this manga and imagining you're the guy in the story and can touch the fluffy tail.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Sarcasm aside, it's pretty cozy. Nothing new, but it does a great job of being cozy
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this is what men actually want  
by somethingwicked
April 2nd, 2018, 4:36pm
Rating: 7.0 / 10.0
This is the ultimate male fantasy, or at least the ultimate male love fantasy. Kind of. It's a LIIITTLE bit pedo. The "800 year old" goddess kind of just seems a little bit too physically young (and a little bit too furry) for healthy tastes to me, but since he hasn't done anything sexual with her, and is just interested in petting her tail, I'll let it slide. It's from Japan, what do you expect. But other than that, ladies, in case you wanted to learn what men actually want, here's your answer. Not what you were expecting at all, was it?

To me, it's kind of just a depressing reminder of reality, it's like a giant arrow pointing to the hole in the center of a donut to remind you that it's empty in the middle. But I'm sure it's the cup of tea for some out there.

But it's the impossible dream, the male female relationship that doesn't exist any more thanks to feminism. For the guy to be comforted by a cute cuddly thing that heals his soul after he comes home after facing a hostile world that hates his guts. A girl who is kind, loving, cooks and cleans for him, cuddles with him, and doesn't do it out of obligation to do her fair share but because she actually enjoys doing it, and is the only one in his square comforting him when the rest of the world is saying f you. A manga for man to read when he is living on his own, pining for attention from that mythical unicorn nonexistent female being, to remind him of how implausible the dream is, by contrasting with reality, to show him at the end of the day that he's better off alone as he is in this world because it would literally take a goddess from an alternate dimension to provide him what he wants, but here is just that within the bounds of this story, so just do your best to live that dream vicariously by reading this manga and imagining you're the guy in the story and have her as your waifu.

There doesn't seem to be much of a plot though. It's just a wish fulfillment fantasy.

... Last updated on April 2nd, 2018, 4:38pm
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