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The Abandoned Empress  
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As proud daughter of House Monique, Aristia was raised to become the next empress of the Castina Empire. But with the appearance of a mysterious new girl, everything has fallen apart: the Emperor has turned his back, and Aristia’s miserable life as a lower queen is cut short by death. However a second chance to change her fate sees her reborn ‒to 7 years earlier! “Is this a dream or reality? Will my destiny repeat?”

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Beorim Badeun Hwangbi
Hoàng Phi Bị Ruồng Bỏ
La emperatriz abandonada
Suterareta Kouhi
الإمبراطورة المهجورة
버림 받은 황비

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Season 3: 32 Chapters (Ongoing) 88~119

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Cliché Pairing and Unreasonable Plotline  
by Violetgirl110
August 2nd, 2020, 10:48pm
Rating: N/A
No matter how much the FMC tries to escape her fate she still loves her abuser from her past life, the rapist prince. The prince is a despicable character and still gets to be the main lead love interest. Even though she's reincarnated to a new life, the prince ia not justified. Then, there's the return of a dumbass whiny "child of prophecy", Jieun, she's evil, lazy, and manipulative yet still get to be "the child of God." What kind of God ia that?!? Sounds more like Lucifer.
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Very interesting, well-developed story if not for pairing a former abuser with his rape victim...  
by moonmystery
July 24th, 2020, 8:00pm
Rating: 7.0 / 10.0
Art: 7/10 The fashion design and general panel layout are really well done. The characters are aesthetically pleasing, although Ji-eun's eyes look kinda wack in the first 10 chapters. Overall, love the aesthetics.

Characters: 7/10 Everyone (aside from crown prince) has an interesting backstory. I especially enjoy the female MC's progression from a doormat to a girl with sense and ambition. The one sad part is... though the characters are interesting, the author kind of forgets about some of them halfway through the series. They end up just making cameos every now and then... What a pity for the characters I love....... ngl, i'm mainly reading this still for the precious redhead knight .

Plot: 6/10 It's interesting how the story antagonizes Ji-eun, the typical exotic-heroine-from-modern-Asia with magical powers. I enjoy the twists and turns this author sets up, even if some of them are not well-executed. Unfortunately, this story gets dinged for pairing a rape/miscarriage/cheating victim suffering from chronic PTSD with her former abuser... This abuser also broke the MC's heart countless times...The author gratuitously bombarded MC with abuse only to gloss over it when convenient. Ew.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Ok... about that situation with the crown prince...So our female MC did consent; she did not say no to intercourse per se, but definitely wasn't a happy/loving moment either. After all, she didn't have the authority to necessarily refuse, although she could have at least tried to...Yeah, for all intents and purposes that ... was rapey. Also he was cheating on the so-called love-of-his-life at the time when he forced MC to screw him. A cheating rapist? Not a good start... Not to mention his lover didn't even find out until MC got pregnant and showed morning sickness in public. Wowwwww. What a lying, two-faced, cheating a*shole... He totally abuses his powers as the crown prince...The MC girl that wants him despite all his abuse? Absolutely idiotic.

And to top it off, he goes and says he will never accept the MC's children as his even though he chose to screw her... I see people online cussing out the girl that crown prince chose to be his lover, but the reality is that she has every right to be angry about the situation since she didn't know he was going around raping the MC. From that girl's point of view, the MC was the mistress to her prince charming.

Then, in a moment of absolute lack of spatial awareness, as*hole crown prince accidentally causes the pregnant MC to fall, leading to her miscarriage. We find out that the miscarriage ruined her frail body--she can't conceive again. WOW. Isn't that just swell? The crown prince's list of abuses against her and her family just continues to escalate until her very death.

Overall I would recommend new readers to read this despite the ultimate pairing of abuser x victim... The story has really good pacing and keeps you on your toes. Just remember to be critical of the elements mentioned in the spoiler above.
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I disagree with how the plot turned out to be, but it's still worth to continue to read.  
by mallika23
July 17th, 2020, 7:22pm
Rating: N/A
In the early chapters, I really hate the male lead, the prince, for the cruelty he did to the female lead, Aristia. In my perspective, it's not merely neglectment. It's abuse! He raped her, made her pregnant and lose her baby, and killed her father without any signs of regret. As a woman, I felt anger and sadness when I read that. I was not surprised when she closed herself when the prince tried to touch him in her second life. Traumatic events such as abuse is not that easy to be forgotten, and household abuse should not be forgiven easily.

This reminds me to the plot on "Iris, the Lady with the Smartphone". In that plot, Iris made grand plan to take revenge on those who abused her, and those who abused her are trash from the beginning.

For me, the prince should not be forgiven for his sins. The plot turned out to make the prince as a misunderstood character, a cruel but turns out good character, and made us symphatize with him. I disagree with this. There should be justice for the main character, and punishment for what the prince had done. I honestly hoped in the beginning that Tia would end up with Allen or Sein so that she will be safe, but it seems it would not be so.

But well, the story turned out to still made the prince as the main partner for Tia. I strongly disagree, but the plot is getting quite heated, now that on the recent chapters Jieun came back. She's the main reason on how Monique House first got their downfall. I really wish all the best for Aristia. I bet this one would be different from previously, since Aristia has made a lot of changes and connections since her comeback in the second life.

... Last updated on July 17th, 2020, 7:37pm
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This is awful  
by yuri_shibuya
July 14th, 2020, 4:44pm
Rating: 1.0 / 10.0
This manhwa is really all about Tia reincarnating so that she can be better suited for the prince.. its giving a very dangerous message that it was all Tia's fault on what happened to her in the past. That she wasnt good enough..
It would have been good if the author wouldnt choose the prince as a ML... but the author just had to go with the Prince × heroine formula.. this is utter disgusting.. i hate this manhwa to be honest
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Spoilers on Why It's Worth a Shot  
by Castalia_
July 12th, 2020, 7:57pm
Rating: N/A
TLDR: There are a lot of second chance/isekai manhwas/manhuas that is about coming back for revenge on the person who betrayed her and if that's what you're looking for, this isn't for you.

It has a lot of similar trope of the "reborn/isekai" genre. First timeline or in the original story, the FL is ignored/hated by everyone else around her and doesn't have many/any friends. She is reborn (or now the MC is in the FL's body with MC's personality and not the original character's personality), she's now a "better" person and is now loved by (mostly) everyone because she's so smart, nice, etc (Think Duchess with An Empty Soul [reborn], The Duchess' 50 Tea Recipes [iseaki]).

I can understand the reason why people dislike/hate this manhwa. I started reading this and then went to read the novel because I want to make sense of the spoilers and comments on the manhwa. Now that I finished the Korean novel, I can understand why she ends up with the person she did in the end. This is similar to Doctor Elise and Survive as the Hero's Wife and kind of similar to Suddenly Became A Princess One Day (except FL here is executed by her father in the first "timeline", and not her husband). In this case, I feel that if the author didn't dwell too much (making it 6 chapters) on her first timeline, this manhwa will get less hate (compare to these similar manhwas).

Extremely long reasons for not hating the direction the manhwa/novel went:

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
1. People are angry Tia ends up with her abuser (the crowned prince) in the end.
But she didn't. Yes, Rube (ML/prince) abused her in the first timeline. And I think he deserve the fate that he got in the first timeline. Someone else here explained what happened but he did not get a happy ending. But 2nd timeline Rube is NOT the same person. There is a conversation that Tia (FL) has with Ji-Eun in the novel about nature vs. nurture. Is someone's personality set in stone and it's not something that you can change? The author of the novel is making an argument that that isn't the case. Similar to how Tia is no longer how she was in the first timeline, Rube isn't the same person either. Can we hold something that 2nd Timeline Rube has not commit against him? In the second timeline, at the beginning, he is a bit of an a-hole toward her. But if we look at the situation from his perspective, everyone, including his own father and "mother" (the empress, not his birth mother), treat this girl better than him. If it's just tutors and other people, okay. But when your own parents treat a random girl better than you, you'll probably be a bit hostile toward her. And then, once Tia transmigrates, she is always super afraid of him. But at this point, he hasn't done anything to her besides act a bit cold, so he doesn't understand why. But once he found out why (via the letter), he changes his attitude toward her.

2. People are angry that she transmigrated so that she can be better suited for prince/Rube.
Except I don't think that's the case. She transmigrated so that she can "pioneer" her own path. In the first timeline, she was destined to be the empress and because of that, Tia never had any agenda of her own. She did as she was told - which was to love the prince and be the perfect empress. Looking at this objectively, I don't even know why in the first timeline she even liked the prince besides she was supposed to. In the novel, she tells Ji-Eun that in the first timeline that the only person she cares about is the prince. Even after all that happened, up to the point she thought Rube killed her father (he didn't actually, the prince lied, the father was alive until she died and then he committed suicide), she didn't even care about how he treated her and just wanted him to love her. She was upset that she lost her baby because she thought if they had a baby together, the prince would love her. She was upset she couldn't have any baby because she thought the prince would love her if she could have a child. Her entire world revolved around him.

In the novel, Rube and a couple of people brought it up but kept avoiding talking about what actually happened, but something happened when Tia was young (around five). I'm not sure whether it's whatever this was that cause her to become emotionless or just people training her that she shouldn't show emotions, but she became emotionless and had no friends. In addition to having no friends, her emotionless also cause issues with her relationship with her father, who also had issues with openly showing his love, too. (He did love her though - side note below on that). But in the second timeline, because she's more open with her affection toward her father, her father in turn learns to be slightly more open with showing his love for her. And in being more affectionate for the people around her (her father, the knights, etc), she changed everyone, including the crowned prince/Rube. And I don't think they would end up together if he doesn't change either (more on that later).

And for those who are saying she ends back up with Rube so nothing has changed/she hasn't pioneer anything. But this time around, she chooses to be with Rube. She doesn't end up with him because of fate or because she is told to, but she decides in the end to accept him. She chooses to become an empress.

[Side note for people who are hating on the father: There's an explanation on why Tia's father acts the way he does. Tia's mother was betrothed to the emperor but she and Tia's father fell in love with each other. The emperor let them get married on the condition that Tia's father swears a blood oath to be loyal to the imperial family aka he will die if he break the oath. But he does love his daughter - in the end of the first timeline, when he realized that she was miserable in this marriage, he didn't care about his blood oath anymore, he went to the prince (emperor) to get him to let her leave the palace.]

3. People are angry why she doesn't end up with the second leads (Allendis/Carsien) over the ML (who causes her PTSD).
Sadly both of them never had a chance. Tia did not come back for romantic relationships or even revenge. When she died in the first timeline, she was abandoned by the person she married, she was abandoned by people who were supposedly supporting her (the pro-emperor faction), and she lost her father. She just wanted to have friends who won't abandon her and actually have a healthy loving relationship with her father.

Because of what happened with Rube in the first timeline, she didn't think she could love anyone again because she would always be afraid of the person she loves abandoning her again. While I don't agree with this, but, the way the novel is written (and it's in first person perspective from Tia's POV), the only person that can make her love again is Rube. Going off a line she says in the novel to sum it up: She is no longer the abandoned empress but the beloved empress. If it's anyone else she ends up with, she still would be the abandoned empress. Only by ending up with Rube, she is no longer "abandoned." Rube in the first timeline abandons her easily as soon as Ji-Eun appears. Only the 2nd timeline Rube can prove that she won't be easily abandoned. And he does prove this to her time and time again that he won't abandon her for her to finally accept him in the end (Ji-Eun appearing, the doctor misdiagnosing her to be infertile, meaning that he won't have a heir, etc).

Also while I do see the argument for Carsien for a better match for her, but Allendis is an obsessive psychopath. Not to the point of hurting her but definitely not a healthy relationship.

The novel is 300+ chapters long, and it isn't until 280something that they finally end up together. She doesn't easily end back up with the person who cause her PTSD. There are times where she does compare him to the 1st timeline Rube and he has to and does prove to her that he isn't him for her to get pass it. And she wasn't fully heal from all that happened in the first timeline until the very end when he does a blood oath to promise her that he will love her forever in return for her being by his side forever.

However, I would recommend this, because it's an interesting take for second chance manhwa/novel. Of course, you'll have to be open-minded that the 2nd timeline Rube isn't the same person as the 1st timeline Rube. If you read the first couple of chapters about 1st timeline and then the spoiler/ending, it won't make sense on why she ends up with she does. But if you do get it a shot and read the entire thing (yes, I know the manhwa isn't finish), you can see why she does.

... Last updated on July 15th, 2020, 5:51pm
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Read the spoiler please  
by prinzpudding
July 1st, 2020, 1:35am
Rating: N/A

I had to delete the whole comment just to tell you this. The one spoiler that helps me sleep soundly tonight.
Credit goes to yooyunayoo, thank you pal for your marvelous spoiler.


"I know everyone is pissed that Tia ends up with Ruve after he raped her, killed her family, her unborn child, and her, but there's a reason for all that."

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
So the background is, Ruve's father, the Emperor, has always been very cold and distant to him, raising him with harsh expectations and no love. The Emperor was actually in love with Tia's mom, Jeremiah. Keiran (Tia's dad) was engaged to be married with another woman (Karsein's mother actually) in a political marriage, but he also fell in love with Jeremiah.

Jeremiah was in love with Keiran, not the Emperor. The only person in the empire who can break off the official engagement between Keiran & Karsein's mom is the emperor, but obviously the emperor wants them to get married so he can hopefully marry Jeremiah. However, Keiran offers to swear an oath of absolute loyalty to the Emperor if he will give up on Jeremiah and allow Keiran to marry Jeremiah by breaking the official engagement.

The Emperor/King is actually a very just, wise man and he realizes he cannot put his own personal feelings ahead of the good of the Empire, so he gives up on his love for Jeremiah and breaks off Keiran's engagement so Keiran can marry Jeremiah and then Jeremiah gives birth to Tia.

Just some background, I'm probably mixing them up (?) but Tia's family is part of the "Aristocrats" (I think) which mainly support the Emperor and on the other side you have the "nobles" or something, which oppose the emperor. The emperor is actually not as powerful as you think, as the noble faction have basically 50% the power of the empire and the Emperor+aristocrats the other 50%. The emperor needs to ensure the aristocrat faction that supports him is unified (there's in-fighting inside both factions), which is why he wanted Keiran to swear an oath of absolute loyalty to him.

Tia has her father's coloring, but looks exactly like Jeremiah, which is why the Emperor (who was in love with Jeremiah), loves her so much and treats her like a daughter. He gives her all the love he has and gives zero love to his son. The reason is because in order to survive as Emperor, you have to be cold, logical, rational, and strong-willed. He does love prince Ruve a lot, but was perhaps misguided.

The aristocrats all have harsh expectations on Ruve to grow up to be intelligent, rational, capable so everyone is always telling him "You need to stop whining, you need to be better". On the other hand, Tia is naturally gifted and smart and everyone always says "Tia is so amazing, we love her so much!" Imagine being a young boy, growing up and seeing how everyone, including your own father, loves Tia so much and nobody gives any love to you at all. Of course he grows to resent Tia.

Only two people ever showed "love" to Ruve, which is Jeremiah and Duke Jenna/Zena (or whatever his name is, the main villain). However, when Jeremiah gets assassinated later on, she happily gives up her life to protect Tia, while ignoring Ruve (who was also in the same room), so Ruve feels betrayed that Jeremiah didn't care about him at all, which I mean, of course this woman will protect her biological daughter over the unrelated prince. Like Jeremiah rushes to Tia and covers Tia with her body, while leaving Ruve to fend for himself against the assassins.

After this, Duke Zena is the only person who shows any "love" to Prince Ruve, which is why he believes anything Zena says. Zena basically tells Ruve that Tia is an unfeeling, incredibly manipulative and intelligent woman who is out to marry him so she can get more power for her household and the aristocrat faction. Thus Ruve hates Tia even more.

Tia, on the other hand, despite being loved by everyone, also has really harsh expectations put on her and she feels she cannot show any weakness, that she must prove herself to be a capable Empress. She actually does have trouble expressing her feelings which is why Zena's whole "she has no feelings" rings true to Ruve. However, through her actions, Tia proves that she cares deeply about the Empire, her household, and even Ruve.

However, one day Ji-Eun magically appears and is denoted the "child of god" and the one who is supposed to be empress. Ji-Eun is basically an average Korean 16 year old girl. Imagine getting thrown into a game of thrones setting at 16. She lost her friends and family and is completely alone in the new world. Zena tells Ji-Eun about all the s**t that goes down and basically says "If you don't manage to get Prince Ruve's support, you will probably get raped and killed cause the politics here are deadly". He also tells Ji-Eun "Ruve is desperate for love, so just be happy and smiling and tell him you love him". So Ji-Eun, terrified for her life, does everything she can to seduce Ruve and he falls in love with her because she is "honest" with her feelings and "innocent".

Thus Tia becomes the "abandoned empress" and Ji-Eun the actual empress. Ji-Eun now gets to enjoy a life of luxury and wealth, while Tia does all the official Empress duties as the "Queen". The Empire is thriving and everyone thinks "Life is so good and our Empress is such a wonderful, kind, happy person, while that b***h Tia thinks she's so much better than everyone. She always acting so stuck up."

NOW THE IMPORTANT PART. Zena's plans are in motion and he wants even more power, so he begins to poison Ruve with a psychotropic drug that makes him angry, bipolar, and schizophrenic. He also feeds lies to Ruve and Ruve hears the people+staff... basically everyone saying how Tia is a total smug, superior b***h who is power-hungry and pissed off her plans to get power failed cause Ji-Eun showed up. There are rumors that Tia wants to assassinate Ji-Eun so she can get back the place of Empress.

Ruve confronts Tia and wants her to be honest with him, but she basically thinks "I'm scared of you, I cannot be honest with you" and tells him "you won't believe me anyway" and Ruve goes "So you're basically admitting all the rumors about you are true." Now don't forget he is drugged with those psychotropic drugs, so that's when he rapes her. And of course, he later pushes her and causes her to miscarry.

He does feel extremely guilty about this, but when Tia finds out she miscarried and can no longer have children (her womb is damaged), she laughs crazily in front of many maids/servants, basically cursing god (Vita) for her life. Zena and the palace staff report that Tia laughed like crazy, saying "I'm so glad I don't have to give birth to that f**ker's baby. Thank god I had a miscarriage". Of course Ruve gets pissed off at this and thinks what kind of monster is happy her baby died. Thus Tia just confirmed all the rumors about her.

Tia's father, Keiran, understands Tia is unhappy and miserable and begs Ruve to take Tia away. He wants to fake her death and have her live quietly in another country. At the same time, Zena fakes an assassination on Ji-Eun and blames Tia for it, but Ruve has some moments of clarity. He thinks "If Tia wants to escape to another country, why would she risk killing Ji-Eun? The only point in killing Ji-Eun is if Tia wants to stay and become Empress."

I'm kind of confused too with the novel/webtoon, but I think there's not enough evidence to tie Tia + Keiran + her house into the assassination attempt, but Ruve & Tia fight and he lies to her that he killed her father, because he wants to hurt her in retaliation for her laughing that their unborn child died. Tia, who was also poisoned by Duke Zena, goes crazy upon hearing her father was killed and stabs Ruve. Of course, now there is enough evidence that Tia committed treason, attempted assassination of the Emperor, so Zena and everyone votes to have her executed. Ruve actually votes against them but is outvoted. He only wants Tia banished to another country. He was actually trying to grant her wish to escape the palace. He was setting her free.

However, Tia is executed and dies thinking Ruve had killed her father and sentenced her to death when none of that actually happened.

Anyway, now that Tia is gone, Ruve continues to get crazier after being poisoned with the drugs, Zena causes unrest in the Empire by continuing to gather more power, and Ji-Eun must now do all of Tia's duties. How can you expect a modern 16-21 year old girl to run an Empire? Ji-Eun makes a ton of dumb decisions and that with all the other crazy going on means the Empire goes to ruins.

All the people that used to praise Ji-Eun and say "Tia is so smug and unlikable" suddenly turn on Ji-Eun. Suddenly everyone says "Ji-Eun is such a dumbass. How can anyone be so dumb? She's probably faking dumb and is actually evil and wants us to all suffer and die. Nobody can be THAT dumb. When Tia was Queen, she was so smart and the Empire was thriving." Basically everyone regretted tr*shing Tia and wished she were still alive and the Empress.

Ji-Eun is devastated that suddenly everyone turned on her and one day Ruve finally tells her, after another dumb decision, "Why are you so dumb? I wish you had died and Tia was Empress". Ji-Eun also gets pregnant at this time and feels so alone and powerless and worried about the future of her baby.

Ruve has figured out at this time that Zena is not his "father figure" but was actually poisoning him and that everything about Tia was a lie. For instance, Ji-Eun keeps saying she loves him but after 5 (?) years together, has no idea what his favorite/disliked foods are, whereas Tia figured it out within a couple of weeks. Tia also took so much pressure off him by handling many Empire matters for him, whereas Ji-Eun actually stresses him out with more work with her dumb decisions. He realizes Tia loved him and showed it through actions, just not words, while Ji-Eun's words were empty and hollow and betrayed by her careless actions.

Ruve also realizes that he is dead soon, especially if Ji-Eun gives birth to a son, since Zena will kill him and then assume the role of "regent", while raising and brainwashing the baby who will one day inherit the empire. Ruve has a way to save his life by killing Ji-Eun and he considers it, but realizes that killing her + the unborn child will be doing the same thing to her what he did to Tia, something he regrets with all his heart. And in case you forgot, he actually wanted to save her life and send her away from the empire, just Zena + the nobles were too powerful and ordered Tia executed. I think the webtoon actually portrayed this badly since they showed Ruve kind of with a superior/unfeeling look on his face while she was executed, when in reality he wanted to spare her.

So he instead realizes he's lost and Zena will now take over the Empire, so he gives up on being Emperor and tries to run away, but Zena gets wind of this and sends soldiers to assassinate Ruve. Ruve falls down a cliff and as he lies dying, he gazes up at the moon (the king is the sun and the moon symbolizes the queen/empress) and he thinks the moon is Tia and basically begs her for forgiveness and thinks death is not so bad since he will be reunited with Tia.

This is all background and Tia gets sent back in time, of course.


This time, Tia realizes she should be more "open" with her feelings and she's not actually alone, there's so many people who support her and love her. Don't forget she also thought her father was somewhat "unfeeling" but realized he risked his life and household to make her happy. He begged Ruve to fake her death and let her live quietly in another country, showing how much he actually loved her.

Thus 2nd timeline (2TL) Tia shows her emotions more and Ruve, seeing Tia showing all these emotions and laughing with Karsein + Allen, realizes she is not unfeeling and cold. Also, don't forget that Tia inheriting her household makes it impossible for her to become Empress (due to some rules and stuff), so how can Tia be power-hungry and out to manipulate him, Ruve, when she appears to want to break off the engagement? Thus 2nd timeline (2TL) Ruve realizes a lot of what Zena said about Tia was a lie.

Oh, and BIG SPOILER ABOUT ALLEN, but Allen, despite being much more capable than his brother, is passed over in favor of his older brother. Allen wants to inherit the household, thinking he is better than his brother, but the parents think it's unfair, since the oldest son is supposed to inherit. Even though Allen is definitely better, the oldest son is capable still. Allen thinks this means his parents don't really love him and he gets driven to Zena's side as a spy.

Allen also is sociopathic and possessive of Tia. At one point, he considers killing her father, Keiran, because Keiran sees through Allen's true nature. He also kind of has an erot*c daydream about strangling Tia to death so she will always be his. His other plot is to kidnap Tia and keep her locked up in a secret house forever, so she will belong to him only.

However, he does have a moment of clarity where he realizes he is f**ked up in the head and he double-crosses Zena to the current Emperor, who sends Allen away to another country, but thanks him for realizing the error of his ways.

So Allen did love Tia enough to realize his love for her was messed up and psychotic. He willingly went away to protect Tia from himself.

Ruve falls in love with Tia because of how expressive and lively she is in the second timeline, and also because, if you've forgotten, he loved Jeremiah (Tia's mother) because only Jeremiah + Zena ever showed him love +affection, and Tia resembles Jeremiah.

After Ruve died in the first timeline, Ji-Eun gives birth to a girl, who cannot inherit the throne and with Ruve dead, it means the royal lineage is broken. Zena can now over take the throne legally, so he decides to kill Ji-Eun and stabs her and her baby daughter to death.

Ji-Eun b****es to god/Vita about how unfair her life was and Vita (God) offers Ji-Eun a choice. She can send Ji-Eun back to modern day Korea with her memories completely erased, or she can send Ji-Eun back to the moment she arrived in the Abandoned Empress world with her memories intact.

Ji-Eun does miss Korea + her family, but don't forget this choice came literally 10 seconds after she got stabbed in the stomach by her "friend" Duke Zena. Ji-Eun hates Ruve for abandoning her ("I wish Tia was alive and you were dead instead"), hates Zena for manipulating and killing her, and most of all, hates that Tia took everyone's love even in death. Remember, after the Empire started to crumble, the people and Ruve all said they regretted how they treated Tia and wished she was the Empress and said Ji-Eun was dumb tr*sh.

Ji-Eun also thinks if she runs away to Korea with her memories erased, it means admitting to herself she lost to Tia, that she is and will always be inferior to Tia. She thinks if she actually works hard she can match Tia and become a powerful empress who can take revenge on Prince Ruve + Duke Zena. Thus in her anger and pride, she chooses to relive a second life instead of going back home to Korea.

When Ji-Eun arrives this time, she does everything she can to seduce Ruve because she wants to make him fall in love with her so she can then toss him aside and destroy him, the Empire, and Zena.

But at this point Ruve only loves Tia and none of Ji-Eun's attempts work. So she instead asks Zena to adopt her, so she can have the aristocrat backing and become Empress. Her second goal, of course, is to spy on Zena and find out his weakness so she can kill him.

Zena though is smart and while he wants to manipulate Ji-Eun and make her Empress, doesn't trust Ji-Eun at all. By the way, Ji-Eun has a special power where she can heal flowers/plants, just not humans. Tia's power from God is that she can hear Vita's voice/holy messages, just like some priests can.

Anyway, yada yada, s**t happens and then one day Tia gets stabbed and almost dies, but Ji-Eun who finally realizes that neither Ruve nor Tia are the true villains, begs God to save Tia's life and Vita/God tells Ji-Eun she can save Tia by giving up her magical powers and losing her status as a "child of god". Ji-Eun willingly does so and Tia's life is saved.

Ji-Eun works with Ruve + Tia to bring down Zena and Zena does get judged for his crimes and his whole household is beheaded and killed.

Ji-Eun saw herself as a protagonist in an isekai novel, thinking that she was the main character and Tia was the villainess out to steal her position and love, but realized in the end, she was actually the villainess. This is why she saves Tia's life, because she wants redemption. She also regrets so much not taking Vita/God's offer to go back to Korea with her memories erased.

Ruve and everyone else in the Empire wants to kill Ji-Eun, since she is a co-conspirator and Zena's adopted daughter, but Tia begs them for mercy, however, Tia is overruled, just like first timeline Ruve was overruled when he asked for clemency for Tia.

Tia visits Ji-Eun in prison and asks why Ji-Eun hated her so much and why Ji-Eun decided to save her. Ji-Eun tells Tia "I was supposed to be the protagonist, I was supposed to be loved and have a happily ever after, but even in death you stole that from me. Ruve & the people told me they loved you more and that I was useless tr*sh. You have everything that I don't have."

At this point Tia gets pissed and goes "WTF. Ruve + the people executed me and treated me like tr*sh for years. How can you be jealous of me?"

At this point Ji-Eun goes "Be honest, you looked down on me."

And Tia does admit she looked down on Ji-Eun as being dumb and incompetent and was upset that Ruve + the people loved her despite Ji-Eun being a dumb Empress.

The girls both find it ironic they envied the other.

At this point Tia gives Ji-Eun an option, which Ruve agreed to. She gives Ji-Eun two bottles, one with real poison and one with a Romeo+Juliet poison that will fake death. Ji-Eun can choose to die or she can be smuggled away to another country and live there quietly for the rest of her life.

Tia tells Ji-Eun "this is your choice" and then walks away and you never find out what choice Ji-Eun chose but in side stories I think it says she chose to live.

Tia & Ruve get married and have 2 daughters + 1 son. The daughter inherits the Marquess household while the son becomes the greatest Emperor in the history of the Empire.

Vita had originally said the "blessed child of god" would bring eternal happiness to the empire, but in the first timeline, the empire crumbled due to Zena and everyone (including Zena) lost. In the second timeline, they all lived happily ever after, except Zena + ji-Eun. Since Ji-Eun gave up her powers, Tia is the only "child of god" in the second timeline. Also, Ji-Eun eventually comes to peace with her life and lives a quiet, but fulfilled life as an ordinary person in another country. Kind of bittersweet she never got to see her Korea family again, but that was her choice and she has to live with it.

... Last updated on July 1st, 2020, 3:56am
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Why? Why is this story about a victim of abuse going back to her abuser?  
by veokye
June 24th, 2020, 7:49am
Rating: 2.0 / 10.0
Nah but seriously, despite the decent art, the only question I have is WHY did the first 6 chapters exist? They are the bane of this entire story. Because they exist, they cannot be ignored and turn the story from simple cliche to astoundingly horrendous idea.

FAIR WARNING: Spoilers ahead so stop reading here if you want to not be spoiled. I am not marking it as a spoiler since that would blot out the whole thing and I need to get into spoiler territory. I am at chapter 26 -- past that there will be no spoilers but seriously, get yourself spoiled and don't bother reading this dumpster fire.

This is a story so the storyteller has control over what is and is not revealed. That means that it wasn't necessary for the ML to be a jackass, rape the FL, force her to lose her child, make life a living hell for hell, kill her father, psychologically torment her into losing her mind, attack him and then have her executed.

It didn't need to happen, but it did. This isn't a matter of "but that was practically another person" but rather a matter of "who in their right mind could possibly overcome the years of trauma they endured and still grow to like that person?"

The author decided to go over the top with the Prince who becomes an outright villain. Not a misguided anti-villain, hero, flawed fool or in any way redeemable. Rape, forced abortion, mental torture and murder is pretty much what he does in the first few chapters and I'd go so far as saying that that's not redeemable.

He's not under another's influence, being mind controlled or replaced by an alien from dimension WTF (as far as we can tell) but rather is a man in a position of power who hates a woman so much he imprisons her in his house, forces her to do his wife's work, rapes her (HAVE I f*ckING MENTIONED THE RAPE?) kills her unborn child (might be sharing this one with another), her father and then her and not because SHE wronged him in any way, but because he really liked her mommy and her mommy died in childbirth with the EXPRESS LAST WISH OF TAKING CARE OF HER DAUGHTER INSTEAD OF RAPING HER!

I can't let go of the rape because that is just f*cking gratuitous and unnecessary. Most of the prologue is gratuitous and unnecessary -- story could start with the girl being executed and move from there -- but think on WHY would making him a rapist be needed -- it's not, for any reason. Neither is the forced abortion or the other unspeakable acts. Just make it a matter of politics and indifference on the Prince's part and he's redeemable but if anyone expects a f*cking villain to be redeemable simply on the grounds of "well but that's not him anymore" then they need to understand that the temperament and psychology needed to create a Monster was there well in advance of him actually going through with it. Him being redeemed doesn't mean that he should stay the main focus of the story or have any single point of impact on the heroine's life who is the biggest problem with this story, along with the author.

The heroine, after going through so many things at the hands of the f*cking Monster Lead, after meeting again and having some posttraumatic stress rendering her unable to function on their first meeting, apparently goes through exposure treatment and overcomes this to the point where, later on, during a play where her disastrous future is alluded to by the cosmos itself, instead of going "well f*cking obviously that will happen, I'm not chasing that dick, no matter how royal it is, after IT RAPED ME" goes all "well, I know he RAPED ME, but is like, the cosmos saying that this is perhaps an omen that we're not meant to be?" YES YOU f*ckING IDIOT! DID THE RAPE AND MURDER NOT f*ckING CLUE YOU IN TO THIS?

I get angry at this point --- this is when I come here to see if maybe I'm the one losing my mind and other people see something I'm missing... looking for other perspectives I see that there are people seeing the same as me but also people who are defending this. Look.... tastes are non-negotiable. You like what you like... but there is a point where art quality cannot trump writing quality.

This f*cking idiotic lead is currently still considering the option that she might get together with the Prince when any normal human would be having violent seizures and throwing up in the mere presence of a creature as vile. Yeah, he's not done that shit YET, but therein lies the problem: he could still become that person. A piece of shit Monster who destroys a woman's life so completely, murders the last remaining kin she has and forces her to lose her f*cking mind depending on God to turn back time just to survive, all for the atrocious sin of HAVING BEEN BORN, after living her life being taught and told THAT HER ONLY GOAL IN LIFE IS TO BE HIS WIFE... I just... How does that even compute?

My problem is that being a narrative, the prologue didn't need to be that extreme. I get you wanted to get your cold Prince cliche going but going so far is insane. The message being sent, as mentioned by some other reviewer is also not just harmful but excruciatingly toxic: live your life to be this man's wife, get betrayed, become a second-string concubine, get used by his actual wife to do HER job, raped, used and abused, lose your father and your mind because of him and when you have a chance to escape all of that, try giving him another shot because he's a changed man and surely he won't do the same things again! The f*cking universe literally comes in and tells her that this is a mistake, they were never meant to be and she still does it. This is not triumphant, it's sick.

As for the writing, with allowances made for translation errors and losses from the original Korean to English, it is poor in general with, as stated, unbelievable characters all around:

1. The Idiot Lead, who I've already gone over, who must be a stealth masochist;

2. The Monster Lead, the f*cking rapist who could do with a few hundred swords running him through for that authentic Middle Ages look;

3. The father who only after his daughter spends a good amount of time playing slave to the Monster and his piece of ass does he think to maybe help her out then goes and promptly gets himself executed - in present time he's the cliche'd stoic father who doesn't know how to communicate with his baby girl;

4. Harem boy #1, a green haired idiot who is so "perfect" that he's suspicious from day one -- this one is extremely important because it tells a lot about what is considered "sweet" in the author's eyes. The guy comes in one day and within the first 10 minutes proposes to a 10 year old (he's 13, that's not the issue) because, according to his genius intellect, if he doesn't marry her, then she'll be the ruin of her house and nobody will want her... what a noble man and kind character...So basically a manipulative piece of shit

5. Harem boy #2, haven't read that far yet as I stopped at that Opera scene and am not going further because I want to not lose that much more hope in the human race, but he seems like an "energetic and honest boy" to counter the cooler headed Monster and manipulative asshole. Might be decent, prolly not, he's definitely not getting in the Idiot Lead's pants; that's reserved for the rapist

6. A knight-dude -- this dude is not a main character and has a name but I refuse to remember it. The reason I'm mentioning this one is a single scene: he goes to the Idiot Lead and tells her that Harem#1 (the green one) should be avoided at all costs and that since his family is in a different branch of his government, it's possible that he'll ultimately betray the idiot. Aside from the whole "no-f*cking-duh she'll be betrayed, what the f*ck is even wrong with this 10 year old chasing so much dick directly after losing her child, family, home, mind and life in that order and being told by God itself that her entire life up to that point was a mistake and that she was never meant to be who she thought she was, i.e the Monster's wife rather than his victim" there is also the matter of this moment coming f*ckING 4 MONTHS AFTER THE 2 FIRST SHOWED THEMSELVES AS BEING FRIENDS TO THE ENTIRE f*ckING HOUSEHOLD. Been f*cking sitting on that sage advice for a while, haven't you Ser Dumbf*ck?

7. The current emperor(or king, whatever), father to Monster, who is apparently aware of the tremors the 10 year old goes in when in he same room as his son (might wanna look into that, Your Highness) so, of course, during the aforementioned Opera scene, separates the Idiot Lead from her father and places her on his left while Monster is on his right... f*ckING WISE LEADER THERE, NOT AFRAID OF PERPETUATING THIS PROPHECY BULLSHIT THAT PUTS THE BURDEN OF SAVING THE KINGDOM ON THE SHOULDERS OF f*ckING PRETEENS, PINNACLE OF LEADERSHIP AND RESPONSIBILITY THIS ONE!

8. The Idiot from another world (not using her name, henceforth referred to as "Obviously Liar" ) - literally her point in the story is to be an airhead idiot who doesn't do anything but pretend to be the Idiot Lead's friend even while stealing her purpose in life, place in the palace, free time, dignity etc. She also loses her child during the prologue, at the exact right time as the Idiot Lead, creating another situation where the Monster abandons the Idiot Lead for the Liar except no she doesn't, she's just jealous, faked the pregnancy, likely gave the order for the special abortion tea to be served to the Idiot Lead and is using the opportunity to get her jollies by taking the Monster's attention away from their victim. In other words: another Monster, more subtle, Monster Lead's in-canon's OTP as ordained by God (not even joking about this one); likely the reason for the Monster's slide into total lunacy but I am not placing the blame on her - if there was no soil in which to plant the seeds, he wouldn't have blossomed into such a gigantic tree of rape and hatred.

9. The Idiot Lead's dead, decomposing mother gets a special callout here despite being the only character that is even somewhat likable (except maybe the father) which is no doubt due to the 4-7 panels of showtime she's had in the story, most time silhouetted. Why? Well her intentions are clearly good and wishes to both help the traumatized Monster Lead and hopes for the Idiot Lead's best but manages through >HER SIMPLE EXISTENCE< ensure that Monster Lead grows into a hateful piece of shit who hates, violates and victimizes her daughter who he was asked specifically by her to keep safe, AND ensure that her daughter, who she instructs the prin--Monster to protect, by mere virtue of giving birth to her and then f*cking off to the afterlife, lives through what can only be considered a life consisting of first 17 years of wasted time, learning to be an Empress (or Queen, whatever) and then a further x years of abuse, mental and physical... and rape, lest we forget.
She is the single most amazing character I have ever borne witness to: existing to create an ironic twist in the story while at the same time having the story twist itself into and ironic, over the top drama, thus birthing the "irony pretzel" as I like to call it. She's like a singularity of failure...
... If I'd read further she probably would have been revealed to have been a child molester who abused the Monster for years which led to him becoming the f*ckwit we all know and... apparently some still don't dislike, for some reason despite being a conniving murderer and rapist.

I read 26 chapters of this trainwreck and I have learned to hate it. I've been on a binge of "resurrection shoujo webtoons" these past weeks and enjoyed a bunch of them enormously, even some that have similarities with what this one was SUPPOSED to be. Cold Male lead who softens up? Yeah, that's fine. Innocent or otherwise kindly (or doormat at times) Female Lead who warms up the ML's heart? Got that too, no problem. People do change, I agree. But those stories never had the insane amount of abuse, unjustified at that, that this story does. They also took care to ensure that the leads actually were redeemable and that they were also consistent, e.g a prince that seems cruel and murderous is only doing it because a war is ongoing etc.

But this... this is on another level. Whereas those stories do have all the regular cliches and a lot of trouble on their own, the general message they have is: things can get better and if you have a chance to change things for the better you should take it.I don't much like the "cold prince" cliche but it seems to be everywhere and ultimately I do see the attraction in observing character development of a character that is outwardly cold and cynical into a "warm and caring individual" who only displays those qualities to the woman he loves -- it's not the best and perpetuates stereotypes that shouldn't be perpetuated, but... hey, at least they're not rapists.

And I cannot believe I just typed that.

Final thoughts:

- Male (Monster) lead is irredeemable after the first 6 chapters - if that was to be avoided, the writer needed to consider taking things down a notch. Instead we went with full rapist and murderer lead and that just isn't gonna cut it... and by it I don't mean the Idiot Lead's head because he definitely gone and do that! Likely only redeeming quality: putting Idiot Lead out of her misery.
- Female (Idiot) lead is an idiot; talks to literal God and says she doesn't believe in God anymore after she returned 7 f*cking years in the past with said God's help. That's gratitude for you! Also entertains thoughts of letting her rapist come back inside for a drink when most women in that position would be on the side doing the penetrating... with a sword... that she took up supposedly so she doesn't marry the Monster... so I don't know what the f*ck is wrong with her.
- Writing is banal and cliche; there are dozens of other manhwa out there with better written leads and plots... also less rape.
- Characterization is... well read the first 2 points above to tell you about the 2 main characters and you'll get a feel about it: muddied, disjointed, unbelievable and aggressively offensive for anyone with the capacity of seeing the characters' actions in perspective
- Message, as I mentioned, is literally "live your life to be this man's wife, get betrayed, raped, used and abused, lose your father and your mind because of him and when you have a chance to escape all of that, try giving him another shot because he's a changed man and surely he won't do the same things again" -- I cannot stress this enough but this is the classic and most basic abuse victim mentality that leads to IRL deaths! This may be a fantasy story but this is not something that should be put into anyone's mind! It's f*ckING TOXIC and honestly disgusting.

It's honestly funny how I have read other works where the characters were written to be the most vile and disgusting ones possible, even the main ones, and yet this is one of the few who has garnered such hate from me and most definitely the one who garnered it in the shortest amount of time. Author needs to stop fantasizing about abuse and how "everyone can change" and understand that while that is true and people can change, that doesn't mean they shouldn't suffer some consequences for it. Monster Lead might be an alternate universe version of the one who did those horrendous actions, but the fact that Idiot Lead barely even seems to care about it after living through, dying and then having God intervene on her behalf to give her a second chance is the gravest problem of all. In perspective: this means that everything the Idiot Lead went through was ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY in order for her to go back and put into effect the chain of events that would "redeem" the asshole.

That's not redemption for the Male Lead; it's just damnation for the work itself.

Do not bother!
2/10 for pretty art -- I at least respect the artist who had to endure this shit and put this garbage into form and color.

... Last updated on June 24th, 2020, 12:18pm
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Nope. Barf.  
by Pebble_
May 28th, 2020, 12:34pm
Rating: 1.0 / 10.0
Yeah, no.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Even though the author tries hard as they can to make us accept the f*cked-up prince as a reformed love interest, just thinking of the protagonist going back to her f*cking rapist makes my skin crawl.
Yuck, no. Mommy issues are not an excuse for everything, and very very much not for what he f*cking did. That f*cker can choke. Dropped.

... Last updated on May 28th, 2020, 12:48pm
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Complicated Feelings  
by Soshi0805
May 26th, 2020, 10:20pm
Rating: N/A
First I want to commend the art, like most reincarnation manga this has a very pretty consistent drawing. We can see the maturity of each character in every changes of season.

Second is the plot, it started out with typical tragic back story. The difference is that the FL (Tia) is not a villanous queen instead she's a naive and hopelessly in love albeit a bit cold woman who grew up with the mentality that she's the prophesied empress. But behold a woman (Jieun) who came from the modern world kick her out of the empress position. The FL ended up being executed by her one and only love.

Then she jumped back to her 10 year old self. She even had a talked with a god and announced that she will never submit to the same fate again.

She gained knowledge and strength, friends and supporters, respect as a woman squire(atm) and even gained the attention of the 3 young nobles and royal. At the moment, the story is still far from the main starting plot. So it's really hard to point out how the story will progress once the Jieun comes to the world. Since everything has greatly differ from the original story.

Third is the characterization of those characters who appeared in the original and reincarnated stort, in the original story Tia's world revolved around being the best empress candidate for the crown prince. She's cold, stoic but doesn't have any ill intention aside from gaining the attention of the crown prince. But it didn't ended up good for her.

The present Tia is more lovable, trusting and friendly. She has friends and supporters who are willing to give it all to her. One thing I didn't like about her is her inconsistency in achieving her goal. She doesn't have a direct strategy to keep her and her papa's head on their shoulder. She will start doing one thing then jump to another. She's not that smart like some of the reincarnated FL who have a good head on their shoulders.

Then we have the prince, the cold blooded prince who chose to marry and make Jieun the empress over Tia. The past and present preteen prince didn't show any love for Tia. He even purposely avoided and showed his disliked for her for some unknown reason(although there are some hints on the story why he did it). Like the typical ML he's stoic and rude at the FL but everything will change(?) on her new life. Personally, I don't like the prince that much even though we can already read his side of the story. Why? Because I can't really feel like he did love Tia before Jieun episode happened.

We also have the father, her father has been a consistent supporter of her although it's not really shown that much on her previous life - only during her last days. I will really cry if something will happen to Papa Marquess.

Lastly character relationship, Tia's web of relationship obviously became massive on her reincarnated self. She even has three men fawning over her. But her relationship with those men are still shakeable. It's also because of her wishy-washy attitude.

Overall, it's a good read for reincarnated manga but there are some scenes that could make you really frustrated at the FL's action.
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Ew, what?  
by MaZzAx
May 23rd, 2020, 6:17am
Rating: 1.0 / 10.0
So, this manga was reading as well as the other strong female lead mangas I've been enjoying lately. The female lead is treated poorly and eventually executed but then gets a second chance at life and vows not to follow the same path again - great. I was really enjoying it for a while, until I realised where the author was taking it.
I agree with the majority of other reviewers here - what the hell is up with her falling for the prince again? Disgusting. How can I be expected to get on board with that after everything he did to her in the beginning? Um, no. Big mistake.
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