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Wan Zha Chao Huang  
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Cheating Men Must Die
Los Hombres Infieles Deben Morir
Phoenix among scum
Wàn Zhā Cháo Huáng

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Highly promising  
by Zurel
August 3rd, 2020, 11:51am
Rating: 7.0 / 10.0
This is an interesting manhwa that pokes fun and criticises the various tropes of reincarnation, time travel manhwa and manhua that are overflowing the market right now. Those FLs who died because of the MLs, given a second chance at life and swearing not to repeat the same mistakes again, only to foolishly falls in love with the MLs again? Not happening here. There is almost no forgiveness to any of the cheating men and women.

It gets repetitious after a while and the main character, an agent who breaks into different worlds (novels and manhwa) to correct the wrong, remains unchanging and has no development. But it's an easily digestible and fun read so I don't find it boring.

HOWEVER there is a stark change and dare I say improvement in the second to latest arc (the cultivation master arc). The plot twist is refreshing and I can see how much more mature the creator's writing has become.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
And in the latest arc we are also finally seeing flashbacks to the main character's past as well as some long due character development.

I am looking forward to more.

... Last updated on August 3rd, 2020, 11:54am
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Easy and enjoyable. Things are starting to get interesting.  
by moonmystery
July 28th, 2020, 11:02pm
Rating: 8.0 / 10.0
The art is so good. I'm really interested in this! Wow!~ Every arc is fascinating and addictive to read, and this story even sheds light on the downfalls of a lot of tropes found in fiction. Forgiving a hot mass murderer, dating an already married man cuz "true love," redeeming the rich arrogant bully just because he "changed himself for love," abandoning morality/family code for love, and etc. I adore this series' sarcastic streak.

It's true. People like to use love as an excuse for everything, when really they just mean "I'm too selfish to think about the greater good, and I'm so stubborn that I don't think I'll ever find love again with someone else even though there are 7.6 billion potential love interests out there." What films/media sell as "ultimate romance" just boils down to delusional privilege at the expense of others around them.

... Last updated on July 28th, 2020, 11:04pm
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Easy and satisfying read -- but not great overall  
by smallspark
May 16th, 2020, 7:45pm
Rating: 5.5 / 10.0
I really, really enjoy the premise of this webtoon and at first, it was very enjoyable to read. The MC is super dependable, badass even. And seeing the men who had wronged get what they deserve (maybe more) is very fun to see. The art is pretty easy on the eyes too.

However, as I read more I found a lot of things to gripe with:
- The characters began to feel really flat, predictable. Sometimes they were drawn so stiff with no personality and except maybe having a pretty face.
- The dialogue sometimes got dull and repetitive, with the female antagonists basically saying the same thing over and over
- The plot became repetitive. Most of the same things happen but in a different setting. I want to also know more about the MC but now over 100 chapters later I still know almost nothing about her other than she hates men and she is good at her job.
- Inconsistent art quality. Sometimes you'd get a gorgeous panel that you can't help but stop to admire but other times you see a panel and you can't help but stop and wonder what happened.

Even with all these gripes, it's satisfying seeing a female lead dominate their opponents for revenge. I also enjoy seeing how she manages to do in all these situations. In other words, this webtoon is not great in terms of quality (especially compared to the countless others out there), but it's entertaining enough to read and stick with.
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Decent as a whole but has some very good moments.  
by PZcolo
March 15th, 2020, 11:53am
Rating: 6.0 / 10.0
Author is smart, many people like the revenge part of the isekai stories, so this one is a constant cycle of just that. MC goes into a recently deceased woman who was mistreated by her boyfriend, fiance or husband together with another woman, MC goes and slaps both of them and sometimes kill them.
Unfortunately, not only it gets old but there are two problems with the way the author goes about dealing with the antagonists. The first one is that the MC uses trinkets to do whatever the hell she wants, that makes it boring and lacking in any tension, she's not smart or cunning or anything, she just uses a cheat and done with it... lame. The second one is that the first thing the MC always does is, if the FL is not pretty she uses one of those cheats to become pretty, like shouting out to the sky that a somewhat fat or an unattractive woman can't take that revenge and be happy.
Also, all antagonists in all different setting act pretty much the same, it's not very realistic to have a modern school girl antagonist talking of killing the MC and murdering her whole family...
So overall I find it decent and I think the author had a good thing going with the plot chosen but it's kind of goofy and dumb in the way he deals with the "cheating bastards".

Edit: Other thing this manhua is good at is taking the broken cliches of the male and female leads and judging them, harshly, it tries to break some paradigmas )maybe as a joke but it's just the same). For example, looking at how the consequences of the seemingly pitiable MC's actions cause suffering or are utterly unfair to other and so on, it takes and questions norms, like, how far how the FL go in pursuit of her forbidden love? what if it kills a relative, what if it causes the family to decline, what if it means war and so on. This is the best aspect of the series imo, even if it's not enough to carry the hole thing, it makes it enjoyable.

... Last updated on August 17th, 2020, 3:06pm
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never gets boring ;)  
by tsukibunny
January 6th, 2020, 3:20am
Rating: N/A
New settings, character/appearance changes, it's always nice to have more options in one fiction. You're venturing the life stories of entertaining vengeance. With a properly closed ending to each life, when you finish one arc you are content to move onto the next. Wonderful storytelling flow.
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why the bad blood  
by YanaseRyoko
December 13th, 2019, 11:26pm
Rating: 10.0 / 10.0
this is really fantastic and quite funny. I dont get why the low rating.. Oh maybe they want the useless girl who cries over a guy who loves someone else or they want a girl without dignity...
Well baby you wont get that
Those cheating guys, deserves to pay and they will lol
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honestly please read this if you like isekai romance  
by theoiseau
December 4th, 2019, 7:25pm
Rating: 8.5 / 10.0
(I was able to read this up through the end of the third arc at the time of writing this comment)

tl;dr summary: su luxia is a player of a transmigration system where can transport herself across different worlds/stories into the body of the second female lead to exact revenge on the main male and female leads with dimension-bending, overpowered tools and gimmicks.

it sounds so damn ludicrous, so wild and wacky. and that is EXACTLY why you should read it.

aside from being a very satisfying revenge story taken up to 11, it serves as a fun and sometimes scathing satire of the stories su luxia infiltrates. nearly all of them are isekai stories themselves (or involve transmigration in some form) and all involve romance to some degree. su luxia and her helper's comments are lightning-quick at pointing out the many flaws, bends of logic, or otherwise warped sense of thinking exhibited by the male and female leads of the story they're in. like, really, how can the female lead of a vampire fantasy romance be on board with potentially ending the entire human race for her vampire boyfriend? who was already engaged to someone (su luxia's character)? who treats this fiancee as if she owes him her life and should always listen to him? don't worry, these crazy b-word and asshole guys will get their dues. cheating bastards, really, must die and su luxia does her audience the great pleasure of making sure the revenge she exacts is as gruesome, thorough, cold, and satisfying as we readers could ever want. she's incredibly calculating and cruel, and we the readers can do no less than root for the lead couple's comeuppance.

(if you're wondering about the gimmicks su luxia uses, she has to redeem points to gain items from the transmigration system she's in. she uses these super items to help her revenge plans)

read it if you like a cynical and satirical take on the isekai genre, particularly isekai romance. su luxia's unrelenting sadism against cheating bastards is a joy to read, especially when she finally gets to put her intricate revenge plans into motion.
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10/10 isekai villainess journey of a thousand  
by hoBRO
December 4th, 2019, 11:23am
Rating: 10.0 / 10.0
The girls who got themselves cheated on by their men got their revenge at last (through the help of MC)! Better get comfortable in your seat as you go for this wild of a ride story. The cheating men get rekt and so are the girls who cheat with them!

... Last updated on December 4th, 2019, 11:23am
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wait wut  
by scarecrw
September 3rd, 2019, 7:39am
Rating: N/A
Wtf is this synopsis for this manga XD
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