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Hunter x Hunter   
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Hunter Hunter
Medžiotojas x Medžiotojas
Охотник х Охотник
هانتر x هانتر
هنتر x هنتر
헌터X헌터 신장판

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c.400 by TCB Scans about 1 year ago
c.400 by Viz & MANGA Plus about 1 year ago
c.398-399 by TCB Scans about 1 year ago
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37 Volumes (Hiatus) + Volume 0

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Starts at Vol 1, Chap 1 (1998/1999/2011)
Ends at Vol 1, Chap 2 (1998) / Vol 18, Chap 185 Page 11 (Greed Island Final) / Vol 32, Chap 339 (2011)

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May 4th 2024, 1:47pm



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Viz (37 Volumes - Ongoing)

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i wish i'd read this when i was younger  
by the_Cloudborne
April 11th, 2023, 12:06pm
Rating: 8.9  / 10.0
these days I rarely start any new shounen series. i've aged out of them. the exceptions tend to be series that are only nominally shounen (Beastars, SxF, etc.) or nostalgia-bait (the new installation of The Breaker). i wish i had first read Hunter x Hunter when I was 10 or 15 or even 20. then, if i revisted it now, i could see it through the same rose-tinted glasses as series like One Piece.

Overarching Plot/Worldbuilding: A-
- great! one benefit of having taken so long to read HxH is that i've read a lot of other manga which have probably drawn inspiration from it. there's things that make me go "oh! i remember something like this in ______!"

Small Details Plot C+
- characters sometimes make decisions that are neither logical nor reflect their established characterization. mangaka decisions to drive the plot in a certain direction can feel a bit clumsy/obvious and the shounen battle logic feels too strong at times.

Characters B+:
- they're fun! a good, wide cast. i'm not sure there's any character development arc that truly grabs me.

Art: B
- Togashi is no Takehiko Inoue. the art looks like a shounen series from the 90s, or even 80s, although it does improve over time. BUT characters are distinct and can be pretty unique. overall, i'd say the art is neither a weakness nor a strength.

Arcs: A+
- the true strength of the series. Togashi likes to play in different genre spaces for a bit and it's great! a royal succession struggle! a dash of mafia! aliens!
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
yeah i know that they aren't actually aliens but that's the vibe before you find out otherwise

OVERALL: B+ or 8.5/10 (plus 0.4 because it feels very "influential" so 8.9/10)

... Last updated on April 11th, 2023, 12:13pm
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wasted potential...  
by matthappy
February 12th, 2021, 5:11pm
Rating: 2.0  / 10.0
the maybe "best manga ever made" ruined by two things: 1 long text that distracts from the real plot and 2 characters begin to act,think and talk very retarded since chimera ants saga onwards. If it would not be for this two things HXH would be the manga masterpiece...
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Real Good  
by Shellshock
October 24th, 2020, 9:23pm
Rating: N/A
Its been a while since i've watched this series so let me just give a rundown.

Its good. I don't think its a masterpiece as many people consider it to be. But it is a damn good series. Sadly though it loses its appeal the more your read or watch. The author starts dropping tons and tons of expository dialogue. Now the anime stops at the election arc. But apparently the manga gets even worse. I wanna refrain from officially scoring just yet. But It seems the manga is actually getting worse the more you read. overall its 7/10 for now. But i wouldn't be surprised if my score dropped
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Great when the author cares  
by MbG
December 26th, 2019, 10:55am
Rating: 7.0  / 10.0
Plot: 7/10

Every arc feels like separate manga jammed together! The series don't know its direction. That being said, each major arc is thought out and well planned.

Art: 6/10

Very inconsistent art. It's great when the author cares (he doesn't care 75% of the time). I still gave it an above average score for the impressive character design.

Characters: 7.5/10

Some characters can be cliche at times but so is every shonen manga. HxH's characters do grow on you throughout the series.

Enjoyment: 7.5/10

I have a love-hate relationship with the series. I like Ant Chimera arc. Contrary to most, I hate Greed Island, feeling like a video game plot.

Overall: 7/10
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Like an old friend who grows up with you.  
by likalaruku1
October 25th, 2019, 2:55pm
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
First saw the fansubs for the original anime back in 2001 & was hooked. My love for the series was rekindled when the manga came out in english, & boosted by the 2011 anime reboot.

As 2020 approaches, I eagerly wait the next chapter in JUMP & am nearing my 10th anniversary of being into this series. & this isn't even the only still-ongoing Japanese franchise I've been into this long.

Whole this series stand strong on it's own, I really can't help but compare it to its influences.

JUMP authors inspire eachother. If the works are in publication at the same time, they will trade concepts with eachother, have deeply comparible physical, ability, background story, or personaslity attributes, partly model some aspect of characters after eachother, or just straight-up break the 4th wall & reference them

Yu Yu Hakusho + Jojo's Bizarre Adventures + Dragonball Z = Hunter x Hunter. HxH Greed Island + Gintama = GetBackers.

YYH: Kuwabara + Yuusuke = Leorio. Hiei + Kurama = Kurapika. Kuwabara = Knuckle. Hiei = Killua. Genkai = Biscuit.

DBZ: Gohan/Young Goku = Gon. Trunks = Killua. Freeza + Cell = Meruem. Roshi = Netero.

JJBA: Stands = Nen. Dio = Hisoka. Diavolo = Illumi. Jotaro = Ging. Wang Chan = Xeno. Yukako = Palm. Knuckle = Josuke. (JJBA + YYH: Josuke = Urameshi. Okuyasu = Kuwabara. Hiei = Hirose. Giorno = Kurama. Killer Queen = Genthru & Karasu).

Gintama: Hisoka = Utsuro. An unkillable murderer with a death wish. Ging = Umibozu. Killua + Illumi = Kamui. Killua + Gon = Kagura.

HxH has also inspired newer franchises, like GetBackers: Hisoka = Akabane. Ban personality + Ginji powers = Killua. Ban powers + Ginji personality = Gon. Kurapika/Kurama = Kadzuki. Toriko is a Fist of the North Star/Jojo parody that rides entirely on the premise of HxH's season 1 Gourmet Hunter judges.

HxH & JJBA;IU had two of my favorite manly bromances of all time; Gon & Killua / Josuke & Okuyasu. I'd have included JJBA:VA, but Buccellati was more of a parental figure to Giorno than a true bro.

While a lot of people are sick of the long hiatuses & just want Togashi to wrap this series up after Gon found his dad, I, who have been into still-ongoing series much older than this, want it to kerp going & wrap up everything nicely. I want Kurapica to get his revenge, I want know Leorio's story, I want to read more about Ging's rivalry with Pariston, I want to know more about the past of Kite, I want to read more about Knuckle & Shoot, I want to know more about Hanzo, I want a detailed history of Buscuit, & I want Killua to feel that his youngest sibling is safe enough that he can leave & go find his best friend. I want tonknow who finally takes down Hisoka.

... Last updated on October 30th, 2019, 4:54pm
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togashi is literally a god  
by hiatusxhiatus
March 21st, 2019, 9:13pm
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
i watched hxh (2011) in.. 2015? i didnt expect to like it, and wasnt sure of the appeal at first, but i found myself binge watching all 148 episodes in 2 weeks. my grades dropped, i was mildly(?) obsessed with it for like 2 entire years. one day i decided to read the manga, i started on the first chapter even though i already knew most of the story, and read every available chapter at the time. it's the kind of story you find yourself never wanting to end, its so full of potential and adventure, the characters' stories feel like they have their whole lives ahead of them that you want to see.
people say the art is awful, but it really isnt-- it's rushed often, and sloppy, and simple, but it's not bad. togashi is by no means a bad artist, and some of the panels that he had the time to put more work into are really beautiful and intricate. the volumes have updated art that is a lot neater if it really bothers you so much, and togashi's artstyle in my opinion is full of a certain charm i can't replicate.
the main appeal of hunter x hunter, to me, is the characters. my immediate favorite was killua, i first became attached to him because his personality was really endearing to me, and he later became my favorite character of all time due to how complex and well written he was. killua and gon's friendship has been said by many to be one of the greatest and most well-written in anime, and i have to wholeheartedly agree. they have a very realistic friendship, and it's very meaningful and impactful for both characters without just being used to have friendship powers save the day. the two characters complement each other and are foils of each other in more ways than one, and their relationship does have tension later on that makes sense for the characters and story and isnt just added to create drama and be edgy.
many think gon is a boring protagonist, and take him at face value, but what togashi really likes to do is deconstruct many shounen tropes. gon is a very clear deconstruction of the typical shounen protagonist, and if you pick up on foreshadowing and see him as you'd see a person rather than a "protagonist," i think you'll find him much more interesting and complex than you originally may have thought. his simplicity is his complexity, if that makes sense. people also forget that he's just a child, too.
the same can be said for leorio, another character many overlook and i'll admit i did too at first, but i've really grown to love him over time. he's a genuinely good guy, and he hasnt had as much of his story explored yet, but if you think about what we do know about him, he is much more remarkable than he seems.
kurapika is a character i also personally love. he is fixated on revenge and was a major inspiration for sasuke. a lot of ppl like him so i won't explain why i like him.
side characters are all pretty unique visually, conceptually, etc. there's a lot to love
villains are all interesting with the exception of some villains in one arc

tl;dr, the main four are all very likable (imo) and gon and killua are both very well written as is their relationship.
there's also the fact that it's very well thought out, in terms of the fighting system and everything. one con is that sometimes togashi will cover entire pages in text explaining things that just go in one ear and out the other, but once all these threads come together it forms something beautiful. so u gotta bear with it. but i will admit i've been kind of lost in the more recent chapters

(if you care, hxh also has a very good example of good trans representation in the character alluka, who is a trans girl, and there are several nonbinary and gnc characters. i'm not gonna pretend its amazing lgbt rep, though, and just be warned in the first arc there is a very transphobic moment in trick tower. it was made worse by the anime subtitles using a slur, and im not sure if the manga does as well, but i just wanted to warn anyone who might want ot avoid it. as far as i know that's the only instance of transphobia played as a joke. later there is some, but no slurs are used and the transphobic characters are condemned for it. there's also a character, hisoka, who is an antagonist and is the most heavily implied to be gay character in the series. he's also a pedophile. sooooo... yeah. just fair warning. i'm hoping togashi will add gay characters who aren't villains or pedophiles cuz otherwize............. i'm sure he wants to, as both he and his wife are very vocally supportive of the lgbt community and have included many lgbt characters in their respective manga)

i could go on forever about this manga. i'm so grateful to have read it, it will always have a special place in my heart.
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Figured I'd leave a review  
by tnwls523
December 1st, 2016, 4:17am
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
Well HxH is the first manga I ever started reading so it's something special to me. I've been following it for 8-9 years now and I still haven't found an adventure story quite like this. Yeah there are a few close ones but I think HxH still tops the shounen department. Yes better than Naruto and Bleach but well maybe not One Piece (thank God for no long hiatuses!). Character development is amazing and the plot is just so interesting. You can tell Togashi has thought out the each of the arcs which are so intricately executed you feel like you've been hit behind the head quite often (meaning he's got some pretty wicked surprises). I love that throughout the series Togashi sensei has kept adventure as his prime theme and continues to keep the readers entertained with new powers/worlds which aren't as blown up as say DBZ. I'd be lying if I said I didn't mind the hiatuses (dman it) but I tolerate it because HxH is THAT good. I'd love to stop reading this but I can't help but keep coming back for more each time Togashi sensi releases new chapters even though I know he's gonna screw me over again in a couple of weeks.

... Last updated on December 1st, 2016, 4:19am
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Strong plot continuity  
by pyrolobus
April 13th, 2016, 10:03pm
Rating: 9.0  / 10.0
i have been reading this since 8th grade schooler. This is the best and easiest reference for beginner mangaka. The artwork that is. Now, ten years later, i'm still reading it (because the licensed version in my country just started about three years ago). Good luck Togashi-sensei in 'ruining' your work final story again. That was a joke. i hope he finish every possible plot left with deservable ending (soon.. or later). i rated 9.

... Last updated on April 13th, 2016, 10:07pm
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by siddharth
December 21st, 2015, 9:56pm
Rating: N/A
There is no point in wasting time on this manga when you can watch 2011 anime version .Anime version is so awesome with one of the best anime music.Manga art is so aweful although it improves later(very very late ) . Only after you have completed anime do read manga chapters that are not made into anime.But even that would be futile because the manga is on permanent hiatus and it will never resume.
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Preaching to the choir but...  
by JapanRocks
December 5th, 2015, 7:25pm
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
Read/Watch it if you haven't already. It's really a great story and deserves all the praise it gets. Even the earlier chapters that are more shounen-like have a shine to them that makes them more interesting than regular shounen.

I'd put off reading it cause of the hiatus and all the jokes about the hiatus but one day I thought "Let's do this!" and went through the whole manga. When I say whole manga, I meant literally sat and read straight through a 300+ chapter manga, even skipped a day of classes, it was that good. So yeah, now that that's done the hiatus isn't really bothering me that much. I had fun for my time invested so no salt here. If you have a similar attitude go for it.
The anime is also really good, I watched it over the summer. Except for one slightly important detail and smaller less important details that they didn't include, it's basically the manga animated. No beating around the bush with fillers.
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