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Kimi ga Koi ni Ochiru  
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Painful, heartbreaking memories suddenly surface for Haru when he agrees to fill in as teacher for the high school archery club. In his youth, Haru was a brilliant archer who competed for the national championship. But uncontrollable urges for a male rival forced him to give up on his archery dream and run away from his true feelings. Now that he's back in the bow-and-arrow game, Haru becomes drawn to the brother of his long-lost love--and he must find out if desire has taken on a new, seductive aim...


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Associated Names
Gezielte Verführung (German)
He Falls in Love
You Will Fall in Love
그대가 사랑에 빠지다

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v.1 c.5+extra by Hochuuami & Memory For You over 13 years ago
v.1 c.3-4 by Hochuuami & Memory For You over 14 years ago
v.1 c.1-2 by Hochuuami & Memory For You over 14 years ago
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June 26th 2020, 11:37pm PST



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Kadokawa (2006; 2010)

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Asuka Ciel (Kadokawa)

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Blu (Defunct / 1 Vol - Complete)

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A solid base for what's coming next  
by kurosu_yuuki
June 5th, 2019, 11:57pm
Rating: 9.0 / 10.0
So, I read everything out of order. It was Kimi ga Koi ni Midareru first, then this, then lastly I'm going to read Kimi ga Koi ni Oboreru - they were all on my "to read" list and I hadn't realized there was an order.
Comparing it to "Midareru", this plot felt like exactly the opposite. While "Midareru" was full of twists and surprises, this was very predictable, but in a great way! I was thinking "wouldn't it be awesome if this happened?", and then it turned out to be this series' main twist. But it was the kind of expectation that builds with the anticipation of when you know something is coming that you really wanted to see. But Takanaga-sensei basically touched on every cliché I love and it also did its job of having me crying - which is a must for BL to be good.
The characters were also very different from my previous read. While Yuzuki is a fragile but surprisingly assertive uke, Haru is more of the pained but responsible type. Neither are my type and I did see a pattern of crying a bit more than I'd like the ukes to, but their personalities were both done in a way that made me enjoy it.
Also, while Kijima is more reserved and not so good at communicating, Tsubaki is straightforward and reckless. I loved how well she portrayed their age gaps, and that goes for all the connected stories. Maybe I'm getting old (the tween, teen and adult me reading BL feels different), but I definitely noticed the difference between a story set in high school and one with two adult males - also, Tsukasa's personality is very teen-like. He's impulsive, brave, emotional. It's refreshing to see that so well done.
The art was, as usually, great. And though it didn't captive me as much as "Midareru", the jealousy bit was just heart-wrenching! I wish every manga had a chapter about the seme's jealousy, I really love stuff like that.
While I gave "Midareru" a solid 10 star rating, this one had a few things I disliked, and therefore it won't be full score. The pace was good, but it could've been a bit less rushed - this series should be just a tad longer. They fell in love too quickly, the conflicts were presented too fast...even Tsukasa's love was confessed too early, and no explanation about their past and how he had fallen in love in the first place was given.
Also, I'm not particularly enraged by the sexual advances like many people are (really, people, aren't you used to it by now? Don't read BL if you aren't), but I don't really care for it either, so that first scene of Tsukasa's "attack" could've stopped with just a kiss. The others were all fine because Haru was just reluctant, not really against it.
Another issue was that the teacher-student relationship issue was never even brought up. Same as when characters don't dwell upon their sexuality (which, again, happens here - and could've been dealt with the in the same manner as "Midareru", which a dismissal in conversation, but should absolutely be addressed), it doesn't have to be the focus or even discussed for long, but it does have to be solved - which did not happen here, as it was never even brought up.
I'm ready to read "Oboreru" now, but I have to say that at the moment I really dislike Reiichirou, so I'm going to start that series already annoyed by him. So far, he broke both Haru and Kijima's heart, and he seems to be a heartless, cold bastard. Which will probably make it much more enjoyable, so here we go~!

... Last updated on June 6th, 2019, 12:02am
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Why you do this?  
by toastmuncher
November 11th, 2016, 8:46am
Rating: 2.0 / 10.0
Okay, seriously, I like the thought you put into this and I actually like the background story and all but can you please stop with the
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
F****** sexual assaults!!?? Especially when at the end of which the person falls in love with his/her attacker??
is it too much to ask for?
Please go read Harada. Harada does an absolutely WONDERFUL job of dealing with these dark themes. Harada's work personifies 下種 (sleazebag), but it also helps you understand (interestingly understand 解す is also pronounced the same is Japanese; gesu) the sleazebagness.
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Pretty good.  
by sofistree
September 20th, 2016, 9:02pm
Rating: 7.0 / 10.0
Not terribly interesting or original, but not bad. I adore older ukes and younger semes in general, and this had that, but it wasn't as fun as I'd hoped.

Again, not bad at all, just kind of general-feeling.
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So many feels!  
by musiclover1933
September 16th, 2013, 9:33am
Rating: N/A
Omigod this manga I don't even <3 <3 <3 Great art, great plot, so many feels. And I love how it's not just from one point of view and how the perspectives overlap.
I don't understand why people are reading the sequel BEFORE the original - read everything in order to understand what sort of development the author was going for~
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Holy cow! Emotion!  
by Namiya
January 2nd, 2013, 3:40am
Rating: 10.0 / 10.0
Wow this is one of those mangas where I was so very much drawn in from page one, at the edge of my seat...!
There's so much emotion in this story, the characters are full of life... I love how the art is complimenting this so well! I read most of Takanaga sensei's works and I like almost all of them but THIS one just has to be my favorite manga (we'll see how good the sequels are)
My mind is blown by this! It's a very moving story, even if it's nothing totally new or detailed or big.
It's a common story of being in love with someone you thought didn't like you back but leaving it all behind you, only to have old and new feelings appear again.
Tsukasa has made it into my top list of favorite characters right within the first few pages already and every single reaction he had in this manga just made me love him more and more.
He's a perfect character! He's melancholic, ambitious, straight forward, impulsive and just very emotional *without* becoming a typical rage-rape seme! Plus he's damn hot!
All of the 3 main characters are SO lovable! I find it really rare to be liking them all, the main pair plus the rival... it's just perfect and I think you'll also find yourself liking all of them!
None of the things these characters do will make you go "wtf?!" or "oh I wish he hadn't!" no, all the actions are so fitting and they're very human and reasonable.
These characters have faults, they make mistakes and misunderstand things.
But what bothers me with a ton of yaoi out there is that the characters are often the same: they are ignorant, oblivious to what happens, they are unreachable, cold, semes often show no emotion whatsoever and ukes only cry.
And the characters here are not like that. It's all about showing feelings, and I love that so much about this manga!

I know I'm not stopping to praise this manga but I'm seriously overwhelmed by how good it is, and reading Tyrant who Falls in Love I already thought her mangas were really good but this is even a step higher for me.

If you're into boys love manga that will give you all these feelings, feeling sad for characters, putting emotion into what you hope will happen to them, if you find yourself loving characters as if they could be real people, suffering with them... you'll love this manga!

... Last updated on January 2nd, 2013, 4:25am
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Read this BEFORE the sequel. It is the PREquel afterall!  
by kute_changmin
August 10th, 2012, 9:08pm
Rating: N/A
It seems like a lot of reviewers prefer the sequel and are not very fond of Tsukasa after reading about Reiichirou. The thing is, the mangaka wrote the sequel after the prequel, you know. So what if Takanaga sensei had decided to portrayed Reiichirou as an unlikable character in the sequel? Would Tsukasa not be as dislikable then? Besides, as we read this prequel, we are following the plot through Tsukasa's perception. There are things that Tsukasa and Haru do not know about Reiichirous's feelings, but with what they are able to see and know, their actions are not absolutely unacceptable. Tsukasa was selfish to some extent. But he was selfish because he was in love. Who will play play fair and square in love game anyway? Furthermore, if Haru and Tsukasa had known about Reii's feelings as we, as readers, know after reading the sequel, then they may not act as they do in here.
Just my two cents, but this also happen in life unfortunately. We don't know everything. And it is quite upseting when other people judge your action assuming that you know everything when actually you do not and cannot.

... Last updated on August 10th, 2012, 9:18pm
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Deep Plot, Great Art  
by Dezi
September 19th, 2011, 2:22pm
Rating: 9.0 / 10.0
I read this one a while ago and I must say it left an impression. I can still feel Tsukasas hopes and expectations, earnest admiration and fears towards Haru. This is not your typical Student-Teacher-Relationship Manga, since it doesn't focus on everyday High-School matters but on the character related issues and the past. Unsurprisingly, being drawn by Takanaga Hinako, the art is perfect.
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it's alright  
by gasuki
February 5th, 2011, 6:01pm
Rating: 7.8 / 10.0
if you're looking for a little drama, a bit of romance with deep feelings, and GENTLE yaoi than this is the manga for you.
There's not much drama but just enough to create strong feelings between haru and tsukasa. Haru and Tsukasa's relationship is really gentle excepts for some parts where the Tsukasa loses his temper and becomes somewhat childish; but that's whats cute about him. ^^ i really like Haru for he's gentle, cute, and understanding..... it was really cute how his feelings changed from Reiichirou to Tsukasa!!!

the older brother, Reiichirou ---> he's really good looking. a lot of other comments states that he was made into the bad guy in this manga. for me it was the opposite, he was Haru's crush before Tsukasa and his best friend. the reason why Reiichirou and Haru didn't end up together even when they felt the same way for each other was because Reiichirou wasn't usually interested in other people and that he only made his move after seeing Haru and Tsukasa together. i think that it was ok for Haru to leave him cause they both didn't know what to do with their feelings four year back..... after finishing the manga i came to realize the haru was somewhat looking for someone to love and to help him erase reiichirou. so when tsukasa finally took action and confessed, of course haru will fall in love with him... ^^ PEACE

plus i haven't read the sequel yet, cause i enjoy to read them in order ^^..... i'm looking forward to it

... Last updated on February 5th, 2011, 6:06pm
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The sequel is so muuuccch better!  
by ramama
July 4th, 2010, 7:14am
Rating: 1.0 / 10.0
After read this I feel like want to slap Tsukasa because of his egoistic acts and always make Reichirou like a bad guy (especially after what happened in ch 03) Poor Reichirou! sad Really, Tsukasa and Haru didn't have interesting characteristics at all. But at least I can read some stories about what happened to Reichirou...

... Last updated on July 4th, 2010, 7:17am
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Read the sequel instead!  
by sunnyme
March 15th, 2010, 10:36am
Rating: N/A
The artwork is of course amazing. However, I can't help but give a low rating to this manga coz I didn't like Haru or Tsukasa. First off, I thought it was ridiculous the way they acted like Reichirou was the bad guy. Umm, because someone his brother loved was in love with him instead? Coz he didn't magically read Haru's mind and find out his feelings (since Haru never told him)? Riiiiight. Makes sense. And now, having read the sequel and knowing Reichirou's character better, I'm even less inclined to recommend this manga to anyone. 2 stars, unless you're into annoying ukes and semes.
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