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Delivery Cinderella  
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good art and definitely not a story for everyone  
by Rabbitan
August 16th, 2015, 1:06pm
Rating: 6.0 / 10.0
@ xxxzxxx, are you lazy or just vying for attention? you pretty much copy + pasted your review/comment on mangahere and mangaupdates lmao seriously, you're just embarrassing yourself by reading a manga with a summary so blatantly obvious of what it's about and then whining about how it's wrong LOLconfused?

anyways, this manga is about a girl who lives two different lives; one being her average college life where she dresses how she wants to - comfortably and the other life is her life as a beautiful 'call-girl' in the sex business. i suggest if you are heavily against this and it's below your morals, then don't bother reading thing manga because you'll only hurt your head.

overall, the art is really well-done and definitely beautiful, the characters are pretty likeable in a sense that you get both sides of the stories with them (aka, they're not all super 2d) and along with that, this manga isn't justifying that selling sex/body is okay, but it's more like showing us the life of a person in the sex industry. it doesn't show us that it's right and that there's a life lesson to be taught in this and in fact, Miyabi doesn't even have a tragic background story as to why she's in it - which is, usually and typically the reason for the readers to sympathize with MC and when you start to have sympathy for the MC based on that backstory, you begin to justify that what they're doing is alright.

Nope, this manga doesn't have that. Instead, Miyabi and the other girls (aside from Michiru?) are doing this out of their own will. Miyabi herself doesn't exactly have a reason other than for fun and satisfaction; she does this because she enjoys it and has fun being with her customers and this manga does bring in the darker aspects like 'man has wife and children, what about them?' and etc.

Even so, if you're looking for a manga with decent art, a likeable MC, and a light-hearted story mixed in with sex scenes - then this should be an OK read for you.
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I finished it  
by SephiriaChronos
January 13th, 2015, 6:30am
Rating: 7.0 / 10.0
So I guess I'm entitled to give my review since I've finished it.

For all who gave it a low rating due to the theme, please stop being so narrow minded.

Even though it may seem like there's no plot, it's basically exploring the theme of the sex industry and the difficulties/pros of working in such a field. I couldn't bring myself to stop reading it.

Read this with an open mind, that's all I can say. It won't disappoint, although at times you may need to put yourself in the character's shoes to understand why they did what they did.
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nothing interesting  
by Nirishdote
January 4th, 2015, 6:05pm
Rating: N/A
So you can read all the elaborate reviews below, or my summary - its a story about prostitute who finds joy in pleasing her customers. I basically read Some 14 chapters of slut singing "everything is awesome" from the Lego movie. Theres nothing more into it, no deep plot, no twisted relations, no superpowers or anything to make it interesting. The art is good, the boobs are nice but thats it. I dont have anything against main protagonist to be happy prostitute but this manga is all "mjeh".
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by redisu
March 9th, 2014, 11:55am
Rating: 7.0 / 10.0
A lot of people posting a lot of nonsense, without even having read the entire manga... well, come on ... at the beginning of the manga we see her working as a prostitute and accepting it as a normal fact ... but I think she created this world and this personality to escape reality. In the last chapters (are 188 chapters) shows how she becomes a prostitute and wasn't easy. She suffered a lot at first, was alone, starving, too young and saw in the prostitution the only way out... and she didn't decide it alone, she was thrown into this world with help. She's not a slut, I can only say that those who have posted without even knowing the whole story.
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by wintermelon
May 29th, 2013, 5:33am
Rating: 1.0 / 10.0
It doesn't have a plot, the character isn't developed well, sex is treated as a means in itself (for pleasure), and there isn't meaning behind it.
oh and it's targeted at males because all the guys look average or below average.

It has disgusting morals. No respect for 'love' or true feelings between people, as if sex solves all problems. For example, there is this guy who confesses that he loves a girl but he is too shy to do anything. What does the main character say in response to this? "It's okay, just have sex with me and everything will magically work out alright!" <~ Not even kidding. shallow, unrealistic. I've seen more graphic images but this is worse than that, it is so shallow and idiotic it just rots your brain away. Not even exciting because it is so shallow.

the girl tries to reason everything and the crappiest part is that she doesn't even realise that she is not doing anyone any good.

... Last updated on May 29th, 2013, 5:49am
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A "lighthearted romance" staring a shallow prostitute...  
by residentgrigo
May 27th, 2013, 7:21am
Rating: 2.0 / 10.0
Unsolicited prostitution is just that and could be an interesting setup if the writing had depth but it hasn´t so we get another "softcore" hentai with a shallow leading lady (of the night) who is begging to get aids or to get murdered.
The very idea that Masami is both a Mary Sue and a promiscuous / moneygrabbeing is the series biggest mistake if we overlook the pornographic focus and her "origin story" is furthermore illogical and is surprisingly anti-prostitution if you think about it. But don´t. What is this manga connection to do with the titular fairy tail besides a random high heel scene and why doesn´t the author use her actual name? Is she that proud of her work? Soaplands are furthermore brothels to solve that vapid MU debate once and for all. "Deriheru" is an extension of that and was created by abuse a loophole in the Japanese law. Masami also has vaginal sex for money so there is that and here a final wiki quote: "Delivery health (デリバリーヘルス Deribarii herusu), also known as shutchō health (出張ヘルス) or by the abbreviation "deriheru" (デリヘル), is a form of prostitution in Japan similar to fashion health, "health" being a term for sexual services." Why is this being scanlated again and her next sex "drama" is nearly as unreadable as this crap.
Read The Pro by Gart Ennis and the autobiographical Paying for It by Chester Brown if you want to see how a comic with prostitution as the main theme needs to look like.

... Last updated on January 29th, 2016, 12:48pm
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You can say whatever you want...  
by Baniita
March 6th, 2013, 7:11am
Rating: 8.0 / 10.0
But this manga is still interesting. It's flawed, and the main character is a slutty Mary Sue, but she's still likeable and overall it's still a good read.

Also, @xxxzxxx: If she dresses for herself, please explain her everyday appearance, and why she doesn't accept expensive gifts.
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I Lik-a dEes One!  
by harrysoung
December 27th, 2012, 9:05pm
Rating: N/A
So many people dislike because of what they think the message this manga conveys - willingly prostituting yourself is not a bad thing!

Not that I disagree, but I myself just can't bring myself to hate this. The MC is prostituting herself for pleasure but rather than sexual, its more emotional. She feels joy in making her customers happy.

And all of the clients she has had so far have been very likable. One even took the effort to visit her because he wanted to see her again. Hell, Kuma even said he pays for her because of her personality, not because he was particularly horny.
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Promoting promiscuity...  
by xxxzxxx
December 10th, 2012, 9:17pm
Rating: 1.0 / 10.0
Don't be fooled about 0oKat~0 comment about not having an open mind or seing things in black-and-white if you don't enjoy this. He/she is making it out to be bad if you don't sympathise with what this manga is trying to portray. The truth is that the comment about having an open mind is just a bad excuse to promote sluttiness and if you don't enjoy this manga then it's not because you don't have an open mind or are seeing things in black and white but because you still have values and know whats right to promote and what's not.
The MC is a slut what more can you say. I got no respect for a manga justifying no this manga is even glorifying prostitution and promiscuity - what has the world come to. I bet the author is a prostitute herself....
And don't even get me started on how fake and unrealistic the MC is - saying that she only dresses herself up because it makes her costumers happy?. Yeah right I have seen a lot of girls who dresses themselves up for the sake of others only - it's definitely not to make themselves feel better and prettier - it's only for others.
If all this was not bad enough - this manga also promotes infidelity -
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Sakura one of the call girls is keeping her job a secret from her boyfriend while she is cheating on him with another guy also - it all ends up with her being forgiven and getting on a plane with her boyfriend/fiance.

It's kinda disheartening that some people actually like this manga but if you want to read a manga that glorify promiscuity and teaches you that it's great to be a prostitute and it's okay to cheat on your lover - go ahead this one is for you.

PS. @momimomi - saying that it's not prostitution - of course it's prostitution. If she gets paid for offering her body then it doesn't matter whether she's actually putting it in or not - when she's doing pretty much everything else.
--> "Prostitution is the business or practice of providing sexual services to another person in return for payment." --> since when is oral sex not a sexual service?.

... Last updated on December 12th, 2012, 9:14pm
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Morally Dubious  
by 0oKat~0
September 19th, 2012, 7:34am
Rating: 9.0 / 10.0
This manga isn't for those who sees things in black-and-white. The topic it touches on is rather sensitive and it can easily be taken the wrong way. On one hand, the main character's motive for doing such a thing is clear from the start. Yet taking into account what profession she's working in... Things become slightly complicated.

So what I would suggest would be to read this manga with an open mind. (Cast aside your morals people! Just for the reading of this manga.) If you don't like it because of the call-girl aspect, then probably you won't be able to enjoy the manga. But if you do, I would say that this manga has the potential to develop into one of the most heartwarming and emotionally complex manga you've ever read.

@xxxzxxx Please don't twist my words just to make this manga seem worse than it already is due to the premise. No where did I say that you aren't a good person if you dislike this manga, or that you don't have an open mind if you dislike it. You know, that's why the subject of my review is "Morally Dubious". (Duh~ =.=)

And just because this manga touches on a subject you are sensitive about, doesn't mean that it's ok to bash the mangaka and accuse him/her of being a prostitute. Real mature. =.= In that case, why don't you go to the "Horror" section, pick out some of those survival/psychological mangas, and then review about how it encourages people to murder each other and resort to cannbalism to survive, and then say that the mangaka is a potential murderer. You can repeat this pattern for the yuri and yaoi manga as well.

But you won't do it, right?

If you don't like it, you don't. Don't condemn the rest that do just because you can't see the emotional aspect that the mangaka is trying to convey.

PS. Had to say this, but your comment probably offended me just as much as mine did to you. xP

... Last updated on February 18th, 2013, 3:34am
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