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Boku no Suki na Sensei  
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Kenmoto Kazuki is a 15-year-old high-school student who is late for school on his very first day. As he's running to school he sees someone on top of a wall that warns him not to go through the main entrance. Without a second thought he blurted out three words, "Please marry me!" From the shock the person falls off the wall where Kenmoto Kazuki discovers he just proposed to a man. This man was not just any man, but Morikeoke Akitou his homeroom teacher!


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Boku na Suki no Sensei
Boku no Sukina Sensei
My Favourite Teacher
The Teacher I Like
The Teacher I Love

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v.6 c.1 by Obsession over 12 years ago
v.5 c.5 by Obsession over 12 years ago
v.5 c.4 by Obsession over 13 years ago
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I agree with butterflyflying  
by compass96
November 29th, 2014, 2:45pm
Rating: 6.0 / 10.0
Everything he/she said is exactly how I feel about this manga. The teacher was undecided and pissed me off. I couldn't help thinking that if it was in real life that years later Kazuki would get tit ed of Akio taking his love for granted. Frankly Akitou's attitude towards Kazuki hurt. A lot. I just kept feeling that their relationship was built upon Kazuki trying his best and sensei cruising in an enjoying the good benefits without putting in any effort. The smut was nice though. The artwork was weird, I especially disliked that the boys wre drawn with such narrow hips.
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Not what I expected...  
by butterflyflying
January 4th, 2012, 8:46pm
Rating: 7.5 / 10.0
The summary barely has anything to do with the actual content of the storyline, so be prepare for some sort of surprise. I was. After reading this, I honestly felt drained. The art was uninspiring to read at first, but it does get better around the 3rd or 4th volume. From the second volume to the last volume, this aching, unsettled feeling was with me as I read the story. The first volume is a typical shounen-style student-falls-for-teacher-esque manga—I'm going to assume that the author didn't expect to get further than a volume with this manga, hence, why it seemed to lack a flow when I read it. However, things start to heat up with volume two, especially the development between Kazumi and Ukyou-sensei.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
So, basically, the important aspect of this manga is about Ukyou-sensei's past with his former lover, Tsukiya, and his growing feelings of “something” for Kazuki. Although I realized how realistic Ukyou-sensei's inner turmoil in choosing between Kazumi and Tsukiya was, I just can't seem to let this sense of betrayal I felt when Ukyou-sensei first had sex with Tsukiya disappear from me. It really irked me, although I understand that, at that point, Ukyou is still very much in love with Tsukiya after the 10+ years of separation, and that he hasn't fully developed the same feelings for Kazuki at that point in the manga. But still, seeing how Kazuki easily forgave Ukyou also irked me, although I can understand that he might have thought that if he rejected Ukyou-sensei at that point, his relationship with Ukyou would end right there and then. Kazuki must had realized that to be with Ukyou-sensei was to accept everything about Ukyou-sensei—even infidelity. But, I couldn't help the echoing “Bastards!!!” from escaping my lips at Ukyou and Tsukiya.

At this point, I hated this manga because I actually understood the motives behind Kazuki's actions, and Ukyou's actions. I dislike both the characters (plus Tsukiya) at this point in the manga, yet, it allowed me to see the development in character growth—more so in Kazuki's case than Ukyou's. At the beginning, Kazuki was just a typical, short brat but his physical and mental growth was really noticeable and at the end of the 5th volume, I couldn't help but think that Ukyou didn't fight for Kazuki at all. I know that Tsukiya kidnapped him to Hong Kong, but it didn't seem as though Ukyou was unwilling to have sex with Tsukiya again, even when he was supposedly in a “relationship” with Kazuki (I mean, they were going on a “date” when he was kidnapped, after all). By not even protesting against having sex with Tsukiya caused another eye-rolling moment for me. Maybe the author chose to not show it, but knowing Ukyou, he probably succombed easily, and he barely gave Kazuki any thoughts besides, "I must see him before I can decide which man I love more." I just couldn't care about Ukyou's happiness at this point anymore, considering that it was at one of the last volumes of the series so I expected more...character development from him at this point. I know that it wasn't his fault for the situation, and that Tsukiya was to blame for his inability to let go of the past, thus, the unresolved feelings Ukyou still has for Tsukiya. But still, it made me gagged upon seeing how much Kazuki was willing to do for Ukyou by asking his father for help, flying to an unknown country to find Ukyou, and confronting Tsukiya headon without wavering, despite knowing how powerless he actually was and then compare Kazuki to how weak and spineless Ukyou was. I just had to roll my eyes.

I know that Ukyou warned Kazuki that events such as him making love with Tsukiya might occur again in the future after the first time he had sex with Tsukiya, but I didn't expect him to still let it happened after the first time. I was really disappointed in Ukyou because I expected him to at least fight for Kazuki, or at least proved why he deserved to be with Kazuki. Even till the end, it felt as though Kazuki was the only one fighting for the relationship. I know that he was the one who forced Ukyou into it, but sheesh, just when it seemed like Ukyou had developed some kind of feelings for Kazuki, it just felt flat, as though Kazuki's love was strong like a waterfall, while Ukyou's love was as strong as a five-year old boy pissing into a toilet. At the end, when Ukyou finally made the decision to be with Kazuki, I still felt resentment toward him because his love for Kazuki was still too under-developed to be worthy of Kazuki. It seemed like Ukyou only chose Kazuki because Tsukiya treated him like a toy doll, but, at the same time, it feels as if Ukyou decided to “settled” with Kazuki because he was the "safer" choice, which I just can't seem to go along with. Not to mention, his, 'I'll love you to death," to Tsukiya at the end left a frown on my face and I just couldn't stop glaring at him. It felt as though he dirtied Kazuki's love for him by saying those words to another man with Kazuki outside the room. It made me wondered if Ukyou even felt 1/10 of those feelings for Kazuki, and why didn't he simply go with Tsukiya if he's always going to be loving Tsukiya alongside Kazuki. It just felt filthy, as though ht was desecrating Kazuki's pureness with his filth. Bleh. Ukyou just seemed shallow to me and he left a bad distaste in my mouth. I understood his love for Tsukiya, but to what extent can I, as a reader, forgive him for hurting Kazuki so many times due to his indecisive nature and lack of backbone? Thankfully, Kazuki does a better job at forgiving than me since I could care less about Ukyou toward the end of the series as he lost most of my respect for him.

Although I finally read the last chapter in English, Ukyou's “love” still doesn't feel strong nor real to me, at least, not to the point where I am at peace with Kazuki being with him. Kazuki was perfect towards the last two volumes, too bad Ukyou couldn't match up with him in any aspect, in my honest opinion.

Anyway, this is a manga that you should only read if you're willing to accept infidelity from one of the main characters. Is it understandable that Ukyou made love with another character besides Kazuki? Sure, I mean, everyone is not perfect and can succumb to weaknesses when they are vulnerable. But, does it make me like him anymore than before? No. The look on Kazuki's face matched perfectly with mine when I read those awful pages and I felt as though Kazuki let Ukyou off too easily. It ALWAYS seemed as though Ukyou never had to work hard to get the upper hand in every situation in the series, and Kazuki always has to somehow earn bits and pieces of Ukyou's "love" while Ukyou never had to do anything to earn Kazuki's affections. Love is blind, as the saying goes, but does it have to be so pitiful? Apparently, yes. Ukyou might be older than Kazuki, but Kazuki is way more manlier and mature than him. It irked me a lot at how indecisive Ukyou was up until the very last two chapters of the series. I mean, really? He's supposedly "beautiful" through the eyes of the characters in the manga, but I find him undeserving of Kazuki's brilliant magnificence that outshines him lightyears away.

I suppose that some people won't agree with my rant, but this is what I feel about Kazuki and Ukyou's relationship. I liked Ukyou at the beginning, but he started to degrade as the series wore on until I had to almost skip his parts or else I wouldn't have finished the series.

Overall, the art is mediocre, the storyline is angsty toward the end, and the character development for Kazuki was better than expected. It's not a fluffy yaoi manga so don't read it if you expect love to conquer everything and that the protagonists' story will be rainbows and butterflies. There aren't many graphic scenes, although there are sex. The side characters are enjoyable in their own rights, although I would have liked to read more about them, especially Izumino—who was, sadly, one of the few rare females in yaoi mangas I’ve read that I enjoyed completely. I dislike Ukyou-sensei's weak personality when it comes to Kazuki, but then again, he's enjoyable when it doesn't come to love. Kazuki can be annoying at the beginning, but he solidifies into a good, solid man toward the end. I think this was one of the injustice in this story when a 17/18-year old student overshadows a 27/28 year old teacher in all aspects of strength and willpower, and yet, the teacher still makes it seem as though the student is unreliable and childish. It's astounding, really. I read this manga once, but I wouldn't want to read it again unless I stumble upon it by accident. If not for Kazuki towards the end, I would have given this a solid 5, but because of him, this story deserves a 7.5.

... Last updated on January 5th, 2012, 1:57am
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Great Story  
by Sasageru
June 9th, 2011, 3:59pm
Rating: 9.0 / 10.0
My initial impression of this wasn't good. First of all, the art is pretty... outdated? xD I guess thats the nicest thing i can say - the characters all seem to feminine and there are even times when the male characters are drawn anatomically wrong (waist and bust in particular were affected methinks) - but it did gradually get better, so dont let it phase you too much. As for the story, starting out its sort of cliche and childish, nothing that good, but as it proceeded things got more and more interesting, and by the time i was half way through i was hooked. Sure, i still have some issues with the art and such, but the story really grabs at you, lots of drama, lots of hidden pasts etc.Very good read and a nice ending - but i want more bigrazz turns out great, so really worth the time it took to read.
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starts bad, ends better  
by pleochroic
March 23rd, 2011, 6:11pm
Rating: 6.5 / 10.0
i usually stick with things even if they start badly, because i am a completist, *wry grin*. this starts terribly badly; crappy chinese scans, mediocre translation which confuses, butt-ugly character art, silly conceits (such as a 15-year-old, not particularly mature student falling in love at first sight with his 27-year-old teacher, and the teacher actually going along with this). but by volume 3 we actually get some character development, and once we arrive at the teacher's backstory with his former lover, i found it quite interesting and even touching. by volume 5 even the art is much better (and we have japanese scans); there's one scene at the start of volume 6 that's just beautiful and affecting.

so if you can manage to slog through the first 2 volumes and not lose all desire to read on, plus put up with the raping, then this actually rewards you for that tenacity. the story is scanlated right up to the conclusion of the really serious part, and you're not missing much if you can't read the raw for the rest, but you can deduce the most important part from the art. oh yeah -- make yourself a character sheet to better keep track of who is who, because the names change several times (deduction of original japanese names from chinese is difficult).
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Give it a chance  
by Lillian
February 10th, 2010, 7:21am
Rating: 7.0 / 10.0
My first impression:
The art is too childish for my taste for this kind of story and the characters not from this earth (don't take it literally).
Boy (15) loves a teacher (27) just after seeing him for the first time and tells him that occasionally very plain just as that. No feelings conveyed.

Events happen without a warning. The flow is jumpy (I hardly can tell how much time has passed between the interactions), actions are barely comprehensible. While the story actually develops something with the end of volume 2 and leaves the daily school routine.
Locations switch so suddenly back and forth. Characters appear out of the blue. Seems all so messed up.


By volume 3 I was used to most of the things. Even started to think that the art is ok (or it improved) and the main character became adorable and looked quite cool.

As said by others already don't give it up after the 1st volume. The tragic drama later on may be nothing great and is pretty much cliché too (I read something similar already in Haou Airen) but still entertaining enough to keep me reading on and this time I even enjoyed it. Sentimental story.
Even when the story is not fully scanlated yet, with ch01 of vol 6 it actually shows the end - wonder what they want to show more.

The TL has quite some mistakes in spelling, wording and names but the quality of the scans is very good.
No explicit action (if you're looking for that).
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by sasaki kojiro
February 1st, 2010, 3:51pm
Rating: N/A
I picked this manga having very low expectations because of the previous two reviews. But then something happened and I was so caught up in it, I couldn't stop reading until the end.
At first yes, there were some rapes, and cliches, but it wasn't so angsty because you never had time to connect with the characters. But then comes a lot of character development (but it's not boring) and then the plot kicks in, just towards the end (last two vols or so) and it brings you to the edge fo your seat eager to know how things will turn out.
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Ok if you like angst  
by fouloldron
May 15th, 2008, 5:49am
Rating: 3.0 / 10.0
The story line is rather convoluted at times as it the art. However if you like angsty rape manga this is right up your alley. Personally I'm not so keen.
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boku no sukina sensei  
by Anonymous
May 12th, 2006, 6:53pm
Rating: N/A
this is a very great manga... i myself enjoy this a lot. at first i thougt this is an old typical student and teacher relationship, n wanted to stop reading it... but luckily i dint... if i had did... i would have regreted really much...
after reading i have had lots of though going through my mind which i dont where to start. So you should finger it out yourself. and i'm sure that you wont regret it after u read
hope you enjoy this manga just as much as i did.
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