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Akarui Sekai Keikaku  
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The minister's aide has an idea, a project in mind to help correct the declining birth rates in Japan. This plan, so to speak, has it where Japan's youth are encouraged to form relationships. The catch is that at the chosen high school for the initial test of this is being held, the project is mandatory - the students must become intimate couples with the other students or they will die.


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Bright World Project
Dead Or Love
Death Is Love
Love World War
Блестящий Мировой Проект
밝은 세계 계획

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by jeffreymgibson
August 14th, 2019, 5:59am
Rating: N/A
The fact that the main character would rather die as opposed to choosing a girl just ruins the whole thing. Not only is it typical cliche Shonen crap, but there is no guy in the world that wouldn’t take advantage of a fantastic chance like this. I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with manga And its stories like this that cause it. I feel like my IQ has lost points just for reading it
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Good concept  
by Sburator
July 30th, 2019, 9:55am
Rating: 7.0 / 10.0
This manga had so much potential, but is average.
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Good enough to read, slightly below average, skip all serious scenes if you want to make it better, they're not written well  
by Seregosa
August 23rd, 2017, 1:53pm
Rating: 4.0 / 10.0
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Kind of boring mc, I had enough of the "only interested in 2d-girls" setting long ago, around the time I read kami nomi, then there was a few more stuff with that setting. However, it doesn't really work like that in manga/novels/anime, it's just annoying if the mc is a creepy bastard that treats a 2d person as a wife and ignores the real stuff(he does start to be a bit more interested later on, likely because the author realized it doesn't work, the author also probably regretted the setting and tried to make some crappy backstory that attempts to forcibly rationalize his behavior and gain some more feelings from the readers to the mc... yeah...). He also can't seem to properly separate reality at all, he's one of those types that thinks that just because he's "good" at playing games, he can apply those "skills" to real life, such as using weapons, resulting in quite embarrassing results when he realizes just how different the real thing is to the imaginary. I mean, just the recoil made him miss all his shots, the only thing you can really grasp from a game is tactics and some minor tricks, but this guy doesn't get that.

I also find it annoying how the mcs personality is inconsistent and usually is a worthless nobody who is just interested in 2d and then all of a sudden he tries to act all cool while trying to save girls and what not, spewing forced lines and what not for the sake of forcing developments between the characters. It doesn't feel natural, which irks me. Well, there's a lot that doesn't feel natural and makes you cringe in this manga, A LOT of moments that will make you feel like "no way that's possible", especially when it comes to stuff that is supposed to bring the characters together, this author has no talent whatsoever for romance, not even to the extent of the generic harem writers I know of, at least they can make it feel somewhat natural. I swear, I was about to puke out of disgust and I cringed to hard that I fell off the chair when we got those moments where the characters "put themselves in danger" to make the girls fall in madly in love. That must be one of the most overused clichés ever, and it wasn't even recycled in a good way, it was just used because the author doesn't know any proper way of developing romance. It's all well and fine that protecting someone at the cost of your life or body is going to gain you some great gratitude and perhaps even a bit of affection, but it doesn't mean that the affection for a character that is somewhat disliked or just a "friend" gets to jump all the way to "mad love" in one or two such scenes, it takes time and just because you protect someone doesn't mean that much, it just adds to the overall progress. I mean, come on author, the all-tsun girl that showed no interest before changed completely into another character when she "fell in love", she doesn't even resemble the character she was. This is probably one of the reasons this thing was axed, especially since the characters aren't even the types that would sacrifice themselves for the girls. Yeah, romance is a trainwreck and literally every pairing was forced together in weird ways, especially the pervert loli and unlucky girl(the unlucky girl suddenly starts being affectionate with the team villain for no reason whatsoever, the girl in question showed clear interest in the mc before, but I guess the author wanted to quickly change that because their pairing was not popular or something).

Talking about fake, some of their backstories are really ridiculous too, the kind that doesn't matter and are just there to make their actions seem more justified by force, at least try to make it believable or reasonable, like someone getting assaulted up by shitloads of girls who liked a person in a serious scene(not a comedy one) because she turned down a popular guy and treated him like trash, come on... Only real comedy manga/novels/anime in comedy scenes can have fanatic people like that, like the fanclubs or jealous people in baka to test to shokanjuu where it's exaggerated because it's JUST COMEDY, such cheap and unrealistic ways to win "sympathy/pity" etc for the characters show that you're not really a good author. Where in the world would you find a group of around 20+ random people in the same school that physically assaults someone for saying someone else is trash(who they all happen to love to such an extent, I guess their personality is the problem from the start, since they're all the kind of trash characters you'd find in xianxia that gets brutally killed after spouting a bunch of crap)? I'd understand if there's one or two who are blinded with love and thus gets blinded with rage, but would any remotely rational person do something that'd get you imprisoned/sued on charges of assault and some other stuff like uploading a video of their thrashing and her appearance soaked in water in her underwear, not to mention that they almost killed the mc with their foolish actions? Sure, the main cast are also unrealistic, but minor characters needs to behave like NORMAL people, at least turn it down to 2-3 crazy people. Geez, I never want to read anything by this author again, way too many moments like this that makes you cringe and scream "that's so damn forced and fake!". Well, the end point is that it was impossible to get immersed into the story and I felt no emotional connection to any of the characters nor did the story particularly interest me because of how it was told.

Meh, disappointed in the pairings. Would've preferred the perverted loli eye-patch girl(she was one of the most interesting and amusing girls) to be included instead of one of the chosen two, I didn't like either that much so I wouldn't have cared much which one got left out. I guess I'd prefer the tsundere above the yandere though. Those yandere girls are freaking scary, what with all their swinging knives around and stuff. I wouldn't mind them if it wasn't permanent, but as a wife? No way :D There was also another issue with the pairings, it became obvious very early on who would become a couple with who, so it left nothing to your imagination. It was extremely clear who interacted with who the most, so I must say this author has no talent for writing romantic developments and keeping the readers interested that way. One of the big perks of harem stuff is hoping for your favorite girl/s to get together with the mc, ruining the possibility early on is just bad a bad idea.

I'm kind of annoyed that the fcked up midget(the "villain" in their team) didn't get tortured to death. It's a shounen manga, so I never really expected that to happen, but since the pretty boy was executed I kinda thought that he would get snuffed out too, but I guess that was too much to expect. I don't give a shit about his "sad past" and whatever reasons he's got. Every villain has a reason for their actions, just because he's got a "sob story" doesn't mean his actions should be excused, it doesn't erase what he's done. It's one thing if he didn't do anything major, but he did. It's just that in Japanese manga, they're too afraid to kill characters that has been there for a while, which is why the handsome dude was killed quickly after just a volume and he never got any big roles. Hell, they're too afraid to bring any "dark stuff" such as torture and killing into the story in the first place because of japanese values. If you want that, you'd have to turn to korean or chinese novels, preferably chinese ones.

The author also loves overdramatizing minor stuff, like people feeling guilt or whatever, making it seem as if their entire personality will collapse and the world will end because of it... Well, in the end this manga is just average. It's not that bad, but it's certainly not that good either. It's worth reading, it's not like it takes much more than a day anyway to read roughly 600 pages. I did laugh a few times after all, even if the action, plot and characters(I couldn't remember any of the characters names, just their appearance, that's how uninteresting the characters are) weren't all they should be. Skip all serious scenes, including the serious romantic scenes, not worth it at all, if you just go for the comedy it becomes similar to a normal gag manga without comedy which does this thing wonders.

... Last updated on August 24th, 2017, 2:37pm
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by YukiSaito
April 17th, 2015, 2:21am
Rating: 3.0 / 10.0
The story was not really to my liking. It seems like a survival-comedy-romance manga, but in the end it was harem+the above+fan service. There may be another instalment of the manga that continues everything (because seriously, it does; this manga ended on such a confusing note)
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
with the yandere and tsundere both dating Daichi, no. 28's existence and the making of I wanted the ero-queen to be with the 'landmark', as she calls him XD
Though in the end, everything seems rather rushed and there isn't much character development.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Though yes, tsundere did mature a bit, not many of the other characters did.
The arc when they had to fight to survive, I felt it was too short to have much development that makes the reader on the edge of their seat. Overall little plot and character development, too much fan service (not that I'm complaining, but it interferes with the plot) and probably too few chapters. Speaking of the plot-what was the mangaka thinking about anyway?! Was it supposed to be a dark-comedy-slash-romance-survival thing? It might have seemed like the first of it's kind, and it would have been much better if there was more development throughout the entire story. But still, at the stage it is right now, it's not my cup of tea.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
I think Daichi should be with the tsundere, since before he 'brainwashed' himself into thinking he liked the 2D girl, it does hint that he liked his sempai, and distanced himself from her due to his childhood friend, but maybe it was after the 'game' started. I hope they continue to explain that if they have another instalment, though.
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Had High Expectations.. But...  
by Muses
August 24th, 2014, 7:08pm
Rating: 7.0 / 10.0
When it was starting out, I was totally intrigued with the concept and plot of this manga!
Throughout the manga, I felt pretty bad for Daichi
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Having to choose between a yandere and a tsundere? Geez x.x Hotaru always made me feel bad for him and, at times, I felt terrified for him. She swings that box cutter around like it's nobody's business!! DX

The ending was expected and was a bit disappointing. It could have been better :/
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
I thought the mangaka would have Daichi pick one of the two girls, since he did kill off the pretty boy, but it ended with a harem ending x.x

All in all, the manga was okay for me. The concept was great, but it could have been executed better! And there was LOOOOOTS of fan service O.o

... Last updated on August 24th, 2014, 7:10pm
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by MelReinH
July 10th, 2013, 11:03pm
Rating: N/A
One look at the summary, and I thought that it would be a Romantic Comedy where they would be forced to do all sorts of hilarious things. Apparently, I was wrong. The manga takes a darker turn then the other RCs.

It's true, this manga does have those comedic elements in RCs (which I find to be funny (=w=)), but it shows to have a stronger plot-line than "a protagonist trying to confess to the girl he likes."
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Beyond Expectations  
by Hell_Clues
July 9th, 2013, 11:46am
Rating: N/A
This manga's premise sounds like a love comedy but ... things get serious. It really is a comedy but that whole death thing in the premise, that really happens. Not only does that happen but all the characters are eccentrics, some downright crazy.

This manga could have been a romance or it could have been something like Future diary. It's somewhere inbetween right now, the comedy element and cartoon style don't let it get too dark.

At first some of the characters seem just like tropes from all over the place, one even seems straight out of bakemonogatari. But things get more interested as it goes on regardless. There's also five guys, and the girls don't all just like one either(still the main has like three).

The main point is that it''s more of a story than it sounds, and that it goes in an interesting direction
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This is...  
by kuroihikari
June 24th, 2013, 9:46am
Rating: 8.0 / 10.0
This is... fascinating...
Making a comment about this manga is quite the challenge, all I can say is that in terms of originality, I strongly recommend this manga :
Story-wise : an harem without too much focus on the development of the relationships, and maybe not so many coherences. Not a manga for those who seek a developing romance I think.
Idea-wise : This is perfect. Except for the pushy character, this manga is completely revolutionary and my interest is quite piqued, there's nothing I have read I can compare this with, the concept is just awesome !
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