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Full Metal Panic! Σ   
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Full Metal Panic! Sigma
フルメタル・パニック! Σ
フルメタル・パニック! シグマ

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Sora Scans

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v.19 c.84-90 (end) by Illuminati-Manga over 8 years ago
v.18 c.78-83 by Illuminati-Manga over 9 years ago
v.17 c.72-77 by Illuminati-Manga over 10 years ago
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Starts at Vol 1, Chap 1
Ends at Vol 3, Chap 12 (The Second Raid); Vol 4, Chap 13-16 (OVA); Vol 11, Chap 44 (Invisible Victory)

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November 4th 2020, 6:27am



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Dragon Age (Fujimi Shobo)

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Uber fail  
by ilikeforums667
August 28th, 2019, 7:16pm
Rating: 3.0  / 10.0
So, what the heck was all this exactly? The characters' personas are destroyed, because some genius decided they should be "rebooted", "remade". The story is complete and utter bullshit, if they decided to bring a delorian in there, I would *not* be surprised.

Ohhh and apparently there just had be a ton of ass shots, tits shots (no nipple), front shots, sex positions completely out of the blue, for some mysterious reason only the author knows. I guess the team thought, since the story is non-existent let's throw a bunch of asses and boobs in there.

They should have taken the hentai path and not drag F.M.P through the mud.

Anyway, I'll soon forget I've even read this. I'll stick to the original F.M.P which has actual story.

Sigma is Uber fail.
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Main plot ruined the anime (and earlier manga chapters)  
by Phireo
March 5th, 2014, 4:20pm
Rating: N/A
The Save the world theme and all the screwing around by Chidori in this work have actually made me wish to not have read it. Just watch the anime and the previous manga and skip this one, where you'll find a completelly different tone. While in the original FMP they were kids trying to survive something greater than them, in this work they are actually in, the thousand times seen, change/save the world red lining, besides characters have gotten a complete illogical reboot of their personalities. There are a ton of saving the world, bad guy kidnaps girl manga and novels, FMP was not one of them, now it is. Also, the art is sometimes sub par.
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Ethically abhorrent.  
by MondSemmel
February 28th, 2014, 2:52am
Rating: 1.0  / 10.0
I wasn't happy with Full Metal Panic Sigma from the beginning - the art was worse than in the original manga and for the longest time frankly insufficient to capture the drama (e.g. in volume 5). More problematically, Sousuke experienced a completely implausible personality change after the first manga. In v4, for instance, he
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
makes the kind of demands he'd have considered 'terrorism' in the first manga. Bizarre.

The mecha battles are very hard to parse and exemplify the worst parts of shounen manga: The hero wins only because the hero wins because the hero wins. The last arc is an excellent example of this - suddenly, Sousuke can surpass any odds, no matter how overwhelming...
There are also way too many badly drawn (almost) naked girls, and girls in badly drawn bikini armor. These things are bad enough when they're drawn well, but when they're drawn badly, it's just...sad.
Then there are issues with characterization throughout the series, but I could maybe forgive those if the story itself were good.

Which finally brings me to the true issue I have with the story, the issue which makes me wish I had never read Sigma: The ending is ethically abhorrent and infantile. Spoilers follow.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
"Black technology is not something that came from people a hundred years into the future. It is the product of a never ending eighteen year cycle that repeats itself endlessly."
The heroes are confronted with a Groundhog Day scenario, in which you have a moral duty to optimize. What that optimization looks like depends on the specifics of how time travel works. For instance, what happens to people in the original timeline if you change the past? Do they disappear? Is that like erasing a whole timeline full of people? Or do they just change?
But none of these issues is truly addressed. Instead, changing the past is bad mainly because it's the plan of the evil antagonists. So obviously, the 'right' choice is to forego the option of time travel. Dead people stay dead, Sousuke remains a murderer with a head count of >100 people etc., but as long as _heroes_ are responsible for murders, it's apparently alright...
In fact, the choice is so bizarre that the author has to bend over backwards to make it appear sympathetic, by pulling a Kurz-isn't-really-dead scenario. So it's apparenly enough that Sousuke's closest friends are still alive, never mind Kalinin, or the dead whispered girl, or the millions of war victims...
You know an author has screwed up when the 'heroes' win and end up looking worse than the villains. But it's all fine because Sagara is "a nice kid" because he couldn't kill a 123rd person or something. Ridiculous. You want to be a truly nice kid? Then _act_ like one by fixing your past.
Instead, making the bad choice is fine as long as you feel "I have to live with that burden [of the people who died or remain dead because of my choice] for the rest of my life"? Same with Kaname's thought that "This couldn't possibly be a mistake. Right, Sophia?". Well, if you are completely self-centered and don't have any compassion for your fellow human beings, then maybe. But I had (wrongly) assumed our protagonists were better than that. They get their personal happy end, sure, but at the cost of the happiness of the whole world.

A final Groundhog Day comparison: I felt as badly about this ending as I would have if Phil, the protagonist in Groundhog Day, had found a way of escaping the time loop _without_ saving e.g. the guy who was suffocating. Even worse: What happens in Sigma is like Phil deciding he must make the 'tough choice' of _not_ saving the guy - although he could.

In conclusion, the ending is horrendous and pathetic. If I'd known the series would end in _such_ flawed Hollywood morality, I wouldn't have finished it. I wish I had never read Full Metal Panic Sigma - the first manga was pretty funny after all.

... Last updated on February 28th, 2014, 2:53am
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Love it  
by cornelia0306
April 15th, 2013, 7:22am
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
I just love the sousuke kaname love team. Yea and they matured a lot in the manga. I realized that i like weber when a specific part of the manga was about him. And i still dont like tessa. Whenever i read where she appears, somehow her small, annoying voice kept on reverberating in my eardrums. She better find another man lol. I just love the story how the main characters developed and i like the art too. I like sousuke in the first fmp manga but this artwork is still great but sousuke doesnt look mature as with the first fmp. I love really sousukeeeee he is the best mercenary!!!!!!! He is funny and clueless but is an expert during missions. Just read it to find more about kana and sousuke, i will not give any spoiler ^_<
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by Humza
March 30th, 2012, 2:30am
Rating: N/A
Ive watchd the anime and loved it ,but I thought maybe the manga wouldn't as good because it's not that popular ,even the comments here said its like that.....I have to say I'm shocked not only is the manga's story as gripping as the anime it's art is spot on.every chapter leaves u starving for more ...highly recommended.
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Strong story, art could be better  
by MangaGhost
February 27th, 2012, 8:39pm
Rating: 8.0  / 10.0
The original FMP manga had quite a bit of comedy, of course not all of it was great humor, and it had some serious moments especially towards the end but the seriousness or realism did not dominate. This sequel reverses that as its more serious and a bit darker. Its all played a bit more straight as we no longer have Sousuke using rubber bullets, but the real stuff. Some real questions get asked like what do mercenaries really do, and how many people have our favorite mercenaries actually killed. This is not bad.

Unfortunately, besides the reversal of seriousness over comedy we have the art flip as well. Its particularly irksome in the first 3 or 4 volumes. Many of the characters now look younger than the first series. Sousuke for example, does not look like he grew up in a war zone, that is visually he lacks a certain maturity instead he looks like any stereotypical shonen teenage punk. Instead of 17 he looks more like 13 at times. Hands and feet are drawn poorly sometimes. In some panels, not all which tells you its inconsistent, the shape of thighs and calves are not differentiated. This means the legs are just drawn as long tubes. This extends down into the ankles as characters like Tessa no longer have ankles but instead "skankles". I find the expressions and the emotions that the characters are supposed to portray coming across as stiff visually and not particularly convincing. Visually the action in the first volumes is not great. However, around volume 4 or 5 the art does improve overall and its not as distracting as it was (for me) in the first few volumes.

I think story wise its better than the original. Its not all "what did Sousuke blow up at school today?" It also has some character development and growth for Sousuke, Chidori Kaname, and Tessa. Now, I do think there are some weaknesses with some of the motivations of the characters, a few contrived moments, and a plot hole or two. But still its a pretty good story. I would say read it for the strong story, not so much for the art.

Oh, and Tessa FTW. I prefer her to any tsundere out there.
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FMP yay  
by KneeDeep
September 28th, 2011, 12:35pm
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
Ok major fanboy here.
As the series as a whole
For me almost every aspect of the FMP universe is perfect. The comedy parts, the action parts and the more dark part are well spread so you do not get that choppy feel of it trying to be everything at once and just fail horribly in every aspect. When it tries to be funny it usually is funny and when it is trying to be serious it is. The romance part is there and it is a big part of they story but it do not turn it into some sappy mish mash and overshadow the rest of the story, all parts of the story good pretty much the same attention and time, which is a good thing. The author do not forget where the story came from or where it is headed.
The plot is well thought out and nothing is really off.
Almost all of the characters are IMO great. Sousuke is a nice male lead. While he has major troubles in what normal people would call everyday life, he is very good at what he would call everyday life. He makes a very good contrast to the regular school life and, in a humorous way, the character Sousuke shows what might happen to kids growing up in a warzone without it turning into some emo bull. Kaname is well Kaname, all in all a good take on a heroine, sometimes shes weak, and sometimes she is strong, yet so do not just give up because something is hard or difficult, if Sousuke is not around to save her, she will at least try to get out of a sticky situation herself. The chemistry between the two characters are also very good and they compliment each other, so the romance part do not get choppy or totally unbelievable. The rest of the characters are all great, well except for Tessa, yeah I hate her too biggrin
The mecha part of the story is also very good. Yeah they are very powerful, but strategy can still take them out and they are not invincible with or without the lambda driver.
And while I remember it they lambda driver is so very well explained further into the story and it sounds less overpowered

Now for the manga. As someone said before, it makes a hell of a leap in the right direction by recognising that Sousuke is a killer and he is not just a retard that can not do anything beside screw. The art on the other hand, personally I think it is okay, but there is just something wrong with the characters heads.
As I love it I will only focus ont the bad parts everything is just awesome wink
The manga has three major problems. First of all the pacing. It is just so very bad everything happens so frickin fast that you do not have any clue what is happening and what is important and what’s not. The second major problem is the attention to detail. In the manga it just sucks some things are not explained well other things are just not explained and you have to do guess what, where and when. If I had not read the novels I would just be lost and skim. It is very bad at conveying the characters’ feelings and thoughts hence, they look stiff.
Yet despite all of this I give it a 10, fanboy wink

Conclusion, if you like the darker twist on the story and you want to learn more about the characters and well see an ending, go read the novels! Everything Spearsmen620, rightfully, complained about still happens, but you actually know why and they do not look like complete morons.
The novels are better in every aspect. The manga honestly looks like a cheap knock off compared to the novel.

... Last updated on September 28th, 2011, 12:36pm
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by Spearsmen620
August 15th, 2011, 9:11am
Rating: 1.0  / 10.0
I hate Tessa SOOOOOO MUCH after reading the first 3 volumes..... OMG, I just want to kill her.... she's so fucking stupid. I would have loved it if Sagara just left Mithril and let all of them die. And "Wraith" was a freaking wimpy ass idiot!

August 16th 2011 Edit: Just caught up to the latest release (vol. 12) and OMG! This is the first manga to actually frustrate the fuck out of me! IT'S SO FREAKING FRUSTRATING TO READ THIS MANGA! I really liked the first FMP series so I would think that this series would be good too, but boy was I wrong. This series ANNOYED THE FUCK out of me! It started with
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Tessa being a dumbass, then Tessa's bro, then Kaname started being a freaking dumbass too and left Sagara.... OMG! Then Souske went looking for Kaname so HARD, then he kept getting held back. THEN Kaname had the GODDAMN chance to get away, but she didn't even grasp it!!!!! Then she says later on that "no matter what i'll escape" psh, yeah right! Then when she talks to Souske while in the helicopter, she said that she tried many times to escape! OMG Kaname is such a dumb bimbo bitch! It was SOOOOOOOOOO frustrating to read this manga, but my vows are to read mangas that I start, and I'm already fucking frustrated by reading 12 volumes, I just can't wait until Kalinin kills Leonard. Yes, I spoiled myself just so I can get some damn closure off this stupid manga. SO much twists that it's not even good anymore. I just can't wait until it's over so I can FINALLY get done with this frustrating manga...
This manga is annoying the hell out of me. I would have given this manga an 8 before all the goddamn twists, so I want to give it a 0, but I can't rate that low, so I'm giving it a 1. This is a guy who gives 10's easy too... I seriously can't understand why there are alot of fans for this manga. The characters annoy the hell out of me and are stupid as hell. The whispered are supposed to be geniuses for god's sake! Yet, they make the stupidest decisions!!!

Edit: Sorry, I am bashing this manga but it pisses me off so much. Please don't be so harsh to me! ;c

... Last updated on September 7th, 2013, 9:24pm
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A step in the right direction  
by Kevadu
October 5th, 2010, 5:08pm
Rating: 9.0  / 10.0
Let me start by saying that I was not originally a huge fan of Full Metal Panic. The juxtaposition of Sagara's wacky hijinks in civilian life and generic mecha stuff was always a little hard to swallow. It was made even worse (in my opinion, anyway) by the total deus ex machina nature of the lambda driver. It always struck me as a lazy plot device.

But this? This I like.

Sure it's just a continuation of the same story, but it has taken on a completely different tone. The change of artist is part of it, and I actually think it's a change for the better. But the biggest change is how the story itself has become much more serious. The fact that Sagara is basically a professional killer is actually acknowledged and even emphasized for once. The enemies that Mithril is fighting have become much more aggressive and it is no longer possible for them accomplish their objectives while keeping everything squeaky clean. It just feels a lot more realistic overall.

I can see why long time fans might be put off by the change in tone, but as somebody who was never really crazy about the earlier style (didn't love or hate it, was just kind of blah), this definitely feels like a step in the right direction.
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once take off from where the anime left off  
by yuno19
September 1st, 2010, 1:31pm
Rating: N/A
its good. i have no access to the novel (and its a bother too reading text), so through this manga, i can appreciate the goodness of fmp story. at least eight point from easy point giver.
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