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Anthology of one-shots by different authors featuring monster girls. Vol 10 • Onikko Aftercare (鬼っ娘アフターケア) by UNO Ryoku
2012 - 6.54 / 10.0
1. The Circle All social connections fall into circles, some circles intersect, and some people can never connect. Captain Tachikawa wants to be closer to talented amateur Furuda, but it's surprisingly diffi...
2009 - 7.56 / 10.0
1. My Niniue-sama 2. The Concealed Ending Has Been Found 3. Bloomers Save Mankind! 4-8. Custom Zombie Girl
2009 - 6.92 / 10.0
Pai is a strange, provincial woman who has come to Tokyo from the Tibetan highlands. Somewhere in Tokyo is a young man who can help her in her quest... to become human! When Pai finally finds Yakumo, they se...
1987 - 7.78 / 10.0
The Hero has defeated the Demon King, but the Princess he meant to save turned out to be a Prince. NEETdom, here he comes, but a life of relaxation surrounded by animes is a pretty sweet deal. Unfortunately...
2014 - 8.18 / 10.0
1. Boku no Kawaii Kangofu-san 2. 3. Dame Onna 4. Cinderella Academy 5. J&J 6. Passive heart 7. 8. Demonisshu no Akuma 9. Demonisshi na Tenshi 10.
2003 - 6.51 / 10.0
Ryou Jinnou is the chairman of a big company. Having succeeded his late father very young, he’s bored to death... And he chooses as a hobby the summoning of a demon with which he decides to have fun, wheth...
2011 - 6.74 / 10.0
Deimos was once a handsome god. He loved a beautiful goddess who returns his sentiments. The problem, well, she is his sister. For their crime against nature they were struck down out of Olympus. The brother...
1975 - 7.63 / 10.0
The story centers on Arisu, who just started high school. Her first day of school, which also happened to fall on her 16th birthday, was rather catastrophic. Arisu was absolutely devastated, and when she cam...
1992 - 7.12 / 10.0
Three thousand years of bowing down to the Demon Lord, I would rather be a mortal than a celestial being when looking back, but for her I will… become one who controls life and death! ====================...
2012 - 6.91 / 10.0
A demon kills married couples while an angel tries to stop her, but cannot. Why?
2003 - 6.62 / 10.0
Calogero, a famous painter, is rumoured to have been executed for the crime of summoning demons. Soon afterwards, his "talentless apprentice," Eria, encounters a mysterious man who claims to be "Calogero's p...
Caught in a war between the mystic warriors known as the Candala vs. the cruel shape-shifting monsters "BUTO"... can Alvaro and his sister survive in this foreign land?
2019 - 6.48 / 10.0
Demonic father and daughter go through candidates to find the new mother.
2011 - 6.13 / 10.0
Sequel to Immortal Regis. Original Webcomic
2008 - 7.73 / 10.0
A forbidden game played in an evil castle of madness with the cursed relic "The Coffin of Cerebrum." Captured maids, princesses of fallen countries, and others are forced to play the game, and while the winn...
2010 - 7.22 / 10.0
Broke young man + chainsaw dog demon = Chainsaw Man. The name says it all! Denji's life of poverty is changed forever when he merges with his pet chainsaw dog, Pochita! Now he's living in the big city and a...
2018 - 8.28 / 10.0
Since the Young Master is useful only in his looks... Original Twitter Comic With a NSFW continuation on FANBOX and dlsite.
2021 - 6.50 / 10.0
A generation of soldiers is hidden in the city. However, he got clues about his missing girlfriend by accident and eventually returned to the army. Participate in the military's most mysterious "Inverse Scal...
After high-schooler Nanatsu Io is crushed by disappointment in love, she finds herself pulled into a strange cafe, "Cafe Acheron," by pretty male workers, Kiba and Resato. Io decides to change herself by get...
2011 - 6.67 / 10.0
A mysterious cult is sacrificing beautiful young women to a demonic force that has promised them the kingdom of France in return for the blood of their victims. Only one man can save Paris from chaos and ter...
2005 - 7.25 / 10.0
15 years ago, the newborn Ukai Nanoha and her mother were involved in a plane crash. The mother was killed and the child alone, among all of the passengers, survived. This survival was brought about thanks t...
2001 - 7.58 / 10.0