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Yuuutsu na Asa  
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Associated Names
Blue Morning
Ein melancholischer Morgen (German)
Gorzki poranek (Polish)
Melancholic Morning
Меланхоличное утро
ตราบสิ้นอรุณโศก (Thai)
우울한 아침

Groups Scanlating
Fujoshi Ninja
Hourou Musume

Latest Release(s)
c.29 by Fujoshi Ninja & Cesegura & Hourou Musume over 4 years ago
c.28 by Fujoshi Ninja over 5 years ago
v.6 c.Extra by Cesegura over 5 years ago
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May 2nd 2021, 1:56pm PST



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Chara Selection (Tokuma Shoten)

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SuBLime (8 Vols - Complete)

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over 4 years ago

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Unexpectedly brilliant. Blows my doubts away.  
by jadey
August 29th, 2014, 3:13am
Rating: N/A
Initially, I avoided this manga like the plague - the first two chapters had everything I HATED in a yaoi manga: younger brat seme, a cold uke, pathetic puppy love and then, ordered rape. I thought it was going to follow that pattern, and I couldn't understand why this manga was so respected.

A few months later, I forced myself to read it again, and having read till chapter 25, oh. My. Goodness. I couldn't have been more wrong; I've stumbled upon a gem of a work.

I thought Akihito (younger seme) was very pathetic in the beginning, the ordered rape was revolting to the extreme, but thank goodness, he matures a few chapters later, developing a shrewd, resolute mindset of his own, standing equal and occasionally, one-upping Katsuragi in his own games. People who used to regard him as a naive child are forced to change their opinions of him the moment he entered politics, and how he plays the game indeed. The story follows his perspective, but there're even times when I couldn't predict what Akihito would do. I absolutely love this kind of characterization, where in 25 chapters, he's virtually unrecognizable from his self in chapter 1! That's how good the story is.

And with Katsuragi, we learn a little about his personality and convictions, and how good is it to read moments whenever he's being thrown off his game by Akihito, and that mask just slips a bit and we see his REAL feelings bursting out? It is a bit of a cliche, but here, it is done wonderfully, and the unresolved tension between them is oh so heavy and delicious indeed. How far he had come, from heavy disdain for Akihito, to...something else. We get peeks of it in Katsuragi's unguarded moments, and that's all I will say in the matter.

To sum it up, bravo! People, do not pass up a chance to read this title like I almost did. You won't regret it.
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Possibly the best I've read.  
by stinaweena
August 19th, 2014, 12:02pm
Rating: 10.0 / 10.0
I made an account on here just for the SOLE purpose of reviewing this manga and giving it a 10/10 rating which it truly deserves. I'm a fan of Hidaka-sensei, so I knew I would love Yuuutsu na Asa even before I read it. I was correct, I loved Akihito's need/want for Katsuragi, I loved Katsuragi's tsundere personality, and I loved the historical aspect of it, since in those times homosexuality was very frowned upon. I even bought all the volumes of the manga in English, and it is better than the scanlated versions. The groups did a good job, but it was at times hard to follow because of the politics and the Japanese terms. At first I didn't like how there was an older uke and younger seme, but I grew to love it just like how I fell in love with all of the characters.

I understand why some people might not like it, but we like what we like and no one can change that. To each our own, I guess.
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by doki-doki-kimochi
January 15th, 2014, 10:44pm
Rating: 10.0 / 10.0
I don't understand the low ratings for this.
One, if it's because of the
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
"rape," obviously yeah, it's non-consensual for the most part of Katsuragi, but if you look further into it rather than a maddening moment I saw it as a hopeless, despair last act of Akihito to grasp at what he could of Katsuragi.

Two, if it's because of the "annoying" characters
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
okay I kind of was bothered by this AT FIRST. To me, it was annoying how Akihito was so clingy and desperate and whiny and all that jazz, but really I kind of see the point of it now. I've obviously read past that first part, and his change in character (yes he does change) allows for the interaction between Katsuragi and Akihito to be so much more compelling. In the beginning, Katsuragi is extremely cold to Akihito and the latter's seeking of attention is almost painful to watch. But as they change and it becomes more endearing, them having their original interaction as "painful" builds onto the angst when Akihito find out that SPOILER WITHIN A SPOILER Katsuragi was just going to take everything away from Akihito. BUT OBVIOUSLY, that's not the case, and their struggle is so beautifully crafted and full of loving angst.

Three, if it's because of the over-complicated plot/setting
what else do you expect? "Historical" genre label. "Taisho Era" category. And the over-complicated plot? I don't think it's over-complicated at all. True, there are many different characters and interactions, but it's one simple plot line that it focuses on and it's really not at all hard to manage. It was only hard for me because I started reading from Chapter 10 thinking it was Chapter 1, but other than that, the story is not difficult to follow. True, you may have to read it a bit slower to process the information and remember which Katsuragi did this and who this guy is and that, but I honestly think that makes it all more exciting- kind of like reading a novel that you want to thoroughly digest.

Other than that, if you can't stomach what I've said, then it's probably not the manga's fault but rather your personal tastes.

Just gotta say though, I love this manga to pieces (wasn't a big fan at first, but hey, it takes some getting into) and the art is gorgeous. The characters are in no way perfect (and sometimes I tend to read & like manga with more perfect characters which made me liking this a bit strange) but that's what's great about it. Definitely recommended.
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Should be made into a movie  
by Gattaca88
January 5th, 2014, 1:05pm
Rating: 10.0 / 10.0
The plot is gripping and the drama feels so real. Some people are complaining that this is too complicated, but that is one reason why this manga is amazing. It shows there is depth to this story and depth is something I want to explore. Yes, there are plenty of fun and light yaoi mangas out there but once in a while I like to read stories where the two main lovers have to really struggle and fight to be with each other, positions are barriers and seriously break many people up, so I like how I am reading about one and the struggles that come with it.

The two main characters are meant to be, they really played at my heartstrings. I also love plots where there is a history between them....childhood is such an important part of ones life and not everyone is lucky enough to have had someone there all along. Katsuragi knows Kuze inside and out...watched him grow up and make mistakes...he has been there all along and Kuze has been in love with Katsuragi for most of the time they have been together.

... Last updated on January 5th, 2014, 3:30pm
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True Masterpiece.  
by Namiya
December 12th, 2013, 7:48pm
Rating: 10.0 / 10.0
This is, hands down, a true masterpiece.
It is long, develops at a steady and nice pace, has a great, interesting and exciting plot and very likable, understandable characters, that develop throughout the story.
The art style is just great... there's really no flaws what-so-ever; Hidaka Shoko sensei handles any situation perfectly well, not only anatomy but the facial expressions speak louder than words in this manga.
The sex scenes are incredibly steamy and emotional, and they are just frequent enough to keep you on the edge of your seat, anticipating the next while not feeling unsatisfied at all.
The whole setting and plot seems well researched, there's no plotholes or things that feel odd to me personally... yes it's heavy on politics and it has pages with a lot of talk - but as far as you don't mind that, it's a perfect manga.
I love the characters, both Akihito and Katsuragi, and what I love most in such pieces is the change in them... how they slowly change their opinion or view on things, how love slowly grows... how characters act in certain ways, affecting one another... it's all implemented so well!
Really, there's not one negative thing I can say about this.
I was drawn in from the start and unable to put this manga down until I reached the final so far released chapter. The only bad thing here is, that it is still ongoing, and will leave you wanting more!

If you are not into stories, just looking for the typical BL manga with dudes meeting and then hooking up, this might be too deep or boring to you, but anyone else, please do yourself a huge favor and read this!
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Not disappointing but not excelling either  
by MirayAllen
November 20th, 2013, 4:26pm
Rating: 6.0 / 10.0
Being an avid reader of Hidaka-sensei's work, I can't say this is anywhere near my favourites of hers so far. The art, as expected, is magnificent and both main characters are perfectly lovable in their own way, no matter how misunderstood they come across like more often than not. My main concern is, I think, with the plot. It drags in an overly complicated- arguably unnecessary- way, so much so I caught myself squinting and scrolling more times than I would like to. The historical and political intrigue, coupled with the issue of the problematic social status, goes on and on forever in a way that is neither stimulating - artistically or culturally speaking - or easy to follow and assimilate: and the larger the conversation, the worse it is, I reckon.

I don't mean to say this is a bad manga. Not at all, it has some pretty valuable points rooting for it: interesting and compelling characters developed to the needed extent, lovely intimate moments between the main couple (great smex by the way), plus an intricate storyline that goes far beyond the formulaic BL out there, even though it remains, for the most part, a Master-Servant relationship. However, a few chapters down the road, I did question how well executed the plot was, as I was getting less and less from it. There's too much babbling on seemingly important subjects that lead nowhere except when they do but you can't tell they do because you've forgotten all about it none

It's not just a matter of being "complicated" but that it's complicated in a very iffy way.

Some of Hidaka Shoko's works are, and always will be, in my Top 10 --- or make it 5. But this one, so far, I say, is not impressive. Of course I'll keep on reading it, so long as chapters are out. We'll see.
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Beautiful, mature, and an actual plot...  
by Cassandra08
September 4th, 2013, 10:48am
Rating: 10.0 / 10.0
I really enjoyed this, and am eagerly anticipating further updates.

Although at five volumes the story is long, it has plot and a good set of characters, which helps. However, if you are looking for a light, I'll-just-skim-through-it read, this isn't it. The dialogue is essential to the complex, aristocracy-based plot and half of the manga is focused on inheritance rather than any tangible romance.

That being said, I loved the relationship between the two main characters. I particularly enjoyed the first few and middle volumes, watching the power balance shift and Akihito's growth into the lord he becomes. I liked watching Akihito struggle for power over Katsuragi and laughed at every time he was coolly cut down, just as you thought he was finally about to get one over. I liked the rape, I thought it worked with the character's emotions, and unlike some other reviewers I thought it actually enhanced the dynamics of their relationship, and worked with their romance as K. slowly fell for Akihito.

I also loved Katsuragi as a character; his cool, mature aloofness, and sometimes very harsh behaviour, combined with his unexpected, but absolutely adorable softening as the series progressed (especially during some of the sex) worked together well with Akihito's youth and unexpectedly fiery temper and immaturity (although he mellowed out as the series progressed). Katsuragi definitely made the manga for me (at the start, he reminded me a little of Sebastien from Kuroshitsuji). And Katsuragi is a MAN, which I loved. No girly ukes here, this dude could seriously kick some ass if he wanted.

Despite this being set in the taisho (?) period (not one of my favs) and being a master-servant relationship, this just worked for me. I cannot stress how beautiful I found the art, and along with Hana wa Saku ka I plan on buying this series when I can.

So definitely read if you have time and want something different from the normal same-old same-old yaoi.

P.S. Don't read for the sex, but if you're finding it lacking a bit in both panel-time and description the series does get more explicit as it goes on longer. Although the scenes are not overtly graphic, there are a couple really tender ones where you can really see/get/understand the emotions of the characters that they are feeling at the time.

... Last updated on September 4th, 2013, 10:51am
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If I'm being honest...  
by varianthart
June 15th, 2013, 11:44pm
Rating: N/A
This is a very well written series with beautiful art and these things I cannot deny. However for me, it's a bit dry. There is endless babbling about complicated political relationships and I just don't find that interesting on the level in which it is presented. I also don't really appreciate the rape factor, but I guess I get it here. I don't think this could wind up being a really strong romance and if it does, it would lose some points with me for it given the origins of the relationship. I can definitely see how someone could absolutely love this, but I often have to force myself to keep reading as I'm honestly quite bored. I also find the whole thing rather stressful to read because there is just so much going on and it's all pretty negative and miserable. That's respectable too in a way, but it doesn't make me want to keep reading, especially with such an overall tiresome plot.
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by ero-maiden
June 10th, 2013, 2:05pm
Rating: 6.0 / 10.0
A little too much for my understanding. Guess I got used to more of a less psychological yaoi manga. Only gave it a high rating 'cause my friend forced me. She told that if I didn't like it, I should give it at least a 6. Well, I liked the art of Hidaka-sensei. Tbh, the only historical yaoi manga that I really, really like was Hua Hua You Long and I can tell you, that manga made me refreshed like those girls in the Pond's commercials. This manga has such a complicated story that It's just like watching those k dramas except this one has rape in it. I've never seen a k drama with rape.

And no, your experiences or what you feel about this manga is not universal. Not everything applies to every person. Most people liked this manga because I don't know. I didn't liked this manga because of the reasons stated above this paragraph, but mostly because I dislike overly complicated plot. Fyi, didn't finish this manga. Bored me because I didn't get any of it. It's like watching Death Note, but I enjoyed DN.
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Fantastic! Intricate plot.  
by luminousbrink
May 22nd, 2013, 10:40am
Rating: 9.0 / 10.0
What can I say? This is a fantastic yaoi, one of the best I've read. The story is intriguing and definitely confusing if you skim over the dialogue (which is very full). If you're a reader who likes a lot of steam but light plot and dialogue, then this might not be for you. But if you like deep yaoi with steam AND substance, then this will satisfy you, I promise.

Yuuutsu na Asa = worth a read. Great art, setting, and story rich in emotion, struggle, and PASSION.
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