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Note: Former name: Yotoshichi Gakuen Shuto Kaigi
2014 - 6.37 / 10.0
In this small town, within the 49 days after a person dies, you can see the dead's spirit. She once admired this small town where you can still spent time with the ones precious to you within these 49 days, ...
2012 - 7.76 / 10.0
MAL: The Gokuhi-gumi are a band of space Yakuza. Led by "Genji of the North Star," they seek to go to war with other yakuza factions and generally cause trouble throughout the galaxy.
1978 - 6.50 / 10.0
Time stopped at eighteen for Ji Yi, and now all she wants to do is pick up from where she left off. Her career depends on it, and on top of that, she has to survive a fake marriage turned real! Some missed o...
Middle school, year 2, Summer. The me who was unable to say “don’t go” or that “I liked you” to her in the past appeared before me 3 years later. The story of a boy and a girl confronting the time ...
2015 - 7.16 / 10.0
The internet famous star ‘ a cat’ was mysteriously kidnapped, but soon after seeing the confidence on A cat’s face, the kidnappers began to question their own handiwork, and as suspicion grew, the wall...
2019 - 6.65 / 10.0
A young scary looking man was kidnapped and brought to a mansion by a young scary looking woman... she asks him a question that will decide his future. What will he say?
2015 - 6.52 / 10.0
Two childhood friends become more than friends.
2014 - 6.59 / 10.0
Sibling mercenaries encounter a tentacle monster which overcomes the brother's body!
2011 - 5.92 / 10.0
On the day of my father’s farewell ceremony, my mother secretly communicated with my most trusted professor! After many years, I reunited with the professor again. The professor has two more beautiful wome...
2020 - 6.41 / 10.0
Satomi is a chubby girl who can’t hold back from eating junk food. One day, her mother gets her a home tutor, a boy called Sou Kudou, who happens to be a senpai she's long admired. At first he seems cold, ...
2013 - 6.25 / 10.0
The sickly Sect Master Yun Yifeng peddles intelligence, and Prince Xiao requires his service to investigate a theft. Enticing Yun with medicine that can cure his sickness—something Prince Xiao doesn't have...
A short little comic about a well-meaning, very tired office worker, and a tiny snowman who, among other things, finds itself a knife.
2018 - 6.62 / 10.0
A tree spirit from an unknown origin (who’s actually more than a few thousand years old), infiltrates ’cold on the outside but warm on the inside’ Tang Jun’s life. The spirit that fell from the sky d...
2019 - 6.44 / 10.0
The unspeakable secrets between a handsome dentist and his patient's classmate. Original Webtoon
6.65 / 10.0
A girl wakes up in a foreign world after an drowning accident and is suspected to be the 'dragon priestess'. Original Webtoon Creator's revised version of Webtoon
2012 - 7.25 / 10.0
Itamura the cashier is called into the back room to join with Kiritani and the store manager in a special "Work Training Program."
2010 - 6.09 / 10.0
After a misplaced confession lands the letter of Touno Hitomi in the locker of Saijou Nagisa, both of them experience feelings of attraction towards each other.
2018 - 6.49 / 10.0
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6.51 / 10.0
1. JK to Mujintou 2. Fujieda-san ni Lock On Sareta you desu 3. Osananajimi no Soumatou 4. Jinja Ura no Himitsu no Anaba (The Secret Spot Behind the Shinto Shrine) 5. Yuzu-chan no Love Attack Daisakusen! (Yuz...
2015 - 6.41 / 10.0