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Shiina Amane is special. Her father is an exorcist, and she herself can see spirits. But gifts always come with a price.
2002 - 6.73 / 10.0
The story revolves around a mysterious place called "Angel's Island" that resides somewhere on the ocean seas. Living on Angel's Island are a species of merpeople that can live in both the sea and on land. T...
1960 - 6.57 / 10.0
Fateful Encounters: Tsunayoshi is Misao's big brother, though they're not related by blood. He used to be a juvenile delinquent, and his love for his little sister is constantly embarrassing Misao. Yet he's ...
2004 - 6.76 / 10.0
Chika and Aya are in love with the same teacher. Determined to be the victor even if it meant using any means necessary, Chika accidentally comes to know Aya's true nature.
2019 - 6.46 / 10.0
Yui has a deep love for her "older brother" (they're not actually siblings, but are related), and she is devastated when he gets married. While at the wedding, Yui meets a sobbing boy, Kaoru. It turns out th...
2008 - 7.41 / 10.0
A girl who was born specially and a normal boy. Original Webtoon
2013 - 6.59 / 10.0
Yoshioka Futaba has a few reasons why she wants to "reset" her image and life as a new high-school student. Because she's cute and had a demure personality she was ostracized by her female friends in junior...
2011 - 8.26 / 10.0
Aoyoma Tsukiko has always been misunderstood due to her expressionless face. Having to repeat first year of high school again due to her usual bad luck, she strives to have a happy and cheerful high school l...
2014 - 7.60 / 10.0
Sankaku is going to graduate from junior high soon, and she is a girl who treats many things with cold cynicism because of a disappointing romance during elementary school. She now does not have the courage ...
2003 - 6.42 / 10.0
12.000 years after the events of Sousei no Aquarion, mankind is threatened by a new enemy from other dimension labeled "Abductors", who just like the Shadow Angels, invade the human cities to kidnap its inha...
2012 - 7.13 / 10.0
Sachie Wakamura just lost her mother, and her estranged grandfather has shown up to take care of her. The only problem is that Grandpa is the head of a yakuza gang! Sachie tries to continue living her normal...
2005 - 7.95 / 10.0
This is the first commercially published work by Miyamoto Kano. 2) Angelic Conversations I This is the earliest timeline appearance of Bun. He is 17 and he is a regular at Akio's coffee shop/tattoo parlor. ...
2002 - 7.78 / 10.0
An anthology of Chiho Saito's short stories. Masterpiece Collection 4: 1. Aru Hi, Knight ni Attanara (One Day, When Meeting a Knight) The title story tells the tale of what happens when an elevator girl meet...
1989 - 7.00 / 10.0
On a hill overlooking the sea, in a town that retains its old-world beauty, a new and gentle love story begins!
2011 - 7.23 / 10.0
Living together with a boy under the same roof, approved by the parents!? Story 1: Asa Chun! The childhood friend she reunites with after 4 years has become super handsome!? And for one month, the two of t...
2010 - 7.23 / 10.0
Itou Maasa is about as accurately named a girl as you can imagine. Unlike her mother (whom she lives with – she has no memory of her father) she’s a morning person, energetic and full of life. She’s ju...
1996 - 6.68 / 10.0
Inoue Wakaba is a high school student who wishes to live a quiet and normal life. Moving back to her hometown, a memory that she doesn't want to touch resurfaces.
A promise of love that Sensei remembers. His young student however, also his first/childhood love, has completely forgotten. He'll make her remember with any means necessary.
2014 - 7.09 / 10.0
Natsuho visited an abandoned shrine during her high school trip; after the school trip, strange things kept happening to her - like going back in time. What's even more weird is lone wolf Kayano, staring and...
2015 - 6.94 / 10.0
Hot demonic lords appear one after another, all aiming for Haruka, who doesn't have a single relative! It is said that the one who gets Haruka will lead the way to happiness for their family, but...?!
2008 - 6.97 / 10.0
Mai falls in love with Amano who has another girlfriend. Rian goes into summer camp for training. Nao gets drunk and has sex with her boyfriend. Wakana is in delicate relationship with her two childhood frie...
2005 - 6.81 / 10.0