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AN ARRANGED MARRIAGE Allison lives with her uncle, the CEO of a bank in deep financial trouble. Blue Summer, a wealthy farm owner, offers him financial aid in return for Allison's hand in marriage. Allison ...
2006 - 6.91 / 10.0
Vol 2 • Oshioki by MOROTA Shigetaka: Yuuichi-kun is punished by his club mates in an effort to suppress his rebellious attitude but they end up making Yuuichi-kun even more evil. • Seitsuu Mae, Seitsuu ...
2003 - 6.07 / 10.0
1. Too no Oiwai (Tenth Year Celebration) 2-3. Pop'n'Roll 4. Mizutama no One Piece (Polka-Dot Dress) 5. Yurika no Shimobe (Yurika's Servant) 6. Concerto 7. Pretty Work 8. Lens-goshi no Tenshi (An Angel Throug...
2010 - 6.60 / 10.0
Yang Ming is the epitome of delinquents, getting in fights, skipping school, and cheating on tests. One day, he gets a mysterious pair of contact lenses that change his entire life.
6.04 / 10.0
I have a 10-year-old distant sister. I'm glad you yearn for me as before, but I feel like I'm coming to my heart more recently than my older sister! ?
2019 - 6.73 / 10.0
A vampire who lives in complete isolation, Ed, one day finds an abandoned child named Phil on a whim. From then on, they live together. Saying he loves Ed, Phil grows innocently emotionally attached to the v...
2008 - 7.48 / 10.0
This is an action & criminal story of a mafia, but the hero is an ordinary housekeeper. When Takashi Nagumo was a high-school student, he was attacked by street gangs. Luckily, a very impressive & strong g...
2001 - 7.97 / 10.0
For salaryman Kotaro Takami, heaven is a gravure model named Misaki Hoshino. Now his dream may be coming true; the TV station he works for wants to use Hoshino for their new promotion--and Takami is in charge...
2006 - 7.69 / 10.0
Mary Anne runs away from her house. The reason? She lives in a family that, throughout their history, has only given birth to women. And oddly enough, each and every woman born into the family has been born ...
1999 - 6.53 / 10.0
Somewhere, there’s a business town where angels and devils work. Former two colleagues, Kuroishi and Hoshiuchi landed themselves in this part of the world after dying from having (too much) sex and started...
2017 - 6.90 / 10.0
The five-year-old Lotti and six-year-old Johnny made the pledge that they would enroll to the Royal Music Academy together when they grew older. Sadly, the two were soon separated as their nation was divided...
1972 - 6.70 / 10.0
2003 - 6.66 / 10.0
Misaki is a regular girl except for the odd birthmarks on her back, like angel wings. One day, a mysterious young man appears in Misaki's life, changing it forever. He saves her life, then passes out from hu...
1989 - 6.81 / 10.0
Marco De Luna is head over heels for Claudia, his little sister’s new best friend…until he hears where she’s living—the old mansion on the outskirts of town that Primo Vasile stole from the De Luca f...
Is he an angel... or a devil? Baron Ciel Angelucci will grant your wish - at a price. When one hapless antiques dealer breaks the Baron's seal, he is once more free to roam both time and space, bending real...
Contains eighty-eight pages of stunning, full-blown, full-color artwork by Hana-Kimi series creator, Hisaya Nakajo. Characters and situations come to life in this over-sized and lavishly illustrated artbook.
2004 - 7.15 / 10.0
"You can marry me when I become an adult" - I said 10 years ago. I’ve remembered that precious promise ever since! Young Duke x Maid onee-san❤️
2018 - 6.71 / 10.0