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Second tier actress, Mu Shi Shi, was transported by accident back to the dynasty era and became the ugliest eldest daughter in Lingyun's state minister's mansion, then inexplicably got an arranged engagement...
A gag one-shot by the author of Toriko about the lives of the bizarre race of gods, the Gods of Laughter.
2015 - 6.44 / 10.0
Manga adaptation of the novel "Yami no Moribito", which is the second novel in the Moribito series after "Seirei no Moribito". All the Moribito novels have standalone plots. After the events of Seirei no Mo...
2014 - 7.40 / 10.0
1-3) A Gentle Depression (Yawaraka na Yuuutsu) 3.5) Satou Nao's Troubles 4) When The Stars Fall 5) We'll Have To Be Together
2011 - 6.68 / 10.0
In the Yuki no Project series: Itazura na 24 Ji (Naughty 24) - Wakana, 16 years of age, happens to live by herself. At her new apartment, she finds that she is going to live with the idol Takuto. Kami-sam...
1998 - 6.58 / 10.0
Volumes of yuri one-shots. Volume 1: (scanlated) ? Suki Tokidoki Kiss, by Kitsune Miyashita ? Ichiban Sukina Hito, by Tokitsukaze Otoha ? Arcadia ~Flowers of Paradise~, by Mizuno Touko ? Girls' Union, by Mo...
2007 - 7.22 / 10.0
This was a fragmented and disorganized world, this was a place that had been forgotten. That day, was the most frustrating time for Ning Chen, when on that day, he was abruptly brought here. Because this wor...
2015 - 6.04 / 10.0
1997 - 5.79 / 10.0
Anthology of Mizuki's Garo stories. 29: Youkai "Mass Media" ??: Planet (does not appear in the Table of Contents) 32: 5-Yen Coin
2015 - 6.57 / 10.0
Collection of six short stories: -"Good Boy!" Gaudi ( “Good Boy!”ガウディ) -Shunshoku Rapuntseru (春色らぷんつぇる) -Shiogaze no Okurimono (潮風の贈り物) -Ichigo no Ka...
2004 - 6.43 / 10.0
Physical intimacy with a merciless, ass of a boss... After being made to orgasm repeatedly while my knees shook, I had no choice but to offer him my body...
2019 - 6.41 / 10.0
A young girl (Kaburagi Aruto) aspiring to become a shoujo mangaka, much to her chagrin, discovers she is fated to become a renowned hentai manga artist (thanks to a time-traveling robot named G-Maru who is a...
2010 - 6.86 / 10.0
1998 - 6.55 / 10.0
What if your girlfriend changes every time you roll the dice? Every time a different style, a different personality! I accidentally got a dice that changed my girlfriend, who was like an iron wall, to an o...
2019 - 6.45 / 10.0
1. Bitch Eisai Kyouiku 2. Junban wa Mamorou 3. Sumeba Miyako 4. Maji✰LOVE Imouto 5. Koibito wa Gikyoudai 6. Super Rare Shogakusei 7. Zonzonbiyori 8. Eien no Wakaba Girl
2017 - 6.30 / 10.0
Narugami Kyoko is a 14-year-old girl with extraordinarily high amounts of static electricity. She shorts out electronics, shocks people, frizzes out people's hair, and makes their clothes full of static. Und...
2011 - 6.64 / 10.0
Raising a hundred heroes and ending the war with an evil god, Eisen saved the world. Having received a great injury from protecting the heroes, he left for the Other World to recover. In that time, the heroe...
2019 - 6.67 / 10.0
A love triangle between a woman, a man, and a transvestite boy. Neri's twin brother, Kiri, reunited for the first time in three years. He had a face that looked exactly like Neri, and was dressed in "cute" c...
2015 - 6.55 / 10.0
The Grand Cross series consists of three volumes: Volumes in series: 1: 1995 Tokyo Kaimetsu (Tokyo Destruction) 2: 1997 Daisanjisekaitaisen (World War III) 3: 1999 Jinrui Shuumatsu (End of the Human Race)
Humanity, having faced extinction at the end of the 20th century, would not have entered the new millennium if it weren't for them. In 1969, during their youth, they created a symbol. In 1997, as the coming ...
1999 - 8.76 / 10.0