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Tensei Kizoku Kantei Sukiru de Nariagaru - Jakushou Ryouchi o Uketsuidanode, Yuushuuna Jinzai o Fuyashite Itara, Saikyou Ryouchi ni Natteta   
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After being reincarnated, Ars Louvent is supposed to live in a different world as a weak aristocrat. Both his physical strength and intelligence were mediocre in both worlds, but here he naturally possessed a skill called "Appraisal" that allowed him to see the potential of any person. By gathering talented people by his side, Ars uses this "Appraisal" skill to transform his weak territory into the strongest one! But the road ahead of him won't be so simple (MangaDex)


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Associated Names
As a Reincarnated Aristocrat, I'll Use My Appraisal Skill to Rise in the World
Reincarnated as an Aristocrat With an Appraisal Skill
Seorang bangsawan yang bereinkarnasi, bangkit dengan kemampuan analisis
Tensei Kizoku Kantei Sukiru de Nariagaru ~Jakushou Ryouchi o Uketsuidanode, Yuushuuna Jinzai o Fuyashite Itara, Saikyou Ryouchi ni Natteta~
Tensei Kizoku, Kantei Skill de Nariagaru
Tensei Kizoku, Kantei Skill de Nariagaru ~ Jakushou Ryouchi wo Uketsuida node, Yuushuu na Jinzai wo Fuyashiteitara, Saikyou Ryouchi ni Natteta ~
Terlahir kembali menjadi seorang bangsawan dengan skill penilaian~
เกิดใหม่เป็นขุนนาง ขึ้นเป็นใหญ่ด้วยสกิลประเมิน -พอบุคคลชั้นยอดเข้ามา แคว้นแสนงอกง่อยที่รับสืบทอดก็กลายเป็นแคว้นสุดแกร่ง-
転生貴族、鑑定スキルで成り上がる ~弱小領地を受け継いだので、優秀な人材を増やしていたら、最強領地になってた~

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Great read better than what reviews are saying  
by Theoneyedsnake
August 6th, 2023, 9:50am
Rating: 8.0  / 10.0
You have to take into account that most of negative reviews are people who skimmed not read the manga, or even worst just judged it based on the first chapter. To top it off there are complaints about pacing and character growth, these are the same people who want to read a manga about an OP MC right from the first few chapters which you see in almost every single other isekai. They aren’t judging the manga itself, they just want it exactly like every other manga.

If they actually read it, the story is much more interesting and paced at a good speed. The first 30 chapters or so is pretty much an introduction the rest of the story to come. The characters are interesting and I’m mildly excited to see how the rest of the story progresses.

... Last updated on August 6th, 2023, 9:50am
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the whole world must learn of our peaceful ways by force  
by astell
November 24th, 2021, 10:57am
Rating: 1.0  / 10.0
i only read first 11chapter, skimming for first 25chapter

first off kudos for good art, but the story is very lack in many way,
the mc skill is appraise stat, so he recruiting strong vassal which somehow become loyal to him in no time. he must be very lucky to not get a stranger that backstab him until now.

mc worried about the poor in his kingdom and potential war, dream of peace and equality but alas he can only appraise combat and political stat, so he recruiting strong vassal because history is write by the winner

bad guy born to be bad, and good guy born to be good. sorry to say buy no progress, hard work or back story for example:
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
- swordman with bow talent that think bow is lame > mc said you go archer > no problem, i will tell my wife that bow is cool
- hobo with chivalry talent > mc said you became knight > ok as your command sir
- thief with magic talent > mc said forget the thief path go mage > ok sure no problem
- slave merchant that already doing dirty business for his whole life > i will end his whole career
- slave merchant's mercenary and one big brawler type character > you're right they get like 1 panel for introduction and 1 panel for fight back before they hit the floor

how can i self insert if the story don't have a story? (hey maybe you can self insert to mc's father, he's cool and no 1 swordman in the kingdom)

if you only search for op mc that blessed by the author to be the winner no matter what, maybe this read is for you
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MC is a toddler.  
by tiankioo
September 23rd, 2021, 6:02pm
Rating: 2.0  / 10.0
Could be interesting if it wasn't shounen. It's too dumbed down and cringe. Having a 3-year-old be your MC is the dumbest shit ever. You could have picked any age. Why the fuck 3 years old? All I can imagine is a real toddler running around acting like this. Then I remember he's an adult male in a child's body and I cringe even harder. It's so stupid and nothing can be taken seriously. I couldn't stomach it anymore after chapter 6. No idea who could like this, but definitely not me.

... Last updated on September 23rd, 2021, 6:11pm
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Interesting at first, but now...  
by Yunwu
June 4th, 2021, 10:29pm
Rating: 4.0  / 10.0
It was interesting at first, but now I'm tired of it. I stuck with it up until 50 chapters because I thought there would be some character growth. But the ML has barely changed, even after going through something tragic. Rather, it felt as though he became even less mature than before. And you'd think after being reincarnated he'd at least show something worthwhile. He's way too weak, not just physically, but also in intelligence. Barely anything about him stands out besides his appraisal skill. There are times where you think, " he's showing some progress!" But then the next chapter that "progress" evaporates into smoke. I mean....even the side characters show more potential than him, that I'm starting to think they are the leads and he's the side character!!! I would have given this a 1 rating, but the 4 rating is just for the side characters and the MC's father. Look, I don't really mind him being weak, but man, stop being so scared of every little thing...He stutters almost all the time when he tries to share his opinion. You'd think he was reincarnated when he was 10, not 35. This had so much potential, but it has just become a waste of time.

... Last updated on October 28th, 2021, 1:10pm
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Very Thin Isekai, doesn't seem thought out.  
by arnoldstrife
March 18th, 2021, 10:48am
Rating: 5.0  / 10.0
I think the morals in this story are all wrong. It's not Potential he sees, It's basically actual abilities. No hard work or training involved. As soon as he spots someone with "S" Tier ranking, they immediately know all the skills involved after a brief period of convincing them that, oh no you're apparently really good in "X".

For example, a swordsman in chapter 1 has perfect aim at a distance even though he did not use a bow before just because he has "talent". This sort of just repeats itself a bunch of times.

It's frankly disappointing that it means the premise is set up such that everyone is born with all the skills and is just too stupid to uses them until our MC comes along. As such it inadvertently setups the premise that hard work and effort are utterly meaningless. This is in contrast to the author trying to set up that the MC is a hard worker and putting in the effort using his Appraisal skill.

While I'm usually ok with dumb morals, this is trying to be more serious as an adventure/drama. Not a comedy or an ecchi series. I only read about 20 chapters, but IMO it's pretty thin, there's not much attention to world-building (Do the people in this world read or not? Why do a family of people who can't read have books in their house. Etc.) The problems so far are also paper-thin and solved with equally flat solutions. Orphanages? what orphans, give them money.

The driving force of this series is the character's personality but it's sitting on a paper-thin world.
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Stat checking bussy hunter  
by AstralRabbit
February 9th, 2021, 11:42am
Rating: 7.0  / 10.0
“Reincarnated as an Aristocrat with an Appraisal Skill” is effectively the story of a mediocre man who has a spidey sense for great men. I was immediately taken with the novel premise and generally competent presentation. But caveats! I can get down right autistic about certain things within my wheelhouse, differential psychology being one. The appraisal system was stimulating my ire because of this. 4 attributes (bizarre picks at that), ambition and then a small platter of traits related to combat. Hmmm… It’s works and it’s obviously a fucking manga so who really cares how much actual psychological constructs associated with individual variation in “talent” map onto the MCs appraisal table... Butttttt I can’t help myself.

The self-evident concern here is derived from the stories concept. One of the primary tropes of isekai is the overpowered, cheating protagonist. People don’t tend to be that engaged by mediocrity, and there is something particularly snivelling about someone who is amazing at sniffing out talent, but has none of it themselves. In which case, the readers prism for viewing the world becomes immediately less interesting and important than his coterie of geniuses.

This has sort of been the story so far. Our MC is likeable, charismatic and has a rather empathetic/humanitarian view of the future which has allowed him to pick up some talented vassals. But he himself has done nothing. He is protected and guided by his comrades and simply told how successful they are out on the battlefield because he can not take part. Sure, the MC is still young, but his mind and strategic chops are also completely neutered when compared to his 3rd companion, who is a year younger than him as well. What is left for our MC? Is he simply the stat checker, soon to be relegated to the shadows as a more adept leader replaces him!? So, I am going to give “Reincarnated…” a 7…

But wait, whose that on the horizon?! Blond hair, bangs and a diminutive stature? The loli Machiavelli!

The MCs fiancee is a fantastic character and has the best arc so far. She’s adorable, has some great scenes and the interaction between both her and the MC that feel sincere and cutesy. The way in which both their talents bounced off each other to inform their meeting and eventual appreciation of each was also top tier! Fantastic stuff.

So while I do have concerns about the trajectory of this story and possibly the underlying foundation, I do think it has demonstrated that it has the capacity for greats moments and an enjoyable run. The current arc is also hinting towards the need for the MC to nurture his own ability, which he quite clearly should have given his father and siblings. I look forward to more chapters!
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Main characters name is....  
by Helbrassen
July 23rd, 2020, 2:14pm
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
The main characters name is ARS... ars is the way Scottish people pronounce ass... and after reading this comment you won't be able to read this manga and hear that name without thinking ass! i just ruined this manga for you!

That being said i like the manga so far im on chapter 5 as of writing this.

... Last updated on July 23rd, 2020, 3:43pm
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