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Chichi wa Eiyuu, Haha wa Seirei, Musume no Watashi wa Tenseisha.   
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"I became the spirit of elements when I reincarnated?!"

Ellen is a young girl reincarnated from modern-day Japan as a half-spirit. Her father, Rovel, is the legendary hero who saved the kingdom, and her mother, Origin, is the primordial queen and ruler of all spirits. Furthermore, she herself has the overpowered ability to manipulate the elements. While looking absolutely adorable, this perfect little girl will fall back on her past life's knowledge and the power of the spirits to protect her precious family!

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Associated Names
Chichi wa Eiyū, Haha wa Seirei, Musume no Watashi wa Tensei-sha.
Dad Is a Hero, Mom Is a Spirit, I'm a Reincarnator
Mein Vater ist ein Held, meine Mutter ein Geist und ich, die Tochter, eine Wiedergeborene!
Meu pai é um herói, minha mãe é um espírito e eu sou uma reencarnada
Mon père est un Héro, ma mère un Esprit et moi une réincarnée.
My Father Is a Hero, My Mother Is a Spirit and the Daughter (Me) Is a Reincarnator.
Reincarnated as the Daughter of the Legendary Hero and the Queen of Spirits
Мой Отец - Герой, моя Мать - Королева духов, а я перерождённая их дочерью.
Мой Отец - Герой, моя Мать - Королева духов, Я - Перерождённая их дочерью.
父亲是英雄, 母亲是灵魂, 我是个转世者
父親是英雄, 母親是靈魂, 我是個轉世者
아빠는 영웅, 엄마는 정령, 딸인 나는 전생자.

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Pure trash  
by veokye
March 19th, 2023, 12:52am
Rating: N/A
It's like if an alien or an AI tried to make a story that would be as generic as possible and appeal to as many readers as possible. Isekai? Sure. Reincarnation? Okay. OP protagonist? Sure. Good art? Gotta have some of that. Great art? Nope, stop at good, good is good enough. Good story? HAH! Nope, just wish fulfillment indulgent stuff. Good characters? No, make them as superficial as possible. Message? Uhh pretty people are good and cool whatever they do because we say so, their families are also good despite being immoral jackasses because they're associated with the good people and everyone that would even try to stand against them is evil and needs to be bathed in hydrochloric acid which the protagonist can invoke at will.

It's just a clump of stereotypes of stereotypes. Superficial storytelling and non-ironic Mary Sue and Gary Stu characters abound. The art is serviceable but sterile imo. There is no warmth to it. The plot is insulting. The characters are monstrosities that shouldn't see the light of day and their interactions are just so off they feel like they're machine-generated.

There's nothing of value here. The premise reminds me of Retired Heroes but that one is infinitely better with actually morally complex characters and some stakes.The only complexity in this one is... surprisingly, very superficial as well. I have a feeling that we're supposed to see the dad and the mother being two-faced and really quite vile as being morally complex but they just come off as being reprehensible.

Here's an example from the first few chapters: the hero (of the title, not the story) manipulates his brother's wife into admitting she maneuvered their father to the front lines so he could die and she could marry said hero. Hero gets rescued by his true love, THE CREATOR GOD, who is also a pretty lady, aged in the thousands, who fell in love with him when he was seven years old(?!??!?! why even include that part?), and essentially runs away and leaves his family to go through losing both the patriarch and first in line to be head of the house. The brother takes up the position and is forced to marry this very annoying lady (who was always "plump" as stated by the hero himself so you know it's true! but is now designed like she's the avatar of greed, lust and sloth all at once so you know she is pure evil because ugly people are evil by default) but he does also have a family on the side like any good, respectable people would. In order to solve this and get a divorce for his brother, the hero lies by omission saying that the wife has another man she wants to marry (that would be him) and the protagonist (his daughter) pops out of the spirit world during a trial and lies to the entire court that she's a goddess then proceeds to set fire to a piece of paper with the royalty seal on it that the whole case was hinging on, all under the loving eyes of her mother the CREATOR GOD, I will remind you. The heroes have no morals.

The fat, ugly lady gets cursed so she can never get close to or marry another man because of this. The brother, her ex-husband now, the man with a second family on the side, gets rewarded with being able to make his second family his first family and ignore the fat, ugly woman and her child that were his wife and daughter up to just now. These are the heroes, they are just disgusting. And the story agrees with them and constantly frames them as being in the right. No irony, no subversion just... bad.

The entire thing really is disgusting. No reason to read this, not even for the art. Giving it a 2 because the art is competent if nothing else.

... Last updated on March 19th, 2023, 12:54am
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The good guys are... actually kinda bad?  
by Ahan
July 25th, 2021, 12:30pm
Rating: 5.0  / 10.0
In the story, the protagonist and the gang are supposedly the *good guys*, like most of the power fantasy isekai series. They encounter bad guys, bad situations, bad regal people, bad bad bad stuff etc., and they're expected to deal with them to uphold justice and bring upon goodness to the world. There are some light politics and moral dilemma here and there, too; pretty standard for a fantasy adventure series.

There's one thing though: the protagonist and her company actually suck at solving problems. First, I'd like to mention that the protagonist has some *ahem* overpowered skillset, to say the least. She's a half-spirit, half-human, capable of manipulating molecules and stuff. Apparently, she's a daughter of an ancient spirit goddess and a hero (who is also a noble) in her current life, all the good stuff. Also, did I mention that she was a scholar/scientist in her past life? With those two together, she should be unstoppable. She's literally the daughter of a goddess after all.

Well, yes. She solves many problems, alright, thanks to her overpowered abilities. Bad guys beaten, justice upheld, and people cheer in joy. Well, part of the justice, because some good people also weep because of their actions. Their victories come with serious consequences and collateral damage that will most likely bite their asses later. And said consequences come from their lack of foresight and basic common sense. I cannot give too much detail without giving spoilers, but you can read Pebble_'s review to have a general idea about the protagonist and her gang's mindset.

Now you may be thinking that this can be an interesting plot that subverts the typical "good guys save the day" trope or whatever, right? Well, maybe. But I have yet to see any indication that the story is actually subversive. The protagonist rarely reflects upon her actions (which is weird considering her past life as a scientist), and once she does it is usually a superficial thought, like "ooh, maybe I shouldn't have done that," only to make a new set of trouble not long after. It's aggravating.

Also, this is barely related to the points I delivered previously, but the protagonist's mom has to be the most dislikable, most inconsistent, and most wicked character in this series, and I hope she suffers a lot and die a horrible death. God, I hate her so much.

It's a 5 for now.

... Last updated on July 25th, 2021, 12:31pm
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Trainwreck but not the worst I guess  
by Pebble_
April 16th, 2020, 10:06am
Rating: N/A
This manga is honestly kinda shit. All the women are treated as sex objects and slut-shamed at the same time (that one lady starts lusting after her bishie brother-in-law the second they meet, even though she's been established as being in a loving relationship and she's going to get married the following day? Nope. People don't work that way. And she's fucking dunked on for her "despicable lustful thoughts" as if she fucking killed someone). Ugly people are despised and considered despicable from the get-go, and they're ejected from the story with maximum humiliation. All characters are basically dumb and over-the-top. But, well, there is some funny stuff I guess.
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