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Tengoku Daimakyou   
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Associated Names
Heavenly Delusion
Złudne niebo (Polish)
Великая небесная стена
Иллюзия рая
توهم بهشتی
وَهْم السماء

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v.11 c.64 by /a/nonymous about 1 month ago
v.11 c.63 by /a/nonymous 2 months ago
v.10 c.62 by /a/nonymous 3 months ago
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10 Volumes (Ongoing)

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Starts at Vol 1, Chap 1
Ends at Vol 7, Chap 39

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Average: 7.7 / 10.0 (140 votes)
Bayesian Average: 7.45 / 10.0

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July 8th 2024, 9:19am



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Afternoon (Kodansha)

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Denpa (7 Volumes - Ongoing)

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I love Sci-fi. So unfortunately, I have to be harsh on this one.  
by Lokin
July 3rd, 2023, 12:34pm
Rating: 9.0  / 10.0
It's sci-fi, I loooooove Sci-fi, but as a result of my bias, I have to be stricter.

If it's a non Sci-fi manga, then it would have gotten a 10 from me. But since it's a Sci-Fi manga I have to be extra on its flaws and judge it on the similar standard as other Sci-Fi works.

Let's go with the general, non sci-fi criteria first:

Pacing: It feels very fluid to read, it's impossible to get lost, the focus on the environment paneling makes the world seem BIG and VAST. This is the story's strongest point.
Drawing/Action scenes: Clean lines, fluid transition, and there's a lot of attention to features of the characters facial features and details; if you are observant you can notice the small amount of foreshadowing it has when it comes to some specific character traits... which is quite rewarding to find afterwards.
Flipping through the perspectives: Very smooth and nice to read; the mysteries are extremely enjoyable
Boldness: The author is not scared of weaving concepts that are quite amoral to usual mango readers (but that are kinda common for HBO shows), it also can put some people off due to this; but I would say that these scenes are not useless and serve as a good cause and effect.
World-building: It's decently immersive, factions are established, social structures, and local cultures so.
Ideas: Sci-fi stories are usually rated by the uniqueness of the ideas, how "believable" it is, and the execution.
Checkpoints and side stories: They all add up to the world little by little and are not irrelevant to the story; they help build a bigger image of the lore and adds to the character development.

Antagonist forces: They don't feel very compelling, more like incompetent, unfortunately they are mainly cartoonish in vibes and don't ring a final threat vibes to me. So it kind of lack tension in that area. The story does feel as a result kind of cartoony in that respect though, not that it's a bad thing.

Background story of antagonist forces: There's some lack of research and safety protocols being put here, unfortunately
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
The author/editor should have read some papers on AI safety because hm the background story for Meena ain't all that good. It kind of lacks technicality and falls more in the fantasy realm so it's not convincing enough to be posing as "Sci-Fi".
That would be the only reason where's it's -1, so it's more like a personal bias taking effect and I lose immersion effect there.

It's a fine story to read, be aware that it has some explicit shots here and there. Very recommended for adventure, exploration genre lovers.

... Last updated on July 3rd, 2023, 12:34pm
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by Auraiya
June 21st, 2023, 10:20am
Rating: 5.0  / 10.0
After reading up to Vol 6 and then watching the anime I can fully say that while I was getting 7 Seeds vibes (or similar) the authors self-inserts keep creeping up in a manga that is already slow-paced, which is a big no-no. But this is also how things have been slowly progressing for the past 13 or so years as a whole for Japanese anime and manga. Not to say that it never happened but it has been getting worse. Have you every read, watched or even played something and ended with more questions than answers? Then look no further.

The premise looked great but is again ruined by a shallow vision. Hard pass.

... Last updated on June 21st, 2023, 10:29am
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Good but a little confusing  
by MemeYakuza2019
June 5th, 2023, 4:09pm
Rating: 7.5  / 10.0
I won't lie my expectations were pretty high for this series and while I won't say I was disappointed the beginning (like the first five chapters) was a little wonky and I almost considered putting it on hold but thankfully the plot becomes easier to understand the more I stuck with it and I hope it stays that way for future chapters
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Excellent in Spite of Flaws  
by big_red01027
April 22nd, 2023, 11:12pm
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
This is an excellent manga overall. As to the flaws:

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Obviously, to anyone who is already familiar with the work, I'm referring to Inazaki and Dr. Sakota. These two were mishandled, to the point where Kiruko meeting with them basically have no relevance to the plot.

Inazaki is revealed to be human garbage; not exactly out of the realm of possibility given the setting, but I think we all agree that he could've been handled better. And for him to disappear with his cronies afterward makes it look like his inclusion was just a cheap ploy to anger the readers.

Dr. Sakota is probably one of the more important characters in the manga, and his meeting with Kiruko is absolutely pointless. He basically provides zero answers and leaves Kiruko with no drive going forward, as both of her goals have been met, although neither one provided much of anything.

I also have no clue what Maru's role in the story is. Whether he's the son of Tokio and Kona is up for debate; it could also be a gigantic red herring.

I look forward to seeing where it goes. So as far as a recommendation goes, I'm not sure just yet.
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I should have read the warnings about this...  
by joaoflpe
April 5th, 2023, 4:17pm
Rating: 2.5  / 10.0
disgusting, authors (mainly Japanese for some reason...) shouldn't deal with sensitive topics if they don't have the necessary knowledge about it, what ends up happening when they don't know is the disgrace that are chapters 32 and 33...

bro below is W
took all the words out of my mouth...

... Last updated on April 5th, 2023, 4:24pm
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Was great until something occured  
by MLGSwag
April 4th, 2023, 12:47pm
Rating: 4.0  / 10.0
Let me start off saying the manga is not bad. The characters are unique and lovable and the world building itself is great.

The main plot however moves at a snails pace, and due to this, many readers would lose interest in the story and drop the manga, as who wants to read a manga where the plot development is inconsistant. Sure there are manga such as Conan or Onepiece. But i consider those outliers. Regardless, in order to counter the readers leaving, the author forces the main characters into situation which surely generate shock value.

Refer to chapter 32,33 to understand

Now, before I get hate by people cherry picking the review "you gave it a bad review because of that scene." No. My review for this manga is not solely based on this scene, HOWEVER, based on everything the author had done to that point and how the author handled the situation and the aftermath. The author baiscally made the femc get raped, and act like it was nothing. Now, i can understand the use of rape in a stories. They can help with developing a character into a more resiliant person, help them along the hero journey as they are able to overcome this trauma or at least figure out ways to cope with it. However this manga does not do any of it. If i had to explain. There is a dedicated chapter of the rape, then after a chapter or 2, its forgotten, like the trauma is gone.

For being raped, you would believe that it would be apart of their identity and make their personality change into being more distrustful and such

but nope, the characters act like nothing happened and continue on their marry way.

The way the author used rape as an incentive to keep readers hooked when they could have tried progressing the main plot baffles me. Now do not try to argue that the rape was apart of progressing the main plot. BRUV if i literally skipped those chapters, nothing would have changed in the plot, that is how unecessary that rape was. It was only added as shock value to keep peoples attention.

Is rape a bad thing in regards to character progression. NO, you can have a great manga and characters and still have rape in it. For example, berserk, i do not want to spoil it, but for those who do know, seeing the progression of characters and how these traumatic events shaped them, it really makes these characters stand out as real people, who, in their struggle, were able to cope with the situation they faced.

Here the rape just happens and is done and never mentioned again, the femc personality is unchanged from before and after the rape. The rape literally was unneeded

Overall the authors handling of these sensitive issues was shit, like mega shit, while I like the story, the author must have been on some form of drugs or something. Cause his addition of rape and the snails pace of the plot are tow if the biggest hurdles that caused the manga to be not that great

Now if you want to see my visceral reaction to chapter 32 and 33, and what specific parts I had against it, refer to what I have written below

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
bro do not read chapter 32 or 33 or 34, they are all shit, i find it fucking funny that femc is handcuffed behind her back, legs free and shit and still did not decide to run, i guess she must have been drugged or something. I hate that the male mc is a clueless fucker who is not aware where femc is, if she died, what would he have done. If you dont see ur partner for at least 4 to 5 hours, then something is wrong. I hate that when she is in bed, she has ropes around her wrists and her arms in foront of her, i hate it when as soon she see mc leave the room to get the rapist she FUCKING UNDOS THE FUCKING KNOT WITH HER FUCKING TEETH. I HATE HOW THIS MANGA TRIED TO PROTRAY HER ESSENTIALLY BASKING IN THE AFTERGLOW OF SEX, EVEN THOUGH THE FEMC IS CONFUSED ON WHO SHE IS, THE MOST LOGICAL FUCKING SOLUTION, WHETHER A GUY OR GIRL, IS TO RUN AWAY FROM THE FUCKING RAPIST, NOT BASK IN THE AFTER SEX, ALSO ANOTHER THING, THE FEMC COULD HAVE RAN AWAY FROM THE RAPIST IN THE FIRST PLACE, HE ONLY HAND CUFFED HER WRISTS, WHAT SHE COULD HAVE DONE WAS KICK, HEADBUTT, BITE ETC, EVEN IN THE BED ONLY HER HANDS WERE CUFFED. LIKE IF SHE NEEDED TO OPEN A DOOR, JUST TURN YOU BODY SO YOU BACK FACES THE DOORKNOB AND OPEN IT, THE WORST THING YOU COULD DO BY THEN IS TUN OUTSIDE NAKED. THEN EVERYONE WILL KNOW THIS DUDE IS A FUCKING RAPIST. LASTLY, I HATE HOW FEMC TOLD MC NOT TO KILL THE FUCKING RAPIST, IS THIS SUPPOSED TO BE SOMETHING LIKE " IF WE KILL THEM, WE ARE EVEN WORSE THAN HIM" BITCH HE FUCKING RAPED YOU, IF YOU WANT HIM ALIVE, CUT HIS DICK AND BALLS OFF THEN, MAKE IT SO HE CANT HURT ANOTHER PERSON AGAIN

... Last updated on April 17th, 2024, 10:29am
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Pretty good so far  
by Kamugin
January 27th, 2023, 2:44pm
Rating: 9.0  / 10.0
I can see some bits of Akira and Eden here, even regarding the art, however the story is well developed and has its own merits. I'm hooked and I'm glad to know that there will be an anime this year (2023). I only hope the author doesn't screw up the ending.
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What if Akira was set in the world of "World's End Touring" with a dash of Parasyte  
by Frekkutarun
January 7th, 2023, 2:50pm
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
Exceptional. Has all the bits that made Akira great (and judging from the art style was certainly influenced by it), but is still clearly distinct.
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Buddy sci fi apocalypse adventure  
by whitespade
May 28th, 2022, 12:14pm
Rating: 9.9  / 10.0
This is fun, exciting, and plot heavy buddy apocalypse adventure that will keep you to the edge of the seat. Every chapter will be anew revelation that will peel the core of the story layer by layer.
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