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Black Haze   
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After a mission gone awry, the doubtful main character, Rood, is sent to a famous magic school, Helios. Here, he must protect an important person's son who has a very bad time at the school.

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Beullaek Heijeu
Bruma negra
Brume noire
Juoda migla
Schwarzer Dunst
Черная мгла
Чёрная мгла
مه سیاه
블랙 헤이즈

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c.228 by Mangacow over 6 years ago
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c.226 by Mangacow over 6 years ago
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228 Chapters (Indefinite Hiatus from 2017)

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Black Haze by Noburo
black haze by LunaeLupa


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February 19th 2024, 10:43am



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Interesting awesome  
by RayTheBest
November 9th, 2020, 10:34pm
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
I started this series when I was trying to search some good manhwa, then I saw this with high ratings and good reviews.

At first I thought it'll be good, but when I read the early chapters I feel weird. The art was not good but not bad, and the story was kinda stupid. But I keep on reading because the reviews was amazing, then when Rood came to the school it became interesting. Now I'm in chapter 170,and it's so good.

The plot is amazing honestly even though it was easy to guess, I'm so surprised because of how amazing it is. The art was so beautiful later on, it became 100000000 times better than the first chapter, the art was so amazing. I really like it.

At first you might be reluctant to read after you read chapter 1 because of the art and how the story started, but I promise that it'll make you interested and wanting more (well that's what happened to me)

What I do hope is that the author will continue this manhwa, I know it's in indefinite hiatus and the last update was 3 years ago but I have this glimmer of hope.

Notes for author : if you're reading this, I hope you will read other reviews and comments on how amazing your story is and continue. I really really hope you'd continue, because it was amazing but if you decided that you will not continue and just drop this series, then I'll respect your decision and just imagine the ending with my imaginations. Thank you for this amazing story
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Waiting for the real ending  
by miharu96
September 2nd, 2019, 11:52am
Rating: N/A
This webtoon is very good. I read it from the beginning to the last update for 2 full days ... lol.
Yes, maybe we all know this kind of story is common but believe me, you will not regret reading it. Unfortunately the writer takes a long hiatus, I don't know what happened to him so he made this decision but I hope this webtoon can get to the end of the story.

hey author, if you check the forums / comments about your work you should know there are many people who want to know and wait for how this story ends. So ... we are waiting for you to come back.
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by Nerdygirl70
February 4th, 2019, 12:27pm
Rating: N/A
First and foremost, I love Black Haze. It is simply an amazing story.
I see some negative comments here complaining about the art and story, but don't listen to those. The art in my opinion is great, it's different from what I usually see so it's a big breath of fresh air.
As for the complaints on the story, most of these comments are clearly written by people who have not read enough to understand why characters act a certain way, or why the story is going the way it is. So don't give these comments much merit as they are clearly lacking enough information to make a better informed opinion.
Lastly regardless of what anyone says you should give this a read because you'll never know if this is your cup of tea or not, until you try it yourself. You cant read something and truly know if you enjoy it, if it's through someone else's eyes.
I love you Black Haze You've Got My Heart Under Lock And Key. <3
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by Rinii
March 28th, 2018, 7:11pm
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
This was a great series, I hope the hiatus will end soon T^T

The art changed drastically for the better, so if it turns you off when you first read it, continue and it changes a lot.

So much of the characters you root for, you just want to protect. The author is good at making you love the good guys and absolutely make you despise the bad guys.

The plot moves a little fast for me surprisingly. Their always constantly hit with a new threat, and there’s no room to take a breather. That can also be very charming for the series though, as you always get drawn to the next chapter, and you get the feeling of that no place is safe.

The plot twists the author makes can be predictable, but they aren’t that bad. There was times too where I was surprised who the bad guys and who the good guys are. They always keep you on your toes and alert.

I overall enjoyed the series a lot. I didn’t read it at first, because of the art, but it really changes. The story draws you in, and makes you wonder who you should trust. There is a mystery aspect to it, which I didn’t expect, and made me more invested in the later chapters. You definitely need to read this if you haven’t

Also I hope the hiatus won’t be too long ;w;
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My guilty pleasure  
by Noburo
July 24th, 2017, 4:10pm
Rating: 6.0  / 10.0
Here's a better summary:
In a world filled with demons and magic, the people who can utilize said magic are called magicians. Rood, secretly being a strong magician, is sent on an undercover mission to a famous magic school to protect a Duke's son from bullying. But as Rood involves himself more with the school, it turns out much deeper things are happening with the school, students, and Rood himself.


I absolutely love this series and I binged it in a day last summer. The art is gorgeous (trust me, the beginning art is not representative of the later chapters from about 30+ on) and its very fun. But in no way shape or form is this a great series that deserves a 10 star rating. There are many flaws. Here's what I think:
+ Interesting, captivating story
+ Decent characters, none are too annoying. Lidusis can get annoying but he's the only one
+ Gorgeous art
+ Action-filled, consistent plot
+ Did I say GORGEOUS ART yet?
+ MC is pretty freaking awesome. I'd use the cussword for awesome if it were allowed, he's that awesome.
+ Overall very fun to read
+/- Very long, over 218 chapters as of now

- Unsurprising plot twists
- Unoriginal side characters
- Unoriginal backstories (except for Lanoste. His current arc as of ch. 219 is pretty awesome)
- Generic magician story
- Side characters are OBLIVIOUS to MC. "Clark Kent can't possibly be superman" type oblivious.
- Series LOVES to beat around the bush
- MC has serious plot armor
- Very few important females (I can think of only two that influence the story compared to 15 men)
- Small fandom/following

I really only recommend this series if you need a fun, lighthearted and easy read to take your mind off things. If you are looking for a deep story outta this, go fish, my friend.

... Last updated on January 17th, 2019, 2:03pm
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Good fantasy COMEDY  
by kujika
May 30th, 2017, 7:34am
Rating: N/A
@serobins I have no idea what you mean. That only happened to me in the first few chapters, the art becomes better though.

@PZcolo You probably won't read any further so I'll spoil a bit.
"the master is an idiot who uses the most powerful magician in the world as a toy"
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
The master is actually Rood's older brother, the reason he says for giving petty missions is to lie low because of crazy dog Shic, the real reason is protectiveness and to keep him out of sight of the tower at all cost.

"one of the professor in the school attacks his students with killing intent in plain view"
Stop taking shonen seriously, they are always blown out of proportion when it comes to that stuff (do I have to mention Vegeta?). Same with Shic, all of his "I'll kill you"'s are just his way of trash talking during battle.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Shic is a really important person, which is why he's still free even though he's dangerous. And I mean like top of their world important.

Also, for all intents and purposes Black Haze happens in another world which has different rules? Plus, it's a comedy? There are no jokes, most of the comedic moments are from the well drawn expressions and "oops, damn!" situations. True, there is way better out there if you want a deep and earnest plot, but Black Haze never claimed to be something it isn't. "Tragedy" might be a bit misleading.

... Last updated on May 30th, 2017, 12:54pm
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✋and &#128064;  
by Flowerty123
March 21st, 2017, 8:34pm
Rating: N/A
Ignore all the comments below dissing this webtoon. One person mentioned that this was forced and unrealistic but they never reached the backstory of the main characters and probably have no idea who The King is and schicmons backstory to why he acts like and ass. This webtoon is very interesting don't judge by the comments are for yourself why this is a popular webtoon.
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by serobins
December 16th, 2016, 1:22pm
Rating: N/A
I gave up on this because I can't tell the characters apart the way they are drawn. At first, when there were only a few characters and the plot was simple, it didn't matter, but now I have no clue what's going on. It's like if somebody made a sitcom and cast the same person in every role.

... Last updated on January 3rd, 2017, 12:40pm
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i love it!  
by mrtaxi
September 10th, 2016, 10:14am
Rating: N/A
really agree with sami_chan- was hesitant to pick this up at first because i thumbed through the comments, and saw some call it 'slow-moving' - such plots really kill off whatever interest i have at first. but black haze is not slow moving at all. i'd say the pace is just right- it doesn't raise several plot twists and have them unaddressed until like 100 chapters later like some other stories, but usually resolve them within a suitable time frame such that everything stays fresh in your memory. yet there are enough twists to keep you on your toes. lots of feel good moments that i really enjoy in shounen manga too, without making the protag seem boring or overpowered... all the things i want in a fantasy manga can be checked against here. i'd place it on almost the same level as tower of god, among fantasy webtoons! and as i'd consider myself a quite experienced in the genre, do give it a shot if you're a fantasy addict too smile
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Mediocre and forced  
by PZcolo
August 14th, 2016, 10:18pm
Rating: 5.5  / 10.0
Get tired of everyone in this manhwa doing whatever they want and how everyone seams to be ok with it, the master is an idiot who uses the most powerful magician in the world as a toy, his rival is a psychopath who should be hanged that steals the magic-stone he's supposed to protect it and destroys the auction house (killing many probably), the students cause hell of a ruckus and all they get is a lenient warning, one of the professor in the school attacks his students with killing intent in plain view, the other teacher is even worse but I won't spoil it... it goes on and on, give it a break, be consecuent.
Characters actions make no sense
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Shic is a lunatic, completely deranged, he goes on killing rampages yet somehow he's employed with a prestigious magic asosiation and is free to roam, and even gets sent to a school to put kids in danger at his leisure. Blow has had several chances to kill him and just doesn't, same for Lispen, why doesn't he kill Lispen? it would be freaking easy for him yet he ignores him for no good reason
Everything is so forced, so unnatural, the characters just don't feel real and the story which is surprisingly somewhat interesting is wasted when to move forward all it does is drag from one forced action and situation to another.
Also, I don't like the comedy, it seams acting aloof and like an idiot is funny for the author, all the relief chars act like that.
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