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Hoshi no Yakata   
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A Beast in the Cage
A Beast is in the Cage
A Slave's Condition
Hoshi no Yataka
Kemono wa Ori no Naka
Kneel Down and Kiss my Boots
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The Poacher of Desire
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Toraware Hito no Yukisaki
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Extremely hardcore, but great read  
by asa488
January 7th, 2018, 3:35am
Rating: 9.0  / 10.0
This series is really explicit in BDSM content, but I just absolutely love how sensei drew everything. All the men are beautiful and even feminine to an extent, but sensei really maintains the male anatomy and gestures, and it's just the perfect combination.

In terms of dynamics, I enjoyed the fact that there were a ton of pairings where it was the younger/smaller guy who is the seme over the bigger/older guy. But also be aware that there's few of "reversed" roles in here too (aka the master and slave roles switching), some incest, and some rape.

All the characters' background is only briefed upon, so don't expect the characters to be extremely fleshed out. That said, I feel that they have enough dimension to be memorable. Also by the end of the series, it kinda goes full circle with characters who briefly appeared at the beginning making cameos at the end.

There were definitely couples I wanted to see more of. My personal favorite pairs were Seiji/Fei Ye, and Hirofumi/Natsumi, but...
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
I'm sooooo sad Hirofumi and Natsumi didn't end up together T _ T It was already hinted in their first chapter that Hirofumi cared a great deal about Natsumi, and then sensei just had to be an extra chapter about them in the last volume. That was just cruel.

... Last updated on January 7th, 2018, 4:02am
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Not Bad but kinda Bad like Michael Jackson Bad.  
by jojalee
January 15th, 2017, 2:20am
Rating: 6.5  / 10.0
Honestly...wasn't expecting to enjoy this in the slightest but I kind of grew attached to the characters? Sumiya especially. It's sort of a layman's initiation into SM in a way but on a more professional scale than purely in the bedroom between partners (still better than 50 Shades but I suppose that's not a very high bar to get over, more of a stick on the pavement really). It does get ridiculous in a lot of parts. Basically, every character within this has sex with each other. I am not even kidding. If you're a yaoi manga reader though you should expect this by now. I say, give this a chance, and this is coming from a well-seasoned manga reader who has read everything under the sun by now.
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Come back to the gay side, Tori Maia!  
by LikaLaruku
February 8th, 2014, 3:08am
Rating: N/A
Aaah, Tori Maia's BDSM was always the best, with the loveliest men, the coolest costumes. A shame she hasn't done a single yaoi manga since 2005. She made one BL with no sex in it & it's been all hetero crap ever since. (I'd still buy em because I like the way she draws men, or I would have it JPQueen hadn't gone out of business). Maybe she got bored, but I didn't know porn was something you could burn out on, especially considering who she's married to. The sequel/prequel hasn't been fully scanlated yet. I own ALL of her yaoi stuff, if anyone needs raws.

Maybe someday she'll come back around & write more about Sakurai & Sumiya; the two have a casual nonexclusive reversable S&M physical relationship, but emotionally they never go beyond bromance due to being hung up on past relationships (Sakurai's is covered in the prequel) & would have made the cutest couple.

... Last updated on February 8th, 2014, 5:50am
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Grows on you!  
by foxprince
September 23rd, 2013, 7:55am
Rating: N/A
It's extreme by yaoi standards I suppose, but actually once you start reading it, you become accustomed pretty fast. And I did like the vignettes approach and the artwork, and as you read on, the sex becomes far less important as the different characters and their motivations/personal politics THROUGH the sex or the acts of SM, which was neat. The idea of a yaoi being set in a private BDSM club is a great ground for personal stories that are also a little shocking at times and push your boundaries just like BDSM is meant to. I'd recommend it for anyone with an open mind, or someone researching making their own yaoi.
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by tnwls523
September 3rd, 2013, 3:04am
Rating: N/A
I read this a few years ago. That was the first time I read a yaoi about SM. I was totally shocked and repulsed when I read it. I didn't even get past the first five chapters. Haha this manga was just too much for someone like me who just started getting interested about S/M, But that was then. I read some other ones and slowly got used to the kinkiness. Now that I've reread this after finishing a bunch of other softer ones, I can finally appreciate how great the manga is. The stories have great material and the characters are full of life. However, like I said, I'd only ever recommend this to hardcore S/M fans. This manga might actually give you trauma if you're new to this genre. That said, enjoy some fun time XP
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Approach with an open mind! Great read!  
by Cassandra08
May 26th, 2013, 10:39am
Rating: N/A
-Art very feminine but you tend to forget about it as you get into the manga... Very sexy, if a little camp, outfits and the mangaka is clearly very imaginative when it comes to bdsm style scenarios! Graphic yaoi, i found myself wincing at some of the inuries inflicted on the slaves.
-Plot does exist and the characters are developed through various intertwined stories, not mindless smut! There is more plot the further you read on, which I ended up really enjoying. You come to hate and love certain characters! The roles of the characters are also a good mix - the more 'feminine' of the characters aren't necessarily the ones on the bottom, and roles are similarly mixed up with stereotypical 'tops'.
-Hardcore bdsm that enters various grey areas in regards to how the slaves are treated, however, the instances where the slaves are definitely mistreated tend to be when it's the antagonist doing it. Even the most hardcore of the Master's do not endorse certain types of play. Use of needles, candles, whips, etc throughout the manga, and unlike 'safe' realistic bdsm practices there are no safe words and things tend to be taken to extremes.

In conclusion, I definitely enjoyed it, my favourite characters being Sumiya and Sakurai who had very unique personalities, my least favourite characters being Yuuki and Nanasaka (not because they weren't well developed, but because of their characters!). My advise: don't read this if you are not into hardcore bdsm, and if you do read it, approach it with an open mind and stick with it - you will love it by the end.

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Liked it, but didnt like it.  
by poisonousrose1517
April 7th, 2013, 4:16pm
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
I'm conflicted about this story because yes, i really liked the different stories and the main stoyline but then again BDSM just isnt my thing, especially when its Hardcore like this manga. I feel like giving it a 10 because of the stories and the main storyline in general was good for a BDSM book, but i feel like taking away 5 just because of the BDSM but this is a BDSM book, so I dont think it would be fair to take away points for a manga that i knew full well, was a hardcore BDSM book, so i'll give it a 10 anyway.

I know some are wondering, why would you read a BDSM book if you dont like BDSM. Well my answer is, I read the oneshot prequel and felt the need to read the sequel because once i start something i feel the need to finish it no matter how bad or how much i dont like it. Who knows it might end up becoming good halfway in (that has happened before). And also I dont dislike BDSM if its light, but if it's hardcore like this, that's where i draw the line.

Do I recommend? Yes, I do recommend. Especially if your a BDSM fan.
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Surprisingly Very Readable  
by 2old4yaoi
August 6th, 2012, 6:57pm
Rating: 9.0  / 10.0
While I had been aware of this manga & the rave reviews it's been receiving, I have put off reading it for the longest time. I am not into BDSM at all & I simply can't understand how anyone is into pain. On top of it, I don't like how the men are drawn so androgynously. Last weekend, I decided to give at least vol 1 a try and it reminds me that line from Dr. Seuss’ book: “Try It, You Might Like It”. While I find most of the stories pretty unbelievable & shallow, I am quite intrigued by the dynamics in the relationships of Sumiya x Yuki x Nanasaka. I wish the author will create a prequel that would show us how Yuki & Nanasaka met. What happened between them that make Yuki so devoted & willing to take the pain, pleasure & audacity that Nanasaka dished out.
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by sera33
March 7th, 2012, 1:47pm
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
I was always interested in bdsm but I'm more turned on with soft bdsm and without those complicated bondage materials: leathers, weird things they wear. [I rather like normal clothes]
First time I read this manga, I was a little overwhelmed. It was hardcore for my tastes. But then when I started reading further into the story few years after my first encounter, I found that I really love this manga. Most yaoi or yaoi which deals with bdsm have no plot. It is very simple and intended for readers to just get sex scenes out of it. This manga has hotness in it (and a lot of it! >-<) But also it has actual plot and I love how the mangaka portrays character's feelings and thoughts behind their actions. Also I find most characters to be very loving, and kind in their own way.

I'm totally in love with Sumiya. He is kindest character and caregiver in my opinion. emilyslash(-- I totally agree with you. I hate characters who are trying to make Sumiya into a slave. The reason why Sumiya is so interesting and amazing is because he's the perfect master and he should always be the master. (As long as he stays as all master role I don't really care if other characters switch or not) I totally agree with you on ch 8 thingy. It was so painful reading chapters after that but I really recommend you should since after this painful thingy, I love Sumiya even more! If you can't handle it, do something like I did and just skim or just look at the pic and quickly get over the cruel parts. I looooovvveee Sumiya's strengths~~ Even after the humiliation and painful heartbreak he had, he stills tends to other people's pain and guilt. You see when he's being the master and doing all sm activities, he is actually releasing other character's pain and guilt. This is most obviously seen right after Sumiya gets back from that horrid experience he had. Master gets really guilty about the incident and Sumiya takes that guilt from him. That part actually made me really sad and amazed at Sumiya's strength and kindness. I mean who can actually help out other person while you still suffering from nightmares of what happened to you?
Sumiya helps everyone in the mansion. It appears as if Sumiya doesn't really care about his slaves but he has deep concern and love which was really romantic and warm.

And I don't know why people have so much issues with feminine and beautiful guy characters but I really love those type of guys compared to handsome types so actually I really liked that part. What I like more than yaoi bdsm is bdsm with girl as master and guy as slave. In this manga, usually masters tend to look much younger and shorter than slaves so it felt like slaves were guys and masters as girls so I really got turned on by it! Majority of yaois have big bulky guy semes and really small pretty guy ukes and it is pretty obvious that this is just guy on top of a girl theme going on. But this one actually is switching who gets on top or bottom so that part is pretty fair and equal.

I hated total of two characters in this manga. Yuuki and Nanasaka. Gosh Nanasaka is a total jerk and Yuuki, that guy is the worst! Take advantage of Sumiya's feelings. :'( Wish both of them just die.

Anyways would love it if more mangakas create this type of mangs with plot, character development, deep insight into characters' feelings and emotions, and hotness. I guess most authors just want the money or they are plain lazy. Back to the point, this manga is awesome!
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Sheer awesomeness, but directed at initiates only.  
by Pebble_
January 25th, 2012, 11:48pm
Rating: N/A
Obviously, if you can't handle bdsm/yaoi, OR if you have no interest in it, OR if you looking for an extremely deep and intricate plot, don't read that. ELSE, it's a must-read !

I really really liked this series, BUT the prerequisite was that there were 2 chapters that I had to skip. First one was Sumiya
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
getting raped by that annoying SOB Nanasaka. In my mind Sumiya is the master's uke ONLY, and that's final.
Second one was the major part of the final chap, in which
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
the master is supposed to be raped as well. In my mind, the master is a SEME ONLY (Sumiya's <3) and that's also final.

But apart from those 2 chapters, I've read and enjoyed every part of the series. In its own category, it's a masterpiece. The art is gorgeous, and the characters are very distinctive and individualized.

My two favourite characters were the Master and Sumiya <3 (maybe that's why I had to skip above-said chapters). And I've read a whole bunch of softer yaoi, allegedly 'with a real plot', in which the MC's personality was not even remotly as interesting as those two's.

The only character I didn't like, that I hated in fact, was Nanasaka or whatever his name is. He was an annoyance and a turn-off in the story, imo, in addition to being a whiny and self-obsessed drama queen. A real pest. As I said, I didn't really read the most harmful chapters, but I know that it would have been a major turn-off if I had. So yeah really the series would have been better off without this guy.

In the end, Hoshi no Yakata is directed at initiates, but if you're interested, it's really worth reading.

... Last updated on January 25th, 2012, 11:54pm
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