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Lout of Count's Family (Novel)   
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I Become the Countess Fool (Novel)
Trash Count (Novel)
Trash of the Count's Family (Novel)
백작가의 망나니가 되었다 (Novel)

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June 12th 2024, 4:32am



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Seven Seas (September 2024)

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top fave  
by akuma_river
September 9th, 2023, 7:13pm
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
What the other readers might not understand is that this series is a beloved webnovel classic that belongs to what is called the 'self-sacrificing bastard trio' which comprises Trash, S-Classes that I Raise, and Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint.

A lot of the 'tropes' in here are some that this series helped popularize. And these tropes lead to very unexpected places that I will not spoil for you.

These 3 webnovels are well-known in Korea and have been translated by fans into English and turned into webtoons. There is even talk about animes.

Trash part 1 finished last year at over 800 chapters. Trash part 2 picks up the storyline and the mystery of the parallel worlds.

Trust me, what you think is going on is completely wrong in very unexpected ways and throughout part 1 but especially the ending it continues to reveal shocking and profound truths of the characters, the world, and how connected everything is.

If you know the truth about ORV I can say it is a little bit similar. Sometimes the reader is not just a reader but part of a bigger interconnected world, after all stories that we read might not just be fiction but a docudrama of the past, present, or future.

... Last updated on September 15th, 2023, 9:25pm
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Unique and interesting  
by Piyoyo
December 8th, 2022, 11:42pm
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
I do not agree with deathcoy ( ̄ヘ ̄). The story is not typical at all. Yes it is a common troupe but the way it is executed is completely unique. Their first argument is that the story uses 'overused cliche troupes' but I failed to find the credibility of this claim. I have read the story till chapter 689 and I simply cannot count the number of times I have been completely blown away by the way the MC solves all the problems he has had to face, it's so innovative and nonchalant. It looks so easy when he does it but is actually not easy at all.

Their second claim makes me believe that they didn't even read the story. It feels like they just skimmed through. What do they mean by 'butterfly effect is not done well' 'MC's actions only result in simple deviations like the future events get pushed earlier than intended' ?
It's the most absurd point they have stated out of all the points in my opinion. The MC literally changed everything! The future events do get pushed earlier than intended BUT did you forget? MC literally saved a baby dragon (ノ`⌒´)ノ. If that's not major than what is!? The dragon becomes one of MC's strongest ally! Not to mention they saved a ton of lives in the next plaza terror incident, originally a lot more people were supposed to do die. Also they majorly injured the villain that caused the incident when according to the original plot he would have escaped unscathed. Also just to warn you but although these events may seem small but they are just the beginning, believe me it's gonna get bigger and bigger as you go on. And the changes that MC causes will keep growing on scale. And you know what the most relevant effect that MC causes? It's the survival rate, thanks to the MC the survival rate of allies and innocent parties is basically close to 98% when in the original that was the death rate! Literally 98% of people would be dead if the MC was not involved!

The world building is not the author's suite?? Really?? Wow i can't believe you are saying that. Look, I am really not good at writing and explaining things but your review just makes me want to counter argue so bad because it's so absurd and doesn't make sense at so many places. I will just try my best to explain.
I don't know what makes a good world building but i will say what I thought were great points.
First, the races are all clearly flashed out, their strengths and weaknesses, their unique traits, their position in the overall society (like some races are discriminated, some are revered, some are mysterious and most don't mingle with humans, infact they pretty much all live separately and have their own thing going on).
Second, the abilities and their users (such as mages, knights, ancient powers etc) these are also really well thought out. Although they may be confusing at first but in the later chapters it's explained really well what differentiates each of them and how they work.
Third, the kingdoms and the continents. The terrain is very well written and is pretty clear especially if you reference the fan made map! Each kingdoms specialties are also well described. Their political situations are well thought out, such that it's easy to understand and follow as readers and also makes sense. I think the only reason you didn't think the same way is maybe cause you left the story early on. The more you read the story the more everything makes sense and the overall picture also becomes clearer and clearer.
The thing I like most is that I can remember and follow everything I read. I remember all the races, abilities and kingdoms mentioned because they are all thoroughly explored in the MC's adventure and are not complicated and boring. You know how sometimes they just throw a long text of information at you, regarding the abilities, world, its history and races and it's so darn boring and complicated to read and understand that. The author has managed to avoid that here and I love that fact cause this novel has so many of all of those things that one could easily get overwhelmed had the author not done such a good job.

The side character lacks soul? Wow just wow. I literally can't disagree more with this. Like the thing I absolutely love about this novel are the characters!!! They are all so well written, each and everyone of them has a unique personality, motivations and ideals. Their past stories is 'copy pasted' ?? The only similarity I can think of is that most of them have a sad past. Aside from that they have each suffered and gone through completely different situations! I am afraid I will spoil things otherwise I would have gone through each of their past here to show how wrong you are. Their relationship feels 'corny and cringe'?? 'Lacks character development' ? Just please go read it again, please. Yes they are awkward at first cause they are basically strangers but their chemistry as the story progresses is so soooo good that it makes me cry. I think you really just need to go and read the novel more. I think you just completely evaluated the whole novel after reading just starting few chapters.

Okay so i want to argue more thoroughly and give counter arguments to each of your points but the more I read your comment the more I feel like you wrote the complete opposite of how everything is. For example, this "I won't say he is the intelligent and cunning type either" and this "Even later on when events go beyond that novel, he is basically reliant on good luck and fate rather than meticulous analyzing, calculated plans and intelligent decisions." It's the complete opposite of what actually is. The main character *is* the intelligent and cunning type and so is the main villain. He is also able to continue on the story so well even after he does not have the advantage of knowing the future anymore because he carefully plans and analysis everything! Yes luck and fate also helps him, but that's just it. It only gives aid. The only reason he is able to win everytime is because he plans everything so well and because of his quick decision making!!! (Also reading this I realised that you seem to have read the novel atleast far enough, since you read after MC has completed the events till the novel. This makes me even more confused as to why you are saying all this.)

"Also MC's goal is to lead a peaceful slacker life but he keeps getting dragged into thick plots basically because he is a nosy, busybody. Its been hinted many times that he can lead a slacker life if he just stopped putting his dick into everything. Dude transmigrated into a rich family far away from conflicts." Yeah actually this is absolutely correct lmao 🤣 this is the only thing that I can totally agree with you on.

In the end I can only conclude by saying that I for one don't think that the ratings are undeserved. I completely enjoyed reading this novel and it's definitely on the top of my list atleast.

... Last updated on December 8th, 2022, 11:52pm
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Below Average  
by kurotaito
May 31st, 2021, 7:58am
Rating: 6.4  / 10.0
I agree with deathcoy. The story is typical. Its a typical royal european setting isekai focused on friendship building and powering up. However, I had fun reading it for a weekend.

In my opinion, this story does so well as it has a high female audience and female retainment. The ML and the author doesn't push in sexist stereotypes that are so normal for male focused isekais. This allows for better spread in viewer demographic overall.

Even with all this going for it, the story is still typical. And, the author has no idea how to utilize his setting or even the abilities he gives his characters. At some point, the ride this story is trying to take you on will not be worth the confusion.
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Hope it becomes licensed  
by alaskankneehighs
March 8th, 2021, 6:24pm
Rating: 8.0  / 10.0
Would be willing to buy should it become available.
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Beautiful, and smart  
by RayTheBest
October 7th, 2020, 8:06pm
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
TCF at first it was mediocre, but it is so interesting that makes you want to read more. I'm still on chapter 237 and this is one of the best novel plot story I've ever read.

At first, you may find it bored but it become interesting at chapter 20 or so. Cale Henituse personality is interesting, and what makes it more interesting is the side characters that'll soon be one of the main characters, of course Cale the MC still is the most focused MC in the novel. I really like how smart, lucky but unlucky the MC Cale is. Even though the MC is weak, he'll gain a lot of ancient powers. But even though he got a lot of ancient powers, he's still a weak character because he cough blood and become hungry after using it and sometimes faint, so he need a lot of help.

I saw a review of the side character lack a soul, but I think the opposite. The side characters that'll soon become heroes along side the MC will grow and develop, this is what I called character development. I do think that the MC lack character development, but I think it's enough.

The plot is what makes it interesting, even though at first you'll think that the plot is mainstream, the more you read it'll become interesting. Every dots, every points become connected into one whole plot. There is a lot of interesting plot twist, and I love how politics and battles strategies is included in the story. The battle scenes as well as the action scene is one of the most detailed I've read.

Honestly, I really recommend you to read it. I really love all the characters personality, especially Raon Miru and the duo Cale and Alberu. Btw sorry bad english.
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Mediocre, lacks a soul  
by deathcoy
September 19th, 2020, 8:27am
Rating: 5.0  / 10.0
Trash of the Count’s Family(TCF) is the typical shounen "nakama" novel. Its riddled with overused cliche troupes but this will appeal to some readers. Personally i find it hard to immerse myself into the story and struggle to maintain interest further in.

In TCF the protagonist is transmigrated into the novel he was reading thus has knowledge about future events. Unfortunately TCF did a poor job with the butterfly effect. What changes MC did to the timeline only results in simple deviations in the future, most famous being future events get pushed earlier than intended time. Its disappointing but than again theres hardly any novel that properly capitalize the butterfly effect.

The setting and world building is not the TCF's strongest suite, it is bland, tasteless. Author doesn't focus much on the presentation of the world so a lot of information like the magic & power system, geopolitical situation, history, landscape, the world's laws as well as technical details and such are barely touched on. Moreover the setting and backdrop is kinda cliche stuff and uninteresting.

TCF has quite a number of side characters however i feel that they lack a soul. They look unique and cool on the surface but at the core they are basically copy pasted stories, the companions are lost kittens picked up by the MC and the antagonist are the archetypal villians. Author neglected creating interesting backstories, circumstances, attitudes and personalities, motives and agendas for each of them. Consequently character development also suffers, it is lacking and each character follows the same development template. Although they maintain reasonable presence throughout the novel, limelight is still primarily on the MC. In addition their interactions and relationships feel very corny and cringy, also lack synergy. I believe this was an attempt at comedy and invoking emotion but i feel it misses its mark.

Main character is special, he is like a tsundere character. He pretends to be uncaring, apathetic, only believing in using people but is actually the classic shounen protaganist who cares for his companions(more like pets), has outstanding morales, responsible, righteous, you get the idea. Pretty disappointing cos its one of the most boring and dull character types in novels. He is not overpowered in the beginning but gets powerful later on as he steals fortuitous encounters from other characters(novel reasons these powers are useless to the original owners. Righhhtttt...). Oh, and he is technically supposed to be a side character in the novel the world is based on but ends up stealing the fame, opportunities and limelight of major characters and also the protagonist. I won't say he is the intelligent and cunning type either as most of the credit is due to him knowing the future from the novel he reads. Even later on when events go beyond that novel, he is basically reliant on good luck and fate rather than meticulous analyzing, calculated plans and intelligent decisions. Also MC's goal is to lead a peaceful slacker life but he keeps getting dragged into thick plots basically because he is a nosy, busybody. Its been hinted many times that he can lead a slacker life if he just stopped putting his dick into everything. Dude transmigrated into a rich family far away from conflicts.

The plot itself isn't anything amazing. So far it fails to differentiate itself from other novels, its predictable, is not engaging enough nor intriguing. Don't expect any brilliant plotlines, events are uninspiring and feel like they are missing the impact factor. The narrative feels monotonous and narrow. Theres some nice foreshadowing but it does not have solid storytelling to back it up or follow up with.

Despite the high ratings, i think its over exaggerated. Am definitely not impressed but rather TCF is only average and is like every other within its genre. Granted if this novel was released a decade ago then i feel it'll be a worthy pioneer in its genre. But in the current trending, its very mediocre.

... Last updated on September 19th, 2020, 8:47am
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