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Oku-sama ga Seito Kaichou!   
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The story begins with Izumi Hayato running to be student body president. But when a beautiful girl swings in promising the liberalization of love while flinging condoms into the audience, he ends up losing to her and becoming the vice president. At the student council meeting, the newly-elected president invites herself over to Izumi's house, where she promptly announces she is to become Izumi's wife thanks to an agreement -facilitated by alcohol- made between their parents when they were only three.


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Oku-sama wa Seito Kaichou (Alternate Story)

Associated Names
My Wife Is the Student Council President!
Okusama ga Seito Kaichou!
Okusama ga Seitokaichou!
사모님은 학생회장!

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Yukina Scanlations
MAL Scanlations

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v.13 c.69.5 (end) by SquigglesJP & Shinsengumi Translations over 4 years ago
v.12 c.63.5 by SquigglesJP & Shinsengumi Translations over 4 years ago
v.11 c.57.5 by SquigglesJP & Shinsengumi Translations over 4 years ago
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Starts at Vol 1, Chap 1
Ends at Vol 9, Chap 44 Abridged

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Comic Rex (Ichijinsha)

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10/10 Perfect Manga  
by KewlAidMilk
August 15th, 2019, 3:43am
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
Pretty big spoilers in my review so word of warning..
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
the main characters have sex in the end
so 10/10 for me
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Borderline porn with little else to offer  
by Seregosa
April 17th, 2019, 10:13pm
Rating: 3.0  / 10.0
Honestly, this is a manga that has nothing to really offer. If it's erotic stuff you want, there are better things out there and it's a story you want, this really isn't the right place. It seems nice initially but you will quickly come to realize that it's just trash with boobs.

The biggest issue is that the longer you read it, the more annoying it gets. It especially takes a turn for the worse after 20-25 chapters. The characters are pretty much all unlikable. Every single scene and event is just a way to get more erotic drawings milked out and every character is forced to be ridiculously unrealistic even to the point of doing something utterly impossible just for the sake of more tits and borderline porn.

I'm not confident in keeping the rest of this spoiler free so I'll just put it all in a spoiler bubble as I can't be assed to actually sort evey spoiler into separate bubbles.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
After a while, the only reason you're reading this for will be the boobs and you'll just kind of tolerate the garbage story and characters. I don't like the mc at all, he's a no-balls coward who thinks he's so great and awesome for managing to not fuck his future wife despite liking her and perhaps even loving her. It takes until the last two chapters for him to get the conviction to actually drop the side bitch and commit to his real wife and fuck her after years of her being in heat. It's very predictable, but also very boring. A selfish mc that is wishy-washy, that wasn't able to take the last step until years after she showed that she wanted him and pushed herself onto him again and again. The typical japanese mc who just happens to feel like kissing and sucking on boobs isn't a dealbreaker unlike most other shounen protagonists, other than that he's just the usual garbage that acts like a splendid doormat and gets pushed around everywhere without retaliating or doing anything worth of notice.

Let's also explain the rest of the cast. The heroine is an airheaded person who just loves the mc way too much without any good reason except seeing him quite a few times when they were, what, 3 years old? She also stalked him every now and then while growing up. I don't really buy that. She also acts like a moron most of the time which is kind of a turn off.

Then there's the obligatory weird cast of females, like the loli mother, sexy and lascivious yet stupid school nurse who happens to live next to the mc, the tsundere trash-talking loli twin tails, the air-headed moron loli with a lot of accessories and tendency to flash herself, the aggressive and violent big boobed moral committee girl(the side bitch) who falls in love with the mc and then there's a camerawoman who takes erotic pictures of everyone without permission while also acting like an unapologetic stuck-up bitch. The author also feels like it's necessary to add annoying males to the mix like the mind-in-the-gutters retarded mongrel "friend" of the mc that only thinks of females as walking boobs and the kouhai that chases after the mc's wife.

All of these are just annoying in their own right. The worst of them are, no doubt, the two unnecessary guys, the big-boobed moral committee moron and the camerawoman. Why is that? Well, the lecherous "Friend" of the mc is just creepy. He's going after pretty much anyone and can't stop grinning in a lewd way all the time while referring to the girls as "boobs" and trying to suggest that everyone else is as disgusting as he is. I can't get behind a bastard like that, I wanted to immerse his legs in cement and drop him into the water by the port. As for the kouhai, he's a freaking moron that is hyperactive and smiles all the time while not caring even a little bit about the feelings of the people around him. When introduced late on in the manga, he runs around smiling like the moron he is and then when he finds the mc's wife, he promptly confesses. Turns out he has also done that a lot of times earlier, which is fine, but he actually hugs her and gets way too close for comfort while doing it. So, he's turned down instantly, but he keeps on smiling as if to show that his feelings aren't anything more than a case of puppy love. So, all of that is already enough for him to be an annoying character, but he actually KEEPS ON interfering and confessing. He confessed AGAIN after approximately a few minutes had passed since last time he confessed and got rejected. He has no respect for other people. Then when he finds out that she loves someone else and has pretty much got a boyfriend already, he tries to pair the guy up with someone else and keeps on confessing every time he sees her, all while smiling and being hyperactive for no reason. I wanted to punch his face in, god do I hate people like that.

Then there's the big-boobed violent girl. She wasn't bad at the start, but the thing is that as she starts to fall in love more and more with the mc, she starts becoming more and more annoying as well. She frequently interrupts the mc and the heroine and keeps on pushing herself between them and lashing out at the mc. She also does retarded shit like moving in with her sister(the nurse) once she finds out that the mc lives with with the heroine and then bursting into his apartment uninvited(illegal entry) and even starts to ransack it in search of anything and everything in hope of finding proof of his relationship with the girl or just his porn because she uses the excuse of being from the moral committee, pfft... So, she's happily committing a serious crime and the mc is very much against it but doesn't stop her as she goes through every nook of his apartment and even gets to his porn stash. Any somewhat normal human being would become really pissed and kick her out and perhaps even stop talking to her, but he just acts like it's natural to let her do whatever she wants. Other than that she also starts cracking down on him and the heroine all the time because of jealousy and it became quite annoying.

Then there's the camera girl, she's a real piece of work. She has committed so many crimes I don't even know where to start and she was the character that pissed me off the most in this manga. She actually takes secret lewd/erotic photos of every hot girl in school, even going to the point of photoshopping some photos to make it look like them, as if that wasn't enough, she actually SPREADS these things, she SELLS them to other people to get money for her camera hobby. Not to mention that she sells them on the school's official website. This is stuff that would land you in jail for a lot of years. There are a very large amount of crimes stacking on top of eachother. She's taking pictures of other people without their consent, that alone is worth reprimanding, but she actually takes EROTIC shots of them, like nip slips or changing room pictures and she puts these embarrassing pictures up without asking for consent, then she SELLS them to people, which would actually be quite serious crimes. It's impossible that no one called the cops on her already or that she hasn't gotten lynched by the rest of the school, she hasn't even been expelled or even warned by the teachers despite openly doing this and even using the school site... Seriously? She's a very forced and cringeworthy character that exists only to provide more half-nude pictures. She's an impossible existence as she couldn't possible exist in our world, she'd be in jail already in a world like ours. She's supposed to be funny, but she isn't even close to being amusing. She doesn't respect people's privacy or even right to not become wank material even a little bit, I can only say I hate her guts.

Well, that's pretty much it about the characters. So, it's filled to the brim with trash characters and a horrible story. There are also huge issues with the comedy, the author fails to understand even the most basic and elementary principle of that a joke needs to be a POSSIBILITY to be funny. It can be ridiculously absurd and unlikely, but it has to be possible, you need to be able to imagine that it could happen, otherwise it's just bullshit that isn't funny. There are a lot of attempts at comedy in this manga, but hardly any of them are funny.

So, it's just a half-porn manga that has nothing to offer. I don't recommend you read this, it's trash to the very end. If you want erotic things, just get some porn or read a r18 novel or get an ecchi manga that is actually decent. If you want story, just get something else because this has none.

3/10 for wonderful body art.

... Last updated on April 17th, 2019, 10:25pm
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Double-edged romcom...  
by Lost Rabbit
April 7th, 2015, 5:35pm
Rating: 7.5  / 10.0
Before I get to describe what exactly I find to be a nice aspect to this series, I need to get something off my chest right beforehand:

This series manages to carry over a lot of cliches + generic ideas found in so many other typical ecchi + harem based romcoms, especially a couple of the really annoying aspects:
>>Tsundere girl that's practically a hardcore lesbian and calls the main character "human garbage" + other insults, simply for being male and having an interest in the heroine.
>Morales committee president/officer with an ice queen personality that's strict with just about every other character, yet manages to warm up to the protagonist due to ecchi shenanigans.
>High school kids that look like elementary school children.
>An adult that also looks like a child for no reason beyond being a "Loli-Milf" for the male audience.
>Hot school nurse that's sexy and devious for causing mischief, yet never actually becomes a part of the harem cause she's probably too kinky to join in.
>Tons of coincidental misunderstandings that make it look like something sexual was taking place as another character walks into the room.
>>Tons of cock-blocking // convenient interruptions for when characters are trying to get intimate.

For the ones I tried to emphasize (>>), those would be the main reasons to not read a series like this. The last one's passable, but the first... After a while, it gets so damn annoying to constantly see a girl talk shit to the protagonist, just for being a heterosexual male with romantic feelings. The rest aren't exactly a big deal really, as the harem aspect adds some (generic) "variety" to whatever kind of girls the readers love to see, and the comedy amongst the characters can be somewhat decent. Nothing totally impressive in that department, but I won't complain about that. However, I'll point out that I do like to see some more "originality," along with greater strides toward creating interesting characters' personalities, backgrounds, and especially interactions with one-another.

And so, we get to the really nice aspect that is somewhat of a spoiler, but you deserve to know what makes the series "so special" compared to the many other similar ones out there:
This series actually has the balls to have mainly two characters become progressively intimate with one another.
Series like To Love-Ru Darkness annoy me because they keep pushing the Borderline-H content as much as possible, showing off things like groping and a few girls orgasming (mostly all by the protagonist accidentally doing it); yet, when it comes to doing something as "bold" as very intimate kissing or touching as a part of love + lust, it will never be shown. Seriously, why even keep "To Love" in the title...?

Getting back on track...
Basically, a lot of other romcoms go to the extremes of either having no romantic intimacy whatsoever with everything being an accident, or just showing off tons of sex based on the protagonist being horny 24/7. This one manages to find a sweet-spot within about 10(?) chapters, and has the protagonist + heroine exploring their romantic + sexual desires for each other. It's sweet, and while there are some incredibly convenient interruptions as mentioned previously, at least they can find a limit to just how intimate they'll get, to possibly push the limit even farther in time. I don't usually see too many series like this one, so if there are any others that do pull off what this one does, please message me to check them out in the future.

... Last updated on April 7th, 2015, 5:37pm
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