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Tsuyokute New Saga   
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Be Stronger! New Saga
New Saga
Стать сильнее! Новая сага

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Worse than mid  
by yonteel
April 13th, 2023, 11:58pm
Rating: N/A
This is my second time attempting to read this manga however once more will I have to discontinue this gruesome journey that I have embarked on. The start of the manga was pretty well crafted albeit it drastically goes downhill from around chapter 3, each chapter that you read makes you feel as if you're slowly being engulfed in quicksand struggling to move and breath. Anyways actual criticism instead of my dissatisfactory remark. The art style is pretty good a solid 7, character development from what I have read is mediocre not great not bad, and there isn't really anything that makes you really invest in the side character, am currently on chapter 28 and the character has yet to be developed, so on that note I will be giving character/character development a 5. The plot on the other hand is truly something else. This manga does not feel like a manga about a hero who suffer going back to the past instead someone who is able to see the future. I would love to go on a tangent on why this manga is trash but to summarize everything I want to say I would like to say that this manga feel like a author who had laid the foundation of a great story but has no experience in writing a story as well as no experience in character development so he just go and be like Q1: what does the MC need and how would he go about to get it? A1: Ahhh shitty plot!!!! Q2: What should the character be thinking here? A2: Hmmm, I don't know, I dont think, while ill just write random stuff.
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Don't read on the automated bot sites.  
by anymany
January 1st, 2022, 1:40am
Rating: N/A
If you read on a random site, you'll feel that pages are missing, because they are. The story is very solid and stable and there shouldn't be anything missing. It's addicting, but two gripes. It feels like most of the main female characters are in their underwear. And mc is ruthless yet gullible, making him unlikable for me.
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The start is good...  
by Joese
December 8th, 2020, 2:49am
Rating: 2.0  / 10.0
And yes that's is the rest is terrible...I recommend not reading it . "Immortal bear"'s comment just summarises most of what's wrong with the story.
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6 years wasted on this glacial manga.  
by Jandalman
January 18th, 2020, 1:40am
Rating: 1.0  / 10.0
Thickheaded MC, boring side characters and a plot that hasn't gone beyond a few steps in the past 6 YEARS. An absolute trainwreck of a series and the author really should just stop writing and become a janitor or something. Horrible storytelling.
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A Soldier's Perspective  
by Immortal bear
June 5th, 2017, 8:09am
Rating: N/A
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
It is difficult to understand the complete context of a war until well after the war is over. The Spanish American War is infamous for its yellow journalism that was used as propoganda to tilt American perspectives toward a war against Spain. Propoganda said the war was declared in order to fight for Cuban and Philippines independence against Spainard exploitation. The truth was that the United States wanted to determine trade in the Carribean on their terms and very little consideration for what the populations of these countries wanted in their governments. Just two days after the Philipines gained their independence, a guerilla war was waged between the Philipines and the United States. The war resulted in the deaths of 200,000 Filipinos and the destruction of the Philipines provisional government. None of the American soldiers knew this would be the result when they got involved. Tsyokute New Saga shows same sort of tunnel vision perspective through the use of time travel.

In Tsuyokute New Saga, a war between humans and demons was fought. Humans eventually won the war, but at a large cost of thousands of lives. The main character, Kail's losses are a microcosm of this tragedy as much of his home was destroyed as a result of the war. He succeeds in killing the leader and strongest enemy, the Demon King but is mortally wounded in the fight. Considering practically everyone including his wife, his best friend, and most of the people he knew died in this war he practically welcomes death. He passes out and wakes up to find his consciousness is in his past incarnation, four years before the war started.

What New Saga excells at is subverting the hero's journey. It's like Frodo going back in time, only to grab Gandalf's beard and shout "Summon the Fucking Eagles!" He uses his past knowledge to dig his way past a brutal dungeon to get the treasure underground. He acknowledges who were his greatest allies and wastes no time in trying to recruit them. This is one of New Saga's greatest strengths, the hero is portrayed as smart in a convincing way, without having to degrade the intelligence of those around him.

Yet while he is smart, he is also failble. He sees the war from a utilitarian perspective and has difficulty, differentiating people that were heroes in the future from their flawed present selves. In an early arc, he tries to recruit the knight captain, Zentos, a paternal figure to him during the war that was largely responsible for shaping him into the hero he eventually became. At the same time, he tries to rescue a princess that would become a better ruler for his country has she not died just before the war. Problematically, he finds Zentos trying to assassinate said princess and is forced to kill him. The tragedy of Zentos's story shows the potential drama New Saga has to offer. Zentos was a heroic figure in Kail's past timeline, but in the present, he died the dishonorable death of a traitor and that's all he'll be known for. What's more, none of his friends can understand why this affects Kail so personally.

However, in another arc he finds a girl, Minagi, whom he always saw as sociopathic killer, as an affable if brutally honest destitute. She is an assassin by necessity, yet due to the unintended consequences of Kail's actions, he inadvertently stops her from becoming a remoreless killer. Morality in New Saga is often governed by circumstance, and its Kail's knowledge of the future that disrupts these circumstances for better or worse.

All the while there is an arcing mystery over why the war occured. Kail has little understanding over demon society and is confused by their motives and ideals. The story builds intrigue as he finds demons acting as spies or manipulating conflicts between humans. These details give small hints that suggest the demons are more than just an evil, destructive, force.

Action scenes are decent enough. Anime tropes like flash step can be annoying for people that prefer choreography in their fight scenes. However, the creators always make fights challenging for the main character, as Kail often fights opponents that are much stronger than the weak body that he currently inhabits. He often has to outsmart his opponents, plant traps and anticipate their actions as oppose to overpower them with physical force.

I have some minor gripes about the story. It is a harem, though it does balance the gender ratio with some strong male characters. It contains some of the problems with harems, including the female characters being really attached to the protagonist with little justification. The childhood friend character isn't well characterized and due to most of the cast being physical fighters, tends to fade into the background during conflicts. Hopefully, they will have a better balance of romance in later parts of the story. The art isn't very impressive either, backgrounds are often left blank, characters bodies sometimes have wierd angles, and it could really use more shading. People that like art from Tokyo Ghoul or Shingeki no Kyojin will see New Saga as a bit of a downgrade.

All in all, I like New Saga, as it shows both war and people as complicated. Kail's past timeline provides a background to characters without completely establishing them. Conflicts occur not just between Kail and other characters but also Kail's future perspective and the events that happen in the present.

... Last updated on June 5th, 2017, 8:47am
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A triumph of the medium  
by Discriminating Dom
May 24th, 2017, 1:35pm
Rating: N/A
This manga adaptation is clearly limited by the time and budget, and yet it's probably the perfect example of what the rpg genre SHOULD be. Not a single panel explaining that its an rpg world. Not a single wink at the camera. It takes itself 100% seriously, and that gives the world so much weight. It feels real to the reader because its completely real to the characters. Everyone feels like they have a history, no matter how cliche their base design is. The protagonist is a delight, particularly when he's at his most ruthless, and the frenetic pacing of the story helps create a surprisingly mature atmosphere to it all. And to keep up that pace, sooo much of the story is shown and not told. (Since we the audience know how fallible the protagonist's knowledge of history is, what would be clumsy exposition in a lesser manga comes off as a fast-paced foreshadowing instead.)

The manga's presentation gives it a very original feel despite its setting being so stock and seemingly predictable. The art is VERY functional when it comes to showing us that setting, and is VERY limited when it comes to action and combat. Whether due to luck or skill of the author, though, the manga feels very aware of these limitations, and the breakneck pacing covers them very effectively. Combined with a lack of any obvious flaws in panels, the overall impression of the artwork is solid.

Don't waste your time with the glacial light novel. The compressed story fits so well this fast-paced manga that it's a case study in the superiority of the medium. 10
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The story is quite similar to a Manhwa and Light Novel that I am reading  
by Marzarret
January 12th, 2016, 8:37pm
Rating: N/A
The story of this Manga is similar to Tales of Demons and Gods. It's Chinese Light Novel with a similar start off. The only difference is that the main protagonist of TDG died in the hands of the Final Boss and thanks to his Demon Temporal Book, he was sent back on his 13 year old self with all of the knowledge and experiences that he gained from his previous life.
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After new game+  
by exit
January 25th, 2015, 11:34pm
Rating: N/A
New game + has already been an interesting plot but after some reading and history changing by protagonist. I am expecting to see some after effect that will come after which will make story line more than new game+ and sometime will bring story to possible "worst than new game" before come back to "rewrite happy ending" for hero.
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Another web novel adaptation  
by imercenary
January 14th, 2015, 6:32pm
Rating: 1.0  / 10.0
Whats there to say?

The plot is that the main protagonist is an absolute badass only to find himself magically teleported back in time a few years before the war. The main protagonist (Hero) then sets out on an journey to win the war quickly and divisively. Should be a good platform for globetrotting adventures right?


The story goes very, very, very, very quickly and completely ignores the medium. Entire volumes become mere chapters. Entire battles become a few pages. Entire scenes become mere panels. Character introductions become mere paragraphs.

Additionally, the story lampshades the absurdity of the Hero's mission. As a time travel story, the story explains its own internal logic to the reader; but time travel logic it uses points out the fact that this is actually a parallel universe. Now that the Hero has started doing things differently, the future will play out differently.

On top of everything else, it turns out that the Hero doesn't know anywhere near as much as he thinks he knows. Politics are a complete blind spot for him, pre-war events are nothing more than sound bites he heard in passing and he literally has no idea why the demons started the war in the first place.
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Quite pleasant so far.  
by drunkguy
November 23rd, 2014, 5:19pm
Rating: 9.0  / 10.0
As some may have mentioned, this is similar to a new game + after finishing a blind playthrough with a bad ending. The player/protagonist is doing a second playthrough to get a better result, retains a large number of skills and is far more focused on the game's objectives.

The main character himself is very much the focus the whole way through so far. He has a level of composure that is quite refreshing compared to the hot headed morons or awkward protagonists that makes one wonder whether they were castrated at birth.

While he is obviously a formidable fighter, the story puts great effort in emphasizing that he needs to not only improve his current abilities, he also has to gain allies and an army.

The art is a bit stiff at times and it is slightly heavy on internal monologues due to the need to go into flashbacks but the story hold great potential.
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