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1/2 Prince (Novel)   
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It is the year 2100 AD. Technological advancements have made possible the existence of virtual reality, and now the long-awaited has arrived – “Second Life”, a virtual reality game with a realism level of 99%. Provoked by her younger twin brother during an argument over the “unfair advantages” that female players have, Feng Lan is determined to beat her brother without using the benefits of her gender…and thus ends up being the first and only transgendered player in the entirety of “Second Life”.


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1/2 Ouji (Novel)
1/2 Wangzi (Novel)
1/2 Принц (Novel)
1/2 Принца (Novel)
1/2 王子 (小说)
1|2 Prince (Novel)
Half Prince (Novel)
½ Ouji (Novel)
½ Prince (Novel)
½ 王子 (小说)
Наполовину принц (Novel)
Пол-принца (Novel)
Полу-принц (Novel)

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Fantastic in every way until the end.  
by Danae_D
May 22nd, 2015, 1:53pm
Rating: 8.0  / 10.0
Absolutely great. I loved the characters and story. My only gripes come at the end. The story gets weird with a 'spy kids' feel to it. It didn't even feel like the same story, like I accidentally started reading the wrong book.

And the MC chooses the one character I didn't like. Not a bad character per say, but not one I liked myself.
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Not good...  
by rhin33
May 21st, 2014, 1:39am
Rating: 4.0  / 10.0
The first few volumes were at least funny. Latter on it was just plain torture to go throught the story. I still haven`t read the side stories and probably woundn`t.
I kind of prefer the comics - at least the pace is faster so I don`t have to bother with the whole nonsense -.-
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Steep slope down...I don't know anymore  
by Alwerien
October 15th, 2013, 10:59pm
Rating: 6.5  / 10.0
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
I admit I haven't read the whole novel - missed two or so volumes in the middle and there was a long break in reading of the first and last ones. That might make my opinion of the novel worse because that last-two-volumes part of story I have read recently was already when it was really going downhill. I don't know how much role played the translation either but I just couldn't really feel anything from the novel other than facepalm a lot. The descriptions of everything seemed really blandly written and I can't say I could imagine a world just from the lines. It felt like I was simply spoon-fed what I'm supposed to think instead of the novel describing things and letting me form my image of it. It's also the first work of Yu Wo here on MU so it's understandable it might be weaker as she had much less experience. Though maybe the fresh mind was what made the beginning so good...

I do agree with a lot of points that Gingeh raised, especially about the love triangle. As much as I love Feng Lan as Prince and main character throughout the most of the story, the way she behaves in the love triangle annoys me to no end. It's like putting one of the cliché dumb badly-written shoujo wrecks in middle of an actually cool story. Of course, that can only lead into the story becoming wrecked too. But more about that later.

I have also felt similarly about the latter half of the story being perhaps too heavily inspired by .hack - but poorly written. It was honestly kind of disappointing. And I also felt like from when they got the Infinite City, things just got...weird. The last part I probably honestly enjoyed was Prince meeting Kenshin and Sunshine and taking them outside with him. Then you could just feel the depth of the story flattening and becoming less appealing. I loved Cold Fox though.

Back to the love triangle issue... I have honestly liked Gui through the whole story and cheered for him all the time, but reading the Epilogue just left me so sour, I couldn't even be happy for him.
And Wicked... "He knew that if he had been the one who had taken the final blow for me and ended up lying on the sick bed for a month, the person giving birth right now could have been himself. " - That line just makes the heroine unlikeable and retarded in my eyes. And incapable of actual feelings. Really, picking someone because he saves your life and admitting you'd do the same if the other one saved your life? How shallow. Or "deep." Both Gui and Wicked would have deserved someone better. Feng Lan is a good character - as a friend etc. As love interest... she fails. I just feel like both Gui's and Wicked's characters were ran over by a steamroller. Several times. And with a loser sticker on Wicked's forehead. And then his "happy" end after. Ugh.

I just think the love issues really were some of the worst things to happen to this story. Plus at some point it seems like author went on rampage of forcibly happily-ever-after pairing everyone (im)possible horrid results.

... Last updated on October 15th, 2013, 11:08pm
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Good initially, but...  
by Starkick
May 20th, 2013, 10:57am
Rating: 6.0  / 10.0
Really good at the beginning, but I lost interest towards the end, and the epilogue left me with a bad taste in my mouth. I loved all the characters initially, but as the story dragged on and the same gags repeated over and over again, they started to irritate me. How many time can Prince get lost, or Gui get beat up? It stops being funny and starts just being annoying in its predictability.

The story is my other issue; as I said, it was good in the beginning, when everyone was still running around fighting monsters/bosses and gaining levels. But about midway through the focus changes and they all settle down in one spot, and that's where things started going downhill for me. It felt like the author ran out of things for them to do too quickly, and resorted to supposed-comedic means to keep the readers entertained.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)

And I believe someone else mentioned that some, even many, of the components of the plot ended up being very similar to .hack.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Things like Dictator of Life being a self-aware AI, and all the self-aware NPCs in fact being players who had been killed outside while plugged into the game, were very similar, and that irritated the heck out of me.

It was like .hack, but not nearly as well done and somewhat predictable.

And of course there's Feng Lan's emotional issues, and the completely unnecessary love triangle. I don't understand why either of the boys are attracted to her, when she clearly is not capable of really returning their feelings. She cares more about food than either of them, as is evidenced time and time again, and only eventually chooses one boy because he saves her life, and admits that if the other had done the same thing, she would have chosen him. It's incredibly frustrating that she has no emotional depth in this area - for no apparent reason! - and I wish the author had not spent so much time on it.

That said, I did really enjoy the beginning of this, and it kept me reading all the way to the end. And major props to the translating group - I thought the story and dialogue flowed beautifully, and while there were a lot of footnotes, I appreciated that they stayed very true to the original language while at the same time not making it impossible for English readers to understand.

... Last updated on June 21st, 2016, 8:31pm
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Awesome compared to other stuff but not Yu Wo's best work  
by Nirachu
January 9th, 2013, 7:09pm
Rating: 9.0  / 10.0
Although 1/2 Prince is the first work that introduced me to Yu Wo, looking back on this now I realise that it's probably Yu Wo's weakest work. It's still amazing though, and particular credit needs to be given to the wide coverage of genres, meaning that it's an enjoyable read for almost everyone. However, there are elements that make this read almost like a fanfiction - characters like Kenshin feel like they've been heavily inspired from Rurouni Kenshin, the idea of virtual reality is a bit cliche, and the ending... well it's not bad but it definitely contrasts with the rest of the story and feels almost a bit amateurish.

That said, the novel form of 1/2 Prince is still better than the manga IMO to be more immersed in the game world of Second Life. You get game mechanics like leveling up, items gained and experience, which are omitted in the manga.

... Last updated on October 9th, 2013, 12:22am
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Enjoyable concept, wish the author would describe more than tell though  
by ChocoKiss
August 21st, 2012, 3:40pm
Rating: N/A
Reads like a manhua. Lots of repetitive "Prince is handsome" parts which I skip over. It doesn't read like a novel, but more as though the author wrote it while envisioning the panels of a manhua in mind. If that doesn't bother you, this is an extremely fun read. Especially if you're into games. Definitely more descriptive in the manhua--but only in the sense that you know what attacks, skills, etc. are being learned. Aside from the blatant, "Prince is handsome" or "Lolidragon is beautiful" spoon-fed lines, it would be best if the author could DESCRIBE just HOW Prince is handsome. (Note: Going to refer to Prince as "him" since his char IS male in the game.) Is it his wispy hair? Maybe the way the wind rolls it back in the breeze. Or maybe his stature? Does he walk with his back straightened? It TELLS you, instead, things like "Walk with an arrogant attitude during battle" or "Produce an untouchable aura to distinguish yourself from the others." How? There are SO many ways to walk arrogantly. Gait? Stride? Where are his arms? Crossed? Hands in his pockets? Maybe hooking his thumbs on the fabric?

Still, if you don't mind reading it that way, it's a fun and enjoyable series which I highly recommend. smile
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Start reading!  
by kittikiti
June 15th, 2012, 12:47pm
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
The first time I read it, I pretty much read the whole thing until I was updated! 1/2 Prince is something you will definitely love! Not one character is the absolute same! You get a laugh like, every paragraph! The plot is always surprising you with different twists along the way. You will basically be on the edge of your seat just waiting to know what happens next!
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Highly recommended!  
by zeusosphere
January 20th, 2011, 1:50pm
Rating: 9.5  / 10.0
As a sucker for comedy, I absolutely loved this series, particularly the earlier volumes
Spoiler (highlight to view)
ie before things start getting serious and suspenseful and frustrating (for 'Prince')
. It's a roller-coaster of a story, exciting and funny and suspenseful in turns (even contemplative at times), with wonderful characterization.
One thing about it though: it's not exactly the best for translation. You miss so many nuances because some things just can't be translated.
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by paradoX
September 22nd, 2010, 3:26am
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
Incredible. See, I was skeptical, on whether I should read this or not. Am not a fan of female leads, in most cases they turn out to be simply a chore to tolerate. I can still remember Blood+.. *shivers* But regardless of my doubts, I started reading it. Around 10 hours later I caught up to the latest translated chapter, and found myself writing this comment.
All of the characters in here have depth. Even drinking buddies do, incredibly enough! Comedy is extremely well executed. I think I can feel my laughing belly muscles from the workout they went through haha.. Story - although there is no clear goal, it does not feel lacking. One line Prince used stuck with me. "I will cross that bridge when I get to it." It is astoundingly refreshing. Action.. Is awesome. Incredibly well presented and executed. The whole siege thing was flawless, incredibly satisfying, even if it might have been expected. smile) Romance.. haha. Is a treat, in many, many ways.
It is incredible how versatile it is. We do not have the same thing repeating over, and over again. Always different.

Obviously, I heartily recommend it. Pure enjoyment. See for yourselves.
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Huge Spoilers  
by 005656
June 23rd, 2010, 1:27pm
Rating: N/A
Spoiler (highlight to view)
This is a spoiler written by someone else (it's more of a summary than a spoiler) -------
This series is amazingly funny and quirky, but it also have its serious moments. ♥ It's set way in the future where technology is pretty advanced (fax machines can transmit real people and objects instead of paper, haha), but the setting is mostly in an online virtual game with a realism level of 99%. I was very amused by Lan's troubles of meeting people in real life that she knows from the games. She certainly had a more and more difficult time hiding that she's actually a girl (since she plays a guy character).

The manga follows the novels really closely, but it's way less detailed. A group of people have also started translating the novels into English too. I think my favorite thing about this series is all the Chinese references and the way Lan thinks to herself. What other series would have 2 girls and 2 guys fighting over the same person in an online game while an onlooker thinks, "Ah, four people. Just enough for mahjong. They even have a common topic (the person they're fighting over)!"

1/2 Prince novel in Chinese
1/2 Prince novel translations

Haha, darkicedragon, don't read what's inside the cut. =P


Woohoo, super long notes to help me remember the series! Starting from stuff that happens after chapter 30 of the manga...because I can't seem to remember what part is the manga and what part is the novel from the parts where both are available. ^^;;

Oh man, this series sure has squee-worthy scenes. I hope they make it into the manga. XD; Sunshine's flying carpet hasn't been mentioned yet, but I'm sure it'll be in the next manga chapter. I can't wait until Lan's friends show off their powers to protect the castle in the manga. :D

Loved it when Gui met his other students (Jing and Yun) and informed them of their essay scores. XD;

Prince, Gui, Wicked, Fairsky, and Ice a band to earn money! How did they earn money though...they were too busy running away from the crowd all the time. 0___0;; Eee, Meatbun and Gui's Fire Phoenix getting married? LOL, so Meatbun is actually a "he." Prince's busting into Wicked and Gui's room = priceless. I was also laughing a lot when Prince announced he was going to room with Kenshin and Sunshine. Silly Prince, only you know they're NPCs!

The new character Xi Men Feng (West Gate Wind) is a girl by day, a guy by night (because of a curse...kind of like Ranma?), and has something to settle with Gui! Hilarious character. Poor guy is totally scared of Yu Lian. Forced to take pictures as both a guy and a girl for the photobooks.

...a monster that lets you take pictures. XDDD Photobooks and novels in an online game...

And so, Second Life upgrades so that you actually get dirty, need to take showers, and need to go to the bathroom. Why in the world would you want such a realistic game ??? Having to take showers and go to the bathroom in a game is way too inconvenient and realistic. Haha, but of course, Prince can't handle bathing with actual guys.

Oh my, Fairsky falling in love with Sunshine? Totally saw that coming in the novels, but really, falling in love with an NPC. What will come of this?

The scenes where people find out that Feng Lan = Prince are very well done. ♥ She's practically found out by everyone who knows her personally in real life (one after another!) but the pacing was gradual enough that it was still quite suspenseful. Her parents are the next to confront her in the classical approach of using Lan's name in casual speech. Silly Prince answered to the name anyway. XD; Her parents totally recognized her singing. Jing and Yun asked Prince bluntly if Prince knew "Feng Lan" and when Prince answered no, Yun replied, "Of course no one would say they know themselves!" Hahaha, both Jing and Yun felt so stupid for believing Prince helped them out of the good of his heart. They found out because Feng Lan showed no interest in Prince (usually she would be jumping all over the chance of meeting a hot guy) and they heard from Yang Ming that she's playing as a boy. As for Yang Ming, he found out when Prince got into a temper and ran away. Then it finally clicked. He was sure dense since he knew all along his sister was playing as a guy. XD;

LOL, and what do Jing and Yun do right afterward finding out? Convince Feng Lan to go on a date with Min Ju Wen and Zhuo Ling Bin to see who she likes better. XD;; Man, what dates they were! First, Lan's friends come up with the most ridiculous situation for their professor to help with (something about how Lan was getting pestered by a guy and needed a pretend boyfriend). Min Ju Wen only agreed to help to tell Lan that he's already in love (since he thought she was trying to confess to him). If only he knew Prince was Lan! =P His side of things totally needs to be ficced.

Leng Hu (Cold Fox) is such a cool character. XD; He's ranked third strongest in Second Life. Came to challenge Prince (he just likes looking for strong opponents) but Prince asked Kenshin to fight in his stead instead. In the end, Leng Hu ended up following Kenshin everywhere after getting beaten. Mysterious (ridiculously strong) guy cloaked in black who wishes Kenshin were a girl... XDD

So after Prince runs away, he meets another BOSS NPC, Tian Xian (I suppose his name would be translated as "God" or "Deity")...of course. Another NPC with a conscience. He falls in love with Doll! Things are becoming dangerous...

Ooo, the leaders of the other continents appear to discuss the sudden assassins that have been showing up on all continents.

On a sidenote, Feng Wu Qing (Wind Heartless) really does fall in love with Lolidragon. Wow, the fans were right.

Eastern Continent - Dong Kai (Eastern Triumph). Only sees money. XD; MONEY MONEY MONEY. Guess who he knows in real life? Yu Lian! Even more shocking is that Yu Lian serves Doll, who's the princess of her country. Ah, so Yu Lian didn't join Odd Squad because she was touched by their story but rather because she was keeping an eye on Doll...this certainly needs to be ficced too.

Western Continent - Sheng Jing Xi Xi (Super Silly). He chases after beautiful things with his wife, who ranks higher than him in the game. They take spots #5 and #9...I think. He wields a HUGE sword. He treats Prince like a young boy.

Southern Continent - Bu Si Nan (Never Dying Guy or...Immortal Guy maybe). Haha, poor buff guy with shoujo looking eyes. He confessed over 3000 times but was always rejected and is the first to mistake Prince for a girl. He never, ever dies. Kind of like a cockroach.

Northern Continent - Bei Fang Yu Zhi Hua (Flower of the North). Well, apparently she has five husbands. They're the first to be assassinated with the HD program, which entirely erased their characters, so she never actually appeared.

Central Continent - Prince!

Man, I wish we got to see more of the other continents other than Central and Eastern. I'd have liked to see the Southern and Western Continents too, and also the Northern Continent before it got infested by NPCs.

Okay, so they find out that the Northern Continent was completely taken over by NPCs, whose leader is called Sheng Ming Zhu Zai (Ruler of Life), whose intelligence is far above all humans. He wants to erase all humans from Second Life. Prince and everyone else start training in determination to finish him off so that they can save Kenshin and Sunshine's existence. Kenshin, however, doesn't want to have to kill other NPCs to survive.

Lolidragon ends up being not just a normal hidden GM, but rather the daughter of the company that released Second Life! She tells Prince that the Ruler of Life was modeled after a real person, her older cousin Long Dian, who is currently a convict. He experimented on real people, putting their consciousness into Second Life, making them into NPCs, and then killing off their bodies to see if their consciousness could continue surviving. *shivers* The Second Life company didn't want to delete these NPCs' data. Kenshin and Sunshine are such about freaky.

Lolidragon and the others develop an ND explosion program (a program that deletes the NPC and your character at the same time). Prince offers to install the program to fight the Ruler of Life. Lolidragon agrees and tells him that Prince is the only one who can fight the Ruler of Life anyway. (Something's going on here!) Gui makes a fuss, asking why Prince is the only one suffering. (Of course, they're totally not going to let Prince do it on his own!)

Northern continent, here we go!

Wicked's "dying scene" is so heart-wrenching. ;____; He gave Prince his best sword after Prince lost his Black Dao and activated the ND explosion program. Gui's the next to go. I squealed when Prince recognized Gui even though Gui was disguised as Xi Men Feng (South Gate Wind). I thought the scene was not as touching though...since both of them were disguised as other people. XDD But man, both of Lan's protectors died early. T___T I guess they had the biggest emotional impact...

What really got to me were the NPCs Wicked and Gui erased in their parting shot. Although Wicked and Gui's characters got erased, they're still alive in the real world like Tian Xian said. But the NPCs they erased are gone. Completely. They had their own consciousness too...

Prince bawling his eyes out...what I'd give to be in the heads of all those other people who don't know his gender yet. XD

All rightie, so, final battle with the Ruler of Life! Prince versus Ruler of Life. The Ruler of Life ended up being the one who helped Lan with the gender change, gave Prince Meatbun instead of a drooling dragon for a pet (because Lan likes meatbuns), gave Lan her super strong sword that levels up, and he's even the one who gives her the blood tiara. Ah, so Prince received a lot of special treatment after all! Of course Prince can't kill the Ruler of Life now that he knows he likes him and that the Ruler of Life is also being none other than Long Dian, Lolidragon's cousin and the creator of Second Life. (Long Dian created Second Life based on Lolidragon's likes.)

Prince's character gets erased. Everyone agrees to meet in the real world. This chapter made me BURST WITH GLEE.

Gui and Wicked, the first two to get erased, meet up at Lolidragon's place (whose real name is Long Shui Han. She really does have a dragon in her name) to trace Long Dian's IP. They start equipping real life equipment (shoes that boosts jump, armor, laser guns, etc) in preparation to battle Long Dian. Gui comments that no one can actually use things like those in real life. Wicked picks up a gun and shoots consecutive bullseye right after Gui says that. (*pats Gui* You may be a professor with an IQ of 200, but you're still just a professor)

Doll is the first to come. She looks pretty and refined. :) Yu Lian is of course with her, along with a guy with gold-rimmed glasses (Dong Kai, the leader of the Eastern continent). Yu Lian immediately jumps into the arms of Ugly Wolf even though it's the first time they met in real life. ♥

Doll ends up being super good with weapons. XDD

The next to come is a short, feminine boy who Gui mistakes for Ming Huang (Wicked replies, "You think I wouldn't recognize my own brother?) So who's this mysterious young looking boy?? XD; NAN GONG ZUI. Ahahaha. He's 25 and a police, but he sure looks young. Priceless.

Fairsky's not all that much different. :3

Cold Fox ends up being...a high school boy! (and the top assassin of the mafia!)

Next chapter, Lan is playing catch up with the rest of the group. Lolidragon mistakenly think Lan's trying to race her until she figures out it's Prince. Lolidragon makes Lan wear a bunch of armor and headgear, so the rest don't immediately figure out that Lan is a girl (they only notice that she's pretty short).

Buuuuuut, while battling a robot outside of Long Dian's location, Fairsky pulls off Lan's headgear (I forgot why. I think...because she was angry about not being able to save Sunshine...wait a minute. Fairsky + Sunshine ??? *dies at the pun* I should have made the connection earlier.). She is entirely surprised that Prince is a girl!!


And so, Lan has to explain. Some of them question if she's really Prince, but when she starts pummeling Gui, they agree that it's Prince. Gui is shocked that Prince ended up being so close the entire time. (His own student!) He very cutely resisted the urge to hug Lan because she's his student. XD; He's sad that Wicked knew so much about Lan.

Ugly Wolf already guessed her identity from the time she visited him in the infirmary. Yu Lian already guessed that Prince was a girl. Doll never even had the thought that Prince could be a girl. Nan Gong Zui wondered what Ice Phoenix would think once she found out.

Long Dian escapes with the super computer. The entire WORLD IS IN DANGER. Lan and the others log onto a messed up Second Life (to save Kenshin and Sunshine's data). The NPCs are all running around and you can create a character to look any way you want. A bunch of people create their characters based on Prince, so there's a bunch of Prince running around. T________T;; Lan is appalled, but Gui recognizes her and saves her. Lan is touched but wonders why Gui recognizes her out of all the Princes but couldn't recognize her in real life. Gui replies that he probably forced himself not to notice because of their promise that he wouldn't look for Prince in real life.

...Prince ends up getting killed by Meatbun's jumps since Prince is only level one. XD;

He meets the Ruler of Life and finds out that the Ruler of Life and Long Dian will be merging. Long Dian, who has cancer, has been trying to find a way to extend his life. After merging with the Ruler of Life, the Ruler of Life's consciousness will disappear. Lan doesn't want that, so she plans to save him.

Everyone starts training under Cold Fox for 2 weeks. In the end, Lan, her brother, Lolidragon, Nan Gong Zui, Ugly Wolf, and Yu Lian are strong enough to go, but Gui doesn't pass the test. (professors are physically weak after all...) Kenshin and Sunshine help sneak them to the island that Long Dian escaped to. Long Dian finds out and traps them in an RPG like situation where they have to battle boss after boss. They escape the building and return to the ship to determine how to get into the real base. Lan wishes to contact Gui to make use of his high IQ...Gui then walks outside of the ship. He sneaked along after all. (of course, how could Gui miss the last battle after all?)

Wicked opens the door to the base to find that one of his professors was trapped to help Long Dian research how to merge him with the Ruler of Life. A bunch of other experts are trapped with him. Long Dian appears and the final battle starts. Lolidragon's the first to get hit. Ugly Wolf is out of the scene to treat her by transferring Lan's brother's blood. Long Dian laments that he has nothing now (duh, you just harmed the girl you like). Lan cuts her hair to make herself look more like Prince so that the Ruler of Life might recognize her and stop. Cold Fox's three knives are the only things that can harm Long Dian, but Cold Fox is disabled quickly, and Nan Gong Zui meets a similar fate. Wicked tries to stop Lan. Gui takes a hit for Lan. All this is being broadcasted for the entire world to see. After a bunch of blows and parries, Lan wins by cutting off Long Dian's head. The world rejoices over "Prince's" win.

After the "epilogue." The ten years later thing. XD;

Ugly Wolf and Yu Lian marry. Ugly Wolf moves to Yu Lian's country.

Doll becomes the Queen of her country.

Lolidragon and Lan's brother marry and have cute kids.

Wicked is sadly still single. ^^;; They figure a way to get Kenshin and Sunshine into the real world. Kenshin refuses to go live with Cold Fox and instead becomes the cleaner of Lan's home. Kind of like the real Kenshin in Rurouni Kenshin. XDDD

Sunshine and Fairsky marry.

Rose and Broken Sword marry (both are shocked that Lan is Prince.)

And of course, Lan and Gui marry. Gui ends up being the one who gives birth to their girl. LOL. All because Lan doesn't want to go through the pain. This novel is crazy. XDD What a future world this is where even guys can give birth.

Lan's brother consoles Wicked, saying that if Lan had chosen him, he'd be the one giving birth. XDD Wicked laments that if he had been the one to take the blow for Lan and end up in a one month coma, things may have turned out differently.

Lan's daughter...seems to want to be Wicked's bride. I think he'll fall for her eventually.

Doll and Tian Xian want to marry. Doll deserts her position as queen.

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