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Masterpieces: Nominate them!

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From User Message Body
Post #498272

4:47 am, Sep 28 2011
Posts: 107

Mods, feel free to edit this however you want for the betterment of society roll eyes

Hey Mangaupdates!
Let's make a list of masterpieces to help those suffering from manga-withdrawals. I'm hoping the end-product will have 3 or 4 manga per category.

--Every veteran reader has come across the unicorn, the 11/10, the pinnacle of its genre that left him trembling in delight.
--Has a bayasian average > 8.5 unless of special circumstances

So, nominate yours! If you really disagree, just say nay and I'll put a -1. Please provide a helpful reason for why xyz manga stands out.

Nominations by category:
"--" means shoujo

Rurouni Kenshin(5) "classic everything for everyone"
Hoshi no Samidare(2) "Just makes you happy reading it"
vinland saga(2)
Kiseijuu(1) "mostly...fighting...doesn't seem like a stupid shounen..."
Shin Angyo Onshi(1) "story is pretty deep, as are the characters"
tokyo crazy paradise(1) (shoujo, 90s art)
--basara(1) (shoujo)

Historie (4) "Aristotle, King Philip II, Alexander the great, Phalanxs: History buff's delight"
fullmetal alchemist(4)
one piece(2)
mushishi(1) "makes me think of how...even the small things are...magnificent."
Spice and Wolf (1) "captivating tale of adventure and economics"

[m]zippy ziggy(1)


[m]breakblade[/m](1) (-1)

Monster (2) "masterpiece when it comes to the story, characters and the mystery"
Pandora hearts(1) "heart-aching suspense"
oyasumi punpun(1)

liar game(1) "puzzles and strategies are really well thought out and they keep you guessing"
Koroshiya 1(1) seems to have a love-hate following

school life
--Girl Friends(2) (Yuri)

Slice of life:
Yotsubato!(2) "fun, light, for all ages, and...very recognisable adventures of a young child"
--cat street(1) (shoujo)
--Kimi wa Pet(1) (shoujo)

Slam Dunk(4) "I never enjoyed the sport basketball but after reading...I started to love (it)"

gunslinger girl(2) "fits all categories"

Shingetsutan Tsukihime(2) Action and Romance
My lovely ghost kana(1)

--fruits basket(1) "there is always more to someone than at first meets the eye."
--kieli (1)
--flowers of evil(1)
--Please Save My Earth(1)
--orange marmalade(1) "struggles of an in the closet vampire...afraid of discrimination"
--kanata kara(1)

ADACHI Mitsuru's manga (2)
Kuroshitsuji(1) "every time you think it can't get better, it does"
pretty face(1) (gender bender)
IS - Otoko demo Onna demo Nai Sei(1) "Realistic manga about not 'fitting in' without the angst and much empathy, informs readers without making judgements or taking sides"
to love-ru(1) supposedly better than ichigo 100%
Mademoiselle Butterfly(1)

I nominate Historie for Adventure (shounen) and Spice and Wolf for adventure(?).

because it is the best historical fiction I've come across. It tells the tale of Macedon's rise to power through the eyes of Eumenes, a historical figure who becomes Alexender the Great's general. The cast includes Aristotle, King Philip, the king's son Alexander, and the manga is mroe like a book than, well, manga. There are no cliches, the art errs towards accuracy, the characters are rounded, and the mangaka uses finesse to balance action with plot progression. It does not get jaded by endless fighting and is a sure refresher from all the Eastern/Martial arts themed works.

Spice and Wolf:
because it breaks the mold by telling a captivating tale of adventure and on economics. The adventure of the traveling merchant and his relationship with the fox goddess is heartwarming and intriguing and fills you with a sense of joy. Can't really decide this one's category. . . romance or adventure. . .

Now go fourth my minions!

Last edited by Wufu at 12:22 am, Oct 2

Post #498274
user avatar

5:40 am, Sep 28 2011
Posts: 498

Action: Rurouni Kenshin

first of all I'm not a big fan of old art but I have to say that the art in this manga is's old but at the same time you can't really say that it's's just really beautiful.
The story is really captivating and the characters are all really lovable and deep, they developp and grow.
I read it in 2 days and was left in awe after finishing it ^^

Post #498292

11:43 am, Sep 28 2011
Posts: 15

I'll nominate mostly action titles:
1. Monster - What can I say. It's an absolutemasterpiece when it comes to the story, characters and the mystery. (Though it you have to read a bit to get hooked - it gets interesting after the first time skip). (I second as well 20th century boy, by the same author. It's almost as good bigrazz )
2. Kiseijuu (Parasite) - Because it's interesting and even though it's mostly about fighting it doesn't seem like a stupid shounen about getting stronger and stronger (Btw, the same author as Historie, mention above, which I'm also a huge fan of)
3. Shin Angyo Onshi - Though not a manga, I really enjoyed it. Though seems pretty simple at first, the story is pretty deep, as are the characters.

4.Battle Royal - though it's also a very psychological title, it's really good. Can't find the right words to encourage you, but it's awesome smile )

then there is comedy - I'm not a huge fan of that genre, that's why I probably am not aware of some epic mangas, but here's the ones I loved:
Ranma 1/2 - really funny with lovable characters, also action and adventure
Angel Densetsu - an epic school comedy, don't miss it

Fullmetal Alchemist - It's pretty original when it comes to the setting and I loved the two main character and also, the funny parts as well
Inuyasha - it's a bit too long, but really enjoyable.

Post #498298

12:41 pm, Sep 28 2011
Posts: 1041

why is this in the im looking for... part of the forum

and if you want a list of our favorite manga you could just go to

Your Favorite Manga of all time (or maybe top 5)

most ppl have added some reasons for their picks

and if we start to explain why this and that manga is garbage...well...that will just lead to problems

Post #498299
user avatar
The Gorilla King

12:58 pm, Sep 28 2011
Posts: 1115

Maison Ikkoku
Please save my earth
Tokyo Crazy paradise
Pretty face
Fushigi yuugi
Girl friends
Junjou romantica

I loved these biggrin And all ADACHI Mitsuru works <3

Last edited by ranmaru at 1:05 pm, Sep 28

User Posted Image
Post #498376
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12:08 am, Sep 29 2011
Posts: 180

Flowers of Evil-heart-breaking and tragic. It left a huge impression on me and I nearly cried at the end. It even inspired me to write a short story.

Pandora Hearts Of course my favorite manga should be here. Even at chapter 65, I'm left with heart-aching suspense as to what is the truth behind everything in this story. The concepts are also unique to my eyes.

Kieli this story was amazing. The concepts are well-thought out and the plot is just beautiful.

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Post #498380 - Reply to (#498298) by TaoPaiPai

12:27 am, Sep 29 2011
Posts: 107

Quote from TaoPaiPai
why is this in the im looking for... part of the forum

Because I want this to help those looking for manga
Your Favorite Manga of all time (or maybe top 5)
most ppl have added some reasons for their picks
and if we start to explain why this and that manga is garbage...well...that will just lead to problems

I'm hoping there's a pattern of nominations so that there can be two or three per genre that can be regarded as the community's "favorites". I'm pretty sure we can expect people to refrain from mudslinging, i hope biggrin

shouman sukissu
Post #498381
user avatar

12:27 am, Sep 29 2011
Posts: 40

I love Adachi Mitsuru too!! But i haven't finished reading H2. I also recommend Durarara, Kuroshitsuji, and Hetalia. Hetalia is a web anime though... But its probably one of my favorites!! biggrin

Post #498382 - Reply to (#498381) by shouman sukissu

12:45 am, Sep 29 2011
Posts: 107

Quote from shouman sukissu
I love Adachi Mitsuru too!! But i haven't finished reading H2. I also recommend Durarara, Kuroshitsuji, and Hetalia. Hetalia is a web anime though... But its probably one of my favorites!! biggrin

AHHH i haven't read any of those so i don't know what genre to list them under T.T

Post #498383

12:46 am, Sep 29 2011
Posts: 30

Ruroni Kenshin - This was truly amazing. I was never into like old age era, but this manga itself changed my view in them. Amazing action, story is great, the characters were enjoyable, and lastly I thought the ending was well done.
Adventure: (Also considered as action)
Fullmetal Alchemist - Fullmetal Alchemist was amazingly done in my opinion. The story was magnificent, you got to know the characters, and the ending was nice.

You should also have something for sports.
Slam Dunk - Slam Dunk.... Truly magnificent, the greatest sport manga I have ever read in my life. I never enjoyed the sport basketball but after reading this manga, I started to love the sport. I even wanted to go play basketball after finishing this manga. The beginning may have started all slow but when they started to play basketball it was amazing, the middle was truly awesome, and the ending.... the best ending it can ever have, this manga is something that truly deserves a 10/10

I usually put good ratings when the ending was well done. The ending is always important to me XD

Last edited by TimesTicking at 12:52 am, Sep 29

Post #498391
user avatar

2:00 am, Sep 29 2011
Posts: 211

Ichi the Killer - this one really shows the true nature of mankind if you think about it. It even inspired me on an english essay.

Orange Marmalade - this is a great story because it shows the struggles of an in the closet vampire protagonist that is afraid of being discriminated by her friends

Aishiteruze Baby - a really cute romance that shows a lot of character maturation

Either Adventure or Sci-Fi it could fit in both. i don't know if it would count but its on the website:

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor (Novel) - this is a story in an rpg world that actually gets in depth about the game and still shows a protagonist that has reasons for being a good person rather than doing it from base emotion. Extremely good. But not sure if it would count. Its asian and on this site so i thought id place it just in case

Post #498485

5:28 pm, Sep 29 2011
Posts: 107

I couldn't find ichi the killer on MU so check the spelling o.0? Neither could i find the novel . . . hahaha
Also for aishiteruze baby, would you vouch for it as a master piece or a very cute work that nears the master piece level?

Post #498491
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5:55 pm, Sep 29 2011
Posts: 38

For Slice of life: Cheese in the Trap, though its not currently being scanned due to the authours request it is still being translated and you can still see it one naver!

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Post #498493
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Ginga Bishounen

6:09 pm, Sep 29 2011
Posts: 380

Slam Dunk ftw laugh

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Post #498513
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9:11 pm, Sep 29 2011
Posts: 39


Ichi the killer, also listed as Koroshiya 1

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