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Best Anime and Manga Quotes

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From User Message Body
Post #587300
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8:29 pm, Feb 13 2013
Posts: 1021

Firstly, this is not a catchphrase thread. There were many other quotes threads that got locked because this thread already existed, but a quote is not the same as a catchphrase. I'll thank you to not lock my thread, because that catchphrase thread is not what I want.

Now then, I'm looking for great quotes, for a project I'm doing. If the quote is from an anime, I'd prefer they're from subs, not dubs. Awesome, funny, contemplative - any type is fine, but preferably they should stand on their own, making sense to everyone, not just fans. For each quote, please cite the anime/manga, character, and episode/chapter if possible. smile

What I have so far:

"You cannot understand that which you do not know, and that misunderstanding breeds hatred." --Sehara (Night of a Thousand Dreams, chapter 32)

"Do you know about this torture method? You hang a prisoner from above, and then you leave him there, at a height where he can almost, maybe, touch his feet to the ground. That's it. Unending hope...It exhausts people to their limits. 'Someday, someday'...That alone will drive a man to self-destruction. There's only one way out...and that's to forget that the ground even exists." --Ganymede (Olimpos, chapter 2)

"Those who are allowed to shoot are those who are prepared to be shot." --Lelouch (Code Geass, episode 50)

"Ikebukuro's number one? No, we're the world's number one couple! Seiji-san is the most amazing guy ever! I snuck about 20 hidden cameras into his room, and then he found them all and said 'Good morning!' to me through them!" --Mika Harima (Durarara, episode 25)

"May those who accept their fate be granted happiness. May those who defy their fate be granted glory." --Edel (Princess Tutu, episode 2)

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Post #587303
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An F to judge M!

9:24 pm, Feb 13 2013
Posts: 382

"But... I've got a very BIG problem... It's really HARD to say, but...


I got E.D.!"
~ Miharu from Aki-Sora, chapter twelve.

Oh, the irony.

Post #587305
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9:48 pm, Feb 13 2013
Posts: 2037

"We are inside soft, sweet and pure white despair". (Hakomari).

"Father, Father, we want to marry those two. Go talk to them". (Otoyomegatari, volume 4).

"I feel physiologically repulsed by you. How's that?" (Seishun For-get!).

"All men burn with foolish jealousy. But women are fools to delight in it. This world is full of fools no matter where you look".
"I'll always remember that you chose me".
(both from Spice & Wolf (novel) volume 1).

What I like in Trivial Pursuit style. Pick your category:User Posted Image
Post #587306
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~Just a Dream~

9:56 pm, Feb 13 2013
Posts: 160

"If being powerless is evil, is having power justice?" - Lelouch Lamperouge / Zero

"You can use all the skills you want. However, now that i've said i will kill you...your death has been assured." - Hitokiri Battousai

"Nothing is stronger than the will to live." - Himura Kenshin

"I could see...the ending!!!!" - Katsuragi Keima

"There is only one...truth!!!!" - Edogawa Conan / Kudo Shinichi

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Post #587308
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the Mist Dragon

10:13 pm, Feb 13 2013
Posts: 178

"Let me tell you something. 98% of men's thoughts are about women's asses. Furthermore, they say women and men are equal, but the world is still under the control of men, no? That's why, this world actually revolves around a woman's ass!!"
by Nao - Octave

"The fact that you are empty means that you can fill that emptiness with as much as you want. You happy person, where's a better future than that?"
by Aozaki Touko - Kara no Kyoukai: Void Shrine

"Why do you think tiger's are so tough? They've got anti-horror story genes, that's why. You guys don't have any, so you've got to build up resistance to them!"
by Fuji-nee - Fate / Hollow Ataraxia

“I walk in faith! The faith, that we choose who we want to be, and grow into that identity, ugly or beautiful!”
by Alita - Battle Angel Alita

“I think love is the most beautiful when they remain unaware of their own feelings, existing above the limitations of what we call romance. Although, I also admire both those who force their way deep in, drowning in the mud, and those who retreat treading on briars.”
by Hachi - Sasameki Koto

“Bearing the sins of the children of Earth, the moon begins to consume it's light.”
by Bertha - Darker Than Black

"Thus is our treaty written, thus is agreement made
Thought is the arrow of time, memory never fades
What was asked is given, the price is paid"
Post #587312

10:32 pm, Feb 13 2013
Posts: 9

"As one half of the spoils of war, I present to you the Victory...and we shall have the treasures!! No complaints, I assume?" (Vinland Saga)

‎"...people are the same [as earthworms], whether a person is accomplished or not, just by being human, each breath he takes becomes the source of the power to move the world. So live, and take pride in your own existence." (shin angyo onshi?? I forgot)

‎"To spread your wings and fly, you must have the courage to fall from the sky." (Ashita no Ousama)

"It was as if I were a black sheep, born to live in isolation amongst a pure white flock. Without enjoying the same things as my brethren, not sorrowing over the same things as they do, nor partaking of the same meals, the comforting feelings my companions experienced--such feelings as love, affection, and sympathy were completely foreign to me. and so as a wretched black sheep, the only thing I could do was to coat my black fur in white powder, no choice but to masquerade as a white sheep. And so, wearing a mask even now, i continue to act the clown." (Bungaku Shoujo)

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Post #587313
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10:53 pm, Feb 13 2013
Posts: 368

Surprised no one has quoted that one line in Gurren Lagann.

DailyMotion - Weasyl - WrongThink
Post #587319

11:04 pm, Feb 13 2013
Posts: 1

People die when they are killed: Retard (Shirō Emiya) Fate/stay night

Simon come fuck me in the butt: Manliest man in the world (Kamina) Gurren Lagann

clearly this is some high quality writing so i'm sure you all know these famous Quotes already but i just wanted to remind you of these two genius Quotes that quite frankly changed my life and the way i look at the world.

apparently you do not respawn in real life.. i know, it's mind blowing.

Last edited by ElmoGamer at 11:10 pm, Feb 13

Post #587322
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11:14 pm, Feb 13 2013
Posts: 1710

"People should be doubted." - Akiyama (Liar Game)

"An instant or an eternity. Both are the same, in the passing of an instant lies the beauty of eternity." - Ginen Shounen

Nulla in mundo pax sincera
"Always go too far, because that's where you'll find the truth." - Albert Camus
Post #587324 - Reply to (#587313) by Transdude1996
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~Just a Dream~

11:42 pm, Feb 13 2013
Posts: 160

Quote from Transdude1996
Surprised no one has quoted that one line in Gurren Lagann.

"WHO DO YOU THINK I AM?" - Kamina/Simon

How could i forgot that epic one >_<. Thx for reminder lol

User Posted Image
Post #587326 - Reply to (#587324) by SamuraiX
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Slightly obscene

12:17 am, Feb 14 2013
Posts: 494

Except that is very much a catchphrase and utterly pointless without the context given by the show itself.

OP lined out as "Awesome, funny, contemplative - any type is fine, but preferably they should stand on their own, making sense to everyone, not just fans."

User Posted Image
Post #587332
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1:51 am, Feb 14 2013
Posts: 83

Here are a few I like:

"But aren't there times when it's better to have a stranger beside you than to be utterly alone?"- Luka (Betrayal Knows my Name, chapter 1)

"Did you know? If you hit a woman, then your hands will rot off. But don't worry, I'll be there to chop off your arms for you."-Zol (Immortal Rain: Shinigami of the East)

"Humans can never free themselves from evil's lure. No matter how pure one may be, they can easily fall into sin's trap." -Yacha (Gwisin Byeolgok)

"This is my answer, what I myself chose of my own free will." -Asutsuo (Necromancer, last chapter)

"You dare speak such things with that dirty mouth of yours. Shut your mouth. Talking away so loudly, your entire existence is unpleasant. I'll just erase your existence." Frankenstein (Noblesse)

"You perceive the world with your five senses. When your mind perceives the world, then the world exists before you. But if you were born without any senses, then how could we perceive the world except as a dream in our minds?"- Yuca ( Immortal Rain, Chapter 12)

Best of luck on your project

Post #587334
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Noblesse Forever!

2:38 am, Feb 14 2013
Posts: 1066

"The only thing you can change about the past is how you feel about it in the present"

Lockon Stratos (Neil Dylandy) (Gundam 00)

"Not every result can be the one desired. Trust your own judgements and actions. That is enough."

Rai (Noblesse)

"If I can protect your lives by using up my own... Then my life has been worth enough"


"Inherited will, the swelling of the changing times, and the dreams of people. These are things that cannot be stopped. As long as people seek the answer to freedom, these will never cease to be!"

Gol D Roger (One Piece)

"The stronger that any light shines?the darker the nearby shadows grow."

Raban (Berserk)

User Posted Image
Post #587345
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 Super Mod

5:00 am, Feb 14 2013
Posts: 6208

User Posted Image

~Seitokai no Ichizon Ep1

Post #587349
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5:29 am, Feb 14 2013
Posts: 37

"I am not a friend of justice. I am an enemy of evil."
Senjougahara Hitagi, Bakemonogatari, not sure what ep -3-

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