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What sorts of people read manga???

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From User Message Body
Post #11742
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5:04 pm, Apr 27 2007
Posts: 1199

I am interested in knowing the kind of people who read manga. Most of my friends who read manga are intelligent and all guys except for one girl who is the girlfriend of one of them. I figure since i'm asking I should ask for a wide variety of characteristics such as :

Main Personality Traits:
IQ: (if you don't know just be honest and write how smart you are compared to the people you hang with)
Otaku or not:
Favourite food:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Favourite band/musician:
Favourite English Tv Show:
Favourite Movie:
Favourite English Cartoon:
Most Visited Website:
Favourite Actress:
Favourite Actor:
How many Siblings:

Hmm that should be enough to get a good idea of the manga reading type. If I missed any category feel free to add it. Oh and if you are not comfortable giving out this info an the internet please don't especially if you're underage.

Gender: Male
Age: 19
Country/Continent: South America
Race: Hispanic
Main Personality Traits: Cheerful, Intelligent, Introverted.
IQ: 147
Otaku or not: maybe
Favourite food: pizza, italian, curry
Height: 5' 10''
Eye Color: varies from yellow to green to grey (i'm not shitting you).
Hair Color: Black/Dark Brown
Favourite band/musician: Maroon 5
Favourite English Tv Show: right now prison preak or monk
Favourite Movie: Godfather
Favourite English Cartoon: Avatar or animaniacs
Most Visited Website: Tokyo Toshokan (everyday), Manga update is 2
Favourite Actress: Rachel Weize(forgot the spelling)
Favourite Actor: Robert DeNiro
How many Siblings: 1 Sister
Peace man laugh

~~~the world it is a dyin'~~ so let's just enjoy the view~~~
Post #11744
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Very tired

5:54 pm, Apr 27 2007
Posts: 136

well not all people that read manga are intelligent. some of them is just a normal guy. well here is my bio:

Main Personality Traits:how to exlpain??
IQ: my avarage grade is C
Otaku or not:maybe
Favourite food:curry and roti canai(wiki it if u dont know bout it)
Eye Color:black
Hair Color:black
Favourite band/musician:system of a down, anberlin, metallica
Favourite English Tv Show:heroes, smallville
Favourite Movie:none
Favourite English Cartoon:justice league
Most Visited Website:yahoo, M-U, wikipedia
Favourite Actress:none
Favourite Actor:none
How many Siblings:1 brother 3 sister

even idiot also loves manga. laugh

actually its 11". typing error. heh bigrazz
What I've felt
What I've known
Never shined through in what I've shown
Never free
Never me
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Post #11746 - Reply to (#11744) by Zedman
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6:05 pm, Apr 27 2007
Posts: 2237

Quote from Zedman

hahaha... ok, i'm sorry, but i couldn't resist.. that was good smile

Gender: Male
Age: 23
Country/Continent: US/North Am.
Race: Everything non-asian :-/
Main Personality Traits: Manic. smile
IQ: Above average I guess.
Otaku or not: not... fortunately i think, hehe
Favourite food: sketti & meatballs
Height: 6'
Eye Color: brown/green .. changes based on light
Hair Color: brown/black.. changes based on light
Favourite band/musician: don't have one.. i like pink floyd tho
Favourite English Tv Show: Heroes
Favourite Movie: The Shawshank Redemption
Favourite English Cartoon: Avatar! Beats the others like none other!
Most Visited Website: M-U.. this was hard to guess eh?, Slashdot,, digg
Favourite Actress: don't have one..
Favourite Actor: Tom Hanks
How many Siblings: 2

Post #11747

6:15 pm, Apr 27 2007
Posts: 117

wow, this is quite funny

Gender: female
Age: 18
Country/Continent: Germany/Europe
Race: german/swedish
Main Personality Traits:short temper
IQ: 126
Otaku or not: only when reading manga^^
Favourite food:rice(eating with sticks, yeah!)
Height:175 cm
Eye Color:blue
Hair Color:brown/bleached
Favourite band/musician:Linkin Park/Rammstein
Favourite English TV Show:Lost
Favourite Movie:V for Vendetta
Favourite English Cartoon:Venture Bros.
Most Visited Website:Megatokyo/M-U
Favourite Actress:none
Favourite Actor:Will Smith
How many Siblings:only my evil twin brother, argh!^^

thats so far laugh

Post #11748
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6:17 pm, Apr 27 2007
Posts: 1199

Whoa zedman you are a 6 foot tall asian. Southpark lied to me. Just kidding.
3 sisters wow I hope they are either much younger or much older otherwise you probably fight alot. My sister is 16 and we fight all the time. I know what roti is we have indian roti here. C's are okay if you're in college I guess.
Whoa Manick is 6' too I feel short. Oh well I'm still growing. Manick is also an old man hehe. Whoa manick also has the different eye colours. I think it happens if your parents have distinctly different eye colours. I can't tell you how many people are jealous of my eyes. The Shawshank Redemption I love that movie too. Especially after Red gets out and goes to visit all the places and then finally meets up with andy in mexico. Definitely top three for me. Tom Hanks is my second favourite. Cool cool. I'm starting to get an idea but still need pleanty more responses. Intersestin stuff. Sorry if the above was sporadic. laugh

Oooh a girl.

~~~the world it is a dyin'~~ so let's just enjoy the view~~~
Post #11749
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6:23 pm, Apr 27 2007
Posts: 309

Gender: male
Age: 23
Country/Continent: belgium
Race: caucasian
Main Personality Traits: schizoid
IQ: above average
Otaku or not: no
Favourite food: italian
Height: 6'1'' or 188cm
Eye Color: green-grey
Hair Color: dark-brown
Favourite band/musician: guess I'll pick AIR
Favourite English Tv Show: right now, heroes
Favourite Movie: fear & loathing in las vegas
Favourite English Cartoon: south park
Most Visited Website: tokyotosho? lol, such a leech
Favourite Actress: euhhhhh... spur of the moment: kirsten dunst
Favourite Actor: another spur of the moment: bill murray
How many Siblings: 2

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manginaflower tumblr
Post #11750
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Very tired

6:34 pm, Apr 27 2007
Posts: 136

yeah manick your quite old. maybe i should call u oni-chan..... lol dunno what to joke. heh. well diffrent people different stat. heh now i dunno what i'm talking about.

ps:hey hey is there any M-U user that live in japan??

Post #11757
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Crazy Cat Lady

6:48 pm, Apr 27 2007
Posts: 1850

Aahhhh I just love messing up statistics. (^_^)

Gender: Female
Age: 35
Country/Continent: USA/North America
Race: er...all-American mutt, mostly Northern European from what I can tell
Main Personality Traits: Introverted, stubborn, humorous
IQ: Never tested it, but I got As & Bs in college the first time, and all As the second time
Otaku or not: nah, I'm more of a manga/dorama junkie
Favourite food: Yes - in other words, I love food, too many favorites to list
Height: 5'10"
Eye Color: hazel (green with a little brown)
Hair Color: dark blonde, with reddish tints
Favourite band/musician: Arashi
Favourite English Tv Show: don't watch
Favourite Movie: Cinema Paradiso
Favourite English Cartoon: don't watch
Most Visited Website: MU, naturally
Favourite Actress: Nakama Yukie
Favourite Actor: Matsumoto Jun
How many Siblings: Anywhere from one to ten, depending on how you count halfs, steps, in-laws, and ex-in-laws-still-on-good-terms

"[English] not only borrows words from other languages; it has on occasion chased other languages down dark alley-ways, clubbed them unconscious and rifled their pockets for new vocabulary."
-James Nicoll, can.general, March 21, 1992
Post #11758
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7:03 pm, Apr 27 2007
Posts: 1199

Holy hell tofuqueen you are really out there ( terms of differing from the norm that is). I'm tempted to call you tofuqueen no baa chan. Hahaha. Oh yes. Respect your elders and be kind to animals. I can't beleive I would meet someone here who went to college twice. Didn't get enough the first time eh. Well the only thing that can top this is a 80 year old redneck. Sorry but middle aged men read manga cause I know in 25 years i'll be one. I'm obviously exagerrating 35 is not that old but a 35 year old woman who reads manga. Rare. smile wink grin

~~~the world it is a dyin'~~ so let's just enjoy the view~~~
Post #11760
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7:06 pm, Apr 27 2007
Posts: 290

Gender: Male
Age: 20
Country/Continent: USA
Race: Chinese
Main Personality Traits: Lazy?
IQ: 40 (I shit you not this is what I got on an IQ test they gave me in high school)
Otaku or not: Yes...? Most likely
Favourite food: Alot of stuff!
Height: 5' 3"
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Favourite band/musician: Dunno?
Favourite English Tv Show: I don't watch TV -.-
Favourite Movie: Boondock Saints I guess?
Favourite English Cartoon: ?
Most Visited Website: Baka-Updates Manga!!!!!
Favourite Actress: ?
Favourite Actor: ?
How many Siblings: 1 Older brother

Gargh I'm always the shortest guy wherever I go

Post #11761

7:06 pm, Apr 27 2007
Posts: 686

Gender: male
Race:white cracker
Main Personality Traits: hate these questions ! rational, not well planned
IQ: I don't know the IQ of anybody i know so i can't rate myself ( and don't want to )
Otaku or not: no
Favourite food: i am not very picky when it comes to food, at the moment chicken with vegetables/rice and peanutsauce from the thai place directly across the street
Height:1,80-1,85 cm
Eye Color: blue ( with glasses )
Hair Color: dark brown
Favourite band/musician: another hard question, for old times sake i'll pick smashing pumpkins
Favourite English Tv Show: at the moment "my name is earl"
Favourite Movie:vanilla sky
Favourite English Cartoon:Invader Zim/South Park
Most Visited Website: after my email page i guess this one, after that would be wikipedia and studivz
Favourite Actress:hmm, always liked Chrisitiana Ricci for some reason
Favourite Actor: moritz bleibtreu
How many Siblings:3

greetings to belgium barbapapa, the land of BD, for some reason i thought you were north american

Post #11762
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7:14 pm, Apr 27 2007
Posts: 309

land of BD?
and I get that a lot (people mistaking me for n-american)

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manginaflower tumblr
Post #11764
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7:20 pm, Apr 27 2007
Posts: 2896

Warn: Banned

Age: ----
Country/Continent: US/North Am.
Race: ---
Main Personality Traits: Cynical
IQ: A little above average
Otaku or not: Don't know. Depends on the day.
Favourite food: Cake and desserts
Height: ---
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Favourite band/musician: I listen to the Classical Station
Favourite English TV Show: House M.D.
Favourite Movie: The Lord of the Rings(all 3)
Favourite English Cartoon: Batman and Spider Man
Most Visited Website: Library
Favourite Actress: ---
Favourite Actor: ---
How many Siblings: 0

Although I don't trust most of the online IQ tests. The Mensa Workout should be a good example of IQ test. They say it's not an IQ test, but you can do it for fun. I only got 23/30...

Last edited by ares6 at 7:26 pm, Apr 27

Life, what would it be without so much wrongs and rights?

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Post #11765 - Reply to (#11742) by luisalirio84
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7:36 pm, Apr 27 2007
Posts: 563

Quote from luisalirio84
IQ: 147

Seriously??! That's insane, if I know what I think I know, you are only three points away from being able to join frickin' Mensa, which would put you just outside of the top 2% of smartest people! eek

Gender: Male
Age: 19
Country/Continent: USA
Race: Caucasian
Main Personality Traits: Introverted, relaxed, and quiet with the occasional quip.
IQ: Always had A's and B's but my terrible memory makes this hard to guess.
Otaku or not: maybe, finances holding me back.
Favorite food: pizza and spicy stuff
Height: 5'9"
Eye Color: blue/green
Hair Color: dark brown (not black)
Favorite band/musician: Goo Goo Dolls and speed metal
Favorite English TV Show: Colbert Report
Favorite Movie: Original Star Wars and Airplane!
Favorite English Cartoon: South Park
Most Visited Website: A lot that I generally all check at once (includes here, ANN, Yahoo mail...)
Favorite Actress: Sigourney Weaver (Aliens)
Favorite Actor: Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead 2)
How many Siblings: 2 Older Sisters

Quote from FuN!
IQ: 40 (I shit you not this is what I got on an IQ test they gave me in high school)
Yeah, well, they were lying. The following is from wikipedia:
Quote from Wiki
IQ score ranges (from DSM-IV):
* mild mental disability: IQ 5055 to 70; children require mild support; formally called "Educable Mentally Retarded".
* moderate disability: IQ 3540 to 5055; children require moderate supervision and assistance; formally called "Trainable Mentally Retarded".
* severe mental disability: IQ 2025 to 3540; can be taught basic life skills and simple tasks with supervision.
* profound mental disability: IQ below 2025; usually caused by a neurological condition; require constant care.

You wouldn't be able to write coherent sentences if your IQ was 40. So the test was garbage.

Last edited by blakraven66 at 4:17 pm, Nov 4

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Post #11768
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8:00 pm, Apr 27 2007
Posts: 290

Well I fell asleep after answering a couple of questions...and it was the only IQ test I ever took so its all I got to go on..LoL

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