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What turns you off... about a manga.

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The New Flesh
Post #551063
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8:52 am, May 15 2012
Posts: 103

When the most interesting character in the series dies and the manga can't seem to figure out how to keep itself interesting without him.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)

When a manga starts indiscrimately resurrecting characters from the dead for no good reason.

Post #551065
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9:01 am, May 15 2012
Posts: 33

For me it's:
- useless female leads (forever in distress, mary-sues, unrealistic personality-wise, etc)
- no real plot (unless they're listed under comedy, but that's rare for me)
- harem/reverse harem (there's some exceptions...but those are few)
- childish characters who do not act their age. (I'm fine if they're a little childish now and then but lord, how to you stand characters that whine and whine and whine, pouting all the while and being stubborn 24/7?!)
- characters who do not look their age unless there's a specific reason why (eg: vampires and immortals)
- the main boy is waaay older than the girl he falls in love with. (Alright, I'm fine if it's like a high school girl meeting a working guy who's maybe five years older? Or is a high school boy falls in love with his pretty substitute teacher. I've seen them happening and heard them as well, but honestly, I CAN'T imagine a high school boy/girl or slightly older falling in love with a elementary school student. Yes, I'm pointing at you, Shugo Chara)
- useless/unnecessary twists (I loved 'Bride of the Water God' until--if I remember right--Soah changed her mind to not want to become and immortal so she could be with Habaek forever and when Habaek drinks a potion made by someone he doesn't really know *facepalms* Dude, you're a God for goodness sake and you've been fooled once when you drank a potion and you've got yourself tricked again by drinking ANOTHER potion!)
- too many volumes with the base plot repeating itself over and over multiple times

That's pretty much everything that makes my eye twitch...though's there's quite a few more.

Last edited by blacksheepyukii at 9:48 am, May 22

"Death does not mean good bye in this world" - Mad Hatter, A Witch's Tale
Post #551067

9:26 am, May 15 2012
Posts: 1

- The plot is too unrealistic
- Ugly art
- Characters look like they're 14 (even though they are not)
- Characters are 14.
- The main lead is either a Gary-Stu or a wimp ----> that's to say: Shonen.
- The main lead is ugly as fuck

Last edited by Beherit at 9:55 am, May 15

Post #551068 - Reply to (#551067) by Beherit

9:54 am, May 15 2012
Posts: 208

Quote from Beherit
- Ugly art
- Characters look like they're 14 (even though they are not)
- Characters are 14.
- The main lead is either a Gary-Stu or a wimp ----> that's to say: Shonen.
- The main lead is ugly as fuck

Exactly what this person said. eyes

Post #551075
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11:18 am, May 15 2012
Posts: 132

A too-large breasted protagonist, that disgusts me :S
When the "other guy" won't take a hint and back off at times.
An jerk for a love interest
When the male love interest is ugly
When the girl is too strong and is always saving the guy, not ever letting herself be saved once and a while
ugly art
Normal harem mangas (not reverse, LOVE those. My exception to that law is Toradora)
Older female younger male.
Angst in a comedic romance manga (Skip Beat, that Cain arc was the bane of my existence... )

As they played the game...I waited for someone to call "onigiri." But no one called. I was very little then. I had almost forgotten about that. [...] But they knew...there would never be room for an a fruits basket.
-Tohru Honda, Fruits Basket
Post #551082
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Music Lover♫

12:30 pm, May 15 2012
Posts: 34

Two words.
Annoying girls. no
ETA: Hentai! Ugh, that is the absolutely worst.
The exaggeration of the female body makes me want to.. *barf*

Last edited by Niccixcore at 10:07 am, May 16

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Post #551084
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[ active ]

12:47 pm, May 15 2012
Posts: 17

- Typical Shoujo Girl : meaning, super nice, naive, easy to manipulate, not good in studies, sucks at sports, super duper cute or just known to be "average" looking.
- the cold yet hot male love interest, it's annoying.
- characters who act like the world revolves around them.
- harems and reverse harems. same thing, just different sex. male harems = boobs everywhere. girl harems = hot guys with their shirts off 24/7
- no character development
- characters who are a complete doormat.
- characters who can't decide who to love, and instead, trample around with everyone's hearts on "accident."
- characters who don't know how to say no to "sexual harassment."
- low self-esteem 24/7
- love triangles/squares/whatever you want to call them. Hate them with a passion, but I do enjoy unrequited love, as long as it doesn't get out of hand.

and a lot of other stuff I can't really recall, lmao.

Last edited by daebakseme at 1:11 pm, May 15

Post #551086 - Reply to (#551063) by The New Flesh

12:53 pm, May 15 2012
Posts: 216

Quote from The New Flesh
When the most interesting character in the series dies and the manga can't seem to figure out how to keep itself interesting without him.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Death Note

When a manga starts indiscrimately resurrecting characters from the dead for no good reason.

1. when you tag it like that it doesn't handle much.

2. The series went to crap when Misa Amane showed up. not sure why you'd be complaining about things that happen after, unless you were referring to Ray Penbarr's fiancee whose name I can't even RECALL. but after that the series had no spark of goodness in it. saying what you say just means you didn't NOTICE, but really it was over at that point, you were just hoping for a nice end without REM being horrible at extending the plot.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
if REM got L, and Watari was not taken because she turns to dust, and Watari puts a sniper round in Lights head while he's walking down the street thinking he has won, the series would have redeemed itself. felt like thats where it was going, but somehow it got ...extended

3. the ressurection thing sounds odd, what you probably mean is various things that negate progress, your resets in general, amnesia, people being unreasonably dense, the bad guy getting away for the nth time.

Post #551087
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1:14 pm, May 15 2012
Posts: 107

When it focuses too much on the MAIN character and neglect other characters (that are suppose to be part of the main cast). And then to introduce more characters when you're already neglecting others.
*Cough Fairy Tail *cough I love hs

When the irrational way is suddenly and nearly always the correct way to go.

When there is too much fan service and no story.

When stories could of headed one sensible direction, but instead go all over the place and loses it original purpose (if there was one).

When characters (mainly the protagonist) talks big about justice and acts irrationally due to their belief in that so called 'righteousness' without thinking ahead or the after effects, AND without anything to back it up except for their feelings for that justice etc etc etc.

Basically I like rational characters and plot lines, a sense of realism really. Too bad shounen mangas have all the interesting cast of characters and story, but is really full of empty storyline to satisfy the mass audience. *sigh

Post #551098
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Manga Eater

4:17 pm, May 15 2012
Posts: 442

-Overuse of obligatory fanservice --> When panty shots and boobs-in-the-face become excessive.
-The introduction to a story by means of: "I was just a normal high school student... until THIS happened." and for the first while the student just wants "to be normal again". 95% of the time, this immediately turns me off.
-The overuse of cliches, and NOTHING original or even attempting to be original. Ie, the guy's "I stood out in the rain waiting for you and now I've got a cold, btw I live alone and you should come to take care of me and blushu", or the girl's "I got a basketball/volleyball/baseball to the face and now I have a nosebleed so you should come and carry me princess-style to the infirmary". Obviously these are common in shoujo...
-Harem mangas... can't stand it. "Of all these gorgeous guys/girls I've found myself surrounded by, for whom will my heart go doki-doki?? ~^0^~" Hana ni Nare!, perfect example.
-Magical beauty transformations with a haircut, some makeup, contact lenses and fashion change. SUDDENLY U B BEAUTIFUL.

Go to work, send your kids to school;
Follow fashion, act normal;
Walk on the pavement, watch T.V.;
Save for retirement, obey the law.
Repeat after me: I am free.
Post #551101

4:36 pm, May 15 2012
Posts: 2

Retarded main characters, cliched main characters (the I'll protect you ..even if I'm worthless! or a needless action, type), and/or both. I can stand one or the other, in light dosage. But both is too much. Naruto (the character, not the manga), for the longest time was (and to some extent still is) one of the prime examples of that.

I also hate when when authors do needless things or flips the manga on its head for the worse .. I'm looking at you, Youn In-Wan. SAO was like passion of christ, but even more melodramatic the further you read it.

Post #551102 - Reply to (#551075) by alex3510
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4:41 pm, May 15 2012
Posts: 315

I totally agree with alex3510 all that hentai stuff is disgusting mad
that's way I prefer slice of life and quiet things

Last edited by LilyNanami at 4:46 pm, May 15


“The longer we live, the more weight we carry in our hearts.”
Post #551108

6:30 pm, May 15 2012
Posts: 1041


Post #555466

5:38 pm, Jun 9 2012
Posts: 19

-cutesy characters who look like they haven't hit puberty yet doing ecchi and ero things.
-too . much . fan service.
-20-year age gap or so. Intensified if the girl is cutesy-innocent and the guy looks like an ugly sleaze bag.
-"hey, you wanna do it?", said ever-so-casually like asking someone for a soda. "IT" of course means sex. Voids whatever romantic build up the manga-ka was working so hard on.
-characters who refuse to die
-good-looking heroes and ugly villains. So stereotypical.

Post #555474
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The Gorilla King

5:55 pm, Jun 9 2012
Posts: 1115

whorey female characters that will fall in love with every male character available no

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