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how good of a gamer are you?

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From User Message Body
Post #527294

6:58 pm, Mar 4 2012
Posts: 127

8/10 for any game except racing game biggrin

Post #527297
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Manga Eater

7:12 pm, Mar 4 2012
Posts: 442

I suck.
I really, really suck. Which sucks because I like games. Rating of how well I do:

FPS - 2/10
RPG - 9/10
Puzzle Games - Drive me batty, but I love 'em, 5/10
Fighter Games- Bore the sh*t out of me, so... 1/10.
Platformer - 6/10
Survival Horror - [generally] Scare the crap out of me, but I love 'em, 4/10

Recently got that PS3 release of ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. I've only in the last couple days been able to play them, because I fail so bad I can't keep Yorda from the shadow creatures or Wander from the Colossus' feet until after a dozen attempts!

My brothers always own me in COD.

I guess overall 5-6 out of 10?

Go to work, send your kids to school;
Follow fashion, act normal;
Walk on the pavement, watch T.V.;
Save for retirement, obey the law.
Repeat after me: I am free.
Post #527301
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7:39 pm, Mar 4 2012
Posts: 19

MMOFPS - 10/10 (as long as there are no hackers present) mostly play CrossFire
Puzzle - 9/10
RTS - 7/10
TBS - 8/10
fighter - 7/10

mostly I prefer MMOFPS games (obviously as shown above), can't get enough of them. biggrin

Favourite Manga

AKB 49, (4)Baby Steps, (2)Bakuman, Beelzebub!, (5)Bloody Cross, Break Blade, Btooom!, Cage of Eden, Code:Breaker, Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou, Denpa Kyoushi, Fuuka Ga-Rei, Gekkoh, Itsuwaribito Utsuho, Maga Tsuki, Majikoi, Minamoto-kun Monogatari, Pajama na Kanojo, Seishun For-get!, (3)Sword Art Online, (1)Suzuka, Vampire Juujikai, World Embryo
Post #527353
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Nice desu ne

4:34 am, Mar 5 2012
Posts: 1129

I always begin on the normal setting so you tell me.

User Posted Image
Post #527374

5:49 am, Mar 5 2012
Posts: 3

I'm bad at gaming, but I love them. Especially RPG!
My rating..
RPG 8/10
Strategy 3/10
Etc 5/10

Hahaha, that's me! I plays all of them though.
Go gamers~ laugh

Post #527380
user avatar

6:33 am, Mar 5 2012
Posts: 63

depends on the game give me a fighting game and 3 rounds I'm set rpg's about an 30mins shooters about an hr I don't touch racing games any case I'm 6.5/7 hell friends and family alike call me a game freak lol

Post #528240

8:03 am, Mar 10 2012
Posts: 170

Generally speaking : 6/10.

I used to be hardcore but then I just burned out and moved on to other things so my gaming skills are pretty lopsided depending on genre.

Action/Adventure/platformer : 8
First Person Shooter : 5 (My reflexes aren't what they used to be)
MMO : 10 (I'll admit it, I was a MMO addict and had to go cold turkey to stop but my MMO skills habits are pretty obvious if you give me a similar game/making me play another MMO)
Real Time Strategy: 9 (NEED MOAR RTS GAMES!)
Turn Based Strategy: 4 (I'm rusty as hell in Chess but I refuse to play against the computer or against strangers online)
Fighting: 5
Puzzles: 7

Post #528242
user avatar

8:19 am, Mar 10 2012
Posts: 716

RPG 10/10
MMORPG 20/10 (not a typo!)
FPS 5~9/10
MMOFPS 5~9/10
Puzzles 4/10
Turn based strategy 7/10
Real Time strategy 9/10 (I agree with imercenary! MOAR RTS)
Fighting 9/10 (depending on the game)

I love RPGs and even more so for MMORPGs
We need more RTS games period.

Is this me in a nutshell?
Pretty much.
User Posted Image
Post #528281
user avatar

2:49 pm, Mar 10 2012
Posts: 298

Uhmm, how do you mean "how good of a gamer" and from what kind of view... and compared to what/who?

Does being able to beat x boss from y game at "über incredibly hellish hard" make you a good gamer?
Or does following all the latest trends, playing loads of games, and be knowledgeable in the games you play make you a good gamer?
Or maybe you meant being sharp witted and being able to solve puzzles/make decisions fast...?

I'm likely a very bad gamer when using your standards, I don't play all the latest games, I play at the easiest difficulty and often use cheats/mods to change the gameplay to my liking, I don't play co-op or multiplayer, and don't care at all about ratings or scoreboards.

... Yet, in my opinion that makes me a very good gamer.
I actually care about good story, coherent dialogues, solving puzzles, etc. Without being all obsessive about a game. I place entertainment above all else (why else play a game), if the game can't provide it as is I mod it or simply don't play it... I simply don't have a competitive mindset.
If I were to play a PvP game of FPS or RTS I'd probably place below average, if not last, but I will most likely have had a good time regardless... and isn't that what's important?

That said, there is one thing I'm very bad at: Quicktime Events.
I abhor them and am of the opinion that they should retroactively be removed from all games, or at least be made optional. I like to play in a relaxed manner and be able to read the options and take my time making decisions, NOT being pushed by (hidden) timers.

Who they, what are, and why?
- Manga Cover Database -
Post #528413
user avatar

3:33 am, Mar 11 2012
Posts: 706

I am a really crappy gamer. I am one of those noobs who is so bad that they keep getting stuck in corners and walking into walls in 3D games.

Post #528421

4:12 am, Mar 11 2012
Posts: 1

A natural I guess? Like one of those friends you invite over to play a game and they turn to be better than you in a few short sessions. laugh

Post #553718
user avatar
I should go.

12:57 am, May 31 2012
Posts: 69

Car racing games are my strong point.

FPS - 8/10
RPG - (Incl. MMORPG) 2/10
2D Fighter - 3/10
3D FIghter - 4/10
Platformer - (3D) 4/10
Platformer - (Old School) 2/10
Point n' Click Adv. - 5/10
Shooter - 9/10
Old School Arcade - 6/10
Survival Horror - 1/10
Car Racing - 10/10

"It's so much easier to see the world in black and white, gray?... i don't know what to do with gray." Garrus Vakarian - Mass Effect 2.
Post #553719
user avatar

1:04 am, May 31 2012
Posts: 920

Above average at most games i assume, except for driving games (or well i never try, dont like it,) sports game (dont like those so cant really tell my skill there) ,puzzles and alike i am terrible at thinking riddles and shiz, doesnt take me long to adapt to most games. Never am above better than average though sad

Post #553721 - Reply to (#31436) by mitsuki_kitten
user avatar

1:06 am, May 31 2012
Posts: 75

FPS - 8/10 (even though i really don't like them that much)
JRPG - 10/10 (i just love this genre)
Western RPG - 9/10 (games like Diablo tend to grow old on me for some reason)
2D Fighter - 8/10
3D FIghter - 8/10
Platformer - (3D) 10/10
Platformer - (Old School) 10/10
Point n' Click - 8/10
Third Person Shooters - 10/10
Old School Arcade - 8/10
Survival Horror - 10/10

I am very good with games, as one that aspires to become a video game programmer should bigrazz
I am the type that jump straight into hard difficulty unless there's a New Game+ to the game.
There other genres out there that I wont mention but overall i am probably a 9 or 9.5

Post #553725
user avatar
A dignified

1:51 am, May 31 2012
Posts: 510

FPS - 8/10 (in a H:CE clan at 10, but RPGs/MMOs took over)
RPG - 9/10 (Tales of Symphonia, Final Fantasy)
MMORPG - 9/10 (RuneScape and a bunch of others)
RTS, TBS - 9/10 (Atlantica Online, others)
Fighting - 8/10 (Smash Bros)
Platformer - 9/10 (Sonic!)
Arcade - 7/10 (Not old enough)
Racing - 8/10 (Need for Speed)

I'm a naturally good gamer, just not naturally good at finding enough free time.

"People don't change, they just give in."
Kubera is the best.
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