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9:03 am, Nov 26 2020
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This is an idea

You have died and God lets you be reborn into four things you can only choose one which will you choose?

-An Angel
-A Vampire
-A Werewolf
-A Demon lord

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4:38 pm, Nov 27 2020
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Are the mangas scanlators pick better than your average RAW manga?


OR you can word it like this:
Are the mangas scanlators do not choose generaly shit?

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11:25 pm, Nov 29 2020
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Do you think most politicians nowadays put what’s best for themselves and/or their party before what’s best for the people?



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4:41 am, Dec 2 2020
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What type of cartoons/animation do you tend to like best?

-Basic 2D


-Stop Motion


Post #787236

6:26 am, Dec 2 2020
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Could we have a "do you like manga?" poll? 😀

Post #787460 - Reply to (#779964) by vivant
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6:33 pm, Dec 12 2020
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Quote from vivant
With the increasing number of legal manga/webtoon reading phone app and a scheduled weekly release, it's highly possible for people to always have at least one new chapter to be read everyday (if they follow many series).

So I'm curious..
How many weekly series that you regularly read?
Less than 10
More than 50

Define "regular": you always finished reading the new chapter in that day / week.


A just ruler amongst tyrants
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7:24 am, Dec 16 2020
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With everything going on with covid this thought occurred to me:

The author of your favorite ongoing manga is at high risk of dying (old age, disease, etc.). How would you want them to handle their manga?

-Rush to give some kind of ending even if it means lower quality

-Stick to the original plan even with the risk of the story being left unfinished

Post #787552

7:37 pm, Dec 17 2020
Posts: 19

Since it's the season... Do people enjoy mass releases? As in, many groups purposely delaying their releases throughout December to then post dozens of chapters on Christmas?
I don't know about anybody else, but that's the time of the year when I end up dropping series because suddenly I find myself with a massive backlog. And that right after some weeks of drought during which I may have picked up some new series to fill the void...
As for choices, I'd suggest:

- Yes I love them
- Indifferent
- No they always suck

Other possible choices could be "only for group events" (i.e. anniversaries etc.) or "not for the same series" (e.g. like the 15+ chapter dump of "Hataraku Saibou Black" some weeks ago) or even "not on Christmas"... Might be difficult to make them fit in the allotted space, though.

Well, something along those lines. Don't recall seeing such a poll in the last few years... Perhaps the reason why is that I'm the only one finding this practice tiresome. 🤣 Probably the answer also depends on how much free time one gets during the holidays (oh another poll idea! 😀 )

Post #787582 - Reply to (#779998) by jacob66
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1:59 am, Dec 20 2020
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Quote from jacob66
How about one based on a real life event.

You’re stranded on a snowy mountain top and the only way to stay alive is to eat is someone’s dead body. Do you commit cannibalism?

-Yes, I have to stay alive no matter what

-Yes if they were an organ donor, it’s what they would have wanted

-No, I would ...

A bit morbid, but sure

A just ruler amongst tyrants
Post #787648
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7:10 am, Dec 22 2020
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How do you usually read your manga:

-Read new chapters as soon as they release

-Let chapters build up and binge read them

-Wait for the series to end and read the whole thing at once

Post #787672

5:35 pm, Dec 23 2020
Posts: 127

Your operating system of choice
1. Windows
2. MacOS
3. Linux (& other distros)
4. Google Chrome OS
5. some phone OS (eg Android, iOS)

Internet Lurker At Heart
Post #787697
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5:48 am, Dec 25 2020
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Let’s say someone commits a crime and then develops complete, permanent, amnesia. Should they still be punished for the crime?



Post #787732 - Reply to (#780500) by Akemi Mokoto
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3:25 pm, Dec 27 2020
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Quote from Akemi Mokoto
Should Loli/Shota be banned?

This is a poll I made on the now defunt Sodahead to gauge the opinion of Non-Anime fans and the majority said NO.

Last year I asked the International Anime Research Project(run by 4 college professors) to include that question on their survey in 2020, which they did and the majority of fans surveyed said NO.

Now in the final, and probably widest reaching location, I'm hoping Manga Updates will post the same question. Do MU update users feel the same about artistic/creative freedom(probably) or will the results shock all? Let's give it a go!


A just ruler amongst tyrants
Post #787783
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3:48 am, Dec 29 2020
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Does the reading format matter?
- I only read left to right
- I only read right to left
- I only read top to bottom
- No preference

I have a friend who refuses to read anything top-down/meant for reading on a smartphone. The format bothers him that much.

Post #787857
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1:28 am, Dec 31 2020
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Aliens invade earth, can humanity fight them off or are they too advanced?

-Humans will win

-Aliens will win

-Aliens are already on earth 🤣

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