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which character do you like most?

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From User Message Body
Post #560224
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7:09 am, Jul 9 2012
Posts: 210

I like Matsuri, Ban and Chimaki.
I hate Momota and Hibari, such spoiled brats...

Last edited by mybackhurtz at 3:55 pm, Jul 9

Post #560254

3:06 pm, Jul 9 2012
Posts: 116

Recently started reading 7 seeds. So far I like Hana and Tsunomata the most.

I absolutely detest Natsu. Her personality, looks, abilities... I wish she would just drop dead. This manga would be much better without her.

Post #560715

6:49 am, Jul 12 2012
Posts: 1

@asmageddon - really drop dead? I have no right to tamper with your choices but drop dead? (although i kinda wanna see her die maybe in the end doing something incredibly heroic.)

My favorite has too be Ango, Chimaki, Ban, and Nijiko.

Post #560741

10:49 am, Jul 12 2012
Posts: 116

Well.. I might have been somewhat extreme, but I really don't like her. Now that I'm much later into the story, she's became more bearable, but I still don't like her. Also, I began to like Kokuri and Semimaru much more now.

Post #560747
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11:53 am, Jul 12 2012
Posts: 618

Semimaru. I've always liked the comedy relievers in dramas and Semimaru's antics are great distractions from the heavy plot. Aramaki's a cool guy too.

Post #578669

12:58 pm, Nov 28 2012
Posts: 12

Mine would be Aramaki, Hana, Ayu, Arashi & the rest of team springs. They have the toughest & most developed personality for me so far in the series. For the dead characters I like Mark & Hana's mom because they sacrificed their lives for others. Such heroic acts made them unforgettable characters.

Post #583553
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3:45 pm, Jan 10 2013
Posts: 32

I like almost alll of the characters, but for favorite male characters would be:
Arashi - he is so nice, easy-going (as long as it doens't concern Hana), and protective of his friends (and of Hana, of course)
Ryou - his cool, calm, and calculating personality makes him an enigmatic and mysterious man
Aramaki - sweet, caring, easy-going, and understanding. He doens't complain and doesn't blame anyone for what happened to his team. He is resourceful and loves animals.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
I feel for him when he has to spend 15 years in desolate land, without hopes of ever finding other people.

Ango - only when he is not all angsty about the past
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
(not that what happened to Team Summer A isn't important or tragic, but he blames Team Summer B too much and it's not TSB's fault that they get selected for this project)

Favorite female characters would be:
Natsu - yes, she is weak and pathetic, but she is learning to think for herself and becoming a more active and productive member of 7 Seed project. Her character development is what I like about her.
Hana - Sometimes I feel that she is too perfect but I like her anyway. She's tough, resourceful, and independent, which are my favorite personality traits.
Mayu -
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
too bad that she died

Post #585766

4:44 am, Jan 31 2013
Posts: 2

omg Winter arc made me cry so much ;_;

Post #614956

5:16 am, Sep 18 2013
Posts: 219

Mine is actually Chisa Taiami. She appears submissive and obedient, but actually has surprising strength of character, is extremely intelligence, and is able to step back and look at the big picture in order to bring harmony to the group. Interestingly enough, she can even fight a bit if needed.

Such calm and mature characters are really rare in fiction. It reminds you that strength of character often isn't just stubbornly stating your position and starting fights with others.

I like many of the characters in this series, however, especially as they grow. It is the joy of watching stubborn brats mature into fine individuals. Many characters who initially annoyed me also presented me with some of the best moments later on, and sometimes I learn to appreciate them even more when the points of view shifts (the encounter of the two Summer teams was one of the most beautiful moments in manga I've read).

Post #620464
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2:23 am, Nov 10 2013
Posts: 69

Mark... at first he was just nice for me, but in the half of his arc i just fell in love with this character.
Ango, absolutely. He's probably mi favorite one.
Definitely Semimaru. He was so creepy at first, at least for me, but now i think he's super nice-cute-cool, and always makes me smile smile
Ban!! he is freaking cute!!!
Aramaki, OF COURSE. He is reaaally close to Ango in my list... i cant believe how wonderful he is. And i love his hair.

As for female characters, my favorite is probably Natsu. She is the kind of character that impress me all the time. I love to see her grow.

Anyway there are really a lot of loveable characters... I could go on, but those above are my favorite ones.

Ganbare Seishuu! Ganbare Seishuu!
Post #620582 - Reply to (#620464) by Raine-san
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1:42 am, Nov 11 2013
Posts: 177

Quote from Raine-san
Mark... at first he was just nice for me, but in the half of his arc i just fell in love with this character.
Ango, absolutely. He's probably mi favorite one.
Definitely Semimaru. He was so creepy at first, at least for me, but now i think he's super nice-cute-cool, and always makes me smile smile
B ...

Compleeeeeeetely agree with you!!!
I would marry Mark if I could, seriously... For a non-principal character he was just way too much for me.
Semimaru is just amazing, I always miss him when he disappears for a while :c I don't know, he just makes me happy!!
Ango and Aramaki are extremely remarkable as well, each in their own style. Ango has this amazing character development (every character from 7 Seeds has good character development, but Ango's is specially good for me) and Aramaki is just the best man that has ever set foot on any imaginary earth.

I just have to add Ryo. I don't know why I like him but I do, and I'm dying to see more of his relationship with Matsuri. I want that guy to be happyyyyyyy~

And of course I agree with you about Natsu. She's just the best, and I don't usually like the shy type of character. But, as you said, she's always impressing the readers! She's the best! Much better than Hana to me.

Post #620617 - Reply to (#620582) by Furan

12:55 pm, Nov 11 2013
Posts: 116

My memory is too poor and there were no chapters in so long that I can't remember who I like :/

I just know Hana is awesome, and Aramaki is cool too. I also like that girl who travels with him.

Post #658584
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7:42 pm, Dec 25 2014
Posts: 21

I agree with you guys: All of the characters in 7 seeds are amazing.

My top favorite though would be Aramaki. That guy's love for dogs and his courage to keep going even with his tragic past made me sob, and his kindness is so beautiful....

Aramaki is such a pure soul..... His long hair is also really cool... and his love for baseball is adorable.... so yes, he melts my heart more than any other fictional character out there. <3

My favorite female character would be Hibari. Her spoiled personality and sharp remarks are a hilarious contrast to the rest of the crew, so she just stands out to me like BOOM. Seriously, she's hilariously bratty. Also, her complex relationship with her twin? Hotari is really interesting. I can't wait to read more about this little girl.

User Posted Image

God, Alice and Oz are so cute together... Alice is a spiteful girl with a lot of temper, and Oz is the only person who seems to be able to calm her down. <3
Post #658586
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Seinen is RIGHT

11:22 pm, Dec 25 2014
Posts: 1654

I chose Takahiro Aramaki because he is a characters you would only see in a publication for adults.

I also read Bande dessinée / US comics and am a librarian.
Manga-Masters, My ANN-Lists
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Post #663842

8:25 am, Mar 30 2015
Posts: 1

Definitely Hana. I love the way she thinks and acts and how to trying survival alone everytime.

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