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355 ( the end)

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From User Message Body
Post #528400
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1:38 am, Mar 11 2012
Posts: 79

To all who say Negima got axed:

Do you people really think a manga that's been consistently selling tens of thousands copies of Limited Edition volumes that cost TEN TIMES the usual price? If you think there's even a single editor somewhere who'd do that... you're [redacted] and [censored].

As for the chapter itself, I'm both grateful to Akamatsu-sensei for providing some sort of closure and tying several loose ends and at the same time annoyed that some other loose ends were left hanging.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Like, for example, WHERE THE HELL IS ARIKA? The implication is rather obvious from her absence but still...

What is MOST grating is that Yue and Nodoka ships both have been officially sunk. ESPECIALLY Yue's. He could at least leave that part open but no, "Yue-san", "Negi-sensei" - nothing's changed, the ship is sinking. FRUSTRATION.

The ambiguity of KonoSetsu was also something I didn't appreciate. But eh, limitations of the genre/magazine so I'll let that one slide. As far as I'm concerned, I'll just have fun seeing anti-shippers trying to deny the obvious.

I loved the bit about Hakase x Godel. Scary. Really scary, indeed.

Post #528403
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2:05 am, Mar 11 2012
Posts: 240

Looks like we'll need a lot of side stories from these.

Post #528406

2:52 am, Mar 11 2012
Posts: 2

The biggest disapointment for me is the fact we don't know who Negi will marry...
So frustrating ! Although we know it's not Yue, Nodoka, Asuna (She is the only one who know which girl Negi loves). Overall it was a good manga, except for the "Naruto part" (when Negi is consumed by the darkness). Also, we don't know what happened for some characters in the future. Fate? Nekane? Is Arika still alive ? Anya? Where is Takamichi, and Chamo ?
Love Hina remains my favorite.

Post #528409 - Reply to (#528383) by Tenji
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Lord of nonsense

3:17 am, Mar 11 2012
Posts: 1310

Quote from Tenji
Its pretty sad that the manga had to rush its ending. Not very happy about it since i'm still confused on how the magic world was saved and how Nagi was saved, Last but not least, who did Negi married confused

I'll help

Magic is life force

The magic world was dying because mars had no life to replenish the illusion of life the Lifemaker magic had casted on mars, the only fix to this problem was to terraform mars and give it real life, that could sustain the illusion of life created by the code of the lifemaker.

Nagi was possessed by the life maker, is very possible that Negi managed to defeat/exorcise his dad with the help of the mahora girls.

Well last one is tricky, we know who he DIDN'T marry for sure and have a couple of hints of who may that be, so who knows :/

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User Posted Image
Post #528412

3:31 am, Mar 11 2012
Posts: 1

i lost 9 years to this shitti bad end, i prefer the alternative version of the first anime serie.

Post #528423
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Generic Noob

4:16 am, Mar 11 2012
Posts: 23

If only there were more, this thing could have gone of for another 355 chapters, it should have at least outlived Naruto D: WHYYYYY!!!!

Post #528425
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Lord of nonsense

4:20 am, Mar 11 2012
Posts: 1310 egima/en/0/352/page/15

Mini Setsuna + Mini Konoka + Ayaka Yukihiro Grand Daughter

I wonder if Konoka and Setsuna went all the way by using each other DNA to bear children and that is why their descendants are so similar to them when they where kids.


Going by this: egima/en/0/353/page/15

Negi liked Akira

Akira Okochi (大河内 アキラ, Ōkōchi Akira). Birthday: 26 May 1988. She is a tall, athletic, and very quiet girl in the swimming club. She is so good at swimming that the Mahora High School swimming club is already looking to recruit her. She is a friend of Ako, and Yuna. She is not always comfortable with Yuna's stunts (For example, being forced to dress as a bunny-girl).

She and Negi ARE the same kind of people, they are both quiet, and both get dressed by Yuna stuns even if they don't like it in the least.

so yeah Negi loved Akira, if he married her or not that is a toss up (Chao looks like Akira when her hair is down). egima/en/0/355/page/13

She meets Negi often so there is a good chance they hooked up smile
Also no other of the girls meet Negi as often as her, besides Chachamaru and Ayaka, so is either one of them or a completely random character (or Ku Fei defeats Negi once and marries him as a result?)


Nagi was saved by Negi+Konoka+Setsuna egima/en/0/355/page/6

Setsuna specialty is exorcisms and spirit attacks (attacks that can damage souls and energy, the only way to damage the soul essence of the Life Maker, when he isn't inside a body)

Facts about the Life Maker: He has lost his body 2 times in actual pages of this manga, once when Eva killed his body, and the second time when Nagi destroyed him, is safe to think that he doesn't have a body, he just goes around possessing people.

Negi defeats Nagi damaging his body
Life Maker attempts to flee
Setsuna uses Spirit Crusher
Its Super effective
Life Maker faints.
Konoka uses hyper heal on Nagi
Nagi is no longer in danger.


User Posted Image

User Posted Image
Post #528440
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5:44 am, Mar 11 2012
Posts: 176

I fell like I wasted my time reading all these years.

Only more questions arise as I read this. What a horrible ending this turned out to be.

Post #528441
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6:30 am, Mar 11 2012
Posts: 103

Instead of complaining about rushed ending, I'll say one thing: wow, adult Fuuka and Fumika look good!

Post #528446

7:10 am, Mar 11 2012
Posts: 2

somehow the ending reminded me of the ending of Love Hina one of his previous works. not exactly too happy about it. only thing that gave me a hint of happiness is Konoka and Secchan getting together in 2017

Post #528448
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Nice desu ne

7:18 am, Mar 11 2012
Posts: 1129

This ending

User Posted Image

I can't handle being angry through all this laughter laugh

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Post #528536
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8:22 pm, Mar 11 2012
Posts: 21

Hmm, no idea what happened to Fate either. Maybe BL fans got their wish and thats who Negi ended up with...But seriously if he didn't end up with one of his students than that must mean it was Anya that he was in love with.

Personally would have rather enjoyed seeing either Yue or Nodoka end up with him, but oh well.

Last edited by Saracin at 8:29 pm, Mar 11

Post #528578

1:01 am, Mar 12 2012
Posts: 30

Honestly I think the ending was better this way. Not so much the amount of detail or the unanswered questions but the fact that this kind of story didn't try to become something it's not. Negima was always this touching, hotblooded, funny shonen story that made grown men shout in excitement like little boys. I remember getting so into it on more than one occasion that I would sit there going "OH GOD, IS HE GOING TO MAKE IT!?" even though the answer should have been obvious.

That being said, I don't think that where the story treads from here on out is the same kind of story. It wouldn't have the same kind of feel and solutions would come from different means. If nothing else it wouldn't be a battle manga anymore. Even Mana's story wouldn't fit as a war story about a mercenary would be way to different. Akamatsu wanted to write a touching magical battle story about a young man trying to find his hero father with the support of his students...that is MAHOU SENSEI Negima...and this is where this story ends...

That said I think a continuation would be possible if only because a sequel or shortstory would be an entirely different genre and Akamatsu would have the chance to play with something different.

Post #528583
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Master of Tangents

1:32 am, Mar 12 2012
Posts: 53

Is anyone else cracking up over the fact that Hakase ended up with Kurt?'

Edit: I guess I was right, Akamatsu trolled us and never told us who Negi had a crush on.

Last edited by Gamermaster42 at 4:04 pm, Mar 12

Post #528741

8:12 pm, Mar 12 2012
Posts: 2

It wasn't...really bad, per se.

YES, the length are astonishing; the strings left unknown, the pasts glossed over, the future skipped..

But then, Negima has run around 9 years.

I can safely say Akamatsu has to add AT LEAST another 1 year more to .. clear some background. The final fight with Nagi? The revolution described in Mana's ending? The in-betweens after Valentine's event and Asuna's graduation? Which one?

And add that this is his burden of making extraordinarily rich, complex set of characters, for a shonen manga. I mean, for him to explore everyone... Will take at least another year more. And we can look at this as a chapter on their; Negi and the girls' lives. I mean, Akamatsu has made almost everyone an adventurer in different ways than one.
Focusing on Makie will turn the manga into sports.
Focusing on Satsuki? Cooking manga.
Focusing on Mana? Black Lagoon.
Focusing on Natsumi? Shoujo; or similar to Love Hina, only with different cast.
Continuing the focus on the original characters itself, too, turns the manga into serious, political, 'seinen' manga.

The focus is on Negi, and his coming to age from a bumbling young wizard to a Magister Magi. This story ends now.

The pacing will be off. At this point, the pacing was just perfect; we were just finished reading a long, LONG arc, and it's time for (considerably) lighthearted, less action-paced chapters. I believe it's possible to put some more lighthearted chapters but keep it too long, people start complaining. And if he focused on some, not all characters, then the fanbase starts complaining.
So he has to make another long time arc. Following each one of their lives after middle school = ......volume 184, anyone?

Maybe his patience got run off. And I won't complain about it.

yay for ambiguous SetsuxKono ending. I totally consider them married to each other. I mean, dude, it's 2017 and MAGIC EXISTED. If they want to cast a magical dong, they probably can.

Chisame got the perfect ending, imho. I mean, from our PoV, it's bad. Yes. But from hers? She isn't really interested in socializing since her first appearance, and until the end, it hasn't really changed. Hikikomori is the perfect choice, somewhat.
And it's not like she's REALLY doing nothing....she's like DC's Oracle, the way I

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