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New Poll - Looking Your Age

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From User Message Body
Post #561199

1:59 am, Jul 15 2012
Posts: 208

YES! I hate it! IMO it's just a way to try and get around using shota/loli characters. I especially hate it when the dominant character in a relationship happens to be younger than the submissive one, but wow- the older one happens to look like a chibi for some reason! Dislike! no

Post #561247
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8:42 am, Jul 15 2012
Posts: 1977

The only one that ever blew my mind with not looking their age would probably be Wolf Guy - Ookami no Monshou, but that's it. The rest I guess I just don't mind.

Post #561291
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7:21 pm, Jul 15 2012
Posts: 471

it's not that i actively hate and shunned works like that, but i still choose the first option because i think it is lazy writing and/or underdeveloped art skill. some mangaka have a problem drawing diverse character design that have characters looking their age but are still interesting, so they mask it by having everyone looking like teenagers or young adults and hand waved the young appearance of the older adults as having good genes. or they want to portray innocent characters but don't know how to draw appropriately and fall back to tired visual cues like extra large eyes and extra small mouths making the characters look really young.

if the character's shtick is looking very different from his age, it is acceptable, and there might be some good dramas and comedies from it, but if it is because the mangaka just sucks at drawing it become quite tiring.

Post #561292
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7:36 pm, Jul 15 2012
Posts: 3120

I'm not one to care.

Post #561342
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penguin king

3:28 am, Jul 16 2012
Posts: 758

I love it when it is intentional. I'm assuming that is included here. On the other hand I abhor it when the person looks 5+ years different, and its never brought up. Its funny when chars are confused by it, but if something that is so unusual is just accepted in a glance by everyone, it annoys me.

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Post #561388
user avatar
Monkey. :B

10:26 am, Jul 16 2012
Posts: 1972

I don't really care either way. I think the only time it annoyed me was in Prince of Tennis. The difference between the appearance of the first years and second/third years was mindblowing. O_o

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Post #561389
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10:35 am, Jul 16 2012
Posts: 7777

Annoying as hell.
15-year-old men and 30-year-old lolis alike.

Post #561396
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Psycho. Cracked.

2:17 pm, Jul 16 2012
Posts: 166

Well it depends, if it's on purpose like Mushashi or Kid in Eyeshield 21 then I think it's cool. If the setting is some vomiting queasy plot or if the artist is incapable of drawing properly then yes, it's hella annoying.

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Post #561397 - Reply to (#561055) by tactics

2:21 pm, Jul 16 2012
Posts: 262

Quote from tactics
Yeah, it annoys me.

Sometimes, I understand that it's part of the joke. Like in Medaka Box, where Zenkichi's mum looks like a child. That kinda stuff I don't mind.

Most of the time though, it does annoy me. I tend to forget their age nowadays anyway. Unless stated in some way, I can't figure it ...


Although I guess mostly I don't care.. Well, it bugs me more when they don't look their age rather than if they don't act their age (which I don't mind at all tbh) but if it's a joke or written into the plot rather than just an incompetent artist I don't mind. Er.. Yeah, I think that's right. >.>; Stupid tendency to talk in circles. D:

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Post #561399
user avatar

2:44 pm, Jul 16 2012
Posts: 23

Usually I don't mind. No ones looks the same.

However I hate it when the protagonist is only a grade school or a middle school and looks like an adult. I understand the want to make the protagonist younger in order to prove a point or because it won't work with others ages. But make them look like it. They can act like adults if they want, just not look.

But when a older character looks younger it doesn't bother me.

Post #561408
user avatar

4:09 pm, Jul 16 2012
Posts: 126

It bothers me to a degree. Like when I cannot tell the parent from the child because they look they same age. However, I understand that the shoujo genre thrives on the big-eyed sparkly characters. To each their own. I find it is not that big of an issue with what I read on a daily basis.

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Post #561410
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4:40 pm, Jul 16 2012
Posts: 27

I do hate it. Its just gets a bit weird when reading the manga if an adult looks like a kid and a kid that looks like an adult. If the characters personality doesn't fit with their age as well, that is also quite annoying.

Post #561456
user avatar

1:54 am, Jul 17 2012
Posts: 134

Re-reading Eyeshield 21 it's bothers me to no extent. At first I was okay, it didnt bother me at all. But now picking it up after a few years. Yes. Why are grown men playing Highschool football. It would make so much sense if Eyeshield was placed in College. If your able to grow a sexy full beard (lookin at you Musashi and Sakuraba) then you might be to old. :/ That my opinion.

Post #561465
Piss Ant

2:39 am, Jul 17 2012
Posts: 171

YES! It drives me crazy! Kids that are 14 or something (middle school usually or first year high school students) are either too mature looking or act it. Then there are the girls with massive tits, which is just about every girl in the school. And in Japan, most girls are still mostly flat-chested at that age, but manga would like you to believe all the girls have huge tits. Then there are the huge, muscular, athletic prodigies and sometimes scrawny but insanely strong kids. It annoys me to no end. It's horribly unrealistic (yeah, it's a manga, no shit) but it seems like many mangakas strive for realistic looking people, aside from the hair. Elementary school girls even have tits half the time, which is perverted on the mangakas part. They always either look too young or too old for their age. I've dropped many series for that reason alone. I like real looking people, not some school full of 14-year-old girls with DD tits or bigger, which doesn't exist anywhere. no

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Post #561726 - Reply to (#561410) by Darkwap

3:01 pm, Jul 18 2012
Posts: 61

It's really an annoying pissoff when all 13 year old brats looks like they're 19-20.
Not to mention the 10-13 year old girls who have the appeal of 18.

When it's done just for a specific character while fitting with that one character's profile.....then it's fine.

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