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Am I the only one who hates Tsundere?

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Post #570959
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The Yullenator

9:27 am, Sep 22 2012
Posts: 120

It all depends on the quality of the tsun and the dere.

Female tsundere tend to be really annoying, because they hit the male characters without justifiable reason. Just because they feel like it. For example, the heroines in Akamatsu Ken's works (Negima!/Love Hina). Or Asuka from EVA. If a male accidentally sees a female indecently, he'll get hit even if it wasn't his fault. I mean what the hell? You're the one who caused the accident, why are you hitting him? Mostly because females are unreasonable in real life, too. Ever hear how if you get into an argument with your wife, surrender immediately, even if she's wrong? The rare exception is Kurisu from Steins;Gate. Likely because she's never unreasonable--rather, she's extremely intelligent and strong-minded.

But male tsundere are amazing, for some reason. (And don't dismiss my opinion on this just because I'm female. I like both males and females. And whatever.) For instance, Heiwajima Shizuo (DRRR!!, non-traditional tsundere) is not at all dislikeable. When he loses it, it's amusing and bad-ass rather than annoying. The most cliche male tsundere I've seen is Tatsumi Souichi (Koisuru Boukun), as he's needlessly violent, yells a lot, is a complete tyrant, and blushes intensely when caught dere-ing. But he's never boring or irritating, only endearing. The author of that pulled off the storytelling really well. Otherwise, he could easily be annoying. For instance, after snapping at the one who loves him, he ends with "Ah, I poured my coffee on you. Go get me another cup!" Even I laughed as the protagonist wailed about how Souichi is a demon.

It has a lot to do with how well it's written. Tsunderes are used so much in fangirl/fanboy fodder. Though I'm sorry to say, the fanboy fodder has even less substance.

Well, whatever. It's the age of yandere. /cough/Gasai Yuno/cough/. (Similarily, female kuudere like Ayanami Rei tend to be very boring. Sasuke when he was younger was a very adorable kuudere.) (In contrast, female yandere are much more appealing than male yandere.)

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Post #570963
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Anger Avoidant

9:50 am, Sep 22 2012
Posts: 479

I love them so much that whenever a tsundere scene occurs, I'd cry "Tsundeleee!!" quite loud.

I can't say the same for the girls IRL though.

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Post #570966
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Apostle of Cock

10:15 am, Sep 22 2012
Posts: 234

If the tsundere is much too dere and stereotypical, I don't like it.

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Post #570968

10:22 am, Sep 22 2012
Posts: 1041

my guess is that all of us who grow up in familys with strong tsundere or i should say independant woman types in our mothers and sisters just learn to tolerate them better and find them amusing

the men who come from more woman=slave relationships with females growing up
hate them for various reasons[usualy bcoz a typical tsundere stands up to the men[MC=allways a man] and boss them around lol]

Post #571201
Avid Reader

7:53 am, Sep 24 2012
Posts: 17

I dislike heavily done Tsunderes. You can be a strong woman without having to act like a bitch, you know? But if it's just lightly done that's fine, although some people wouldn't really consider it tsundere at that point. Extreme tsundere behavior just really reminds me of how kids would bully the girl/guy they like in elementary school which sometimes carries over to middle/high school... yeah, just too old for that now. Grow up!

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Post #571203
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8:23 am, Sep 24 2012
Posts: 92


I don't see the appeal either... but I guess it also depends...
I mean, Makise Kurisu mildly annoys me and then Hotaru doesn't annoy me at all...

Post #571206
ichigo 100%

9:05 am, Sep 24 2012
Posts: 59

too bad for you, tsunderes are the best kind of heroines out there. their reactions are cute and very amusing. anyway, im talking more of the modern tsuns, not the classic tsuns

what is there to hate? they punch the main character for nothing serious and their faces blush like 90% of the time? there are lots of tsun characters out there, and if you do not like those, you're missing on alot of fun.

Post #571210
user avatar

9:33 am, Sep 24 2012
Posts: 40

I love tsunderes, but a lot of the appeal tsunderes hold comes from the protagonist and how he treats the tsundere.

Post #591122
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Queen of Swords

11:49 pm, Mar 16 2013
Posts: 3

For me it mostly depends on how Tsun the Tsundere is and how relatable she is as a character otherwise. Most of the time I dislike them just because they're so stock but if they're done well then I can like them.

For example Holo/Horo from Spice & Wolf can be considered Tsundere to some extent, but in my opinion fairly minor, however that part of her is characterized well enough that it doesn't really bother me. Quite the contrary actually.

Another example is Ryoko from Ookami-san who, yes, is a typical Tsundere on the surface but that's really not her actual personality. She's basically a "sheep in wolf's clothing", so someone who acts tough on the outside but is really cute, shy, and 'sheepish' on the inside. What I mean to say is that compared to many Tsundere's, who are both just Tsun and Dere, Ryoko was just Dere in the beginning and became Tsun to protect herself.
Regardless she still often punches the male lead for things that are not his fault - often because he says or does things that embarrass her and she really doesn't know how else to react to things like that by this point.
The other thing I like about her character is that she knows she likes the male lead, and so does everyone else, and while she does initially deny it she eventually semi-admits it to her best friend.
The thing I like most about her character though is the fact she's under the impression she has to be Tsun, to keep people emotionally distant, and has to work out a lot - sometimes to the point of exhaustion, all for the sake of "becoming stronger". The main antagonist did something to her (rape was implied but it was still vague as to if this was actually the case) and she's still afraid of him, still afraid of being hurt like that again and that no one will believe her if she's hurt again.

So that's what I like about Ryoko from Ookami-san, she seems like a typical Tsundere but the Tsun side of her is artificial, created to protect herself from further harm. And also while she's physically strong and tough, emotionally this isn't the case, emotionally speaking she's weak and that's exactly the conflict I love about her character. Esp. because I can relate to that.

Now your typical cardboard cutout Tsundere's? No, I really don't like. Sometimes there's an exception, like Mio from MM! but in those cases it's mostly just because rule of funny is applied to the fact she's very Tsundere. In the case of MM! the vast amounts of female-on-male violence typically found in a Harem comedy is made to be actually funny, rather than just stupid and abusive, because the male lead actually enjoys it when the girls beat the crap out of him. And in the beginning of the series I found it amusing how Mio would try to solve this problem (curing him of his masochism) because she would just keep getting irritated and end up using violence to try to solve the problem anyway, which of course didn't work because he enjoyed it.

But if the male lead wasn't a masochist I wouldn't have found it very funny at all really. But off the top of my head she's really the only typical cardboard cutout Tsundere with a woe-is-me background that somehow is supposed to explain her behavior, that I actually sorta like.

Again, overall I'm not real into Tsundere's but it really just depends on how well their done, if they're too typical or over-the-top or not, things like that.

Everybody Loves Somebody To Hate
Post #591143 - Reply to (#569898) by Curium
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a possessive lover

4:20 am, Mar 17 2013
Posts: 439

Quote from Curium
I honestly want to know. There is just such a high volume of titles with tsunderes, and I can't stand any of them. I can't understand the appeal at all.

you are not alone dude, i dont like it too.

Post #591145
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4:35 am, Mar 17 2013
Posts: 187

No worries, I hate them too.

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Aurora ws
Post #591183
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10:32 am, Mar 17 2013
Posts: 32

I hate them too, I can get put off a manga completely if there's one. sad

Especially when the main character gets called a pervert 24/7 when it wasn't even his fault, and I don't mind women with strong personalities but it's all a bit much~

Post #591187

11:49 am, Mar 17 2013
Posts: 86

i love Tsundere a lot for the first time i see one biggrin
and then 2nd smile
and then 3ed none
and then 4th roll
but after 1000time hell NO no

i think these kind of character is good from time to time but after overuse it it become dead boring
what i like about it first time it new thing

but now NO these stereotype must end

Post #591189
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Noblesse Forever!

12:36 pm, Mar 17 2013
Posts: 1067

I hardly read any works containing the themes of tsundere so I don't know if they are lovable or not shy

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Post #591535
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8:40 pm, Mar 19 2013
Posts: 525

I love tsunderes, especially male tsunderes. What I don't like are tsundoras (characters that are only tsun).

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