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What if we couldn't lie?

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From User Message Body
Post #607182
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10:47 am, Jul 14 2013
Posts: 618

The wise would be like the Aes Sedai from Wheel of Time series: "An Aes Sedai never lies, but the truth she speaks may not be the truth you think you hear." Basically people will probably speak ambiguously and let you puzzle out the truth yourself if you can. Unfortunately, that also means that people will likely always speak in this manner so as to hide the times where such acts are necessary.

Post #607787

6:28 am, Jul 20 2013
Posts: 1041

I do not see the point in using lies

i allways tell the truth...atleast how i see it

this lead to alot of great things
i never get asked if i want to do boring shit
[ppl know they have to trade and come right out with it]
i never get asked "do i look good in this/my hair/etcetc" kind of questions
and in most cases this leads to ppl not using lies when talking to me

i dont need ppl to like me
so i dont care if i hurt someones feelings

Post #607872
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10:25 pm, Jul 20 2013
Posts: 371

I brings up a very similar discussion that I saw while playing Lux-Pain (DS). They were talking about what would happen if the whole world had telepathy.

On topic though, the situation would have to depend. If something happened that couldn't allow the possibility to tell a lie in the world that we live in right now, it would be complete and utter chaos. But, if the world started out like that, then it would be a different situation. The reason being is that we would be completely used to it and it wouldn't be a huge problem. With today's world that's built around secrecy, conspiracy theories (yes, we did land on the moon), lies, and the fact that people don't want to hear the truth, it would just fall apart. I'm not wearing a tin-foil hat, but that's the honest truth.

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Post #607875

11:33 pm, Jul 20 2013
Posts: 325

Even if we couldn't lie, it doesn't mean we must give an answer. If we couldn't lie, the world would just be a much quieter place.

Post #607877
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12:02 am, Jul 21 2013
Posts: 146

What would it be like if we were incapable of lying.

Would it make the world a better place?
Would you like to live in such a world?

lol...People would be like 'did you take any drugs?' N I'd be like 'HELL YEA!' And then they'd hate on me ^-^'

But also...everyone would have to admit to the fucked up stuff they've thought/done.

Imagine everyone asking the question 'have you ever masturbated to...' It would be like 'yes...yes...YES...OMFG PLEASE DON'T ASK.'


I'm mental.

What was the question? Yeah I think it would be a hilarious world. Psychopaths, charmers and all those manipulative little sod's wouldn't be able to play their game...Those shits.


Post #607879
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12:33 am, Jul 21 2013
Posts: 899

Have none of you read some story containing the faerie? they cannot tell a lie, but at the same time it's hardly a limitation for them, they can easily get people to do thing by strictly telling the truth, just in a way favorable for them, using skills like deflection, misdirection, withholding of information, etc. Nothing of human nature would really change, only the social skills needed to be able to live in the world would.

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Post #610267
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4:25 am, Aug 9 2013
Posts: 15

If we were incapable of lying, I would probably have to stop doing all the stupid things i do that I would have to lie about later on. Which would be a whole darn lot.

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Post #610272
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5:48 am, Aug 9 2013
Posts: 88

I would be in trouble.

Post #610273
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5:54 am, Aug 9 2013
Posts: 764

I would be fine, i never lie... what i often do is playing with the true, if you tell people truths with out getting into details, so that they would imagine the rest, you can make them believe what you want without having to lie.

There is also the question of what kind of lies you meant. Could people still lie if they think they are telling the truth? because the good liar knows how to make himself believe what he says.

Post #613383
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3:19 pm, Sep 4 2013
Posts: 37

Hmmm....but the thing is, lies are not always shades of black or white. There are gray lies inbetween(nice lies). Sometimes people just don't want to hear the truth or rather, they can't move on without a "white lie". Take for example, on an episode of Bones, their daughter was raped and her body was mutually violated but when her parents asked if she passed peacefully, Booth (agent) replied yes and later explains that they won't read the published report because they don't want to see it (true). Granted, this is a more extreme case. There are other little "white lies" people use all the time such as; Have you lost weight? Your baby is adorable. Mm, whatever you made....tastes great. eyes

And what of the unintentional lie? Or a lie you tell but believe to be true which of course leads to idle gossip.

In any case, if we couldn't tell lies, then the world would still go 'round and perhaps even more people would be hurt/depressed. I don't know. And we'll never found out (at least not in this generation no )

And people who say they don't lie, are liars. The average person lies 3 to 4 times a day (source: all time 10s). Don't lie about lying people... sad

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Post #613387
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3:39 pm, Sep 4 2013
Posts: 315

The point would be that if you know you can't lie you will do your best to do everything right, to lead your life with honesty. You don't want to hurt the people who care about you or even betray them. When you make a serious or not so serious mistake you will admit it with remorse, from the heart, and the others will then forgive you from the heart as well; that doesn't mean that you'll get away with it without punishment but that, as they'll have mercy on you, they'll scold you less..


“The longer we live, the more weight we carry in our hearts.”
Post #613439 - Reply to (#613387) by LilyNanami
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1:04 am, Sep 5 2013
Posts: 764

Quote from LilyNanami
The point would be that if you know you can't lie you will do your best to do everything right, to lead your life with honesty. You don't want to hurt the people who care about you or even betray them. When you make a serious or not so serious mistake you will admit it with remorse, from the heart, ...

Not necessarily, a world without lies could just have really low standards and everyone could be used to people telling disgusting things.

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Post #613446
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1:31 am, Sep 5 2013
Posts: 182

actually I think everything in my life would be easier.
sifting out people who do and do not belong in my life.

Post #613447
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1:33 am, Sep 5 2013
Posts: 167

Maybe we'd be better people..

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Post #617288
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potential sadist

1:19 pm, Oct 9 2013
Posts: 114

Well.. I think if we couldn't lie in the first place, then we won't even know what a 'lie' is. We just go around doing the things liberally. Though I don't think we would even have all the things we have around us, nor we would have the same freedom that we have, the same morals, everything. Although I would love something like that on the first glance, when I thought about it deeper, well, it is indeed, quite scary.

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