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Do you watch less anime now?

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From User Message Body
Post #497989

5:06 am, Sep 26 2011
Posts: 3

Yeah, I barely watch any anime anymore. It was oddly easier when I was busier with my life; sitting down on a weekend when I didn't have anything else to do and just blowing it on marathoning a series was a pleasant reward. Or I felt more of an urge to sneak it in whenever I could. Now? I have a lot more time but almost no desire to put anime anywhere in it, though I'll go ravenously through manga.

I think it's a pacing issue as much as anything else. I can't say I have no quality series to watch because I've got a huge backlog of stuff to catch up on, even if any particular season sucks (hell, I'm not even halfway through FMA Brotherhood yet). But I can control the pace I go through the story in a manga better than I can with anime. I can also look away and then pick up the thread again in an instant, and have whatever I feel like going on in the background all the meanwhile.

(Also? Living with other people who would question or mock anime, or whom I would feel embarrassed to be seen watching some of the more fanservicey stuff by even if it's also just plain good, so manga which is silent is easier to hide from their attention.)

And an important corollary to the pacing issue is that humor that relies on a character's massive embarrassment just makes me cringe. If I'm watching a series that does that, I have to turn the volume off and only skim over the subs until the moment has passed. I can handle it a lot better with a manga. I don't have to live by the writer's chosen schedule for how many seconds or minutes a character has to spend embarrassing themselves in front of others.

Post #498069

7:27 pm, Sep 26 2011
Posts: 13

i used to basically watch all the anime that aired every season and still read a good amount of manga. Then after the anime moe boom reaaaally took off with k-on i stopped pretty much watching all anime except for like one series per season for 2 or 3 seasons since most became targeted towards the same type of audience. reason why it lasted longer than 1 season is cuz after the moe boom was the incredibly pointless fanservice series' that aired for a while. seems anime quality is on its way back up lately so i've started watching more again.

as for manga i pretty much stopped reading. only weekly series i follow is one piece and i check MU everyday still just to see if any series' have ended which i can read

Post #498070 - Reply to (#497875) by angel407
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7:29 pm, Sep 26 2011
Posts: 38

Quote from angel407
I used to only watch anime, and rarely read manga, but I think there is a lot more choice with manga, so after watching the anime I enjoyed I moved onto manga, and I only really read that now.

Pretty much the same

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Post #498154
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10:05 am, Sep 27 2011
Posts: 974

actually I watch more laugh , I used to be very picky though.

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Post #498155

10:26 am, Sep 27 2011
Posts: 29

yeah, I don't watch as much anime as I used to. I'll check out an ep Naruto or Bleach but that's few and far between and only if it's not a filler ep.

I guess is cause I'm busier than I used to be. just don't have to time anymore. being an adult isn't everything it's cracked up to be; you lose a lot of freedoms while gaining more responsibility... sigh, off to work lol

Post #498156
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10:31 am, Sep 27 2011
Posts: 830

I used to watch mostly anime, now I barely ever watch anime and read manga. I'm trying to get back into anime to practice Japanese, but I still prefer manga on the whole. I can't stand filler episodes and inconsistencies. The only time I prefer the anime to the manga is when the anime came first, like Code Geass and Wolf's Rain.

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Post #498179
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4:33 pm, Sep 27 2011
Posts: 2037


I have been watching anything and everything since.... forever. laugh

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Post #498182
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5:00 pm, Sep 27 2011
Posts: 146

After watching and reading the amazing stories that are Slam Dunk and Major, I don't watch much anime anymore. Everything pales in comparison to those two as far as anime quality goes...brilliant work

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Post #498183 - Reply to (#497873) by purplebunny101

5:02 pm, Sep 27 2011
Posts: 216

Quote from purplebunny101
Also, I'm in search of a new anime, one that is a quality anime nothing that seems to be thrown together. Recently I've looked and nothing has come that was intresting since I stopped.

You need therapy. Well no. Its more a quality of Japan who has weekly manga and Episode releases.

I personally only follow monthly manga (or poorly drawn weekly manga) because a week isn't enough time for most mangaka to plan, write, draw and edit. You look at their schedules and its just a nightmare.

Weekly anime works better when the manga has already handled all the planning and writing, and its just the format change directing that needs to be done. Would likely feel less 'thrown together'

BUT they would have the same flaws as the source, or barring that if they were made from a monthly manga that wasn't rushed, they tend to 'run out of material' and just do filler or have an abrupt end as the manga is still ongoing.

Which follows thru to OAVs, but honestly People tend to expect the schedule constraints.


Post #498184
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5:15 pm, Sep 27 2011
Posts: 380

Weird, as for me, it's just the opposite. I watch more Anime now. Actually, I used to never ever watch Anime, and then, for one year or so I have begun to watch quite a lot, and good ones at that.

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Post #498187

5:39 pm, Sep 27 2011
Posts: 25

To be honest i watch less now maybe because anime has loss its spark (well to me that is). It seem like in the pass there was sooooooo much good anime out there I barely could keep up, especially around the 2006-2008 time period when anime like code geass, death note, D.Gray-man, Ergo Proxy, Nana, Ouran High School Host Club, Claymore, Tokyo Majin, Shugo Chara, Shakugan no shana, kure-nai, skip beat, michiko to hatchin, toradora, vampire knight, etc. Now you have to search around A LOT in order to find a decent anime. There's probably one or two really good animes every season or so. no

Post #498191

6:18 pm, Sep 27 2011
Posts: 262

Hm.. Well, when I was young I only watched dubbed because.. Well.. I was 4-5 and I couldn't read fast enough to keep up with subs. D:

Then I moved onto subs, and now I don't watch anime at all.. There's one very important reason for why I don't watch anime anymore though.. And that's because I have to go to the library to get online now so I can't.. I'm better off getting manga to read because the internet is so slow and they block off all software from running on their computers so I can't use accelerators nor can I adjust their web browsers to speed up browsing.. u.u''

If not for that I'd still be watching just as much as before if not more..

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Post #498192

6:20 pm, Sep 27 2011
Posts: 408

Well, now I tend to watch anime only if it was originally an Anime.(Though sometimes I watch adaptations of light novels or things I really like) All in all I tend to watch 1-3 shows a season.

Post #498193

6:33 pm, Sep 27 2011
Posts: 180

Yes. I got into reading manga because I became disgusted with anime fillers. Now that I've read the original manga series for some of my favorite animes, and generally found the mangas to be of higher quality in terms of story, I almost never watch animes that are based on mangas anymore. I do sometimes watch animes that are completely original, however.

Post #498194
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6:33 pm, Sep 27 2011
Posts: 128

Well... yes, but probably because it sucks getting caught watching anime by other people who say stuff like, "Wow, so you're very free with your university course, is that it?" And mainly because mostly every anime now is based on a manga adaptation, whereby the manga adaptation is mostly always better by leaps and bounds.

The only exception to the rule were Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica and Hanasaku Iroha. I mean, you can read [English] a lot faster than they can articulate it, and that saves time, especially when you're busy. So why bother?

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