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Why do people hate Sasuke?

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Post #117247 - Reply to (#117233) by xombiemonkey
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7:03 am, Feb 1 2008
Posts: 635

Quote from xombiemonkey
Quote from Meta
Ok from the very beginning of series I hated Naruto and liked Sasuke. Yes, I like Sasuke I'm in the minority. BUT no way in hell can you classify Sasuke as Emo. I find it that most people just misinterpret his character. If you want to know how I see him then his character is closest to Hannibal Lector from Hannibal Rising.

I'm pretty sure Sasuke doesn't eat people.

See the first thing you thought of was eating people. Try digging deeper into Hannibal's character. "Hannibal Rising" gave enough information to make a link. I won't spoil it for those who haven't seen the movie, and it's a must see.

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Post #117249
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7:08 am, Feb 1 2008
Posts: 833

emo people who have negative thoughts, but are not biased when it comes down to decision making, are perfectly fine in any form because that shows the layers and multi-facetness that make humans complex and 3 dimensional. sasuke is too one dimensional and lacks personality, without all 3 dimensional characteristics that make a good main character all u have left with sasuke is a whiny little bitch.

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Post #117253 - Reply to (#117249) by dacbiet
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7:23 am, Feb 1 2008
Posts: 254

Quote from dacbiet
emo people who have negative thoughts, but are not biased when it comes down to decision making, are perfectly fine in any form because that shows the layers and multi-facetness that make humans complex and 3 dimensional. sasuke is too one dimensional and lacks personality, without all 3 dimensional characteristics that make a good main character all u have left with sasuke is a whiny little bitch.

So basically your saying, Sasuke isn't good enough to be emo? I'd disagree, I take any opertunity to bash emos, sorry.

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Post #117255
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7:34 am, Feb 1 2008
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Post #117256
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7:44 am, Feb 1 2008
Posts: 190

Sasuke is a whiny bitch who took the easy route for power. If he wasn't such a pansy ass sour puss all the time he might be a cool character. Also his arm wings when he is " powered up" look lame as hell. Not to mention he is an idiot, anyone would be able to tell that Orochimaru has some ulterior motives. What a fool!

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Post #117257 - Reply to (#117246) by Lord Archive
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7:50 am, Feb 1 2008
Posts: 752

Quote from Lord Archive
A man joins the United States Marines. He is trained to be a strong soldier. He is taught how to kill efficiantly. After serving a few months, he finds an Al Queda opperative who is impossibly skilled in fighting, better than anyone he ever saw in the Marines. He leaves his fellow comrades to work under this Al Queda opperative.
He stays in Al Queda for 3 years never killing an american citizen, and ends killing Osama Bin Laden. Then the Ex-marine makes a special squad with the best ex al queda and starts killing terrorists.

Yes, you're right, the ex-marine should have stayed in his post in Irak doing nothing instead of going to kill terrorists (that the US can't take) by himself. He is a real traitor, and the media would definitely not love him, people wouldn't see him as a hero and Hollywood wouldn't make a movie about his life. laugh

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Post #117258

7:57 am, Feb 1 2008
Posts: 30

Sasuke is just after power to kill his brother

Post #117261 - Reply to (#117258) by MrDumbAzCanB
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8:13 am, Feb 1 2008
Posts: 878

Quote from MrDumbAzCanB
Sasuke is just after power to kill his brother

We'll see what happens soon enough! Don't get your hopes up though... even if Sasuke kills Itachi he wont stop there. He already mentioned in the last chapter he will go after Madara. When does revenge end? That dumb ass is so arrogant, he doesn't even realize anyone else besides him exists.
He had friends and a life, and he ditches it all for revenge, and in the process trying to kill his friends when they go to his aid... obviously people will hate his guts for that.

Plus he just won't admit that he isn't all that uber. Had it not been for the cursed seal and orochimaru's 3 year gay camp, Sasuke would be useless.

IMO Sharingan is such a damn cheap blood limit, that if it were me that had it I'd probably get a blood transfusion or something to get it out of me (useless but still).

After Sasuke copied Rock Lee's uber speed in the Gaara fight, I lost a lot of respect for him, because Lee frigin earned his techniques and deserves them. Everything Sasuke does just seems like its been borrowed/ripped off of someone else. Generic, useless katon jutsu, his taijutsu, chidori, cursed seal....

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Post #117266
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Smooth Operator
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8:31 am, Feb 1 2008
Posts: 5329

douche-o-matic bastardo.

nuff said

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Post #117268 - Reply to (#117136) by MajorMarmot
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Mad With a Hat

8:47 am, Feb 1 2008
Posts: 4767

Quote from MajorMarmot
I have been noticing that a lot of people hate Sasuke.

I think that he is a more or less a standard shounen or seinen character (a little dark to be completely shounen and a little light to be seinen)

So…Why do people hate Sasuke?

Is this a rethorical question?

Sasuke is a B**CH. He betrayed his comrads and joined to the biggest enemy. He later fight those who wanted to help and save him showing no sighs of regret.
And he is just someone you feel like hating. laugh
All he wants is to get revange.. (even though Itachi is a mean ass, he's cuterbigrazz )

Sasuke got so powerful because of Orochimaru's curse, and he's so damn arrogant for something as low as this (Naruto is kinda the same, so powerful using the kuubi's chakra and stuff..)

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Post #117272
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9:03 am, Feb 1 2008
Posts: 4029

I don't know. I don't hate Sasuke, I've always thought that hating (and/or loving) a fictional character is kind of pointless. It's scary how other people get way too passionate about it sometimes~

Post #117279 - Reply to (#117199) by MajorMarmot
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9:46 am, Feb 1 2008
Posts: 26

Quote from MajorMarmot
Well, if I was working for an organization and I decided to quit for personal reasons without trying to harm the company or try to compete against them, I don't see how that's treason.

Treason is usually when you go against the organization, compete with them using your previous knowledge or stealing secrets and selling them to a competitor....but just quiting....treason? Them most employees in the world are traitors...I guess.

The guy was obviously from a Konoha linage, but all his clan was destroyed, and he doesn't have any attachments to the village anymore, why can't he just silently quit.

He was with another village but he's working as an independent with a small group of allies now.

The difference between Sasuke and the villains of the story is that he doesn't harm innocent people. He kills, but kills villains, I think those are called antiheroes.

It is pretty annoying that all the story of the manga has being focused in trying to "save" Sasuke. I guess that's because Naruto is a weak character to be the lead and he's usually being dragged by subplots, but I can't imagine a mission or saga of "Wanting to be a Hokage" it's not like he can do something to be a hokage except doing his job as a ninja, training and waiting for the actual hokage to die.

I wouldn’t call Konoha an organization but more like a nation. This is not like the competition between Microsoft and Macintosh as this is more like countries at war. If I remember correctly being a ninja to a distinct village is to swear allegiance and protect that village alone. By joining the Sound (Whose sole purpose is to destroy Konoha) if they were to get in a war he would most likely be sent off to battles and given special missions which would then also hurt Konoha. Even if he does help Konoha in the end he still left them and is a traitor. Let’s say Sakura got in his way I’m sure he wouldn’t give a damn killing her. Obviously Sasuke is willing to do anything to get his revenge, the only reason he didn’t kill Naruto when he was leaving was because that’s what Itachi wanted him to do but then later when Naruto ran into him while he was on the mission with Sai and Sakura, Sasuke tried to kill Naruto but was stopped by Orochimaru meaning he doesn’t care if he has to kill Konoha ninja or even his ‘best friend’

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Dr. Love
Post #117285
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10:23 am, Feb 1 2008
Posts: 9016

Sasuke always looked up to his big brother, but at the same time envied him for his genius-ness. He longed for the attention of his father who was too busy concentrating on Itachi. He worked hard, and knew it was nearly impossible to follow in Itachi's footsteps, still he tried for the sake of earning respect from his father and the Uchiha Clan.

Ultimately he got that respect, it was like a dream went fulfilled. At the same time though, he saw Itachi changing. And not in a good way, everytime Itachi and his father were in the same area, he could feel the tension hanging in the air. Troubled by this change, but still pleased by the sudden focus of his father from Itachi to him, he dismissed those doubtful thoughts.

Until one day, he stayed out late to train extra hard. After all, he wanted to surpass Itachi, his older brother. That was his ultimate goal, even then. When he returned home though, he saw all his family members dead on the ground. A sudden panic rushed through him: "Is this for real? Is this some kind of Genjutsu?". Still in denial, he ran to his parents' room. Suddenly stopping in front of the door. What would happen when he opens that door? Would his life change forever? So scared of that thought, he could barely raise his hand.

In the end, he regretted that decision for the rest of his life. For what he has seen, doesn't deserve anyone, especially a child. Seeing his parents' bloodstained corpses, he tried to move forward, whimpering. ... Through the darkness he saw somebody else. Was it the murderer? Well, he wasn't wrong in thinking that. It was his beloved brother though. Full of relief, a flicker of hope started to build again in his heart.

After all, this is Itachi. His caring brother who was so strong, he could easily beat anyone in Konoha, including the murderer. ... To his surprise though, he discovered an awful truth. Itachi is the murderer.

He ran and ran and ran~. Continue to run for his life, frightened by his caring brother who suddenly turned into a cold-blooded killer.

To no avail, Itachi stood there waiting for him. One sentence changed his life forever. "If you want to kill me... curse me! Hate me!..." ... And he did. In the end, he unconsciously followed his brothers' advice. From that day onward, the path to Revenge opened to him.

Well, I could write more but that would be too much. laugh But I hope I could at least let some of you relate on how he felt.

I'm not a Sasuketard. biggrin Since I like actually every character from Naruto, no make that every manga I read. Though there are some exceptions. laugh

source: animenewsnetwork

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Identity Crisis
Post #117302
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Somewhat dead
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1:12 pm, Feb 1 2008
Posts: 4914

i hate him couse he is whiney about his family getting killed, and thinks thats enough to just abandon his new family.

mainly the second one tho.

Alaena Night
Post #117311
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AKA Roseille

1:53 pm, Feb 1 2008
Posts: 326

Hmm... I don't think emo is the right word to classify Sasuke. bigrazz

Emo is a snotty teenager in a warm house with a probably mostly okay family life who finds every reason to hate the world and everything in it.

Now imagine another kid whose family died, and who got sent through a trillion foster homes, used and abused, and finally dumped out, and therefore has no respect for the world or the people in it.

Would it be right to call that person emo?

IMO, if you've lived a life that has led you to distrust and betray and hate, that's not really emo - it's just life.

I like Sasuke as a character. I'm not saying that if he were a real person (and even though he isn't) that I would/do agree with his choices, but I most certainly understand how he can think like he does.

Anyway, as for why people do hate him, it's probably because of what he does. He almost killed his best friend, betrayed and hurt those he cared about, and is just plain easy to dislike, since he's the typical guy who gets all the girls without effort, and doesn't take other peoples' feelings into account.

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