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Your Favorite Manga of all time (or maybe top 5)

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From User Message Body
Post #675
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11:13 pm, Sep 13 2006
Posts: 33

my favortes are
mai otome
air gear
elfen lied

Post #884
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12:44 pm, Sep 23 2006
Posts: 17

I'm sure about the first one the other four change monthly.

.Hoshi No Koe
.Slam Dunk

Post #887
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Slient Dragon

4:52 pm, Sep 23 2006
Posts: 20

In no particular order:

1. Land of the Blindfolded
2. Perfect Girl Evolution
3. Great Teacher Onizuka
4. Saiyuki
5. Full Metal Alchemist

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The Evil Empire
Post #950
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6:08 am, Sep 30 2006
Posts: 33

hmm Havn't read all the much and mainly only the main stream pub realeases.

1. Full Metal Alchemist. Fav manga of all to me its the best combo of story, charcter development, plot, setting, art, syntax. Also the shit with dog and little girl really got me going emotionaly.

2. Ichigo 100%. Love the charcters ending sux but I come to anime/manga expecting that.

3. King of Hell. Might top fma for #1 depends on how the stories progress. Majeh kicks ass. If y'all havn't read this one you need to.

4. Negima. Like others here Love Hina was the first manga I read. Good yes but Negima is way way better. Story sounded dum and wasn't impressed with the frist two volumes. If really picks up in vol 3 and from there so far its been good. I'm at six right now got 5 more on order form Just Manga. I like the candy they send. ;P

I don't really have a 5. If I had to say anything probaly megatokyo which isn't really manga. Then again I just started reading Oh! My Goodess! which is really good but i'm only on vol 2. Most of my picks are still in prod. so this list is easly subject to change.

I'll be giveing some of your guys top picks a run though.

Post #958

10:15 am, Sep 30 2006
Posts: 8

Mine has got to be these;

1} Love Hina
2} Pastel
3}AI Love You (AI Ga Tomaranai)

All bow down to Lord Spazmonkey. Cheese Rules!!!!!!! Period.
Post #961
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11:56 am, Sep 30 2006
Posts: 157

A difficult question, because i still have lots of mangas to read.

Until now, Battle Royale is my no1,
closely followed by
Battle Angel Alita/BAA: Last Order
I also liked
and Eden.

I think the reason why I liked Battle Royale most is that it is the only manga of my top 6 that is completely finished and scanlated (I know, Gantz 1 is also done, but it has a cliffhanger bigrazz)

Last edited by supernova at 4:38 pm, Oct 11

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Post #966
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9:09 pm, Sep 30 2006
Posts: 612

eternal sabbath

i'm very happy that my manga preference has greatly improved over the years eyes

Last edited by Cerulean at 10:52 pm, Sep 15

The Deviant
Post #1046

6:08 am, Oct 6 2006
Posts: 9

I feel somewhat ridiculous answering this, since I only really started reading manga a month ago...I've become obsessed though, and I've read most or all of 8 series so far.

My favorites are Kare Kano and Fruits Basket, followed by Rurouni Kenshin.

Post #1116
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11:57 pm, Oct 9 2006
Posts: 302

My top 5 has already been listed, so I'll give five other ones I really like that haven't been mentioned yet.

Detective Conan - manga about a high school detective turned into a kid

Jiraishin - seinen manga about a cop

NHK ni Yokouso - manga about a sociophobe (is that a word?)

Devil & Devil - an angel and demon fall to earth during battle and enter the bodies of a pair of brothers

Cross Game - I think this can turn out to be Adachi's best manga yet

Post #1123
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4:10 am, Oct 10 2006
Posts: 50

1st of all discovered this site a few weeks ago and have been in heaven. As a 32 yr old discovering fan of manga (not new to it per se as I was an exchange student to Japan and fan of Zeta Gundam before many people who now support manga/ anime even knew it existed beyond starblazers but know how it goes. Anyways--must list my favorites (only 5 thoughconfused mad

1. Death Note- simply put...when you can say something regardless of medium is one of the best stories you've ever experienced then simply does anyone not put Death Note at the top?? It's that good...artwork is beyond anything you see in great american fiction (except for Dave Gibbons subtle and nuanced work on watcmen--another great book of all time) and the story has more creativity in its' 'plot' alone than many of the manga's listed on everyone's lists.

2. Gantz--another imaginative yet less nuanced portrayal of ethics/ morality under unique circumstances. Reading Gantz is a high and the brutality of its' plot (the scene that will forever stay with me is the one of the grandmother and child meeting their fate amongst the bird aliens..that scene --art and story alone is a classic of storytelling and affects anyone who witnesses it).

3. Naruto-- how does this get hated on so muchconfused This is hands down one of the best manga that has had soooo many special moments that I'm amazed at the hatred it recieves. Is it because it is popular?? The death of Sarutobi, Naruto's training, betrayal of Sasuke, emergence of Shikamaru as a leader, sheer breath of characters, logical world outline and ninja 'rules' (as opposed to the convenient power ups of DBZ and Bleach) and the fact that nothing seems particularly rosy for these kids (this could be considered a shonen kid manga except for the utter brutality of many moments)--no I reject the idea that people on this board are so jaded that they refuse to accept naruto yet post that titles like FullMetal Alchemist are more unique.

4. Claymore-- why r more people not talking about this title? Every volume doesn't last more than 3 days in my house. It's hard to put down and has completely restored my faith in manga. here is a typical plot--- girl slays monsters and is actually one herself and turns it on her head...why is she this way? why can she not protect humanity from both yoma and bad humans--why does her society have to get paid?? This is a great story and I fear it will end tragically thus elevating it to Death note/ Gantz status as a brutal manga concerned more with a good story rather than cookie cutter success.

5. Eyeshield 21-- Great great shonen manga--sports manga and actual funny and for once..genuinely heartfelt. Many manga deal with underdog..but here is a character in Sena that is actually earnest, hardworking--far from strong and yet finds it in himself to become stronger for the sake of his friends and a sport that has helped him mature as a person. I wish every young person in american high school would read this book as it truly celebrates the best of sports which is physical activity, mental prepartion and the courage to try to do your best against overwhelming odds for the sake of teamwork 1st.. and personal pride second. Great book!

Post #1131

10:50 am, Oct 12 2006
Posts: 1

1. Death Note because the plot is so complex and you just can't get bored for one minute and the artwork is GREAT!
2. Hana Kimi- it is just fun and even though I've read a few mangas with this subject(girl dresses up as a boy,or viceversa) this is the best of them
3. Hot blooded woman- very very funny
4. Ayashi no Ceres
5. Angel Sanctuary

Post #1133

12:00 pm, Oct 12 2006
Posts: 7

1. Hajime No Ippo- freken awsome if boxing was really like this i would take it up so fast
2. One Piece- Freken Good i love it....
3. Ruroni Kenshin- Mangawise it just flows so well
4. GTO- just good
5. Naruto- i guess? kinda not about ninjas anymore cuz there's just too much monsters and crazy powers... i mean at the begining it was frekin awsome but now its going a bit tooo far...

Post #1135
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7:50 pm, Oct 12 2006
Posts: 56

1= Airgear
2= Blade of the Immortal
3= Bleach
4= Naruto
5= 666 Satan

Post #1162
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9:34 am, Oct 14 2006
Posts: 157

This is a nice and very useful thread, but I wanted to ask if perhaps the series mentioned in this thread could be linked to the specific series info page. Getting an opinion about a series would become easier and faster and the personal comments in this thread and the general 1-10 ratings and comments in the series info would complement one another and would be linked better.

User Posted Image
Post #1164
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5:15 pm, Oct 14 2006
Posts: 9103

Then you'd have to force every person who posted here to include links. We can't do that...

A just ruler amongst tyrants
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