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Worst Shoujo Cliche!

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From User Message Body
Post #549488
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An F to judge M!

4:27 am, May 6 2012
Posts: 382

I hate when the previously unforgivable transgressions of the male protagonist are ignored when it's "convenient" for the female protagonist. like in Miunohri to Swan

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
The guy genuinely tormented you, made you eat food he crushed under his foot with nothing but your mouth, met you "pretty" and had a slight change of ways, yet STILL put a fucking cigarette out on your "un-pretty self" - and you STILL have mercy!?

door·mat [dawr-mat, dohr]
1. a mat, usually placed before a door or other entrance, for people arriving to wipe their shoes on before entering.
2. a person who is the habitual object of abuse or humiliation by another.

Yeah, I see the underlying story, but that still HARDLY forgives the fact he treated her like absolute garbage, even if it was with "good intentions", at first.

Post #549492 - Reply to (#489566) by ShimaVK
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Riddle THA Twinkle

5:22 am, May 6 2012
Posts: 109

Quote from ShimaVK
the zoomed in scenes on the girl's eyes with the 'thump' surrounded by flowers -_-'

laugh laugh I LOVE that description & agree 100%.XD

~Maybe they are testing their skills in drawing an eyeball VERY detailed?

Quote from cleodux
I could be wrong and forgetful. The girl friend of the main char in Lovely Complex fell in love with her boyfriend because of that. The guy have a soft side with the kitty in the rain or wait is it puppy? or is it never happen at all. Sorry about that.

In to the discussion. I love cliche, still the main reason i still read shoujo these days because of that cliches and to amuse my self, but some cliche is taken too far to the point is annoying.

Love triangle where the girl can't choose between 2 guys: I hate it very much. It is so annoying. I read Parfait Tic before(and no more love triangle for me after that) and after 7 vols, she still can't effin decide which of the 2 boys she really likes. What is wrong with you? I really can't retaliate this maybe because i have a straight courtship with my husband. How can you love 2 guys at the same time? huh? how greedy are you? unless you need them for different purposes but still evil and maybe i can buy it reading it in some shounen/seinen for plot device. But not with "i can't decide shit"

Love triangle where there is another crazy girl who makes the main girl life difficult, bully her etc etc without retaliation: There is always this 1 beautiful girl(and she will always beautiful) who will be the nemesis in the story. Either she was from the main guy's past or present or groupie, but it is so annoying if every single damn shoujo that you read have those. Can't think of example atm.

The guy who bullies the main girl fall in love in only 1 chapter:There is a reason why i hate Hot Gimmick. I just hate the guy guts. I don't know if it is connected. And i think Kyo Koi wo Hajime something also kinda like that. Beauty Research Centre?

The girls is so oblivious with the guy feelings, even though it clearly shown, and everybody knows it except her, and all the while she thinks of him as her enemy: Yup you guys know what i am talking about. Special A.

The girl who went all blushy and weak, can't retaliate from the guy advance, something like push you against the wall with 1 hand or both hand surround her *insert any shoujo here* The reason i hate it maybe because i never got to see it in real life. K i got it, it just in fantasy what is wrong with that. The wrong is when it happen and suddenly the girl went doki doki because of that.

Story end with the couple having sex: ok sure we know you guys love each other and all that, but ending it with different situation would be better. And it also encourages young people out there to be reckless imho. ie: Yuu Watase manga. and some Tanemura's works i think.

Any bimbo main char as a girl: all one shot usually have that.

Not so cliche:
Goody two shoes girl. Sweet, lovely, motherly, sisterly, friendly, always do good deeds, and always optimistic in life: Yes i hate Furuba.

Reverse Harem: Any otome game turn manga out there. And some original such as Love in the Mask.

Indecisive love partner/interest: Bokura ga Ita, how stupid can you be? oh And Inuyasha also fall in this category.

Manga that should had ended long time ago but still in serializing due to popularity: Kaichou Wa Maid Sama and maybe Faster than a Kiss also Vampire Knight (could be wrong because i didn't read too far beyond a couple of chapters) Maybe Ouran but it had ended right?

The love interest is a robot: i can accept if it is non human like vampire, demon, alien, youkai. But robot is too much, especially computer science is my major.

And many more, i think i wrote too much. It just a rant ops.
And i didn't finished all the titles mentioned above. Except lovely complex... i think.

Your outlook had me laughing...good stuff. laugh
~In case your wondering...Faster than a Kiss only has about 3 chapters left. And Ouran Host did end...

Last edited by fox_jones89ryu at 6:37 pm, May 6

Post #554119

8:21 am, Jun 2 2012
Posts: 354

Agree with most of the things in Celodux's post.

Couple more:

-Shallow Superficial Ditz girl gets the good awesome usually smart guy. I really don't like those. I just read one where there is a school for training brides and there are mock weddings. psh really? Pa-lease! The main character was such a shallow girl. Jumps right into a one dimensional love and goes straight to marriage. Of course the groom bailed when she brought out the marriage form but still....sigh...

-The one after that, Sex in shoujo mangas. It's overrated in my opinion. Something that is always used in modern mangas now. It's not even that moving like in Kare Kano or Mars (note that these mangas are older too). It's just used to try to attract readers.

Post #564752

10:32 am, Aug 7 2012
Posts: 7

Also Christmases are the biggest events ever, the heroine and male lead can't meet up for some reason, and she wishes how much she can see him and finds him outside her house late in the evening to give her jewellery.
And valentine. The heroine always weasels out of giving him chocolate but drops it accidentally in front of the male lead who smiles and accepts and says he really wanted one from her. Arthhhj!!!
mad mad mad mad mad

Post #565738
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an Everlasting~

6:31 am, Aug 13 2012
Posts: 272

Dang, I wish this was a poll anyhow here's my list:

-The girl chases the guy or that love at first sight crap
-Love triangles where this crazy chick torments the main character
-Cliche characters: The crybaby heroines & the intolerable handsome/rich/good at everything asshole-type guys
-Valentines day stuff
-Love legends stuff (you know, if-you-do-this-you-will-be with-the-one-you-love-FOREVER)
-Indecisive love partner/interest -> now this is why I root for the other guy/girl
-Most from cleodux post, except of the guy bullies one (to some extent) and reverse harems (if their feelings doesn't feel too forced)

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I'm in idol hell T.T
Post #567048
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1:29 pm, Aug 22 2012
Posts: 188

Girl that's weak and stupid
Boy that's rapes a girl then falls in love
Girl that even though it's very obvious can't figure out the guy likes her
Love at first site and rosy backgrounds
Bittersweet ending like"I'm always going to you you"and all that crap
ugly girl that gets all the attractive guys after her,that's just stupid maybe a beautiful girl with a harm of nerds that understandable but a seemingly normal girl with a harem of beautiful guys after her?those are just irritating

Recommend me horror , yaoi and shoujo manga please biggrin
Post #570609

4:18 pm, Sep 19 2012
Posts: 36

in fantasy shoujo manga, the princess mostly complaining about wanting a normal girl-life, falling in love blablabla and will try to escape/elope from the castle when she got arranged marriage. show abit of responsibility, dammit! mad
*sorry for the swearing

some shoujo princess that currently averted this cliche are :
Canary from Tokage Ouji
Nakaba from Reimei no Arcana

My daily websites:,,
Post #571191
Avid Reader

7:11 am, Sep 24 2012
Posts: 17

When there's a misunderstood scene of the boy/girl and the other person walks in on it and flees IMMEDIATELY from the scene or passive aggressively hides behind a wall and becomes depressed. Especially if the character conveniently only hears a snippet of the conversation/kiss/whatever that makes it terrible and misses out on the next part.

Wow, uh, maybe ask what happened first before you jump to conclusions? Just take 10 seconds to ask and for them to explain. Or if you're going to eavesdrop, eavesdrop the ENTIRE conversation until the end? I can understand if there's a misunderstanding because of rumors or stuff other people have said, but for fuck's sakes... from a scene you witnessed YOURSELF? It just happens way too often to be believable.

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Post #578427
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5:39 pm, Nov 26 2012
Posts: 166

cliche that I hate?

girl-get-kidnapped-and-is-gonna-be-raped-but-at-the-same-time-she- shouts-"save-me"-with-teary-eyes-main-guy-miraculo usly-appears situation...on of the most cliched moments

also I hate cliched sexually submissive main characters in smut shoujo ...especially in Shinjou Mayu's manga how girls fall in love with guys who raped them

Worst shoujo cliche - almost all shoujo manga main character girls are masochists

+ ex-girlfriend who appears all of sudden and makes present girlfriend jealous

p.s why does it show miraculously separated?I can't edit it

Last edited by Human at 7:38 pm, Nov 26

Post #578591
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11:05 pm, Nov 27 2012
Posts: 46

The worst for me is usually the fact that almost all heroines are really submissive but for some reason get all these guys for some aspect of her character that hasn't even been developed (or because they're nice. *Shudders*) The key in there is "all these guys." The harem genre really gets old after a few minutes.

I'm not too big on the whole complex about breast size either. I don't see why they care so much.

Post #578595
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Page Flipper

11:23 pm, Nov 27 2012
Posts: 92

I'm usually avoiding mangas which content the old boring ever-repeating clichés, but I really hate this - "Oh, save me, my destined savior!" -> and then he comes - cliché which occurs even in good mangas and it's really irritating. roll

Post #578603
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12:58 am, Nov 28 2012
Posts: 70

When the male leads are perfect and good at everything and give the girls complexes, I hate that.

Post #578604
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12:59 am, Nov 28 2012
Posts: 421

Cliches are not necessarily bad. I mean, there are plenty of shoujo manga out there that use cliches the right way. It's only when cliches are taken too far, or when a plot is completely composed of cliches that everything turns to shit.

Anyway, some that I often see being misused/overused are:
1. That "love at first sight" stupidity.
Girl meets boy and BOOM, roses, everywhere. I've known you for about two seconds and I know I'm in love with you. I mean, dude. Attraction at first sight, sure. But this whole idea, this FANTASY of LOVE at FIRST sight FOREVERNEVERNEVER makes love so... cheap.

2. The dumb, pathetic and SPINELESS female lead.
Seriously, is it a bad thing to be intelligent, confident and put-together? It's sad that I see this as much as I do. I mean, have some self-esteem, girl.

3. Chauvinistic male pig who is somehow redeemed by a pretty face.
You know the type. Domineering, constantly degrading the girl, occasionally violent--just a straight-up bully. I don't even. Even when he's being a total asshat, the girl always falls for him. It's disgusting and insulting to me, as a female.

best finest surgeon, come cut me open./
Post #587207
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4:58 am, Feb 13 2013
Posts: 11

When the guy gets sick and the girl pays him a visit in his home, cooks for him.
-Either A) Turns out the girl has no cooking skills!! and fails at making congee or soup or w/e. or B) The guy kisses her and then collapses because he is too ill.

When the girl gets a cut on her finger and the guy licks it off.

When the pathetic, flat chested heroine wins the heart of many guys, including the popular guy (who she obviously ends up with).

When there's always a beautiful ex/rival who always turns nice in the end.

When there's a flashback of the guy and girl meeting when they were kids.

When the girl/guy takes off his/her glasses and then BAM!! he/she turns from an ugly duckling to a babe,

When the girl walks into a room and sees the guy with another girl, misunderstands, runs away, and makes things difficult.

When the other guy (who is nice and hoottttt) DOESN'T end up with the girl!!

When the girl is totally clueless about love and questions "why is my heart beating so fast?"

When the girl is so dumb and needs the guy to tutor her. She often gets distracted by his hotness.

When the girl attempts to kiss the guy while he is asleep, and when she almost does it, the guy opens his eyes to reveal that he was pretending to sleep.

When everything is set in Japan.

When the girls are always otakus or make references to the bishies in shoujo manga.

When there are trips to the hot spring. And the girl asks her friend for help her choose a pair of panties.

When the girl and guy goes to the moon festival. The girl pretties herself up and wears a yukata.
-Either A) her sandal breaks, and the guy has to carry her, B) the guy gives her a pin to put in her hair

When the girl and guy goes to the amusement park and the girl or guy is not fond of roller coasters but goes on anyway.. and then they ride the ferris wheel at night and the girl talks about the "if you kiss at the top of the ferris wheel with the person you love...", the guy doesn't believe that myth but does it anyway

When the girl/guy falls in love with his/her brother/sister and guess what? Turn out they're step-siblings!

When there's a transfer student..

When the girl slips and the guy catches her by the wrist and they both end of falling on top of each other.

When the "playboy" is in middle school.

When the guy/girl gets in an accident and lands up in a hospital. Turns out their lover was sleeping by his/her side the whole night.

When the girl gives chocolate to the guy and blushes.

Post #587385

2:48 pm, Feb 14 2013
Posts: 150

Trying to think of a unique one. (unique cliche confused )

- Every field trip is to Hokkaido or Okinawa, no other destinations exist

- People on field trips cannot help falling off cliffs, they are instinctively drawn to them

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